Soul in the Mirror

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An eventually suicidal, narcissistic actress, loved by legions of fans and the world, leaves only a chilling reminder of how awful life can secretly be. Her suicide note only has three words, but those three words haunt young officer Arsyn DiCamina to insanity: Find Tyler Aslem.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Soul in the Mirror

Submitted: January 19, 2007

Reads: 280

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Submitted: January 19, 2007



"She's up on the roof!" a scream rings out into the brisk October night. A glimmer of blond hair is visible against the moonlight on top of the Four Seasons 40-story hotel. Carrie Ross, Holding a long rope with a noose on the end, slowly walks to the edge of the hotel roof. Policemen are rushing up the stairs to save her from the jump. She slips the noose around her neck, the free end tied to a pole. Standing at the very edge she, wearing only a white nightdress, turns around, spreads her arms, and free falls just as the officers arrive at the roof. Someone shouts, and then a terrible silence as Carrie sucks in her last terrible breath. On the roof, Officer Arsyn DiCamina walks to the edge, looks down, and seeing the actresses body swinging in the wind, walks over to where she had tied the rope. What a shame, DiCamina thinks as she stares stupidly at the rope, wondering what to do next. Then she notices the note. Scrawled onto the ground in the actresses scarlet blood are three words: Find Tyler Aslem.


Fifteen days later Arsyn is at home, making dinner for herself. She sings along to the song blaring out of her iPod headphones and adds the carrots she had been chopping to her bubbling vegetable stew. Why can't we find this Tyler Aslem person? We've searched the city of Los Angeles over! This preticular case stuck on her head more than any other one. Whoever he was, he must be pretty damn important for Carrie to want us to find him. Arsyn grunted and turned the heat cooking her stew on high. A devoted vegetarian since her teen years, Arsyn was beginning to want the succulent juiciness of a steak or hamburger. Her cell phone buzzes and she turns her iPod on pause, and picks it up. 


Silence. then, a rasping, grating noise comes through as someone growls "Arsyn...I'm watching you. I led Carrie to her death, now i'm going to lead you too..."

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