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And with a sad heart, I say bye to you and wave; kicking shadows on the street for every mistake that I had made. And like a baby boy, I never was a man, 'til I saw your blue eyes crying and I held your face in my hand. And then I fell down yelling, "make it go away!" Just make a smile come back and shine just like it used to be. And then she whispered, "How can you do this to me?"



I quickly got up, ignoring the stinging in my shoulder where the bullet grazed me and ran towards the Rover, trying to start the engine and go after the black car that had Kyler in it. I turned the key twenty times and began to beat my fists on the wheel, cursing loudly before I got back out of the car, dialing the number I knew by heart. 

I was kicking at the side of my car, silently begging he'd answer. On the fifth ring a sleepy voice answered with a "yeah." 

"They fucking took her Leo." I yelled, my hand pulling at my hair, trying not to panic. 

"What are you talking about?" Leo's voice became more alert. 

"They fucking took Kyler, Leo. They fucking came out of nowhere and fucking took her!" I yelled, my voice cracking as the anxiety set in. 

"Who took her?" Leo asked. 

"I have no fucking clue and my fucking car won't start." I kicked my car once more. "I can't just fucking stand here while they go to God knows where with her and do-" I couldn't even finish the sentence, wanting to vomit at the thought of somebody hurting her. 

"I'm coming to get you, send me your location. I'm leaving now and calling Jasper." I could hear Leo rushing around on the other end. 

After hanging up, I sent my GPS location to Leo and paced, feeling useless and growing angrier by the second. My phone rang in my hand and I growled before answering. 

"Turn around." Duncan's familiar voice spoke. 

I spun on my heel and saw Duncan's silver SUV pulling up behind me. I ran towards the car, getting in before he could even stop the vehicle. Duncan immediately turned around and began speeding back towards London. 

"Were you following me?" I asked, my foot tapping impatiently as I attempted to steady myself. 

"Jasper wanted to make sure you were going where you said you were going." Was all he said, his car going well above 90. 

"So you must've passed the car that took her." I turned fully in my seat, trying not to let my frustration out on Duncan. 

"All I saw was a black Audi speed past me." He said, shaking his head. 

I yelled loudly, frustrated, running my hands through my hair and over my face. 

"You should sleep, mate." He suggested. 

"I'm not sleeping while she's out there." I argued. 

"There is really nothing you can do until we get back to the city." Duncan pointed out. 

"Duncan," I tried to think of an excuse. 

"Just recline back and I'll wake you up when we're close or if there's any news" Duncan said softly, navigating the road swiftly. 

I did as he said, trying to set my mind blank but I couldn't seem to stop thinking about what I said earlier, or what she's going through now. 

I was back in my living room, a glass of rum in my hand as I watched Kyler sound asleep on the couch. I must've been dreaming because this already happened; I got fed up with thinking about Kyler so I called Natasha to get a reaction out of Kyler. 

But things were different now; Kyler stirred awake and turned towards me, once she noticed me standing there a smile spread across her face. 

"You have a staring problem." She laughed, stretching. 

I just stood there, setting my glass on the counter as I stared at her some more. 

"Are you just going to stand there like a buffoon or are you going to come kiss your girlfriend and ask about her nap?" She smiled, holding her arms out to me. 

I didn't move for a moment, but I could feel my feet carry me towards the couch. I sat at her side, one arm going to the back of the couch for support while the other went to her face, tracing a finger down the side of her cheek. 

"You're here." I commented. 

"Hold on." She pinched her arm then put her hand onto of mine on the back of the couch. "Yepp, still here. Did you not want me to be?" 

I shook my head rapidly, "no, no, I always want you here." 

"Good," she smiled, leaning up and giving me a quick kiss before she laid back down. "Because I don't plan on going anywhere, I love you ya know." 

I smiled broadly before leaning down, kissing her softly, reveling in the feeling of her soft lips on mine. As I pulled back she let out a small giggle. 

"What was that for?" She asked, the smile never leaving her face. 

"I missed you is all." I ran my hand down her side and rested it on her exposed side.

"I was only gone about an hour or so." She shrugged, "where have you been handsome; I've been waiting for you for hours. Why haven't you come to get me yet?" 

I gave her a confused look, staring at her small features. 

Kyler's constant grin began to falter and I watched as her brows furrowed. 

"What's wrong?" I asked, quickly pulling my hand from her side, thinking I was putting too much weight on her. When I looked down, blood was covering my hand and more was covering Kyler's torso and the couch beneath her. 

"What's happening to me?" Kyler choked out, blood dripping down the side of her cheek from her mouth. 

I took off her shirt, looking for a source of the bleeding and found nothing. 

