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I bet you never, ever felt so good. I got your body trembling like it should. You'll never be the same, baby, once I'm done with you.

About half an hour later, Arran and I were sitting in the spacious, modern kitchen, at the island eating pizza. 

"When you said dinner would be ready, I assumed you'd actually be making something." I joked. 

Arran just gave me a dark look, and then continued eating his pizza, savagely I might add. 

I don't know what happened in the small amount of time between leaving Onyx and I and now, but he was more aggravated than usual, a deep frown on his face with a dent between his eyebrows. 

"Not a culinary genius I'm assuming." Trying to get some sort of conversation going; again, I was ignored. 

"You know," I threw my slice of pizza back on the plate turning to fully face Arran, "If you're going to make me a prisoner, the least you could do is try and fucking talk to me to pretend there is some sort of normalcy going on!" I balled my hand into fists, resting them on my thighs. 

Arran stopped eating, but still didn't continue to talk, which only infuriated me more. 

I grunted and stood up from the island, and started making my way towards the stairs. I saw Onyx on the bottom step and picked him up on my trip back to my room. 

"I didn't say you could leave." Arran stated from his seat in the kitchen. 

"Fuck you." I yelled, and slammed my door for effect. 

I placed Onyx on the bed and looked around and spotted a chair I could prop against the handle of the door as a makeshift lock; and I did just that. 

"Sorry to put you in the middle of this." I crouched down next to the cat and he just blinked at me before laying back, obviously used to Arran's moodiness. 

It was fifteen minutes later when I was in the shower, that I heard Arran try the lock and mutter something when he realized the door wouldn't open. 

"Open the door, Kyler." He yelled over the stream of water. 

"You can go fuck yourself." I shouted. 

"Stop fucking cursing and let me the fuck in." Arran banged on the door. 

"That's a bit ironic don't you think!" I hollered an amused expression on my face; working him up was so easy. 

I continued to rinse the conditioner out of my hair when I heard a crash and seconds later, Arran was standing in the doorway of the bathroom. 

"What the actual fuck!" I shrieked, trying to cover myself with my arms. 

"Get out." He said coolly. 

"You see, my hair isn't completely rinsed and-"I started but was cut off. 

"Get out or I will drag you out." He demanded. 

Knowing full well he'd keep his word, I rolled my eyes and shut off the water, I got out stark naked, not caring that he's seeing basically everything; hell, maybe he'll mood will change. I grabbed a towel and began drying my hair but apparently I wasn't moving quickly enough for him, because he grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the bathroom, and I dropped my towel in the process. 

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" I asked, my voice coming out more high pitched than I intended. He then proceed to push me down onto the mattress and climb on top of my naked body, hovering and not making any contact. 

"I demand respect, and will not tolerate anything less." He kept his voice monotone. 

I began to roll my eyes and he grabbed my face, "being disrespectful will not be tolerated do you understand me?" 

"I'm not a child, Arran." I smacked his hand off my face, but he just moved his hand to my upper arms, putting all his pressure on them. 

"You're going to learn how to behave or you won't get to leave or talk to anyone. I suggest you get used to you situation, because the sooner you accept it and I've learned that you can trusted, you're not leaving." He scowled. 

"Your face is going to get stuck that way." I pushed at the crease between his eyebrows, not caring about him trying to prove his role as 'alpha-male'. 

Arran went to get up and I was pretty sure he was going to hit me, but I put my hand up in a stop motion. "Not in front of Onyx." I said seriously. 

Arran glanced at the black cat lying at the end of the bed, watching us scuffle a couple inches away. Arran just looked at me incredulously, and then picked me up by my forearms. "Go get ready, we're going out." 

"I'm quite comfortable here, actually." I stared at him. 

"I don't remember asking." Arran stalked towards the door; his posture was always horrid. 

"Well where is it that we're going so I know what to wear?" Maybe if I found something hideous in the closet he wouldn't let me be seen in public. 

"There's already an outfit in the closet, in a red bag hanging." He pointed to the closet. "Do you hair and makeup nice, but don't make yourself look trashy." 

"I have never looked trashy, I'm not one of the many girls you've picked up in those shit clubs you and the boys go to." I spat out. 

"Is that jealousy I detect?" Arran turned, his lips raised in one corner, as if he was trying not to laugh. 

