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Go your own way, even seasons have changed, just burn those new leaves over. So self-absorbed, you've seemed to ignore the prayers that have already come about.

We stood there in silence, neither one of us moving to do anything. After a couple beats Arran stepped forward a bit and I took a giant step back. He tried to not let it show on his face that he noticed, but how could he have not. 

"There are uh," He ran a hand through his hair, "some things at my flat I need to get before we do anything, so I'm going to go get those." 

I perked up a bit thinking he might be leaving me by myself, but it quickly faded once I realized this was where I needed to be if I was going to do what my father asked. 

"There's going to be a couple men outside, patrolling, so you can't leave." He must've seen the hope in my face earlier. 

"There's no need for that." I commented my hand waving a bit. 

Arran just gave me a look and I stayed standing there, unsure of what to do or say while he took me in, his eyes scanning every part of my body. 

"I'm going to go shower." I quickly walked past him and began to make my way up the stairs. I heard him sigh heavily before his footsteps carried him to and out the door. Once I heard the click of the lock, I all but sprinted to my room, pulling the smartphone out of the closet and locked myself in the bathroom, turning on the shower just in case. 

My fingers glided effortlessly over the keys, dialing a number I knew by heart. 

"Yeah." He answered on the other end, his voice coming out annoyed. 

"I'd expect a better greeting." I scolded. 

I heard some shuffling on the other end, then it went silent and for a second I thought he'd hung up on me, but his voice came back on, frantic. "Where the hell are you, Ky?" 

"No need to worry about your baby sister, I'm just going with the flow, ya know?" I sat down and leaned my head back against the wall near the toilet. 

"Don't fucking joke with me," Robby hissed, "I've been all over town looking for you."

I huffed in annoyance, "Let just say, I'm in enemy territory." 

"Turn on your GPS so I can track the phone your using and come get you." I could hear him moving about the room he was in. 

"Robby!" I whisper-yelled into the receiver, "can't you see this is the perfect opportunity? I'm in his home; I'll gain more information here than I ever would otherwise." 

"Has he got you there against your will?" He asked, and when I didn't immediately answer, I heard something break on the other line. 

"You're not thinking clearly," I stood up, swiping my hand on my butt to remove any dust, "and until you do, I'm not talking to you." 

"Kyler Antonietta de-" But I clicked the red button before he could finish, turning the phone off for good measure. I looked about the bathroom, and went for the tampon box in the cupboard under one of the sinks. I dropped the phone into the box and closed it, smiling to myself knowing Arran wouldn't go near there. 

I clipped my hair up and stripped out of my now ridiculous get up and stepped into the shower, standing under the hot water, ignoring the burning on my back from the pulsating heat. I stood still for ten minutes just letting the water hit my back and not thinking at all, just concentrating on the water circling the drain. When I couldn't see out of the glass from the steam and I felt like the heat was going to make me pass out, I quickly washed my body and got out. 

The bathroom was humid and foggy, all the glass was covered in a thick mist, and it was hard to breathe properly with the air so thick with moisture. I felt light-headed and remembered I hadn't eaten since lunch yesterday. I cursed loudly, my hand going up to my damp forehead as my vision started to become spotty. not now, not now, don't do this was all I kept repeating in my head before I couldn't see anything anymore. 

I opened my eyes to darkness, and I instantly panicked, jumping to the worst possible scenario; that I had died. But I quickly realized I was just cocooned in a heap of blankets. Once I fought my way out of the tangled mess, I found myself lying in my bed in nothing but a tank top and underwear. I went to get up but instantly fell back, my hand going to the side of my head to find the source of pain. 

"You have a horrible habit of hitting your head." I turned and saw Saxon standing in the doorway, a high-necked black dress covering her body and steep pumps on her feet. 

"Sofia." I remembered and tried to get back up again. 

"I would stay down for right now if I was you, your pain meds haven't kicked in yet, and you took a pretty nasty fall." Saxon walked over to the bed, sitting on the side and giving me a kind smile. 

"So I did pass out." I groaned. 

"Hit ya head on the side of the toilet too, but luckily there was no bleeding, externally anyways." Saxon looked seriously at me. I stared back wide eyed and she just chuckled. "Only joking." 

"Since when did you become such a comedian?" I grimaced. 

"Right around the time you became a daredevil." She quirked an eyebrow. 

I couldn't help but laugh, the pain in my head subsiding. "What are you even doing here, did you find me?" 