"Please make it stop, it hurts so much." Kyler cried, heavy sobs shaking her body. 

I began to panic, sitting back and pulling my hands away from her body. In one of my hands was a large knife and I instantly dropped it to the floor, my eyes widening.

"Why do you have to hurt me so much?" Kyler was still crying. "All I ever did was love you and you still have the need to hurt me." 

"I don't understand." I stuttered out before seeing a large gash on her chest. 

"How could you do this to me? You're a monster; only a monster is twisted enough to rip out the heart of someone who is willing to die for them." 

"I'm so sorry." I was crying, trying to cover the wound, but it began to widen under my touch and I pulled Kyler to my chest, cradling her as we both cried, her blood matting her hair and soaking through my shirt as she coughed through the blood pouring from her mouth. "I don't want to hurt you. Come back, don't leave me." 

I just rocked her as I repeated the last sentence over and over again. Her body fell limp in my arms and I pulled back to see her head fall to the side and her lifeless eyes staring widely at nothing. 

"Kyler!" I screamed at her, shaking her, trying to wake her up. "Kyler! No, I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry." 

I was suddenly jolted forward, the room and Kyler melting away as I found myself in the passenger seat of Duncan's car. 

"You 'ight mate?" He asked, his wide eyes staring worryingly at me. 

"I'm fine." I said, swallowing a large lump in my throat. 

Duncan just stared at me before parking his car outside of Jasper's. "No information yet, but Jasper has every man on the street looking for anything that might lead us to her."

I nodded, getting out of the car. "I have a phone call to make." I stated, watching Duncan disappear into Jasper's home. 

"Who is this?" The voice at the other end answered angrily. 

"Arran Killam." I stated. 

"I can't believe you have the audacity to call me," he yelled into the phone, "if she was with her family none of this would've happened!" 

Robby had every right to be angry, but him yelling at me as if it was my fault fueled my anger. 

"Like you could've done any fucking better!" I yelled, pacing the street. "Whoever took her wanted her, and she would've been taken either way, but I know for a fact she'd have a better chance with me." 

"You didn't have to hear your baby sister screaming for help over the phone as you sat around, unable to do anything." Robby said in a harsh tone. 

"Over the phone?" I asked, confused. 

"She left me a voicemail, and in the middle of it, everything happened, and from what I could hear, you were nowhere near her." He snarled. 

So Kyler had a phone with her all along. She never was one to follow rules, so I know she just wanted to talk to her family or the girls. 

"I have every man on the streets and looking for any information on her whereabouts. What the hell are you doing?" I asked. 

"I already have men coming in from America and Asia to get her back." Robby said. 

I ran a hand over my face, "The only reason I called you is because Kyler told me to." 

"I suppose she wants us to work together, which is bullshit." Robby laughed. 

"I don't know about you, but I'm willing to do anything to get her back, even if that means working with you." I growled. 

"My father is out of town right now, but he'll be back shortly. For now, I'm in charge, and I'm pretty sure I'd need to speak with Jasper to make that official." 

"Expect a call in ten." And then I hung up. 

I was taking long strides to Jasper's house before I walked through the door, everyone stopping and staring at me before I sent them all a stare that could kill a man. 

"Arran." Jasper came up, and clasped my shoulder. 

I shook him off, "if it wasn't for your request she'd be at my house right now, safe." I snarled. 

"If you had listened to me in the first place, she'd have been with her family, well protected." He stared at me. 

Jasper grabbed the back of my neck and pulled our forehead together. "We're going to find her and we're going to kill whoever thinks they're stronger than us." He pulled away and I let out a deep breath I hadn't realized I was holding. 

"We've already got Untouchable men and Frontyard men out there; we're doing everything we can." Jasper said walking away. 

"What about The Lords?" I asked, watching Jasper quickly turn around. 

"Are you suggesting I put my men at risk to work with them?" He asked. 

"I'm asking you to use every resource to help find her." I spoke softly. 

"I don't know." Was all he said. 

"Robby is willing to come talk, one-on-one." I said, stepping forward a bit. 

"I said I don't know." Jasper repeated, running a hand across his stubble. 

"I can answer that for you, because it sure as fuck is a simple answer." Izzy came out from the kitchen, wearing black shorts and a big sweater, her face void of any makeup and a black hat covering her blonde hair. 

"Isabella." Jasper warned. 

"Oh," Izzy rolled her eyes, "Isabella, I must've really done it this time." 

"Go back upstairs." Jasper demanded. 

"While what, Jasper?" She asked, moving between us to stand in front of him. "While you sit high and mighty on your fucking throne of arrogance while Kyler is getting, what, tortured, raped, murdered?" 

