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A/N: The following twitter names are fake, made-up purposely for the book. Perhaps there are people out there using them, who knows. Any similarities are unintentional! Enjoy -SV


“Shut the fuck up,” I hissed, not believing the only word he was saying. “Okay, five thousand.”

“I was one of the first successful Daimons made by Lucifer,” he finally said. My eyes widened and I gaped at him, abashed. But that meant...

“You’ve met him? Lucifer?”

“I didn’t just meet him, I lived in his castle. We were good friends,” he answered. I gulped and looked down, unsure of what to say. He’d lived in Hell — with my father. Who was Lucifer. The one and only.


“What happened?” I asked but he looked away. I rolled my eyes and cupped his face, forcing him to look at me. “We’re in History, so now is the perfect time to tell me.”

“There’s a war going on, Whisper. A war between the Vampires and the Hellhounds-”

“What? Where? When? Why?” I asked, completely into it already.

“If you shut up, I can tell you,” he laughed.

“Sorry, go on,” I urged. He nodded and thought about what he was saying. He remembered and scooted even closer on his chair.

“As I was saying, there’s a war going on right as we speak. However, it’s not the kind of war you’re thinking of — not yet, anyway. Long, long ago, before anything was even recorded, Lucifer created Daimons as a weapon against his ultimate rival, you-know-who. It was simply for revenge, until he realised we, Daimons, were powerful. Like, seriously powerful. He also realised we could be much stronger and started over, installing us with special powers, if you like. Of course, the bastard up there got scared and sent down his army of winged imbeciles to keep Lucifer from unleashing us on Earth. But still, Lucifer kept plotting in hopes of creating something big enough and bad enough to take down his adversary. Meanwhile, some of the Daimons were growing tiresome of waiting and snuck onto the Earth plane, mating with humans,” he gagged at the last word.

“Lucifer was furious and banished them, not wanting anything to do with the half-lings we call Vampires. To replace the Daimons he’d lost, he created dogs of Hell, Hellhounds. They guarded Hell and kept the rest of us in. Of course, Lucifer grew tired of the Hounds and started to get careless — leaving them alone and uninstructed. God, pardon my language, knew this and forced Lucifer to get rid of the dogs by, yet again, sending down his little birds. Frustrated and slightly hopeless, Lucifer banished both Daimons and Hellhounds except, of course, the few loyal ones. There's a place were the banished ones go but Luce made a portal from it, to the Earth plane. Me, being one of the—”

“That’s it for today, class. Pack up and once the bell rings, you’re free to leave!” Mr Grigori yelled, cutting Max off. I groaned thwartly and everyone looked at me.

“Um, I was just really enjoying the lesson,” I said, only half-lying.

"Thank you, Whisper. Your enthusiasm is very much appreciated!" Mr Grigori beamed, obviously happy someone was complimenting him on his lessons. Truth be told, he might've been one of my favourite teachers, if not my absolute. It was between him, Professor Alemannicus and Mr Matthews, my AP Psychology teacher. The bell rang and everyone ran out, Max carrying my books for me. I blushed at his gentleman-liness and we left together. We were just out of the door when I heard Professor Alemannicus calling me. Max raised a brow and I shrugged, kissing him chastely. 

"I'll call you," he murmured and I nodded, handing him my locker key. He took it and kissed my hand. He strode away and I walked over to the teacher, wary of the time. Ali would be waiting for me.

"Your boyfriend?" he asked casually and I nodded, smiling bashfully. He laughed and looked up, seemingly remembering something. It couldn't be a deceased lover, he was rather young - 25 or 26.  I cleared my throat and he snapped out of it. 

"You wanted to see me?"

"Ah, yes! The Principle has given me permission to take the class on a two-week trip to Italy during the spring break next year," he informed and I gasped.

"What? Really? Yes, finally!" I squealed, undoubtedly delighted. I'd wanted our class to go on a trip since I first took Latin back in freshman year but my demands were always denied with some terrible excuse like 'We care too much for the safety of our students' when, really, they just didn't want to do the paper should someone go missing.

"Yes, really. I'd like you to help me organise the trip as you are, beyond question, the most devoted student in my class, along with Maximilian," he smiled and I giggled, overjoyed. I nodded eagerly and we spoke for five more minutes. I wrote down my email address and thanked him.

"Bye, Professor!"

"Until next time, Miss Valentine," he chuckled and waved me goodbye as I left the classroom to meet Ali. She was standing at my locker, tapping her foot impatiently.

"Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry!" I shouted as I sprinted over to her, my heels clicking against the polished floor. I stopped in front of her and we air kissed each other. "Professor Alemannicus needed to talk to me."