"That would've been Arran." Saxon answered, pushing herself further into the bed. "Nearly took Leo's head off when he tried to get into the bathroom. 'she's naked why the fuck would you think you could go in there.' blah blah blah." She imitated Arran's deep accent. 

"So how did I get out here?" I asked, sitting up and swinging my legs over the side, sitting next to Saxon. 

"Well," She started, scrunching her face a bit. "I went in, made sure it was ok to move you and then Arran sent me to fetch some clothing, and I didn't want you to overheat, so I grabbed that," she gestured at me, "and he insisted he dress you, even after my hilarious sarcastic remark about me being a secret lesbian and having a crush on you. Then he carried you here and ya must've covered yourself up. You did look rather cozy." 

"This is one of the hardest days in Sofia's life, and here I am, passing out and being annoying and just, ugh." I rolled my eyes. 

"Nonsense." Saxon stood up and held out her hand, which I gladly took, letting her hold me up until I could regain my balance. "Go get dressed, I've already picked everything out, and meet us downstairs in ten." She smiled encouragingly before releasing my hand and going out the door. 

I knew I owned a lot of black, but I also knew none of it was funeral appropriate, so I was wondering how hard Saxon's job was when she was trying to find me an outfit. As soon as a loved one in a gang has passed, they were to be immediately buried, the members not wanting any government involvement or to be exposed for a long period of time; we had people at hand if at any moment someone needed to be buried or cremated, so I'm assuming Jasper did too. 

I found a long pencil skirt hanging on the closet door with a modest crop top draped across the hanger, and a cropped jacket hanging with the ensemble. I quickly changed into the outfit, and found a pair of black heels to match. 

I went into the much cooler bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth and applied a minimal amount of make-up, going for a nude lip instead of a red. I found a long silver cross necklace that I must've purchased and put it on, adjusting the chain so it didn't hang too low. I scanned the pile of rings I had on my counter, all ones I'd gained from family member's, on birthday's or holiday's and put them on like it was second nature. I was almost done when I spotted my grandmother's worn wedding band sitting alone. I picked up the plain silver ring, turning it around in my fingers a couple times, trying to remember what she was like and failing miserably. 

I was pulling the ring on and off my left hand when someone knocked on the door, making me jump and drop the ring. 

"Dammit." I cursed, bending down to try and find where it fell. 

"Didn't mean to startle ya." Arran said from the doorway. 

I ignored him and got on my knees, searching the floor; it couldn't have gone far. I heard his footsteps and felt him bend down beside me. "Let me help." He said and I just continued to ignore him, my hands searching underneath the cabinet, when his hand collided with mine I screamed and jumped to my feet. 

"I don't need your fucking help!" I yelled, annoyed when my head began throbbing and I had to clutch my eyes shut. 

"You really shouldn't be-" I could feel his hand reach out and I opened my eyes and smacked his hand away from me. 

"Don't touch me." I said calmly. 

For a second I thought I saw hurt flash across his face, but then whatever it was was quickly replaced with a stony expression. 

"Grab your fucking ring and let's go, someone died if you hadn't bloody noticed, or are you so self-absorbed you don't care." Arran stormed past me, not waiting for an answer. 

I stood there, my mouth hanging open before I quickly shut it and continued to look for the ring. I found it near the shower and quickly slipped it on my ring finger on my left hand and went back to the closet. I grabbed the black Birkin bag without thinking, knowing it might piss Arran off, and I stuffed a pair of sunglasses and flats in the bag and left the room. 

I met the rest of the lot downstairs; Duncan was with Arran and Leo, all in matching black suits, while Andie joined Saxon on the couch, both of them sitting silently, watching the boys talk. 

When I walked into the room, Saxon noticed and smiled, standing up and pulling Andie with her. Andie was wearing a long sleeved black dress with a ruffled bottom and open-toed shoes, her usually unruly blonde hair was straightened and smoothed back. 

I heard a cell phone ring and seconds later Leo stepped into the center of the room; "Cars out front." 

Saxon walked up and grabbed my hand, nodding at Leo, and the boys waited as we made our way out the door, following behind us. It took me moments to notice that Sofia and Izzy were standing outside the limo with Jasper and Ellis at their sides; I was surprised to see Sofia, standing in a black dress with a white collar, assuming she'd be going to the ceremony separate, but Saxon soon explained to me, by whispering in my ear, that she wanted to be surrounded by everyone. 

