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The Nova Virus

Book by: Seiiki Akuma


It's a fight to save the world from becoming a dead one.

Author Chapter Note

It's a fight to save the world from becoming a dead one.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 02, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: May 02, 2013




The first thing I remember when I woke up was seeing a land full of burned structures and smoldering corpses.  Since that day I'd heard stories of a time when the earth was lush and full of green grass and trees far as the eye could see until it came.  The Nova, a large, dead planet, crashed into the earth, causing an epidemic of plague and war.  The trees and the grass began to die.  Large parts of the earth lost richness and fertility in soil.  The Nova planet began to kill our planet, and to make matters worse, the Nova planet's last surviving being, a god, stretched out into the minds of my earth's people.  These people became monsters; consuming anything they can touch and spreading a plague causing veins of black skin that would spread across the body until reaching the heart.

Once the black reached the heart, the human became no more but a nova being.  A monster with human-like features, black skin, claws for fingers, large wings, an arrow tipped tail, two long horns on their forehead, sharp and inhuman like teeth, and absolutely no regard for other life.  The nova beings are human no more than they are a corrupted monster.  The Nova god plagued the people and those who are to become its monster are branded with a black mark sharing similarities with a cross at the center of a black circle.  That is the only way to know when one is soon to be a monster of malice.

Lots of people remember the day Nova collided with this planet.  Many people lost everything in the collision, their homes, their families, their life; it all died when the Nova god awoke.


My sky blue eyes glanced over the desert lands while the wind blew gently through my white hair and lifted up the ends of my black coat.  "What do you see down there?" a man with a calm, soothing voice and long black hair and bright yellow eyes asked as his torn red cloak was drawn into the wind.

"There are some nova hounds in the distance," I answered him with my guilt heavy and monotonous voice.

"We can take them on can't we?" a man with a deep voice, dark skin, and brown eyes asked as he scratched his buzz cut hair.

"We should just go back to the city and wait to see what happens next," I answered as I fixed the thick leather strap holding my large sword to my back.

"Why should we wait?  They could invade the city and kill hundreds of people," the dark skinned man growled as all three of us stared into the distance at the bulky creatures who stood six feet tall, reached the length of eight feet, and were a little under three to four feet wide.  They looked like fur-less white skinned wolves with oversized teeth, huge rugged claws, and a pair of wings only big enough to carry their own body and a little more.

"If we wait, we might have a better chance of surviving.  Do you really want to take on all three of them at once?" I asked as I glanced back at him.

"Huo, what do you think we should do?" the dark skinned man asked the man in the red cloak.

"We should do as Cloud says and go back," Huo answered.

"Hrmp!" the man growled as he started the engine of the small bike like hover craft causing the small wheels it rested on to retract as he sat on.  "It's always what Cloud says," the man growled.

"Tank, Cloud is almost always right when it comes to surviving," Huo sighed as he and I both started our own hover crafts.

“Let's get back to the city before they spot us then,” Tank growled then I turned off my back and climbed off.

“Too late for that,” I muttered as a high-pitched roar rippled through the air.

“Damn, looks like we've got to fight after all,” Tank laughed as he unstrapped the heavy gun on the side of his bike and held it up as Huo retrieved a small red ring from his pocket and slipped it on his index finger.

“I hate fighting these beasts,” Huo hissed as he looked at the nova hounds running towards us.

“It's our job to protect the city,” I said as I unsheathed my long, wide sword revealing its black blade then held it vertical to my body.

“It's our job to protect the city, you're just the tag along,” Tank growled as he began to fire his gun taking out one of the seven hounds running towards us.

One of them pounced up in the air when it was close enough to me to do so.  It came close to tackling me down but before it could, I thrust my sword through its body then swung it around as if it were some meat on the end of a stick.  I slammed it into another one then I jumped up into the air as one dove for my feet.  There were only five left now.

I planted my foot on the back of the nova hound under my feet then stabbed my sword through its chest, killing it.  “Cloud,” Huo shouted as I looked up then, with a wave of his hand, a fire ball was launched and knocked away a nova hound which had been aiming for my back.

“Rotten monsters!” Tank yelled as he shoved his gun into the mouth of one and fired away.  Only three were left.

“Where's the fight?” Huo growled as he set another one on fire then Tank tossed a grenade underneath the other just as the last tackled me over.  I grabbed its upper jaw in my right hand as I used my left hand to keep it from chomping off my head.  I then used sheer force to break its jaws open.  It let out a painful gag then it grabbed me in its paws and dug its thing, sharp claws into my side.  I yelled out in pain then I gave the hound a punch to the eye.