Izzy bit out the end of the sentence and I had to ball my fists trying not to think about what she was suggesting. 

"This is really none of your business." Jasper stated. 

"It's my fucking business when it's my friend's life on the line. It's my fucking business when my boyfriend is acting like an ass." She stared him down. 

"I don't have to argue right-" Izzy cut him off. 

"This isn't an argument, Jasper." She crossed her arms, her face falling. "It's either you swallow your pride and get Kyler all the help you can, or I have to leave." Jasper stared blankly at her. "I can't stay with a man who would just let someone die like you are right now. What if it had been me?" she asked. 

"Izzy don't talk like that." Jasper shook his head. 

"Seriously though, would you not do everything to get me back, or would you stand here like a coward and do nothing." She bit out. "Call him or I'm gone, forever." 

Jasper stood there for a moment before walking past Izzy and holding out his hand to me; "Give me the phone." 

Jasper walked off into another room and Izzy turned to watch me. She didn't say anything; just tilt her head side to side, studying me. "And here we all thought you weren't capable of loving anyone." 

"What?" I asked, stepping back. 

"Oh I forgot," Izzy laughed menacingly, "loving someone makes you vulnerable, and you Mr. Killam are never vulnerable." She watched me for another moment before she carried herself up the stairs. 

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to see Duncan standing there, a small smile on his face. "We're gonna find her man." 

Before I could say anything, someone, I think his name was Dan, ran into the house, about three men behind him. 

"What is it?" Duncan stepped forward 

"Down at Sally's Pub, we heard about five Blackjack member's boasting about how they got a girl that would start a war." Dan said, breathless. 

"Whatya mean?" Duncan asked seriously, his body tensing up. 

"They have a girl that will, and in their own words tear apart the city" Dan spoke. 

I was already making my way towards the door when Duncan grabbed me and spun me around. 

"What, you just gonna walk in there by yourself and take on whoever gets in your way? That'll get you killed." Duncan set his brows. 

"I'm not waiting around anymore." I yelled. 

"Take five men with you, and me and Ellis are coming with." He turned, pulling five guys forward and I watched as Ellis stood up and came to my side. 

"I'm behind any decision you make, 100%." Ellis said. 

"Thanks, mate." I nodded. 

Leo went to tell Jasper what happened and what our plan was; he was staying here waiting for Robby and in seconds we were out the door, getting into a black van. 

"We're gonna need these." Duncan spoke from the back, unwrapping a large black canvas. Strapped in were different sized guns and knives. 

"Strap up men." Ellis commanded, handing out two guns and a knife to each man. 

I put a gun in my belt, and one in my jacket pocket; I hadn't changed out of the suit from the funeral like the other men had, and I was covered in blood and dirt, but I didn't care. I put a clip in another pocket and knife down one of my socks. 

"Here's the plan," Ellis began, and we all listened carefully. 

Once we reached the street Sally's Pub was on, we parked the van in an alley and all got out, each of us filing behind one another, me and Duncan in the front. People began walking in the opposite direction of us, some even running, but I paid them no attention as I stormed into the bar, scanning the room for the group of men. 

"I don't want this in my bar." The older woman came out from behind the bar, her hand landing on her hip. 

"Must I remind you of our deal, Sally?" Ellis commented, walking up and handing Sally a large stack of bills. 

"I wonder how much this is gonna cost me this time." She muttered to herself before placing herself in the center of the room. 

"We're closed!" She yelled. "Don't worry about your tabs, just get out now." 

Once people turned and saw us standing at the door, they didn't question her, just got up and tried to maneuver their way around us to leave. 

"Not you." Duncan spoke beside me, pointing to a group of four guys sitting at a table in the corner, a couple pitchers of beer scattering their table. 

"Wouldn't dream of it, Abrams." One of the men smiled, he had dark brown hair, turning fully towards our group. 

"I thought Dan said there were five." One of the men behind me commented. 

One of the guys must've heard him because he began laughing. 

"Something funny to you?" Duncan asked, his stance becoming tenser as I tried to keep myself from shooting them all in the face. 

"He's talking about 'ole Mark." The third man with the blonde hair commented. "Had to send 'em back. We got a little lady back there who only opened her mouth when we didn't need it." 

I ran across the room, Duncan yelling my name behind me as I lunged at the guy, tackling him to the ground. 

"What the fuck have you done to her?!" I screamed in his face, reaching for the pistol in my belt. 

"I haven't done anything to her, Killam." The smile never faltering from his face, "But before Mark left I was pretty sure he had a good idea to keep her busy. She has such a nice body, doesn't she?" 

I knocked him a couple times in the head with the butt of my gun before Duncan pulled me back. 