"The only emotion you'll get from me is extreme disgust." I fake-gagged and walked into the closet, ignoring Arran as he lingered for a second, obviously scanning my naked body before I heard what was left of the door close behind him. 

"Onyx, how the hell does he expect me to wear this in this kind of weather?" I asked, pulling out the low-cut, short black dress from the bag and showing it to the cat. 

He just meowed and closed his eyes. 

"Same Onyx, same." I shook my head and placed it on the bed before heading back in the closet to find shoes and a jacket to match. 

After slipping into the uncomfortable spandex, I found a pair of lilac pumps and finished off my makeup; going for a nude but bold lip with a cat eye. I rummaged around the closet not finding a jacket that would go well with the look I was trying to achieve. 

I was fiddling with my gold accessories as I quietly left the room, searching for some sort of closet that I could steal a jacket from; Arran wouldn't mind. Who am I kidding? He'd mind a lot, but if he wanted me to dress up and look good, this was the price he'd have to pay. 

I made my way through the doors lining the large hallway, only finding two bedrooms, praying none of them were Arran's and he found me snooping. Finally after going through four doors, I found a large room filled with boxes and racks of clothing scattered throughout the room. Trying to suppress my curiosity, and failing, I started going through the clothing that looked like it hadn't been worn since the 80's and wondered whose it was, and what it was doing here. 

Forgetting my thought process, I found a black and white pin stripped men's blazer and though it was the perfect accessory to my outfit to make it just sexy enough with a retro kick, especially with my lilac pumps. 

Putting on the jacket, I rolled up the sleeves a bit and began the walk back to my room, being told I was to wait there until Arran came to escort me out of the house. I wasn't one to typically listen to a word that twat said, but I figured if I was going to have to to get what I wanted; and that was to talk to Robby. 

It had been fifteen minutes when Arran finally walked into the room. He didn't even glance at me as he made his way to my mirror and began fiddling with the buttons on his sleeves. "So tonight, we're going to be around a few important men, so I suggest you behave and only speak when spoken to, by me, nobody else." 

I silently sat on the bed, watching him, waiting for him to finally turn around and notice me. It was pitiful, but I needed some sort of gratification that I even tried to present myself nicely tonight. 

After about a minute, his sleeves were finally to his liking and he turned his direction towards me. Instead of the lust I was expecting to see in his eyes, all I saw was darkness take over. 

"Where did you get that?" He asked darkly. 

"Well," I began, standing up and making a slow walk towards him, "I couldn't find anything in the closet-who bought all these clothes anyway? That's beside the point, so I went snooping and found a room full of random clothing, and once I saw this, I knew it was the finishing touch on for a flawless look. 

"You need to take that off." His voice not changing. 

I slid up to him, grabbing loops of his dress pants and smiled playfully. "How much time do we have before we have to leave?" I began kissing the side of his neck 

Arran pushed me away, his hands grasping tightly to my shoulders. "I'm not being coy, Kyler, take it off." 

"What's the big deal? You told me to make myself presentable, so I did, and I look fabulous but it's not like you'd say anything." I scoffed, walking into the bathroom to make sure my hair hadn't fallen flat. 

While I was adding more hair spray and scrunching my roots, Arran walked in behind me, standing just a few feet away. "It was my fathers." He stated simply. 

I just turned to look at him, and gave him a look of sympathy as I could see different emotions cross him face, before he finally set his face to a stone expression. 

"Get that look off your face, and let's go." He began walking out of the room. "I don't care what you wear anymore." 

That was the first time I'd heard Arran mention his parents, and I was a bit taken aback; I knew he had parents of course, but I couldn't picture a ten year old Arran asking his father if he could go play ball with the other kids in the street of his neighborhood, or telling his mom not to be so worried when he left for his first day of Secondary School. I thought back to that picture he has in his apartment and assumed it was his mother, and I wondered where she was and what happened to that little boy with the large grin.

"Are you coming?" Arran yelled from a distance, implying I should stop standing there and follow him to wherever he was going. 

Once I caught up to him, we made our way down the large staircase to the front door, where a boy who looked to be a bit older than Arran stood, and exchanged knowing looks with Arran before he opened the front door for us and we stepped into the cool London air. 

