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Things are not what they seem. At least, for four teenagers, who are about to learn three things: The world is not a happy place, Magic is real, and Vampires exist.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Amphetamine

Submitted: December 15, 2006

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Submitted: December 15, 2006





I’ve always been fascinated by the morbid, the strange, the weird. I guess you could say I’m weird myself, but I wouldn’t. I’m just an average, normal teenager. So are all my friends.


Well, we’re normal to one another.


There are four of us, counting me: Selena, Zack, Luna, and Ryott. Why are we not normal, you may ask? The five of us were born different than all other humans on Earth. All of us could control anything and anyone human with our minds, we all could move at speeds invisible to the eyes of humans, but otherwise, we had different abilities. Selena could manipulate the air and the weather, and also could see the future. Zack could do extraordinary things with metal, melting it and bending it to his will just by thinking about it. Luna, by pressing herself against something, could phase through things at will. As for me, Ryott, I can change my physical traits, appearance, body structure, you name it, just with the thought. Also, Luna and I had the abilities of witches; we could cast spells and charms, and concoct potions without ever being taught.

The four of us have lived our whole life subject to tests and experiments. We have never done anything normal kids do. Never been swimming, never gone to a mall, never dated, never gone to high school…

Zack, Selena and I were 15, and Luna was already 16. Our birthdays were on each solstice and equinox. We seemed to personify the season in which the day of our birth brought forth. Luna was born on the summer solstice, Selena the spring equinox, Zack the fall equinox, and me the winter solstice. I was the youngest.


In real life, the hero doesn’t win every thing; he doesn’t always save the princess, and live happily ever after. In real life the hero usually gets killed. The story of my friends and me as we find out three things: life is not very nice, Magic is real, and Vampires exist.

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