"We need them alive if we're gonna get any information." Ellis whispered to me, coming to my side. 

The five men we brought with us, along with Duncan and Ellis, rounded the four men up, tying them to chairs with cable wires and ropes. I just paced the room, my mind running haywire, the worst scenarios coming to my mind and playing over and over again. I had to sit down and I began punching at my head, screaming in frustration. 

"Mate." Duncan came up and grabbed my wrist, preventing me from hitting myself. "Take that shit out on them." 

Duncan made a point, but couldn't get that dream out of my mind; I couldn't get the image of Kyler bleeding out before me because of something I did. 

"The thought of another man in your woman driving you mad, Killam?" The brunette laughed, earning laughter from his friends. 

I got up and walked over to him, standing directly in front of him. I smiled sickly before pointing my gun and shooting him straight in the crotch. He yelled out, his neck and legs straining from the pain I was sure he was experiencing. 

"Well now I know you'll never be able to fuck another woman again." I raised an eyebrow. I turned to the other men tied up and they all sat there, silent and avoiding eye contact. 

"Nothing to say now lads?" I laughed sadistically. I walked back and forth between all four men, pointing my gun at every single one of them as I passed. Watching their faces flinch as I aimed at a random part of their body brought me immense joy.

"Shall we get on with it then!" I raised my hands. "eenie, meenie, minne, " and then I pointed the gun at the blonde, "moe." And I shot him in the kneecap. 

"What are you doing?" Ellis came up behind me. 

"Why, Ellis," I turned and smirked at him. "I'm getting answers. Someone's bound to talk to keep themselves alive." I looked back at the men tied up, "Isn't that right guys!?" I shouted before shooting the one with the black hair in the chest. I watched for three minutes as he struggled for breath before he inevitably slumped over. 

"Must've hit his heart or something, but hey, I'm no doctor." I laughed, rolling my head back. 

"Let's leave him, he'll holler if he needs us." I heard Ellis say behind me as he shuffled everyone out the door. 

"Finally we're alone." I smirked, squatting down in front of the blonde I shot in the knee. "What do you know?" 

"No-nothing." He stuttered out. 

"Why don't I believe you?" I asked before pulling out my knife and sticking it in the bullet wound, causing the blonde to scream in pain. 

I stood up, rubbing my bloody hand over my chin, looking between the men. "Should we play a round of rock, paper scissors to see who gets shot again?" 

I went to the other brunette who hadn't been injured and stood in front of him. "Alright, if I win, I get to shoot you." I watched as his eyes widened in terror, "and if you win, I get to shoot you." I grinned. 

"Ready?" I asked as I took a knee. "Rock, paper, scissors, shoot." And I shot him in the neck. 

He began to spurt blood, a majority of it landing on the other two men, some drenching my already ruined clothing. 

"Shame he didn't have his hands available to play." I huffed, tapping my chin with my gun. 

"What do you want to know?" The brunette finally spoke up. 

"Must I repeat myself!?" I yelled, throwing my hands on each of his bound arms. "Where is she?" 

"I don't know where exactly, but-" 

"Not good enough." I straightened up and placed my foot where his mangled dick sat, applying a bit of pressure with my toes. That earned a shout from him. 

"It's one of the warehouses near the Black Forest." He managed to get out. 

I took my foot down from the chair and tilted my head at him. "There's about five there, could you be more specific?" 

"The first two aren't safe enough to keep someone without alarming anyone around them." The blonde said. 

"Why couldn't you just tell me this when I asked in the beginning?" I shook my head. "Thanks for the information boys." I saw a small look of relief fall on both of their faces. "And to thank you properly, I'll give you a quick death." Then I shot both of them between the eyes, smiling to myself as I watched the bodies' slump over. Shame I didn't get to do much torturing; I really liked it when they screamed as you were removing their intestines. 

I pushed myself out the front doors and found Ellis and Duncan standing there, but Jasper and Robby had joined them. 

"Anything?" Robby asked, his face blank, but his eyes judging me for what he knew went on in there. 

"The last three warehouses outside of Black Forest; she's in one of them." I answered, walking back towards the van. 

"What's the plan, Ellis?" Jasper asked. 

"The plan is we go in there guns out and shoot anyone in our way." I turned and interrupted Ellis before he had a chance to speak. 

"We're going to have to be more calculating than that, this is my sister we're talking about." Robby stepped up to me. 

"Yeah?" I tilted my head at him. "Well this is my," I stopped there, unable to get any words out my suddenly dry mouth. 

"Robby is right." Jasper came to my aid and cracked his knuckles. "We're both leading each gang, so we'll do it the best way we see fit. So, again, Ellis, any suggestions?"

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