"Just for that, you're buying me coffee!" she scolded and I laughed, linking arms with her. I was growing very fond —very quickly—of the melodramatic, overactive blonde. She winked at me and we made our way for the double doors. "Oh, here." She handed me my locker key.

"Thanks. Did Max give you this?"

"Yeah, just after he put your books away. How cute," she mused and I grinned, nodding. He really was the sweetest me. If anyone saw his true self, they'd flee the continent. He was dark, sinister and a tad crazy - and I loved that about him. We hopped into Ali's pink convertible and drove to Nadia's Cafe, the most popular mingling place among the teens of Beverly Hills.  We stepped inside the grand but cosy coffeehouse and took the only empty table at the window. Luckily, it was clean and gleamed slightly. Caleb Tanners, a 21-year-old high school graduate came to take our order and he smiled broadly at us. 

"Well, hello, ladies. What can I get for you today? Apart from your numbers, that is," he flirted and I rolled my eyes. Caleb had been a highly respected student, as many of his pictures were hung around the school. What he majored in, I wasn't quite sure but it must've been impressive for him to win a certificate signed by the president himself. He came back to Beverly Hills every once in a while to help his sister, Nadia, out with the Cafe. 

"Caleb, you overconfident bastard, don't even bother!" I chided him, pretending to be insulted. Ali burst into laughter when his eyes widened, and we soon joined in. He was a very cute guy with his chin-length, beach blonde hair, his ocean blue eyes and his Californian tan. His surfer body wasn't too bad to look at either. Two weeks ago, I would've never given him the time of day, six days ago I would've asked him out. This week, I was happily taken by the hottest guy that walked the earth. I grinned to myself.

"Whisper?" I looked up and Caleb and Ali were staring at me expectantly.

"Oh! Um, I'll have a Hazelnut Mocha with two pumps of cream and two shots of espresso," I smiled and he noted it down, winking at me. Once he was away, Ali gaped at me and leaned in. "What?"

"He's so into you! And why wouldn't he be, you're finally out of your awkward little shell!" she giggled and I laughed. She was right, I was out of my awkward shell - and it felt great. I'd never thought having friends and a boyfriend would make me so happy but it did.

"Hmm, maybe. But I have Max so, I guess he'll have to do," I shrugged jokingly and Ali giggled, nodding understandingly.

"You two make the cutest couple, like, ever!"

"Really? You think?"

"Totes. Although, at first I thought you and Hunter Solire would be an item. Then I thought River Blake! You're like a hot-guy magnet!" she pouted and I laughed nervously. Was I? Caleb returned with Ali's 4 shot, venti, soy, hazelnut, vanilla and cinnamon white mocha with extra caramel and my drink. Damn, how did this girl still have teeth? And a model's body? He put down two warm brownies and Ali and I looked up, eyebrows raised.

"It's on the house," he winked and we both blushed. The bell jingled above the door near the till and Chase Parker, Jessica, Zachary Thomas and Joel walked in. They spotted Ali and came over, shocked when they found me sitting with her.

"Come, sit," I laughed and they sat down with us, Jessica, Joel and Alison on opposite Chase, me and Zachary. It was very unusual for an Athlete to be anywhere near a Jock —unless it was at a game or practice— but Chase and Jessica where siblings and since Joel was dating Jessica, he had to put up with the brother and his friend. We started chatting about random things, Ali and I occasionally sipping our drinks. The others ordered and their drinks were soon on the table.

"Did you guys get invited to Braylon's Halloween party?" Alison asked and we all nodded, even Joel. Go figure. "You're coming, right, Whisper?"

"I like a good party," I grinned.

"Is the rumour about you being roofied true?" Jessica asked and I nodded. They all gasped and I laughed.

"Don't worry, nothing happened. River got there just in time," I reassured them.

"River Blake? He saved you? How romantic!" Jessica sighed then shot a glare at Joel, asking us all laugh. "I heard it was Brock."

"Nah, Brock's an asshole but he wouldn't go that far. Plus, can get any girl he wants," Zachary shrugged.

"Except from me," I grinned. "He's not my type."

"Yeah, and you're the play-hard-to-get kinda chick," he smirked and I swatted his toned arm, giggling. "My type of chick."

"Don't get you get any ideas, mister, she's taken!" Ali scolded and we all guffawed at her motherly tone.

"I like a challenge," he whispered in my ear and I gulped at the heat of his breath. I tittered and shifted a little closer to Chase. 

"What are you going as, Ali?" I asked, changing the subject. 

"I was thinking a playboy bunny," she grinned and I laughed, shaking my head. "Jess?"