The ride over was silent, as I had expected it to be; Arran wasn't one for small talk and it was extremely infuriating to go 15 out of the 24 hours in a day in silence. We were sitting in the back of a town car instead of a taxi, so I assumed where we were going was a secret. For a second I thought back to that time at Jasper's club and wished we weren't going somewhere like that tonight. But as we pulled up outside a dirty warehouse building, my hopes that anything even remotely exciting happening tonight were crushed. 

"Stay around the corner and wait for my call." Arran said to the driver, who just nodded and drove away once we stepped outside of the car. 

Beginning to walk forward I was dragged back and Arran gave me a dark look. 

"Remember the rules?" He asked, like he was preparing me for Primary School. 

"Behave myself." I huffed, dropping my head to the side. 

"You're already not acting appropriately." He stated. 

"Behave myself, Sir." I stood up straight and saluted. 

Arran just breathed deeply. "The other?" 

"Don't talk to anyone but you, but only if you talk to me first." I tried to keep the annoyed tone out of my voice, not wanting to stand in the cold anymore and ruin my freshly shaven legs with goosebumps. 

Arran just nodded then held his arm out and I grabbed his bicep, distracting myself from thinking about how firm it was, and let him lead me to the building. Arran tilted his chin at the doorman and we were let in immediately. The outside looked completely different than the inside. 

Inside the walls were black velvet with white swirls and trimmings scattered over the velvet. There were crystal chandeliers hanging all over the ceilings, the only source of light in the dim space. The room was large, and wide, open, lacking any sort of wall or barrier to separate spaces. There was one level but three bars, all along each wall but the front where the entrance was. 

I was so distracted with taking in the space, I hadn't notice Arran had already brought us to the far end of the room where there was a slim door, covered in the same velvet as the walls; you wouldn't have noticed it was a door if there wasn't a small handle at the edge. 

"Remember." Arran leaned in close, whispering the warning in my ear so he could be heard over the music and for a split second I wanted to hold him there. I spent even more time after that telling myself that I would throw myself in front of a trolley next time I had a thought like that. 

Arran opened the small door and led us inside to a room that was even darker than the club, with white couches and lounge chairs, and a small private bar. There were men scattered around the room, some looking around Arran's age, and many looking older. Each had at least one woman with them, looking sickly and thin, dark circles under their eyes and thick makeup over their hollowed cheeks. They seemed to be enjoying the presence of the men they were with, laughing along with them, sipping from their tiny glasses. I made eye contact with one of the women; she had long dark hair that looked flat and like it had lost its shine, her red dress barely fitting even though it looked smaller than mine. She just narrowed her eyes at me before the guy she was with yanked her arm and she turned her attention back to him, rubbing his head lovingly. 

I wanted to ask Arran what we were doing here, and what was wrong with these girls, but I remembered what he said and wanted to get into contact with Robby as soon as possible. 

Arran stopped at an empty couch closest to the bar and motioned for me to sit. I sat quickly, crossing my legs and intertwining my fingers in my lap. 

"I'll be right back." He said and I instantly started panicking. 

He must've noticed my eyes widen, because he reached out and grabbed my shoulder quickly. "I'm just going to get us drinks right there, don't talk to anyone." 

It wasn't the nicest gesture, but it was a gesture nonetheless. I sat patiently, trying not to look at anyone and keep myself busy by staring at Arran, watching his every move to see how quickly he was moving. 

"Pretty thing." I heard from beside me and I turned quickly, seeing an older man sit at the couch next to ours. He smiled widely as me, his teeth yellowing and his eyes squaring in on my chest. 

I didn't say anything to him, ignoring him like Arran told me to and looked forward into space. 

I felt his slide his finger down my arm and I tried to suppress a gag, breathing deeply and keeping my attention on the picture of black lines on the wall directly across from me. 

"Why don't we keep each other company?" He wasn't really asking, grabbing my arm and giving a small tug. 

I whipped my head around, yanking my arm out of his grasp. "I suggest you stop talking to me and get your washed up ass away from me." I hissed, giving him a look of disgust. 

"Listen here-" he began to stand up. 

"I'd leave the room, mate." I looked up to my left, seeing Arran had returned with our drinks, a dark look on his face. "Not just 'cause of who I am, but 'cause of who she is." 

The man just sneered, but stalked off. 

Arran sat down next to me, placing a glass of scotch in front of him and what looked to be a mojito in front of me. I was waiting for him to lecture me about the rules, instead he rested his hand on my knees, and I jerked away. 

