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Arran's POV 

The beat was heavy, and it was actually becoming quite annoying; I was never one for meeting outside my turf, let alone in places like this. But I'd come to negotiate, at least that's what Samson though; so that's why I was sitting here in an uncomfortable leather booth waiting for the bastard to stop talking. 

Jasper always had a way of skipping out on the boring shit like this, leaving me to close the deal and end it all. 

"So it only makes sense that this is the road we should be taking." Samson ended, taking a sip of his cocktail. Samson was a tall man, with thinning hair, and eyes surrounded by wrinkles of worry. Samson was Conrad's second hand, same position as me, left to do all the dirty work for the leader of the Frontyards. Unluckily for Samson, he wasn't making it home tonight. 

"I'm going to go make a call, make sure we're all on the same page." I looked at him, expressionless, and made my way down the stairs of the VIP section. 

Was he seriously stupid, or so dense that he couldn't see a threat when it was right in front of him? 

"You could watch where you're going." A voice yelled at me to be heard over the music when I ran into someone. 

I turned to glare at them, ready to scold whoever dared to speak to me in such a manner. 

"Ask before you wanna hit this, handsome." She smirked at me, beating me too saying anything. 

The girl in front of me was different than the crowds of women usually throwing themselves at me; she had long dark hair, barely any makeup on, and was actually wearing pants instead of the typical barely-there skirt. 

She winked at me before she continued on her way, leaving me standing there still confused. 

Instead of making that phone call, I went and got a shot, letting the liquid burn down my throat before I turned ready to execute the plan. Killing without remorse isn't something you get used to; it's something you begin to live with and ignore. That's why it always gets easier. 

Nodding to Duncan, the sniper and wild one of the gang and the only other man I brought with me, we both made our way back up the stairs, locking our silencers on our guns. 

Another reason Conrad and his gang are stupid; they see the best in everyone, and never go into any situation ready for a fight. Samson only brought two other men with him. It was going to be easy wiping them out quickly and undetected. 

Duncan looked at me, waiting for the signal as we stood outside the door to the private area. 

"Were gonna have to deny your deal." I began talking as I walked through the door, easily taking out Samson in one quick shot, grinning like a wolf as his men went for their guns. 

A shot rang out as one of them aimed, and missed me, something I was hoping wouldn't happen. It was much easier to get in and out when others weren't involved, but that sounds surely alerted the people below something was up. 

Duncan quickly shot the two of them dead, a bullet between the eyes for the both of them, turning to me, ready to skip out. 

We quickly went down the back stairs, putting our guns back into their spots. Stepping out the back door, we went to make a run down the alley, now noticing the men standing at the end. 

"Shit." Duncan cursed, ready to grab at his gun again. 

A car skidded to a stop, and I jumped back, ready to fight whoever stepped out. 

"Looks like you need a ride." The brunette from early spoke from the driver's seat of the sports car. 

Going against my better instinct, I signaled Duncan to follow me, and hopped in the passenger seat. 

"Who the hell are you." I demanded, while she carelessly reversed out of the alley and peeled onto the busy streets of London. 

"I know a gang fight when I see it. So you should just thank me for saving your asses." She replied, ignoring me. 

"You better fuck-" she cut me off, with a glare. 

"Calm down, Killam." She hissed, taking a sharp turn down a street and suddenly stopping. 

It'd be stupid of me to ask how she knew me; everyone knew me. But this girl was American, I didn't think they knew about The Untouchables over there. 

"Mind telling me how you two know each other?" Duncan complained, mindlessly following us out of the car. 

"Oh he doesn't know me, but I know you two." She smirked, signaling us to follow her into the apartment building. 

"Of course you know us!" I yelled, ignoring the questioning in the back of my mind at her American accent. 

"Well let me formally introduce myself, I'm Kyler de Luca." She smiled, stepping into the elevator. She knew that we'd take notice of her last name 

It took me a moment process this, but Duncan was faster; "As in Salvatore de Luca, one of the most powerful gang leaders in America? What's his daughter doing here?" He asked. 

Following her into the elevator, she just shrugged her shoulders "we prefer the terms mobs over gangs", clearly not going to tell us more. 

"What the fuck do you want?!" My voice boomed in the small space. I lurched forward, grabbing her chin in my hand, forcing her to look at me. 

"Oh baby," she sighed. "I like it rough." Then she laughed, a glint in her eyes. 

Releasing her roughly, I stepped back. I was never used to that, to women blatantly ignoring me, let alone laughing in my face. My first instinct was to smack her, show her she shouldn't be messing with me. But her last name had my mind a mess. Even with a powerful last name, she was still in London, in my territory. 

"Welcome to my humble abode, Untouchables." She cackled, opening a door to an expensive looking flat. 

"What do you want?" Duncan asked before stepping through. 

"Don't you worry your pretty little head about that." Kyler just smiled, dropping a wink in his direction.

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