Shadow City chapter 3

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - Shadow City chapter 3

Submitted: October 22, 2006

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Submitted: October 22, 2006




The earliest thing I can remember is my mom needing to go to the hospital. It was early morning, and I was around four years old. Mom was on the couch, telling my dad to call an ambulance. I didn’t know what was wrong. I hate that kind of uncertainty. It’s like your in a dark room, pitch black, and you can’t find the way out and you don’t know what to do. That’s how I felt now, with Zach. I stood, saying a quick ‘excuse me’ and went in the bathroom. I leaned against the wall and thought. Okay…what do I do…what do I do? If I fall for him, I’ll be crushed again…but I don’t know! Flushing the toilet, to make them think that’s what I had been doing; I exited and mumbled “I’ll be right back” to the guys. They were deep in conversation about weapons. I slipped away and ran to find Becca.

“Bec, I need your help!” I said, and then whispered, “Someone loves me.”

Her mouth formed a small ‘o’ shape for a few seconds, and then she spoke. “Well, just go with the flow, he could be the one. Just be natural! Hey, do you want to go to Azu’re tonight?”

“That new nightclub, right? Do you have a munchkin sitter? I’d love to, all of us and maybe Rikan.”

“Yes on the munchkin sitter. Martina is going to; yeah, on the Zach thing, ok?”


I went and told the boys the plan, and then Megan, Sarah, and Becks. Back in my room, after getting Zach to wait outside, I changed into more club-worthy clothes. I snatched up a black halter top and a very dark denim miniskirt. Strapping on a pair of heels, someone knocked on my door. I hollered an okay, and in sauntered Sarah. She had her club gear on too, a striped blue and lavender tube top and jeans with heels.

“Hey Rara, nice look, I love the top. What brings you to my evil lair?” I jested.

“Oh ha, ha; we’re ready to go!”

“Ok, let me just put on ear rings and get my hair up.” I slid a pair of dangling guitar pick earrings in, both of which were black with a red star. Then, I swept my hair up into a high ponytail. We walked out and found everyone dressed similarly, and we went to Tyler and Becca’s giant SUV. All of us, even Zach, piled in. Ty started it up and off we went. Soon we were in line for admission, we paid, and the booming bass of the music pounded against our eardrums like waves as we entered. I laughed in awe of the amazing club. Three bars inside, two outside, plenty of tables, and the best part: all metal music. Soon we all had a beer and were dancing. We partied on late into the night until the only one still completely sober was Becca, because we needed someone to drive us home. Most of us were merely tipsy. We drove home, and waddled unsteadily to the door. A note was taped to it. Becks picked it up and glanced at it.

“…It’s for you, Mo…And I think it’s written in blood.” 

I took the note from her and read it out loud. “’Investigator, I’m waiting. I hope you like my little surprise inside….’ It is blood…oh my god, Bella!” I kicked the door down and ran all around the house, while everyone else searched different rooms. I heard a scream from the kitchen. I dashed towards the scream. There, in the middle of the floor, splattered with blood, lay the lifeless body of the babysitter, Martina. She had been murdered in the exact same way as the others I had seen of all the young  people the serial killer I was after had killed: her face had been ripped apart in so many places you could not see any facial features, her torso lay open, ribs smashed, heart, lungs, and other organs mashed to a pulp. It was quite a grotesque thing to see.

"Mommy!" A petrified Bella was standing in the doorway, a tiny scratch on her neck.

Becca fell on her hands and knees, crying hysterically, overwhelmed by the trauma, and crawled over to Bella and embraced her. Tyler came to sit by them and put his arms around them both.

“Bella…Bella…My Bella…” Becca kept repeating. She looked to be in severe shock. Tyler was the most worried I have ever seen him look.

I examined the body and called it in. But, I noticed another note, written in blood on the counter top. “There’s another note…” I muttered shakily. I read this one aloud aswell. “You could be next, Rebecca.”

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