Arran sighed heavily and turned towards me, leaning in close. "See the other girls in here." 

I did a quick scan, having already taken the room in. "I was trying not to." Failing to hide the look of disgust. 

"You need to be more willing and forward towards me, you're mine here, and if I don't make that known or if you make it difficult for me, I can't protect you." He made direct eye contact with me. 

I went to open my mouth to complain that I didn't need protecting, but Arran shut me up with a quick kiss before he was back to leaning against the couch. 

I sat in the same position, confusion being the biggest emotion I was feeling right now; I couldn't stand to be around him, yet when he wasn't around I was wondering what he was doing. I didn't want him touching me, but when he did, I didn't want it to stop. 

"Ready for a show?" Arran smirked, extending his hand. 

I looked questionably at it, but before I could protest, he had lifted me easily onto his lap, my butt centered directly on him, and my legs hanging over the side of his legs. 

Before I could say anything, his hand was around my waist supporting me and a man with blonde hair sat across from us in one of the chairs, while another man with black-ish grey hair sat in the other. 

"Gentlemen, can I offer you anything?" Arran asked, his voice coming out smooth and charming. 

The man with the blonde hair looked me up and down and Arran's grip on me tightened, and I knew if he kept this up, I'd have a large bruise on my side by the end of the night. 

"A scotch perhaps?" Arran tried to stay collected, and motioned a girl over from the bar. 

She walked over elegantly, her curves a sticking out in the crowd of thin women. She had long, dark brown hair that was shoved to the side messily but looked purposeful. She had on a white skirt with intricate black, gold and red details she paired with a deep cut black crop top and equally red lips. Her tan skin only had a gold armband and black strappy heels that made her already long legs look even longer. 

"What can I get you, Mr. Killam?" She asked, a smile playing on her lips. 

"Can you get these gentleman a couple glasses of Dalmore 64, love?" Arran returned her smile, like him and her were in on some sort of joke 

The leggy brunette walked away and I tried not to gape at the mention of Dalmore; at $160,00 a bottle, I'd imagine Arran planned on finishing it all tonight. 

"We have business to discuss, Killam." The Blonde spoke, motioning to me. 

Arran reassuringly squeezed my leg with his hand that wasn't attached to my hip, then grabbed his glass off of the table then mine, handing it to me, expecting me to drink it. "I can promise she's not one to worry about, Tony" 

I took this as my cue to do something, so acting like the other women around the room, I lazily took a sip from my drink, drooping my eyes a bit, and then smiled lazily draping an arm around Arran. I was a bit surprised my drink actually had alcohol in it, but maybe he thought it'd be easier to play the part of the drugged up whore he expected me to be. 

Tony just closed his lips in a small line until the waitress came back with the drinks, setting them down on the table elegantly. She sent a small wink at Arran before retreating. 

I tried not to let it get to me, but I could feel my muscles tensing at her flirting. Arran obviously could tell because he softly chuckled behind me. As revenge, I pretended to shift a bit, putting some pressure down on his lap as I moved my ass trying to get comfortable. 

I smiled to myself as I heard him suck in breathe before quickly composing himself and continuing the conversation. 

I was supposed to be pretending to not be paying attention, but I wasn't pretending anymore; I literally had no clue as to what they were talking about. I could catch words here and there that I recognized, but for the most part I was lost. By my third mojito I had to pee, badly and tried not to squirm but failed miserably. 

"If you could excuse us for a moment gentlemen." Arran politely excused us and led me towards a hallway. 

"Is there something wrong?" Arran asked, annoyed. 

"I have to pee." I admitted sheepishly, not sure why I was basically apologizing. 

Arran just groaned and rubbed his hand down his face. "Down this hall there should be a ladies room, don't make eye contact with anyone or talk to anyone got it. You have three minutes then I'm coming in to get you." 

"It'll be at least a minute to wash my hands, and another to fix my hair." I complained. 

"Four." Arran stated, then leaned against the opposite way, pointing down the hall. 

I scurried, trying not to trip in my heels and all but fell into the bathroom, luckily no one was in there. I walked into a stall and did my business. While I was finishing up I heard the door open and instantly got annoyed. 

"It hasn't even been two minutes you ass!" I shouted over the flushing of the toilet. 

When I walked out, the woman in the red dress was standing at the mirror, reapplying her dark lipstick. 

