Rain Rain, Stay Awhile...

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WARNING: LONG CHAPTERS, includes foul language, sexual contact
Now, this is in process, so, as you read, and i write, we both learn. Good good.
This is so far, about a girl who is trying to be reached by her biological father that she hasnt met. While, a very displeasure event occures...
Thats all i got so far. I will update The summary as i write more.
Thanks For Reading.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Rain Rain, Stay Awhile...

Submitted: May 23, 2010

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Submitted: May 23, 2010



AuthorNote: Styles/fonts of writing have changed becauseI pasted from Word to Booksie.

Rain, Rain

Stay Awhile


For my loving erratic sister,
Justine Gustafson
"If you ever get scared, just sing to yourself"

Chapter one
Breakfast for supper
The creases the pink shirt had were a real bother, I couldn’t stop myself from smoothing them over; pretending I was flattening Jerry Elter’s face.
I grinned deviously at the wicked thought and forced my hands to my sides, retreating to the small kitchen of our three bedroom apartment.
“You’re ready for school?” My sister Anne asked, she was a very
responsible yet fun sister. For some strange reason, she and I just have this click, which our other sister; Maggie is jealous of. She even admitted it, and how she was annoyed and left out. I just thought she was a complaining bimbo at the time.
“Absolutely” I replied, rummaging around in the fridge and coming across an apple I had to have. I took a bite out of the red juicy item and chewed vehemently.
She grinned and stood, snatching her car keys from the key holder. Mom was rushing around, but I wasn’t going to bother.
“Maggie!” We both called out in unison. Ever since she got her boyfriend Mike, she changed. Outstandingly I might add.
She came into the hall, and held her index finger out, claiming one more minute or second.
“Alright… we’ll be outside” Anne said loudly, I finished tying my lace on my grey high-tops, and followed Anne out.
The thing about Anne, is that ever since her falling out with Becka Morre—former best friend—she became bipolar. Happy, yet always finding that place to go back to too feel sorry for herself.
And I was her ‘therapist’, so she put it, told me everything and anything. Most importantly, she protected me, not in an obsessive way, but more like a, touch-my-baby-sister-and-I’ll-touch-you type of deal.
Maggie hopped in the back seat and Anne put the car in reverse, backing out of the oversized parking lot and onto the main streets.
“So,” she started, pausing to switch lanes, “Clouse is getting to school by himself?” She asked, I started biting my lip again, biting off the skin that became chapped.
“Yeah, said he had ‘some important business’ to take care of” I quoted with my fingers. In my peripheral vision, I could see her nodding.
I heard Maggie mumble something under her breath, but wasn’t a tiny bit interested in knowing.
Finally at school, I sat in the regular seat in the back of English class, waiting for Clouse to get here. I had some news to share with him!
Clouse Wicker is my best friend, has been since grade 5, Jerry Elter had shoved me down, making me confused and sad. Clouse, new kid of the school, came over and shoved Jerry down, claiming that you treat a girl how you want to be treated, and helped me up.
Ever since then, we just couldn’t seem to not be separated. A lot of things changed since high school. Like our looks, grades, new friends. You know how it goes. But the thing that stayed controlled was our friendship. We weren’t as stuck to each other as before, but, we’re still a sticky pair.
Just than, he walked in, his naturally straight hair extending forward toward his forehead and sticking out in different directions. He was a natural bed head.
He smiled in my direction, raising his hand, the three fingers limp but two always erect (a greeting he only presents to me) and sitting down.
“Hey man,” He mumbled, a light smile on his lips.
“Yo,” I replied, smiling equally.
“Café later?” I asked, he nodded his head, taking out his books and placing them in the middle of the desk. I never understood why he always placed them directly in the middle.
When class finally started, he slipped a note on my desk. He wasn’t the best at being secretive, so I thought the teacher saw him. Which he didn’t.
I unfolded the crimpled paper:
Top Secret!
Where were you last night?
