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The Nova Virus

Book by: Seiiki Akuma


It's a fight to save the world from becoming a dead one.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 23, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: June 23, 2013




Hana found us a place to stay.  The place was away from questioning people.  We sat together in a worn down room, questioning eyes all on me.  I stood with my back against the wall and arms folded.  “Humans don't have magic, Nova's do,” Netto muttered as he tried to solve my mystery.  “You're not a Nova but you're human, or at least you look like a human,” Netto grumbled.  “Ugh, I don't know!”

“Maybe it has something to do with why you can't remember anything?” Anko muttered.

“How do you know you're human when you can't remember anything before you woke up?” Hue asked me.

“I am human.  I'd have to be.  What else could I be?” I asked a little upset.

“Maybe you came with the Nova and you just can't remember?” Netto suggested.

“Do I have a pair of wings and horns?” I asked angrily as I closed my eyes.

“You've got extremely white skin,” Hana said then I turned my head to face away.

“A lot of people have white skin,” I growled.

“Not skin as white as new snow.  Usually a normal person has a slit tint of yellow, orange, or even peach in their skin.  Yours is just solid white,” Hue pointed out.

“I don't know alright?  Can't we stop talking about me?” I asked as I took a few steps away from all of them.

“You've been acting weird since we met after we left Dead City,” Huo said with curiosity.

“I've just got a lot of things on my mind,” I sighed.

“What kind of things?” Kira asked.

“I just don't understand a lot of things and since I don't understand I can't stop thinking about the things then everything doesn't make sense.  Then more things pop up and add to the other things.  I'm just so confused,” I muttered as I rubbed my head in frustration.

“I'm sure all of your question will be answered in time,” Hana smiled as I glanced at her.

“Will they be answered before our world is completely gone?” I asked her and everyone was silent.

“Even though there are a lot of people here, there isn't a lot of food,” Anko muttered sadly.  “Since the planet is dying, there are no plants and with no plants, there are fewer animals, and since there are fewer animals, there are more of us who will starve.  That's how we will die.  All of us will starve.  Even the Nova,” Anko said then Hana began to cry.

“I wish everything could return to normal,” Hana sobbed as everyone looked down in sorrow.  I studied them for a moment then I left silently.  Huo, being the only one who saw me leave, followed me out of the building and to the edge of the city.

I stared out into the distance in deep thought until Huo stood next to me.  “What are you thinking?” Huo asked me.

“Do you think the Nova god can't be killed?” I asked him.

“It's a god.  God's don't die.  They are always reborn,” Huo answered.

“Then where is our god?” I asked him and he was silent.

“Maybe he is sleeping too and won't wake up until the planet is completely dead?” Huo suggested then we both looked out into the distance and up into the sky where the side of a behemoth red planet could be seen.

“Do you think Nova can be reasoned with?” I asked him and he looked at me.

“Why would you want to reason with a god that is killing us?” Huo asked then I placed my hand over my heart and closed my eyes.

“Maybe it is lonely?” I asked as I held my pose before a tear escaped the corner of my eye and glistened slightly in the moonlight.

“Why would it kill us then?” Huo asked me as he glanced away.

“It's only turning people into Nova Infected.  Perhaps it wants its own people to live again?” I said as I wiped away my tear then looked at the wet stain on my hand.  “Why are my eyes crying?” I asked as I looked at Huo.

“You must be sad,” Huo answered.

“Sad,” I muttered the word.  “I've never felt this sad before,” I muttered then I clenched my fist and ground my teeth together.  “Why should I be sad?” I hissed as I turned away from the sky.

“Cloud, are you hiding something?” Huo asked as he turned to face me.

“Why would you ask that?” I asked him.

“Ever since we told you about the Nova marking, you've been very shut up and you're always touching your hand to your chest,” Huo answered as I placed my hand on my heart again.

“I--” I muttered then I never finished my words as I began to walk toward the building we were staying in.

“Cloud,” Huo said after me.  “Are you hiding something?”

“When someone is bitten by an Infected, a mark will appear where they were bitten and from that mark black veins will spread from the bite and to the heart until the veins reach the heart causing the virus to pump through the entire body and slowly but quickly turn them into an Infected Nova.  That's what happens right?” I asked him.

“Where you bitten?” Huo asked with sudden worry.

“No,” I answered him.

“Then why are you asking?” Huo asked me.

“What if someone where bit right over their heart?” I asked him.

“Then they'd become an Infected Nova really quickly,” Huo answered me then he gripped my shoulder and forced me to look at him before we entered the house.  “Cloud,” he muttered in a low voice making sure that he didn't speak to loud.  “Tell me the truth.  Have you been infected?” Huo asked me.


“We should rest,” Hana said as she opened the door then she stopped in her path when she saw Huo holding my shoulders.  “I’m sorry; did I come out at a bad time?” Hana asked as she began to close the door.

“Hana, you agree with me that Cloud has been acting strange right?” Huo asked Hana causing her to stop closing the door.

“Everyone has been acting strange,” Hana answered.

“I think he’s been bitten,” Huo said as he released me.

“If he were bitten then I’m sure he’d have told us.  He said so himself that he’d do his best to protect us from danger,” Hana said then I glanced over towards the dessert.

“Cloud?” Huo asked then I looked at him.

“I need a new bike,” I said then both of them frowned.

“What is that all of a sudden?  We’re not talking about bikes, we’re talking about you,” Huo growled.

“I need a new bike.  Mine blew up while I was distracting the nova,” I said to him then he gripped the collar of my shirt.

“Listen here, you need to stop acting so monotonous.  You sound like you just don’t care about us,” Huo said then I shoved him away.

“I can’t help it.  I don’t know fully well who I am and I can’t grasp the emotions I should have.  I know that there is something weird about me but I can’t fix the way I am,” I muttered then I lifted up the keys to Huo’s bike.

“You,” he hissed as I dashed over to his bike.  Huo quickly followed.  “Where are you going?” Huo asked as Hana quickly followed after Huo.  I jumped onto the bike and started it.

“Cloud, what are you doing?” Hana asked as I turned towards the dessert.

“He’s going to vanish again!” Huo yelled and I took off just as Hana grabbed my torso and hung to me.


© Copyright 2016 Seiiki Akuma. All rights reserved.

The Nova Virus The Nova Virus

Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



Status: Finished

Genre: Action and Adventure



It's a fight to save the world from becoming a dead one.
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