"Sorry, I thought you were somebody else." I smiled awkwardly. I wasn't supposed to talk to anyone but it warranted an apology. 

"So you're Arran's flavor of the week?" She spoke, her accent thick and low. 

"I guess so." I said, trying to play the part and not make conversation. After washing my hands I fluffed my hair a bit, and started towards the door. 

The red dress girl grabbed my arm quickly, spinning me around. She inspected me and stared me straight in the eye. "He doesn't have you sedated." She stated simply. 

"What are you talking about?" I tried to slowly make an escape, wobbling a bit to try and act out of it. 

She began to talk again when the door swung open and Arran came in. "Times up." 

He saw me standing there awkwardly with the skinny girl quizzically looking at me. He didn't say anything just grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the bathroom. We were walking down the hallway when he slammed me against the wall. 

"Ow." I groaned, grabbing the back of my head. 

Arran just grabbed my hands and held them in front of me with one of his hands. 

"I thought I told you not to talk to anyone, let alone Tatia." Arran hissed. 

Tatia fitted her, and then I placed her accent as Russian. 

"She started it." I pouted childishly. "Called me you 'flavor of the week'. Please tell me you never touched her, otherwise there is no way I'm letting you get any of this." I joked. 

Arran obviously wasn't in the joking mood because he pulled me forward then slammed be back against the wall. 

"This isn't a funny situation," he growled. "This is an important meeting with some members of the Frontyards and you're not supposed to be aware of what's going on." 

"If it makes you feel any better, I've been confused the entire time." I shrugged. 

"If Tatia suspects anything and tells the group of men she's with, we'll have a war here." Arran snarled. 

"Maybe you should just get me more drunk." I smiled, sick of Arran's constant sour mood. 

"Go to the bar, act like you've been drugged, and order another round for us, and get whatever you want. Then come right back to the couch. I'll be watching." He said, then began to walk away. Not before turning around. "And don't think I won't be getting you back for those 'adjustments' you've been doing all night." Then he was gone. 

Not wanting to run into Tatia, I stumbled out of the hallway and made my way to the bar, slowly and dragging my feet every once in a while to sell the act. 

Once I reached the edge of the empty bar, the leggy brunette from earlier greeted me with a million dollar smile. 

"Your secrets safe with me." She winked at me before grabbing the bottle of scotch and three glasses. 

Taken aback, I looked at her for a brief moment before asking her what she meant. 

"Arran doesn't drug his girls; he likes them to be willing." She smiled as she filled the glasses, then added ice to each of them. 

"And you know this how?" I asked, not sure if I should trust her. 

"I've known Arran for a while now." She stated simply. "I'm Iona." She reached out her hand and I hesitantly took it. 

"Kyler." I returned the gesture. 

"Can I get you anything, Kyler?" She asked patiently. 

I thought about it for a moment, "Make me the strongest drink you can think of." I smiled. 

Another hour later, I was completely sloshed, sitting next to Arran has he continued to drone on and on about information I found useless; I should be paying attention so I can relay information back to Robby, but I was hoping later, Arran would give me the short version. 

"Tell Jasper that Conrad will be in contact soon." Tony said, standing up, while the brunette, Brian, followed his lead. 

"Gentlemen." Arran stood, shaking each of their hands and watched them leave the room before sitting back down. 

"That was so boring." I complained, throwing my head back on the couch. 

"You're absolutely pissed." Arran chuckled. 

"That is true." I threw my arms up before leaning forward so my face was inches from Arran's. I began walking my fingers from his knee and up his thigh. 

"What do you think you're doing?" He asked, watching the movement of my hand. 

"I'm just playing the part like you asked." I smirked. 

I pressed my hand against his crotch lightly; satisfied when I noticed his arm muscles tighten. I started to palm him through his pants, sliding my fingers where I could feel his hardening length. 

"You might be some big bad gang member, but I bet you I could get you to beg." I bit my lip, my face still close to his. I could feel his warm scotch-ridden breath hit my face, it coming out shallow and heavy. 

Arran moved my hand to my lap when he held it down and regained some composure. 

"Last time we were together, I believe it was you who was begging." Arran grazed his nose up my cheek. 

"I'm bored." I pouted, sticking out my bottom lip. 

"I'm sure I can find something entertaining to do." And with that Arran had us both up in seconds and speeding towards the door. 

