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With an angel voice; Devil in disguise. Got a sour face like a poisoned fruit.

Waking up in the cold sheet of the bed I should become used to, I couldn't tell if regret or shame weighed heavier on me. I felt so disgusted after he left me naked on his bed, that I went and threw up the contents of my stomach before showering for an hour, scrubbing hard, trying to erase any trace of him and the finger prints and bruises he left on my body and failed; I was marked. 

I stretched, pleasantly surprised to find Onyx hadn't moved in the night and was still there when I woke up. I took another long shower, still feeling dirty then changed into a pair of sweatpants and a sports bra and tank, tying my wet hair into a messy bun on top of my head before lacing my sneakers. 

I marched downstairs, trying to avoid any contact with Arran, and sighed in relief when I didn't see him in the kitchen. I grabbed a banana and a bottle of water and began to make my way towards the basement in search of some sort of gym when I bumped into a body. 

I slowly lifted my head, my eyed instantly narrowing until I saw it was Duncan. 

"How's it going, Ky?" He asked, rubbing my head before he hopped up on the island, grabbing a bag of Doritos that was lying around. "Nice hickey."

I internally groaned. "Isn't it a bit early for chips?" I noted, relieved Duncan was my present company. 

"It's never too early to satisfy a craving." He smiled at me, stuffing his mouth with hand fulls of chips. 

After a few beats of awkward silence, I asked if Arran had a gym. 

"There's some equipment downstairs in the first room to the right." I pointed to a door I was assuming lead to the basement. 

"Thanks." I mumbled, turning to leave, but freezing in my path when he gave me some more information. 

"Arran's down there, so unless you enjoy listening to hardcore metal, I suggest you bring an iPod with you and headphones." Duncan said through a mouthful. 

I huffed in annoyance. "Arran has all my stuff." 

Duncan put the bag down and cleared his hands of the red powder before digging into his pocket, and pulling out his phone. "You can borrow me phone and headphones." He handed me the slim phone. 

"Thanks, I promise to take real good care of it." I laughed. 

"Don't go snooping through anything on there," he warned, "just use the Spotify app or my library." 

"Scouts honor." I held up two fingers and smirked. 

"Americans," he shook his head, "never understood 'em." 

I left Duncan in the kitchen, knowing without a doubt that he'd finish the whole bag, and maybe more, and made my way down the stairs that led to the basement. I stood outside the door, thinking of what I'd say if Arran decided to say something snarky or even remotely insulting, but I was drawing a blank, mentally cursing myself for not being able to come up with a witty remark. 

Opening the door, the sound of heavy bass and guitar riffs practically hitting me in the face, and saw Arran lifting weights on the right side of the room, oblivious to the fact that someone else has entered the room. I went to the other side of the space, spotting a treadmill and making a mad dash for it before Arran noticed me. 

Placing the ear buds into my ears and deciding on the Dark Sky Paradise album, I began to run, my feet touching lightly on the moving ground below me. About ten minutes in, I could feel the sweat begin to form on my hair line and on my back where my sports bra was clinging to my skin. Working out had always made me feel better, my mind could clear and I would only focus on what was happening at the moment. Of course when my workout was over, I was left feeling sore, with the memories I was trying to suppress crashing back around me. 

My eyes were closed, so I didn't notice the sudden stop of the machine, practically falling off in the process, before I regained some composure by grabbing onto the bar in front of me. Looking for some sort of reason my workout was interrupted, I came face-to-face with Arran, his long-ish hair tied back, a headband holding the rest of his hair back from his face. He was wearing a basic loose tank and basketball shorts, with matching black running shoes tied lazily. 

"You know," I began, stepping off the machine on the opposite side of where Arran stood. "They say man-buns are making a big comeback, but I couldn't agree less. I actually think they're sort of disgusting." 

"What the hell are you doing?" Arran asked, ignoring my remark. 

I moved a bit about the room, spinning on my heel and giving Arran a sarcastic look. "Seeing as this is your house, I'm assuming you bought its contents, and know that I was, in fact, running on a, what were these blasted things called again?" I placed one finger on my chin, as I rested my opposite elbow on the bar. 

"Your sarcasm is annoying." he commented, a sour look on his face. 

"I suppose then," I removed my hands and crossed them over my chest, "you'll want me out of the way as soon as possible, that being very obvious last night, so I should be going." I grabbed my banana and water and turned to leave.

I walked towards the door, winding Duncan's headphone around his phone when Arran grabbed my arm, spinning me back around. 

"Did I hurt your feelings?" Arran asked, an amused expression on his face. 

I went to smack him across the face, but he grabbed my wrist midair. "You think I'm annoying; you're the most infuriating person on the planet." 

I pulled my hand out of his grip and proceeded to leave the room and make my way up the stairs to the kitchen. 

"That wasn't a very long work out." Duncan commented, his hand in a bag of plain chips. 

"My company wasn't worth my need to release my tension." I snarled, walking up and placing the iPhone next to Duncan. I left the banana and the water on the counter as I mumbled a quick thanks before I turned to go back upstairs, bumping into Arran of course. 

"I can find a way to release that tension." He smirked. 

"I'd sooner die than have sex with you." I said, a look of disgust overcoming my face. 

"That's not what you were saying last night." The look on Arran's never faulting. "I believe it was something more, 'yes, oh god Arran, you're the best I've ever had.'" 

