Shadow Mancer

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Archlord Academy

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



 Day one of training began with a series of nearly unbeatable events such as obstacle courses, emergency situation drills, or long periods of manual labor revolving around
certian responsibilities and duties as an apprentice of the Academy. Apprentices were usually paired up and assigned tasks to devote themselves to when they were not in
training procedures. Each team would have to learn cooperation and how to fight with each other against numbers of opponents, as well as against one another in full-force
combat. The Mentor of the Academy was none other than Overlord Malik Symare, the Father of Seraphus. Nonetheless, the training procedures showed no mercy in favor to
anyone, including the young prince.

 Seraphus and Asmodeus were only granted the one exceptional favor of being teamed with one another, only due to the fact that they had enlisted together and they had previous
training, skill, and experience between the two of them. They progressed sucessfully despite the rigorous requirements for them to overcome, because as a team, they were literally undefeatable. The two of them ,each individually and cooperatively, greatly surpassed any other apprentice in the Academy, out of a class average of nearly thirty other students. Malik and the other instructors were impressed, but few of them had slight concern for the seriousness and determination they saw in the two young warriors.

 During one of the team training exercises, Seraphus used a manuever that was beyond many of the higher ranked officers in the Elite division of Overlord Malik's Imperial militia.
There were two teams of two, including Seraphus and Asmodeus, against two others named Haelzuroth and Rydortheus; each team was released into an arena for an infiltration
scenario. The teams were assigned with retrieving an enchanted relic from an outpost heavily guarded by a horde of Skeletal Gargoyles. Each team was posted on seperate ends
of the arena, and were charged to prevent the opposite team from retrieving the object at all costs. The game began, and each player raced towards the outpost, preparing for a very bloody and brutal battle to find this artifact and return it to thier own respective post to score a win in the scenario.

 The higher ranked officers watched from a concealed, levitating, energy sphere, which allowed them to hover just above the arena and observe from above as the players performed in thier death race. Of course, many of them could not help but pay extreme attention to the team with Seraphus and Asmodeus, as the barraged forward like a heavy storm, with minds set on surpassing all challenges. 

 Seraphus lead Asmodeus through an extent of tunneling that channelled them both around the far left edges of the arena and exitted near a small clearing just out of view from the enemy outpost. The other team was sneaking silently though a range of hillside in an attempt to head straight up the middle and relying on the scattered boulders for sufficient cover from the enemies. Neither team was close enough to be aware of the other's location, but had to be prepared to prevent them from retrieving the relic. Then out of nowhere
came the highlight of it all, when Seraphus rolled out from behind a boulder at the edge of the outpost and immediately began to emit a powerful aura around himself.

 The Captains and Generals stood and leaned closer to observe this; Two or three of the Council members in attendance had turned thier attention with increased interest,
and the Overlord himself turned a gaze of incredible curiousity and pride. Seraphus had unleashed a hidden power within himself that was far greater than anything he mastered
in his younger years. An aura can vary in effect depending on what type of aura it is. The most unusual detail of Seraphus's aura at this moment, was that it was a type that had been long forgotten and unused until now. Seraphus was pulsing an Aura that was once called "Anu's Fire", because it forms a shadow in the shape of Anubis around the body of whoever activates it, and it allows that person to use a sacred egyptian spell. The Aura activates when you speak the proper incantation, and when the aura is active you can release a fire that burns hotter than the sun on the seventh cirlce of hell. 

 The magnificient performance prooved that Seraphus held emaculate power and that he was already on an un stoppable destination for dominance over his inferiors. The flash
seemed to happen slowly, but it literally incinerated every gargoyle within the matter of 3 seconds and they each dropped to the ground as finely powdered, black ashes. In the next moment, Asmodeus arose from behind the same rock and mysteriously began to gather the fallen ashes into a small ceramic jar and then tucked it neatly away into a satchel on his side. The two of them ran off into a small labrynth on the far side beyond the outpost. The other team was still attempting the straight forward approach, but they were interrupted by a strong vibration in the ground beneath them when Seraphus eradicated the horde of skeletal garoyles. 

Haelzuroth and Rydortheus began to make a fast paced sprint over a high rise in the hills, and reached the peak over looking the outpost from above the far side, with the labrynth just below them on the other side of the cliffs. The two of them could not believe the outpost looked so abandoned, as if no one was ever there.  Haelzuroth wanted to investigate due to the strange, disturbing vibration and the unexplainable sensation of fear he was beginning to feel, like in a moment when it seems more calm and quiet than it is expected to be. Then from luck of peripheral perception, Rydortheus happened to notice movement in the labrynth and pulled Haelzuroth to attend to it with him. Halezuroth followed and they were soon on the trail of the other team.

However, Seraphus and Asmodeus had scattered the ashes throughout the labrynth and made it through to the exit just as the other team had been about near the middle of it. Then Asmodeus began to kneel and speak a chant with is arms raised and his face down towards the earth. He quickly slammed his hands into the earth as he looked up into the sky and finished the incantation. Within a matter of seconds, a dark cloud hovered above the labrynth in various places and began to rain slightly with a nearly toxic type of vapor, which soaked into the earth where ashes were scattered, and from the ashes arose the same small horde of skeletal gargoyles that had been at the outpost moments before. Haelzuroth and Rydortheus found themselves surrounded and outnumbered, but were virtually unafraid of the threat. The two of them lept into combat with the surrounding gargoyles, and you could hear the fight getting heavier from the echoes inside the labrynth.