On my way out I waved to Iona who just laughed and sent me a thumbs up. Arran sent a quick text on his phone and the town car from earlier was in front of us, and Arran shoved me in. He went in to kiss me and I shoved him back, putting up my pumps and pushing his chest back, pinning him to the other side of the car. 

"Don't you think it would be more fun this way?" I smirked, as he sent daggers at me. 

"I'll have to disagree." He said coolly. 

"Does this thing have a partition?" I asked, almost laughing to myself for sounding like BeyoncĂ©. 

Arran clicked a button on the roof and a black screen went up between us and the driver. 

"I think you can wait, you are after all one of the most powerful men in London." I bit my lip as I put one of my legs down and moving it to the side slightly, showing Arran that I had decided to skip the underwear cause I didn't want panty lines; but it was actually coming in handy right now. Smart move, I thought to myself. 

Arran's eyes darted between my eyes and my bottom half, before I quickly closed my legs. 

"So far that's two things you'll have to pay for later." Arran said, licking his lips. 

"Elaborate." I titled my head to the side. I could blame my boldness and willingness on the insane amount of alcohol in my system right now, but another part of me, one I tried to shove down deep, wanted to know what it felt like with him inside me. 

"Your attempt to adjust yourself at the club and thinking you can tease me and get away with it." Arran raked his nails from my knee down to my ankle. "I don't think you've realized what you've started." 

"Are you sure you can live up to what you're saying." I squinted my eyes. I've showered with him before, I know what he's packing, but did he know how to use it? 

Before he could answer, the partition went down and the drive announced we were back at the house and Arran had me out of the car and in the house in record time. Once we were in the house he had my jacket off and me pinned against the door. 

"What's with you and slamming me into doors." I asked as his lips made their way down my neck, and his hand gripped onto my hips. 

"Shut up." He snarled, one of his hands leaving my hips to tangle in the back of my head and expose more of my neck. 

It took a little effort, especially in my drunken state, but I managed to push him off of me. We both just stared at each other, our breathing coming out uneven. 

"Wanna play a game?" I smiled. 

"Kyler-" He started but I silenced him when I lowered my hand and went under my dress. 

I knew I was wet, and I also knew a way to get him going even more. I brought my hand back out, my two fingers glimmering in the scares light in the foyer. I walked up to Arran and slowly swiped my fingers across his bottom lip, biting my own as I did so. He slowly licked around his mouth before he picked me up, throwing me over his shoulder, and began his trek up the stairs. I squealed and insisted he put me down. Arran had a playful side that I knew, I just wish it could be like this and he wasn't so serious all the time. 

We made it to a room I hadn't seen earlier, and he threw me on the bed and just watched me as I scooted myself to the edge. 

"You're wearing too many clothes." I pointed out, before pulling on his belt loops and unbuckling his leather belt. 

He stood above me, watching my every move as I slid the belt out and laid it on the bed, sending a wink his way before I undid the button on his pants, sliding them down his legs. I took a deep breath in when I saw his member strained against his black boxer-briefs 

I went to take my heels off but Arran's hand stopped me, shaking his head. I stood up slowly, undoing the buttons slowly on his shirt, gliding it off his shoulders before I ran my nails down his chest only to start to slip my fingers in the waist bank of his briefs. 

Arran grabbed both of my hands, stopping me, pulling me from the bed so I was flush against him. That was, until he took a couple steps back, never breaking eye contact. We stood there in silence, nothing but our breathing could be heard for the five minutes. I was surprised that Arran hadn't already taken me in the entryway of the house, this was so out of character. 

"What was it you were saying about making me beg?" Arran broke the silence. 

That once sentence sobered me up, I swear. I wasn't nervous about sex, ever, whether it is with a stranger or a boyfriend, so I didn't understand why I was so hesitant. 

I was unsure what to do, but an idea came to me, and it would either work or not, so the thought of rejection ran through my mind but I shoved it aside and walked towards the stereo on top of the dresser on the side of the room.

"Do you have an iPhone of iPod?" I asked nonchalantly. 

Arran gave me a curious look but pointed to his pants crumbled on the floor. I walked over and made sure to bend slowly as I went down to search through his pockets. Once I found what I was looking for, I went back to the stereo and placed the iPhone in the dock and youtube'd the song I was looking for. 