I glanced at him, he was looking at the teacher, pretending to pay attention. Why does it matter? I mean, I can keep some things to myself, and he can too.
I scribbled on a part of the paper:
I was at the park… had some stuff to take care of
I checked the teacher, he had his back to us, mumbling to the board, as if we weren’t even here. Stupid substitutes. Clouse was reading the note and frowned, jotting something else down.
I was jealous of his hand script, Its small and elegant. Mine is small and sloppy.
He threw the paper on my desk. I looked down, it said:
Yeah, good teamwork man, seriously.
What were you doing?
I smirked, doing to best. Finally, I decided to just, run with the truth. I took a few glances at the teacher, and around the class, my eyes falling back on Clouse. Who was expectantly waiting.
So I wrote the truth:
Maggie’s planning to run away with her
returd boyfriend. And she wanted me to help.
Shit happens
We both exchanged a frown and the look in his eyes told me that this was over. So, we started to listen to the crap lesson the sub was teaching. I wish Mr. Fraz was here, I mean he’s the best teacher ever.
After the final bell rang, I was outside, the clouds shadowed all the high school students, including me and Clouse. We were minding our own affair, just enjoying the warmness of mid August; when Tyler and Jerry waltzed right out of the front doors, mean grins plastered on they’re faces.
I looked away, pretending I didn’t see them, my muscles tensing
immediately. Last ‘event’ that happened with them, was that Tyler and Jerry tried to get they’re sister’s to beat me up. I don’t know what I did to make them so mad?
Must be something.
“Oh, look, its Dumb and Dumber!” Tyler exclaimed, I looked at Clouse, and than at the two boys.
They were both tall, taller than me, but same height as Clouse. Boys and they’re tallness…
“What do you want?” Clouse asked, his voice bored and uninterested.
I pulled my long sleeves over my closed fists and gripped onto it.
“Your mom” Tyler said, setting Jerry to spring into girly giggles. Fag, I thought.
They walked off, high fiving each other. I frowned. Clouse just shook his head, not seeming to care anymore.
“I really don’t give a fuck about them” He muttered, looking at his Vans shoes. “They can die in pain for all I care”. I chuckled darkly, amused by his vicious words.
“That makes two of us. Now lets go before Slutty-Sandra comes over and rubs her nasty tits all over you” He burst out laughing, I just grinned, pulling him along with me as his body shook with laughter.
We turned onto our usual route, looking at the new additions. Every day, there seems to be something new about this neighborhood. Its totally ballin’.
The flower-shop lady had out different flowers, purple and blue ones, while the next door neighbor, changed his comics around.
“Man, I swear…” Clouse murmured, studying the lady as she watered her flowers.
“Stop creepin’” I said, nudging his arm lightly. He raised an eyebrow down at me and guided me across the street. I used to have an obsession with J-walking.
We sat in our usual place in the Café, ordered our usual, and then, we sat in silence until our drinks came.
The apartment was dead silent, Clouse jumped out of his shoes, racing into the kitchen. How does he always know!?
I raced after him, too later. He squeezed the lid off, and started spraying the luscious swirling white stuff in his mouth.
Whipped Cream; delight!
With intense speed, I snatched it out of his hand, and started filling my own mouth with thee.
“Hey!” He practically yelled, I grin, the white stuff coming out. He started chuckling, and I sucked it all in.
“I’m home!” Mom hollered from the door. I nodded, and handed the can over to Clouse. Mom popped her head in, a bright smile planted right on her lips. I fixed a fake smile on my face.
“What’s up?” I asked, a bit suspicious at this new act of happiness. Sounds a bit silly, seeing as everyone has a right to be happy. But, she’s usually stressed or some shit.
“Nothing?” she said, sounding confused. I just shook my shoulders and sprayed some more Whipped Cream into my mouth. She walked out of the silent atmosphere and into her own world; her painting room.
After Clouse left, mom was busy in the kitchen, making supper. Which was specially being made for me; seeing as its my favorite.
Maggie was with her boyfriend, and Anne, not too sure.
When mom finished, I took my special breakfast supper up to my room to eat in peace. And afterwards, sleep in peace.

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