Whisper's Fate

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Lucifer created monsters to take over the humans in order to fight god and his angels. He named them Daimons. Forbidden, was the mating with humans. Daimons and humans, together, created a new race...Vampires. To punish the ones who went against him, Lucifer created dogs of hell. Hellhounds - creatures which are bred. The vampire population expanded, being able to turn humans, whereas the hellhounds slowly diminished. Satan grew tired of his pets and threw out all but the loyal ones. The two races battle for ground, power. A way to overthrow their maker. Only, Lucifer has a new weapon. A perfect combination of Daimon, Vampire and Hound. A hybrid... a girl named Whisper.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Whisper's Fate

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Submitted: August 01, 2012




A/N: This book contains language/actions/descriptions not suitable for children. Also, I added my own element to Daimons(demons), Satan/Lucifer and God, and so, if you are religious or offended by changes to religious stories, do NOT read. You've been warned. Enjoy my book and I hope to see your comments/opinions on it!:)



The Vampires are more powerful (in numbers), so the hellhounds are desperate for a new weapon. When word about Lucifer's new creation spreads, the Hounds and Suckers both set out to get it on their side. Unknown to her, Whisper Valentine is the daughter of Satan - made from his blood and power. On her 18th birthday, he will have full and complete power over her. Vampire, Hunter Solire, and Hellhound, River Blake, set out to try to convince the young girl to join their team. If one of them marks her before her birthday, she will be free of her father's hold and be able to fight alongside whomever claimed her.
There's only room for one demonic race amongst the humans.

Which will it be?


Hunter's POV:

She closed her eyes and moaned, overwhelmed with the pleasure my touch brought her. Her lids shot up as I pushed her against the wall, forcing myself against her slim body and kissing her slender neck. I stopped inches from a pumping vein, running my free hand over her body and pulling her closer my the hips. I parted her lips with mine and took everything I could. I gave her a moment to breathe, before resuming the fiery kiss. Her lips spoke love and mine, forever.

Only, I was lying.

I sank my teeth - not fangs - into her neck, careful not to spill any of her precious, oozing blood. I shook my head viciously as she tried to escape, too shocked to scream, and tore her skin. Finally, her voice returned and she shrieked at the top of her lungs. Her cries for help made me hungrier, both literally and sexually. I pierced the skin on her back with my sharp, black nails and she sobbed, begging me to stop. I retracted my spiky teeth and lift my head, dropping the young girl on the floor. She couldn't've been younger than eighteen or older than twenty-one. Sarah.

Or was it Melissa?

\"Help! Somebody please help!\" she babbled, shuffling away from me. I chuckled and walked closer, making her clutch her neck. I grinned and eyed her.

\"You, know, the neck isn't the only place I can drink from,\" I hinted, staring at her thighs, then her breasts. It was safe to say, I'd taken a liking to True Blood. 

\"Please, ju-just leave me alone! You're- you're a f-freak!\"

\"N'aw, come on. I'm not a freak. I'm a Vampire,\" I corrected, amused by the fear behind her words.

\"You're nothing like Edward. Or Stefan...or even Damon!\" she retorted. I laughed and shook my head, running my tongue quickly along my pearly-white teeth.

\"This is the real world, sweetheart. My kind, we're monsters. We eat, we kill and we move on!\" I spat and flashed to her side. She jumped up in fright and bolted for the door.

I guffawed, amazed both at her recovery and stupidity. I appeared in front of her at the speed of light, blocking the only way out, and she froze in her place.

\"I was hungry, you were my meal. You are no longer of any use to me,\" I murmured. She gulped and broke a tear.

\"Are you going to kill me?\" she whimpered. I cupped her face and stroked her flushed cheeks with my thumbs. She relaxed slightly.

Prepare to be disappointed, love.

\"What's your name?\" I asked, looking her right in the eye. She was lost for words at first, but finally answered.


\"Ok, Serenity. I'm Hunter. Repeat my name,\" I commanded her, and she did so. I mentally let go of her, and before she could realise what just happened, I grabbed her head and snapped her neck. She dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes and I turned on the balls of my feet, striding out into the cold night. Once outside, I pulled out my phone and unlocked it, dialling Toni's number.

\"I assume you were successful?\" she questioned rhetorically, as soon as she picked up.

\"Amen't I always?\" I laughed and heard her scoff.

\"Yeah, you're also cocky, conceited, cold...must I go on?\" she giggled. Only one person could talk to me in that manner and not be dead within seconds. That person was Toni. I chuckled and ordered my scion to go feed. She hung up, and I made my way to the nearby hotel which we were staying in for the night.

\"Hello, Master,\" a redheaded, pump-lipped girl drawled as I entered my suite. I sneered at her and pulled off my jacket, undressing for my bath. She followed me into the bathroom and I slipped into the bulky white tub filled with warm water, bubbles almost overflowing it.

\"Scarlett, get my phone,\" I ordered. She nodded obediently, like a good little pet, and fetched the device. I took it from her hands and text Rogue. Not a second too long, my phone vibrated and I picked up.