"Joel and I were thinking of going as Mario and Peach," she smiled shyly and I clapped my hands.

"How adorbs!" I commented and mentally slapped myself - Toni! Or Ali. I didn't even know anymore. "Chase?"

"I was thinking a smurf," he shrugged and we burst into hysterics once more. The people around us were getting frustrated and started leaving, one by one. "And Zap is going as Skrillex."

"Cool. I'm not sure about my costume," I sighed, putting the mug to my lips and taking a gulp of my mocha. So delicious! "I'm not even sure if Max is going. It is Braylon's party, after all."

"If you're going, invite him," Joel suggested and I gasped, not having thought about it. 

"Still unsure as of what or who to dress as," I groaned. "I don't want to coordinate our outfits, because it's not really me."

"You can find something that fits both you and Max. Come on, please! We don't want to be the only couple doing it," Jessica begged and I groaned again, nodding reluctantly. "Maybe a doctor and a nurse, unless blood makes you squeamish."

"Or a mobster couple!" Ali exclaimed and I grinned - both were very tempting, though I liked trouble more than I did blood. I nodded at Ali and she squealed, whipping out her phone and rapidly texting away. All of our phones buzzed at once and we all checked our twitter notifications:

'@NadiasCafe discussing @BrazeFord #halloweenparty with @JessFess @ChaseParker @TaptheZap @JoCar & @WhisperValentine! Gna b a nite 2 rmembr!'


"Sweet. What time is it?" Chase asked, not bothering to check his own phone. I looked down at mine and told him. "School just ended. I've gotta bounce, see you guys late."

"Lates!" we all said at different times. Alison and I made eye contact and I nodded, we had to go too. We both stood up and Jessica and Joel moved to let her through.

"Leaving so soon?" Zachary asked.

"Yeah, cheerleading try-outs," I shrugged, putting down the money for my mocha, Alison doing the same. 

"You're trying out? Sweet! Good luck, though you won't need it," he winked and I blushed, mumbling a 'thanks'. Ali and I left the Café, waving to Caleb on our way out. My phone buzzed and I read the text from Toni:

-Where are you? Xoxo

On my way. With Alison - yes, Rowan. Xoxo

-Alison? Why? Where'd you go? Xoxo

Free period. Nadia's Café with Joel Carrick, Jessica and Chase Parker, and Zap. Xoxo


I groaned and rolled my eyes, picking up my pace. We finally reached the school and got to my locker where a pissed off Toni stood waiting.

"Alison, Toni. Toni, Alison," I introduced, opening my locked and taking my gym clothes out of my bag. 

"Hey, Toni. You signing up for the cheer squad, too?"

"Yup," Toni grinned, her normal, peppy attitude returning. We hurried to the girl's locker rooms and Toni and I changed into our workout clothes. I put on my hot pink Nike sports bra, my black Hollister Capri sweatpants and my low, pink Chuck Taylor's. I tied my hair up in a high ponytail and joined Alison, who was in her Navy blue and white Beverly High Rhinos cheer costume and Toni, who was in a tight, yellow tank top and black sweats. There were twenty-seven other girls walking about the Games hall when we went inside it.

"Uh, Ali? How many open spots are there?" I asked.

"Five. Verona took the camping accident as a chance to get rid of some girls who'd she'd been forced to allow on the team," she answered, her blonde hair bouncing as she bobbed her head, mentally counting all the girls. "I've gotta go. Good luck, my lovelies!"

"Thanks," I smiled and we air-kissed each other. She waved at Toni and strut towards the twenty-one other cheerleaders surrounding the Verona. I knew it was her as soon as I saw her glossy, black hair being flicked over her shoulder. She looked over it and winked at me, her hazel-brown eyes twinkling. She had beautiful, bronze skin and plump, rosy lips which revealed pearly white teeth every time she flashed her evil grin. Truth be told, I liked Verona; she was cruel and bitchy, which very much appealed to me. She just didn't like me back - I was competition. 

"All right, shut up!" she yelled, silencing the hall. I looked around but couldn't find the coach. I guess the Queen Bee was in charge today. "Get off your asses and get in position in the centre of the hall." Everyone hurried to do as she said and Toni and I purposely chose to stand at the front. She began explaining what was going to happen and what she expected from each and every one of us. Taliah came around with forms which we had to fill in; there were only three multiple choice questions on it, asking which position we thought we'd best suit. I didn't know about Toni, but I wanted to be, both, a flyer and a tumbler. I was gracefully flexible and very well coordinated.

Not to toot my own horn, or anything...