I turned around just as the opening beat began, and Arran looked genuinely intrigued. 

"Never heard this song before." He stated, and I held my finger up to my lips before I reached for the zipper at the back of my dress. 

I removed the top part of my dress, folding it down so my lower half was still covered, but my breasts were fully exposed as I ran my hand lazily through my hair, pushing it all to one side as I slowly made my way over to him. 



You got your legs up in the sky, with the devil in your eye, let me hear you say you want it all

Once I was in front of him, I reached my hand down and grasped his already hard dick, slowly massaging it over his boxers before I slipped my hand past the band and placed my small hand around his shaft, making small up and down motions before running my thumb over the head. I did this a couple times, watching Arran's face and how he was trying to hold it in one expression. I began to add more pressure, going further down and pushing my finger up on the vein on the underside of his penis as I came back towards the tip. After about a couple strokes, Arran yanked my hand from his briefs and crushed my wrists together. 

"I swear to God," he breathed, "If you don't get on your fucking knees now and blow me-" 

"Is that begging I hear?" I smirked, and he just added more pressure to my already throbbing wrists. 

Arran inhaled deeply before releasing my hands, only to pull my dress all the way down and stood, backed me up until the back of my thighs hit the bed frame. 


I got a fistful of your hair, but you don't look like your scared. You just smile and tell me daddy its yours

I stood trying not to teeter in my heels waiting for Arran to make the next move. 

"My dear," He whispered, turning me around so my back was to him. "That wasn't even close to begging." 

I heard his briefs drop to the floor then his hand snaked between my thighs, two fingers immediately entering me, and I fell to the bed, my forearms holding me up. 

"I'd ask if you're ready," I could hear the snarl in his voice, "but we both already know the answer to that." 


And you're screaming, give it to me baby, give it to me motherfucker

And with that he entered me, not even pausing to let me adjust, hard and to the brim. I could feel him fill me up and I instantly missed him as soon as he pulled out. That was until he slammed back into me. 

"Oh my God." I practically shouted, my arms shaking trying to keep me up. 

Arran grabbed a large chunk of hair on the back of head and shoved me down to the mattress, so the side of my face was smooshed into the goose comforter. 

Nothing could be heard from Arran but some slight grunts and the sound of flesh smacking together. I on the other hand, couldn't keep my mouth shut. I was throwing out curse words I forgot even existed as he dug his fingers into my sides and plowed into me. 

Then he was gone. For a second I braced myself for him to slam back into me, but when it never came, I sat up and on the edge of the bed. I was met with the image of Arran standing there, stroking himself. 

"What are you doing?" I asked, trying to catch my breath. 

"What would you like me to be doing?" Arran didn't stop his activity. 

"Does everything have to be a game with you?" I sneered, pissed that he was going to, once again, leave me unsatisfied. 

"It's not a game, I'm simply asking what you'd like me to do?" Arran stated. 

I was conflicted between throwing some snarky comment at him then retreating to the bathroom to finish myself off, and give in to what he was trying to do, and hopefully have an orgasm so great it'd knock me out for days. 

"I want you to fuck me, Arran." I growled. "I want you to fuck me into next Tuesday. I want you to fuck me hard, and don't stop no matter how many times I tell you to. I want you-" 

Arran cut me off by climbing on top of me and darting his tongue directly into my mouth. He set my entire body on fire, then guided himself back into me. I instantly grabbed onto his back, with my legs in the air, heels still on. 

"Yes, oh my God, yes." I whispered encouragingly into his ear while I dug my nails into his shoulder blades. A few more minutes and we were both cumming, me so hard I felt like the earth was shattering and starts were fucking exploding around me. 

I lay there a moment as Arran rolled over and laid next to me. In a second he was up and my dress was thrown at me. I sat up, stunned for a second, until I saw the look on his face. 

"I think you best be off to your room now." He said before making his way to the adjoining bathroom and closing the door behind him, the shower turned on moments later. 

I sat there for a moment, shocked; I instantly thought back to Tatia and her words in the bathroom at the club, 'flavor of the week'. That phrase kept repeating in my mind as I hastily put my dress back on and made my way out of his room, not before slamming the door dramatically behind me. I felt dirty, and used; disposable. I was wondering how I expecting anything less of him, and that made me only want to take him down even more.

Submitted: September 18, 2015

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