\"Talk to me,\"

\"We've got game,\" the voice behind the little screen informed. I immediately sat up and registered his words.

\"Go on,\" I urged, failing to hide my excitement.

\"We've found Luce's child! She's in centre LA,\" he said proudly.

\"Let's go get her then,\" I grinned. There was a pause.

\"Hunter, we just got lucky. Her birthday's just five months away. We've got to convince her before the Hounds do,\" Rogue hissed.

\"You don't need to remind me,\" I growled, nearly crushing the phone in my hand.

\"We're sending in Keith and a couple of back-ups,\" he announced.

\"No, I'll go. I'll get the work done better and faster,\" I declared.

\"But Kiro said-\"

\"Kiro can kiss my immortal ass! I'm doing this,\" I snapped and hung up without another word. Scarlett stood before me, confused as of what to do to please me.

\"Come here,\" I beckoned. She slipped into the bath and leaned in. Only one thing made me feel better, you could say, once I'd been angered. My teeth turned needle-sharp and I grabbed her, pulling her closer to me so I could drink. We had hot, emotionless sex as I drained her dry. Empty, she sunk to the bottom of the now-bloodbath and I stepped out, drying my inhumanly perfect body.

Satan, was I sexy.

\"Tsk, pity. I liked her,\" Toni pouted as she leaned on the door framed. I walked past her and she followed me to the bed where my clothes sat.

\"I sensed your anger, what's up?\" she asked casually, carelessly flopping down on the large bed. I pulled a plain white t-shirt over my head, which outlined my - literally - rock-hard abs. Toni furrowed her brows as put on some jeans and sneakers.

\"I thought we were staying the night?\" she mumbled. I shook my head violently and ran my fingers through my black hair. Expectedly, it clung perfectly to my face and a little to my neck, adding to my enticing, don't-mess-with-me-I'm-a-Vampire look.

\"We've got game,\" I repeated Rogue's words. Toni shot up and stood right before me, looking nearly, but not directly, into my eyes. I held a strong gaze - it was to put lower Vamps in their place.

\"How long do we have?\" she questioned, folding her arms.

\"Long enough,\" I answered, moving away to pack a few things.

\"How long, Hunter?\"

\"A few months,\" I answered, dismissing her tone. She grunted and sped to the wardrobe, changing into something more suitable for travelling.

\"Did you do what I asked?\" I asked, taking my place as the alpha in this conversation. She nodded as she threw on a white tank top, skinny combat jeans and black military boots. Pulling on a leather jacket similar to mine and a cap over her dark turquoise-aqua hair, she marched to the door and waited patiently. I grabbed my jacket and slid it on, glancing at the mirror and smiling slightly. Before leaving, I scanned the room and turned off the lights. My scion and I flashed down the stairs and to the reception, surprising the woman when she turned around.

\"We'd like to check out,\" I said, putting on a fake English accent. She nodded and pressed a few numbers on the touch screen in front of her. I handed her my room card and faked a warm smile.

\"I hope you had a nice stay,\" Gemma, her name-tag read, beamed. I replied with another smile and turned around, leaving the hotel.

\"I'm Gemma by the way!\" she shouted after me, hoping I'd turn back. Toni fake yawned and looked back.

\"Not interested, darling,\" she replied, with an oddly posh tone. I snickered and nudged her. She giggled and we zoomed out of London, heading somewhere a little more deserted. Once there, we buried out feet into the ground and shot up in the sky. Lucifer sure read his comics. Only, his 'supernaturals' were way cooler.

Toni and I landed with a silent pound to the ground in east LA. Surveying the area, we spotted bright lights a few miles away. Hotel and Casino.


\"Room for two,\" I said as we entered the building. The guy looked like he should be guarding club doors, not checking people in.

\"Sorry, we're full,\" he sighed, screwing his mouth to the side as if to say 'c'est la vie'. I bore my gaze into his, and he went deadly still.

\"Look again. I'm sure there's an open spot,\" I murmured. He glanced down and returned his forced attention to me.

\"Oh, look. There's a free room, Master,\" he said, his face blank and his voice a too even. Like a robot.

\"Atta boy,\" I winked and snatched the key from his hand, skipping to the elevator and entering the room Toni and I would share until we got what we came here for. She locked the door as I lay down on the bed, then joined me. I looked over at her and she smiled, entwining our fingers. I remembered the day I'd turned her. I was passing Colorado, when I came by a scared girl with chocolate brown hair. Bruises covered her arms from the beatings delivered by her father. She'd begged me to take her away, and having just fed, I'd felt generous. I'd drained her of her blood, replaced it with mine and torn her heart out. A decade passed and we grew closer, until one day we payed her old man a visit. We'd been inseparable since.

\"Goodnight,\" she whispered, her deep blue eyes glimmering.

\"Goodnight,\" I replied, my lighter ones illuminating. Closing them, I died for the night and dreamt of hell.

Home, sweet, home.


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