Izzy stepped off the vehicle, clad in a black jumpsuit with a belt cinched at her slim waist, and approached us. 

"I never said this, for future reference," she smirked, "but I'm glad he didn't ship your ass back to America." 

I laughed quietly, and gave her a quick hug. We all made our way into the vehicle, Sofia and Ellis stepping in last, Sofia taking the vacant spot next to me. I placed my hand on hers and gave it a small squeeze, but she held onto it, giving me a small smile. 

'You know," she began, her voice low, trying not to be heard over the hushed conversation in the car, "Ryan and Oliver will be attending, and I'm not sure how things are going to go." She stared straight ahead, as if she wasn't talking to anyone. 

Her twin brother's Ryan and Oliver were members of the Blackjacks, one of the boy's biggest competitor's, in drugs, trafficking, and the fear of the city. No one but Ellis and I knew about their existence, let alone their involvement in a rival gang, so I wasn't sure how this was going to go down tonight, but if Jasper was to find out, as morbid as this may be, the funeral of Sofia's grandmother was one of the best places for it to happen. 

I squeezed her hand again and returned it back to my lap, ignoring Arran's eyes that have yet to leave me since we left the house. It was difficult, keeping my words to myself and my attitude in check in order to get the goal I wanted, but I was working hard and eventually, and I couldn't wait for the day, to see him in the dirt. 

We pulled up outside of one of the biggest churches I'd ever seen, and we all piled out of the car, Arran almost grabbing my arm before Jasper called him over to where the boys were still standing over by the car. The girls began walking in, but I hung back, watching Jasper's body tense and his expression darken as Arran took a step forward and Ellis pushed him back. I was so focused on the situation I didn't even notice when Arran walked up to me and grabbed my arm. I looked up at him, glaring as I tried to pull my arm from his. 

"You can never be on good behavior, not even at a funeral." He hissed, tightening his grip on my arm. 

I instantly stopped fighting, gritting my teeth. "Let's go then." 

Arran led us to the church and up the front steps. 

"We're going to be taking a trip right after this." Was all he said, sending me a look that said not to ask questions. I would, but I could wait until after Sofia's Grandmother's funeral was over. 

It was a quick service; we were in and out in about half an hour, and there was no sign of the Fletcher twins the entire time, which worried me, but probably upset Sofia. If was better this way, I think, to avoid any possibility that something could go wrong. 

We were on our way out, Arran's hand on my upper arm again as he led us towards a car I had just noticed sat behind the limo we originally all arrived in. I turned a bit to wave at the girls when I heard what sounded like a car back firing. Growing up in this lifestyle, I should've known it wasn't a car and instead gun shots. I stood frozen for a second before I was literally being thrown over Arran's shoulder as he sprinted to the side of the building. Hanging upside down I saw the boys rush the girls into the limo and it speed away and the guys scatter the property. 

I was thrown onto the ground, my knees scrapping on the pavement, but I had no time to recover or complain before Arran was practically on top of me, pulling a gun from a holster in his jacket. 

"Don't say a thing or move or complain nothing." Arran whisper yelled to me before peeping around the corner. I saw the back of his head move and knew he was communicating with the rest of the boys. 

I sat silently hearing a few shots ring out and then car doors slam in the distance then two big black SUV's whipped past the front of the church, Duncan keeping some distance behind them, a large gun shooting loudly from his hands at the disappearing vehicles, the ringing in my ears becoming nauseating. 

After about a minute, Arran turned and grabbed my hand pulling me from the ground, my face showing my pain as I tried to stand, stretching the open wounds on my knees. Arran huffed before picking me up bridal style, and carrying me out from behind the church. 

I watch as he exchanged nods with the boys as he walked towards the car, his exchange with Jasper making everyone around us feel how uncomfortable it was. Arran put me in the passenger side then walked around and got into the driver's seat. 

"Fucking Blackjacks." I heard Arran mumble, and I was taken aback, knowing Ryan and Oliver belonged to that gang and that there was no way they were involved with it being their own grandmother's funeral. Although Frank and the rest of them could be just as in the dark as everyone on Ryan and Oliver's relationship to Sofia. 

"Where are we going?" I asked, trying to keep my legs in one position to not stretch my skin. 

"We're getting out of London." Was all he said, staring straight ahead at the road. 

I twisted my lips, "and what's there?" 

I saw his hand tighten on the steering wheel and he sped up a bit. "We're staying at my sister's for a bit."

Submitted: September 18, 2015

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