I was thrown against the ground, dotting the sand with my blood then I rushed to my feet as I retrieved my sword then I sliced off the beasts dangling jaw.  It roared out in agony then fell to the ground tossing and squealing.  I then stabbed its heart.  I rubbed the end of my stained sword into the dirt then used the hilt to keep me up to my feet as a dizzy spell washed over me.  “Cloud,” Huo frowned as he quickly came to aid me.

“I'm fine,” I hissed as I shoved him away then walked over to my bike.

“You're bleeding everywhere.  You should ride with Huo or I.  You might pass out,” Tank said as I sat on my bike.

“I'm fine,” I muttered as I turned on my bike.

“Wait, where are you going?” Huo asked me as I turned my bike away from the city.

“You're going to disappear again aren't you?” Tank asked quickly as they both rushed to their bikes but I took off before they turned on their bikes.


After a few hours of traveling, I came to a small oasis.  I parked my bike next to the small pound in the oasis then I collapsed to my knees next to the water.  I looked at my reflection then punched the water with my fist.  I sighed as I looked at my gushing wounds then I began to clean them with the water.  I winched in pain and when I cleaned up the wounds and got them to stop bleeding, I used the energy propeller of my bike, which heated to burning temperatures, to seal up the wound.  I lay next to the water breathing out breaths of hurt and agony as I stared up to the sky and caught a glimpse of the shattered planet floating with ours.

I closed my eyes with a deep breath of air then I sat up and climbed back onto my bike.  I turned it on then became still when I saw some kind of orange object growing from the trees.  I gathered the objects then stood at the pool of water and looked at its basin.  “Thank you,” I muttered sadly before leaving the oasis and returning to the city.

I pushed open the rugged door of a worn out two story house.  “You're back,” a young boy with blue hair pulled into a high tail, green eyes, and blue ring on his index finger said as he looked at me.

“How dare you worry us like that,” a girl with long brown hair pulled over her left shoulder and blue eyes growled as she walked up to me and briskly slapped my face causing one of the objects I had collected from the oasis to fall out of my coat.

“What is this?” a girl with short black hair and green eyes asked as she lifted up the object.

“No, it can't be?  Is that a real orange?” the first girl, Hana, asked as she took the fruit from the second girl, Anko, and quickly began to peel it open.  The fruit filled the house with a scent none of us had smelled in years.  “It is a real orange!” Hana yelled as she began to cry over the fruit then I revealed the six others I had wrapped in my coat.

“Where did you find all these?” Anko asked as she grabbed one.

“I--” I muttered then Hana noticed the gashes in my coat and seared wounds on my sides.

“What happened?” she gasped as she placed the fruit on the table and quickly leaned down to look closer at my wounds.

“He got injured by a nova hound and took off to who knows where,” Tank muttered as he sat down at the semi-long table in the kitchen.

“Did you sear them closed?” Hana asked as she pushed back my coat to look at the injuries better.

“Let's not talk about my wounds.  There will be more hounds tomorrow.  This city is being targeted by them.  We must be the only living things for miles around,” I said as I sat down at the table.

“What should we do?” Anko asked.

“It's not safe here anymore.  We're the only people in this city.  We should gather anything useful and head to the next city.  Maybe we'll find others there,” I muttered as Hana began to hand everyone a slice of orange.  I refused.

“When should we start scavenging for supplies?” Huo asked as he joined the table.

“Right now, before the sun sets below the horizon and the moons are high,” I answered as I stood up and walked towards the door, or attempted to, only to stumble slightly then lean against the wall.

“You need to rest,” Hana said as she placed a hand on my shoulder.

“I can't rest, not until I know all of you are safe,” I huffed with fatigue clear in my voice.

“We'll go gather supplies.  You need to lay down and get some rest.  You haven't since we found you and all the damage your body has been through is really draining your body,” Hana said as she placed her other hand against my heart causing me to grow extremely quiet.  She gave me a sudden look of curiosity then I pushed her hands away.

“We need everyone to be out there looking.  One person behind is time lost,” I huffed as I pulled open the door then Huo quickly walked up to me.

“Cloud,” he muttered so I turned to look at him just as he knocked me out.


© Copyright 2016 Seiiki Akuma. All rights reserved.

The Nova Virus The Nova Virus

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



It's a fight to save the world from becoming a dead one.
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