FrostClan's return

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Starclan has sent the medicine cats all the same dream. the dream of Lightstar and her lost clan chanting their return.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - FrostClan's return

Submitted: January 24, 2012

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Submitted: January 24, 2012



Whiteleaf’s tail twitched. She was waiting with several other cats, ready to head off to the gathering. Her new apprentice, Brightpaw, was quivering with excitement. It was the apprentice’s first gathering. The medicine cat smiled at Brightpaw, who was excitedly pawing the rocky floor. She gazed pass her apprentice, and looked at Spidertail. He returned her gaze cautiously.

 Last night, StarClan had sent the she-cat a dream. Lightstar, the legendary she-cat leader of the lost FrostClan, featured in her dream. The she-cat was facing a pack of faceless cats, her back facing Whiteleaf’s view. Lightstar and the cats were chanting something, but Whiteleaf could only vividly make out what they were saying. She heard about the return of something. The return of what, was still a mystery to Whiteleaf, as her dream ended abruptly when Lightstar began to turn around to face Whiteleaf. Later that day, Whiteleaf had reported her dream to Greystar and Spidertail. They told her to forget about it for now, but she had to tell the other medicine cats at the gathering. She sighed, snapping back into the present day. She was hoping the dream meant nothing, but she knew that she was kidding herself. Brightpaw was looking up at her oddly, her ocean blue eyes full of curiosity. “What?” Whiteleaf mewed quietly.

“You were looking at me in an odd way. Are you ok?”  Brightpaw asked. Whiteleaf blinked, not releasing that she was looking at her apprentice strangely. “Perfectly fine,” she answered. Greystar let out a loud mew, signalling the cats that it was time to move off to the gathering.Whiteleaf stood up, and quickly bounded up a small rocky wall, her apprentice and several other cats following, before racing quickly after the leader and Spidertail, who had already moved off.

Brightpaw quickly caught up with her. Whiteleaf smiled. “Excited about your first gathering?” she asked, already knowing what Brightpaw’s answer would be. “Yes! Who wouldn’t be?” Brightpaw cheered, her blue-grey pelt quivering with excitement. Whiteleaf didn’t reply, but gave her apprentice a thoughtful smile. The group of cats in front of them stopped. Greystar looked at them, waiting for the cats falling behind to catch up. “Through here,” he mewed quietly, but loud enough so the cats at the back could hear him. He quickly squeezed through a flowering bush, and onto a smooth bank of sand. A broad river stood out in front of him. He waited patiently for the other cats to squeeze through the bush, before addressing them. “For the new apprentices, let me just advise you not to go to close to the river. There are strong currents, and they will easily carry your small bodies away. For the older warriors and cats, keep an eye on the apprentices and elders.” And with that Greystar started to pad along the shoreline, Spidertail and the rest of the clan quickly following after him. Brightpaw padded beside Whiteleaf, her eyes locked on the river which sparkled dimly in the moonlight. Stars reflected off the surface, dancing and shimmering with the water as it moved gently between two strong, rocky banks. She moved closed. She wanted to touch the waters delicate surface. Whiteleaf saw the apprentice reach out, trying to touch the water. She frowned, and blocked Brightpaw’s paw with her tail. “Remember what Greystar said?” Whiteleaf purred.

“Oh… Right. Sorry,” mewed Brightpaw. “It just looks so peaceful and calm...”

“It’s not, little apprentice. The current is quite furious tonight,” Said a gruff voice of a tom. Brightpaw looked up to see Darkflash, a MoonClan warrior, looming over her. Brightpaw nervously twitched her tail. “Darkflash is right, Brightpaw,” Whiteleaf nodded, agreeing with the sleek, black tom. Brightpaw didn’t say anything until Darkflash had joined Oakfoot and Spidertail in conversation. “Darkflash is scary,” said Brightpaw. Her voice was hushed. Whiteleaf chuckled. “He’s friendly once you get to know him,”

The clan stopped once again, this time to cross a narrow sandbank that led to a large willow tree on an island in the middle of the river. Every full moon, cat from MoonClan, HawkClan and DawnClan gathered here peacefully to share important news, and significant events are shared. Whiteleaf sniffed the air. None of the other two clans had arrived yet. That was a first. One by one, the cats of MoonClan trailed slowly across the sand bank, trying not to lose their footing and fall into the river below. As Brightpaw waited for her turned, she wondered why not clan had settled here. There was a lot of land and trees, and a few caves. And even if there was no prey in the forest, they still had a river… Eventually, Brightpaw settled on the conclusion that this area was too vulnerable for attacks, and the river current was deadly. She frowned. “Brightpaw. You can cross now,” Greystar mewed. He was making sure every cat got across safely before he crossed himself. Brightpaw silently padded up to the sand bank. She placed a paw down, noting how soft the sand was. She slowly walked across it, almost falling several times. Whiteleaf was following her apprentice, and she was forced to steady her every now and again with her tail.  Eventually, the two she cats made it to the island safely. Brightpaw looked back at the sandbank nervously. “Don’t worry,” Whiteleaf purred. “It’s always scary the first time,”

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FrostClan's return

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