I heard Duncan chuckled behind me, and I whipped around, all but snarling at him, causing his expression to go blank. "I didn't say it, love." He held up his hands in defense. 

"If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room." I began to march towards the staircase at the front of the house, "Nobody need me." 

I mentally slapped myself once I returned to my room and realized I'd left both the banana and water downstairs with the nitwits. I debated going back down there to retrieve them, but decided against it and instead threw myself onto the bed, my body going full on star fish, my face smashed into the bed underneath me. I lay there for what felt like hours until there was a light knock on my door. 

"Arran," I began, my voice coming out muffled in the mattress, "If you value your life, which I'm sure you do, you'll leave me the fuck alone." 

"Lucky I'm not Arran." An all too familiar girlish voice spoke. 

I rolled over and looked towards the door, spotting Saxon in a sun hat and floral print dress, standing in the doorway, eyeing the still damaged door. 

"Finally," I huffed, sitting up, "A face I don't want to punch." 

"I'm glad you don't want to cause me any physical harm." She laughed before walking in and sitting beside me on the bed, the bag she'd carried in falling to her side. 

"What's up?" I asked. "Not that I'm not extremely grateful you're here, but what's the catch?" 

Saxon smiled sheepishly before picking up the discarded bag and handing it to me, "I've come baring gifts to make my case." 

I greedily grabbed the bag and dug out a long sleeved sweater, with the parental advisory logo printed across the front. I looked at Saxon, puzzled as she stood and spun on her heels. 

"I was seriously doubting Arran had a closet full of anything you'd enjoy wearing so I brought you something I know you'd like." She smiled broadly, her wool-clad legs crossing and uncrossing as she spun about. 

"And you thought I'd need this sweater for lying about the house?" I asked. 

"See," she grinned, "this is why I needed a bargaining chip." 

"So there are strings attached to this top." I stated more than asked. 

"If you want to keep it, you have to come have lunch with me." Saxon concluded, her hands landing firmly on her hips. 

I didn't know what was up with this girls and their damn need to lunch out, it was perplexing, but needing anyway out of this house was more appealing now than ever, and Saxon didn't even need to bring a gift; but she didn't need to know that. 

"I'll consider it." I scrunched my face. 

"If it helps," Saxon walked over, her foot propping on the bed, showing off a velvet pair of booties, "I saw these and thought of you, so I bought them. You're starting to rub off on me, and I don't like Leo likes it very much." 

"These damn boys," I complained, getting up to find a pair of jeans in the closet, "they'll be the death of all of us, I swear it." 

"I think the sweater would be lovely with a pair of boyfriend jeans." Saxon stated, her small frame coming into the closet, a cute pair of ripped jeans in her hands. 

"I should hire you as my stylist." I commented, instantly removing my work out pants and slipping into the jeans that seemed to fit perfectly. 

"I'd be happy to do it free of charge." She smiled before turning and walking out the closet. 

Five minutes later, I was fully changed and ready for anything so satisfy this annoying hunger growing in my stomach. Saxon and I made our way down the stairs and I half listened to her tell a story about how Sofia recently went back home to visit old friends and found out her Grandmother was sick, so she was staying there for the time being, until her Grandmother was well enough she could move her here and take care of her; neither of us noticing Arran posted at the bottom of the stairs. 

"And where do you think you're going?" He asked me, his eyebrow raised. It seemed he had showered and changed into a fresh pair of black pants and a white cotton shirt; his signature look. 

"Not that it's any of your business," Saxon began, turning up her nose, "but we're going to lunch, then maybe a bit of shopping afterwards if we're in the mood." 

"I don't think you understand-" Saxon cut Arran off, her tone relaying a bit of sass I hadn't heard before. 

"Well, I cleared it with Leo who cleared it with Jasper, and since its Jasper who is helping you keep up with this place," She gestured around her, "I think it is you who doesn't understand that we're leaving." 

Saxon grabbed my arm and carried me towards the door, a bit of pep in her step. We came to a screeching halt soon though, Saxon turning us around quickly. 

"Since you seem so uneducated on what women are wearing these days, I'm going to need your credit card." Saxon held out her hand. 

"You lot are insane if you think I'm giving you any money." Arran scoffed. 

"Those clothes upstairs are atrocious," Saxon held up a hand, "no offense, but if you're going to try and convince people that Kyler is with you, Kyler de Luca by the way, she should at least dress like herself, as to not raise any suspicions." 

"Kyler is fine with the clothes chosen for her." Arran said matter-of-factly. 

"Kyler doesn't need everyone to speak for her." I complained. "And, if you were wondering Kyler's opinion, I agree with Saxon. I wouldn't wear a majority of what's currently in there." 

Arran just glared at me, his nostrils visibly flaring. 

"No need to have a fit over it," Saxon waved her free hand, "it's not like any of us expected you to have any real taste." 

Arran turned his glare towards Saxon then seemed to compose himself before reaching in his back pocket, producing his wallet, before fishing for a sleek black AmEx. 

"She'll be home in an hour." Arran demanded before handing over the card to Saxon. 

"Three." Saxon bargained. 

"Two." Arran caved a bit. 

"We must dine quickly then." Saxon turned us back around and we began our journey to the restaurant happily. 

Of course Arran would ruin that, his final words playing in my head as we made our way to the waiting car and to the center of the city; "I can't wait for you to come back, love."

Submitted: September 18, 2015

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