 Seraphus and Asmodeus quickly made thier way over the stretch of hills and down onto the outpost grounds again, and entered the small structure that was established there. The skeletal gargoyles were guarding the relic which was hidden inside somewhere. Asmodeus ran inside behind Seraphus and sealed the door with a nexus that would paralyze anyone who crossed it for a brief amount of time. Seraphus took a moment to drop a handful of small metallic beads on the floor. He stood and spoke a brief incantation, and thus the beads began to roll, leading them directly towards the relic. The beads were enchanted with a spell that can magnetize them to anything else within a 300 yard radis that emits a magical essence. After a few short minutes of following the rolling beads, Seraphus and Asmodeus were confronted by a thick vault in a small steamer room. The two ton steel door slammed shut behind them and the wheel on it turned several times into the locking position, and at the sound of this occuring, they each turned around to face a titan named Infertalis.

 Infertalis is actually more of an afrit, which is a type of demonic beast that is born and summoned with fire, it is large and has massive claws and fangs. It nearly resembles a
lion or a chimera, but it has two extensive, demonic horns made of black ivory. This particular afrit, Infertalis, belonged to a magician, or Summoner to be exact, named Solus Symare. When Malik saw Seraphus using the aura of Anu's Fire, he decided he would test him to see if his powers to manipulate fires were any match for the Fire Titan, Infertalis, which belonged to his father, Solus Symare, the previous Overlord. Solus was an elder Summoner, capable of summoning demonic beasts of the highest levels.

In the labrynth, Haelzuroth and Rydortheus were tearing through thier opponents and trying to find one of the two ways out of the maze. Eventually they managed to fight through walls of the maze as well as walls of unexpected enemies. They managed to beat down and demolish the gargoyles, which had been revived in the maze as a decoy to distract them while Seraphus and Asmodeus retrieved the relic. Fortunately for them, they were able to overcome this distraction quicker than they were expected by anyone.

 The small steamroom had grown rather cold for some reason. Whether it was the surmounting terror, the lurking titan of fire facing them, or the nervous contemplation wighing down thier battered minds, it is unknown. The room grew colder still and suddenly Seraphus unleashed a second aura overlaying his first. This second aura was much simpler in cause of type and effect, but it was again completely unexpected. The second aura is more common and typically known to many to hold the effect of multiplying any type of
elemental energy used by those types of spellcasters who can manipulate the elements. However, when paired with the energies of the Anu's fire aura, the amplified power of the fire will decimate Empires with a single blow.

As soon as Seraphus activated his amplified Anu's Fire power, Asmodeus had already activated his aura as well. His was known as "SYNERA", which is a small, dark sphere that surrounds him and is used to protect him from the intense heat of Seraphus's flames, as well as from Inferalis. Asmodeus drew his mystical sword named DEUS RA, and rushed the demon with several well placed steps and swift blade motions, until the beast found itself unintentionally backing into a corner of the room. It lashed out in anger and the searing heat pushed Asmodeus away for a brief moment. Seraphus began to levitate and his eyes were glowing white. He pulled some energy into a compact charge between his two hands, waited a few seconds until the right moment, just before the beast attempted to step towards Asmodeus, and finally unleashed the charge and fire came bursting out like flowing magma after a volcanic eruption. Streams of smoltering lava fire washed over the demon, but it did it's best to absorb most of the heat into itself.

 The more the demon absorbed, the closer it would get to melting down inside and it's essence would evaporate into the overwhelming flame of it's own body. It would melt from the outside inward if it absorbed much more of the fire. Seraphus took a break to catch his breath, and immediately Asmodeus released his own charge which empowered his blade to release a wave of lightning strikes with each slash for a small amount of time. Therefore, he sternly lept towards the beast and began to send a barrage of heavy, fast-paced slashes into the scorching flesh, tearing through it in places and letting the magma seep into him and burn him. The beast screamed out in agony
as it's essence was being tortured with the burning heat and shredding slices from its flesh.

Meanwhile, Rydortheus and Haelzuroth were making monstrous strides towards the outpost, and when they soon reached it, they found themselves at the mercy of the door awaiting thier unwelcomed entry. Rydortheus suddenly stopped and caused Haelzuroth to halt in his steps. They both looked at each other, and then looked at the door, as if they sensed it at the same time. The two of them were previsouly trained to sense some forms of magical spells, and they were able to detect the paralysis nexus. So Rydortheus pulled his two hundred pound hammer from his back, turned it around in the air a few times, and sent it rocketing through the side of one of the walls. Haelzuroth removed his two-hundred pound axe from his side, and carved the hole in the wall until it would permit access to the two of them.

They followed vibrations and sensing other magics being used that were highly evident, they rushed down the corridors towards the battle downstairs in the steam room. After a few more minutes they found themselves at another door, seemingly more impossible to pass, but they knew thier objective remained on the other side of this door, and they were determined to achieve sucess on this scenario.


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