"Alison, show them the first part of the routine!" Verona ordered and my slender, blonde friend skipped over to us with a gay smile on her face. She was so chirpy!

"Okay, guys. I'll demonstrate three times, then you'll follow twice and finally do it on your own. Ready? OK!" she explained loudly, clapping her hands at the end. "It goes...Clap, clap. Bend on three, four. Arms up, five, six and jump, seven, eight. Slip a V, drop an I, twist a c-t-o-r-y! Raise those spirits, raise them high! Kiss that losing team goodbye! Lift those arms and turn around, blow a kiss and break it down! Gooooo team!"

"Very well demoed, Ali! Did everyone get that?" Verona asked and only three or four of us nodded. She groaned and Alison repeated the routine twice more, before asking us to dance along. I got it perfectly the first time and judging by the grin on Toni's face, so had she. We did it twice more before Melissa turned on the music and put it up high, the speakers blaring 'Fergalicious'. They had to choose a fast song!

"And....clap, clap! Bend on three, four. Arms up, five six and jump, seven, eight. Slip a V, drop an I, twist a c-t-o-r-y!" she boomed and stopped for a few seconds before continuing. "Raise those spirits, raise them high! Kiss that losing team goodbye! Lift those arms and turn around, blow a kiss and break it down! Goooo team!" 

"Now, I want you to get into three groups of nine and show us the routine without Alison's help!" Verona shouted and I partnered with Toni. Three juniors and four seniors joined us. We were group one...and first to do the dance. The music was restarted and we replayed the routine for the 'judges'. By 4 o'clock, there were only fourteen of us left. The double doors behind us opened and Dawn walked in, all shorts and tank top. 

"Sorry I'm late. Got caught up," she smiled at Verona who narrowed her eyes. "Can I still try out?"

Please say no, please say no...

"Fine, stand next to Whiper," she commanded and I clenched my jaw, stopping myself from rolling my eyes at the cheerleading captain. Dawn grinned and winked at me. I shot a glare and so did Toni, which reminded me I hadn't told her about Echo. She was just sticking up for me.

Aw, Toni...

"I'll show you the dance, er..." Melissa offered.

"Dawn Blake."

"As in River Blake's sister?" Verona asked, raising a waxed brow. Dawn nodded and smiled. "Cool. Now there's two of you."


"Toni Solire, sister of the incredibly hot Hunter and you, sister of the delicious River," she smirked, licking her lips. "Melissa, show her the dance, quick." The petite minion did as she was told and in ten minutes, there was just me, her, Toni and six other girls left trying out.

"11 of you will be leaving here without a uniform," Verona mused, arms folded. "And five of you will have the honour of representing our school at the football games and competitions."

"You sound like Tyra Banks!" Cleo squealed and the cheerleaders giggled. 

"I want each of you to perform an improvised dance with series of backhand springs, round-off BHS and to finish the routine, a perfect scorpion. Follow me into the Gymnasium!" she ordered and we marched to the grand hall which had a variety of equipment laid out and blue, spring floors. Jennifer, a senior, was first...and it was probably the last thing shed ever do - the girl practically broke her neck. She was rushed out by six cheerleaders and Courtney, a junior, was asked to begin. There was an audible snap when she attempted the second backhand spring and, she too, was taken away.  Where they even allowed to do this?

Heidi, another junior, was next and she pulled everything off. She was congratulated and it went on like this until there were four of us left. Toni was asked to begin and she did amazingly well, but not as well as to alarm anyone. It was then Dawn, Teagan Singers and me. Last. Of course.

"Whisper Valentine!" Taliah called and I stepped forward. Alison winked at me and put on 'London Bridge (Oh Snap)' by Fergie. I grinned and started to move, my body twisting and turning, flipping on occasions and landing gracefully. It had a mind of it's own and I found myself enjoy every moment. At some point, I heard cheering and Verona was smiling at me. Just as the song ended, I stopped my foot down and threw my arms in the air. She clapped and there was applause coming from behind me. I turned to find the whole football team hooting and me! I flushed madly and slapped my hands over my face, wishing I could die from embarrassment. The worst part was Max was in the audience, smirking proudly as the guys slapped his back and complimented him on his choice of girlfriends. I hurried back to Toni, sitting close to her.

"That was amazing, Whis!" she beamed and I giggled, feeling a slightly more confident.


"Like, duh! The guys heard the music and came to check it out. They couldn't take their eyes off you!" 

"That was so embarrassing," I mumbled and she laughed, bumping my shoulder with hers. Verona didn't seem to mind the football team's invasion. Actually, she seemed to be loving the attention. She cleared her throat and the Gymnasium went quiet. 

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