BigBang love : CLOSED !!!

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Dai Choi was just having a normal day until she bumps into a cute and mysterious guy whose car is dead and needs a ride to YG studios. What would you do if you learned that night that the guy you gave a lift earlier was a member from BigBang ?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - BigBang love

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



Chapter One

I wake up to the annoying sound of my alarm. I groan and

hit the snooze button. I still hear the stupid buzz. I slam it once

more before throwing it against the wall. Reminder: Buy a new

alarm. I sigh and get out of my bed. I brush my teeth and look in the

mirror.My hair looks all curly and messed up. My name is Dai Takeuchi. I live inCali

with my mom ( but I live in an apartment ) , Ayane Takeuchi. My parents are

divorced. My dad is in South Korea with his family. Yup, I'm Korean-Japanese-

American.Kind of confusing , I know. After I finish straightening my hair, I put it

into a bun. Then I go in my closet and grab some random clothes and put them

on. I put on some lipgloss and go downstairs. I grab a donut and leave. I go downstairs

and enter the Cafe. ( I live on top of a cafe by the way. ) Then I see Derek. He looks

at me

"Good. You're right on time."

He hands me some plates and points to a table. I nod and take them over there. I work here

in the morning for at least 30 minutes and then at a very expenisive resturaunt in the afternoon.

After my thirty minutes, I see Akemi Fukuda. My best friend. I have something to tell you though. There's

more to the "bff". BGGF. Best Gay Guy Friend. Yup, Akemi is day. Simple as that. As I walk to our usua

table, I see a smile plasetered on his face. I sit down and look at him.

"Why are you so happy ? It's creepy."

"Ouch.So mean ! Guess what !"

"You have a boyfriend !"

"I wish. But no, that's not it. I have concert tickets !"

"Let me see !"

He hands me a ticket. On it says BIGBANG. I smile.

"Thanks ! What time ?"

"9 p.m. Good time, huh ?"

" Perfect time."

"Where are you going after this ?"

"Mall. Wanna join ?"

"Of course ! "

"I'll get going first. then. You finish your breakfast."

He smiles and continues to eat. I get up and leave. As I head outisde, I see a guy

trying to start his car but it doesn't give. He eventually gets out and kicks one of the car's wheels.

He begins to swear under his breath. I tap his shoulder. He turns around. Blonde hair, brown eyes, good

height, very very attractive and ... korean ? I smile.

"Not working ?"

"Yeah. Worst part is that this car is a rental."

He sighs. Then he looks at me and smiles. Wow , so cute !! I blush.

"Can you give me a ride ? "

"Sure !"

He smiles again. Then he takes out his phone and makes a call. I smile and whisper so I won't interrupt

his call.

"I'll get the car."

He laughs and nods. I go to my car and pull it out front to where he is. He hangs up his call and gets in. I lock the doors

before he opens his door and roll down the window. He stares at me. I smile.

"First, I need a name. My mom always said not to get in a car with a stranger."

"Same goes for you."

He smiles. I give in and unlock the doors. He gets in and closes the door. He looks at me.

"So, what's your name ?"

"Dai, and yours ?"

"Jiyong. Kwon Jiyong."

"Are you korean ?"

"Didn't my name answer that question ?"

I smile and nod. He smiles. Then I begin to drive. Where am I even supposed to go ?

"Where should I drop you off ?"

"Do you know where the American YG Studios is located ?"




I drive to where the American YG studios is. As I get there , I try to talk to him.

"Why did you get a rented car, Jiyong ?"

At the corner of my eye, I see him smile as I say his name.

"I'm not really staying long."

"Why not ?"
"My job. It involves alot of traveling."

Suddenly I hear a buzz sound. He gets his phone and begins to text. I take a peak at him.

"Girlfriend ?"

"Nah, I'm single... kind of can't have a girlfriend with my job."

"Oh. Well , here we are."

I stop in front of a big, tall, glassy building. Jiyong looks at me and smiles.

"Thanks ! Can I have your number ? So .... we can keep in touch !"


He hansds me his phone as I hand him mine. I put in my number and name. After I'm done, I give it back.

He hands me mine and then gives me one last smile before he leaves. I watch him as he goes in. Kwon JiYong.


How was it ? Good ?? Bad ?? Chapter 2 will be coming soon !!

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