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Me and Arran had been sitting in the back of a cab, not touching, not even anywhere near each other. Ever since he attacked me back at the club, he's been cold and distant, acting like a gang member should be acting, and it was throwing me off. 

I realize how bipolar I may be acting, saying that that I don't want shit to do with Arran, but this could turn out to be fun for me. I scooted a little closer to Arran, trying to drop a hint, but he just shot me a look and then continued to stare out the window. Alright Arran, I thought to myself, if you wanna play, we'll play. 

Pulling up outside my house, I didn't even have a chance to ask Arran up, before he was pulling me out of the car and up the stairs to my apartment complex. Once we reached the elevator, we each stood on opposite sides of the small space, just sizing each other up. 

The elevator rang, alerting us that we had arrived on my floor. Arran waited for me to make a move, and I walked to my door, casually unlocking it to make my way into my apartment. 

"See ya soon." I said, turning to walk inside and leave Arran in the empty hallways. 

"It's not gonna be that easy, sweetheart." Arran whispered, his mouth not even an inch away from my ear. 

Next thing I knew, I was being shoved inside, then pinned against my now closed door. Arran's mouth was on mine, hungrily, just as it was an hour ago at the club. 

"Thought you said I was too drunk." I panted, as Arran's skilled hands slid down to the back of my thighs, hoisting me up. 

Arran just hummed in response, the vibration of his chest causing me to tighten my ankles around his waist. 

Our kissing became more urgent and sloppy, both of us not caring how the other was feeling, but trying to get ourselves off. 

Arran carried our entangled bodies over to my couch, and carelessly dropped me on my back, climbing over me right after. His hands quickly went to work on removing my top, while I concentrated on the feeling of his rough, calloused hands exploring me. 

This was far from my first sexual encounter; I lost my v-card at 13, but the fire Arran was igniting made me feeling like a blushing virgin. 

Once he had my shirt off, me began massaging my bare breasts, his large hands easily covering the entirety of them. His tongue invaded my mouth once more, and I didn't hesitate to fight for dominance. 

"Let's get these off, shall we?" Arran murmured into my neck, as his hands began traveling south. 

He easily opened the botton with one quick flick of his wrist, and began maneuvering my pants down my legs. nice move wearing leather I thought to myself, as it seemed difficult to move the bunched up material past my knees. 

"Fuck it." Arran said, giving up on my pants, and swiftly dipped his hand into my panties. 

I involuntarily shuddered, and earned a satisfied smirk from Arran, since he hadn't even done anything. 

"I haven't even begun pleasuring you and you're body is already begging for me." He said; cocky bastard. 

"Arran-" I began to scold, but it quickly turned into a breathy moan, as one of his fingers entered me. He obviously wasn't one to waste time. 

Arran connected out mouths once more, out open mouths breathing heavily into one another, as his hand continued its assault in my nether regions. 

Arran progressively added two more fingers, all the while whispering dirty things into my ear, in between his harsh sucking on my neck. 

"That's right, baby." Arran would whisper, while my hips bucked to meet his fingers, "fuck my fingers." 

Any other girl would blush at such words, but I merely moaned his name, as his fingers pumped in and out of me, his knuckles preventing him from going any further. 

"I'm so close." I whispered, feeling that familiar fire in the pit of my stomach, welcoming this feeling. 

Suddenly the warmth in my lower area was replaced my cool air, left behind by nothingness. 

"What the hell." I sat up, noticing Arran was no longer above me, instead he was sitting at the end of the couch, casually licking his fingers. 

"Sorry, babe." Arran stood up,not even trying to hide the obvious arousal in his pants. "I have to go." 

"Are you seriously not going to get me off." I said, my voice sounding smaller than I intended. 

"Maybe you'll think twice before you decide to deliberately go against me." He said, a triumphant smirk on his face. 

"Is this a punishment ?" I asked, incredulously. 

"Call it what you want, love." Arran said, running his hands through his hair before making his way to my door. "Let's just hope it works, eh?" 

"I'll just finish myself off." I said, not succumbing to his tactics. 

"You'd be wise not to do that." Arran turned around, his gaze holding mine. 

"How the fuck would you know?" I challenged him. 

"I'd be able to smell and orgasm that good off of you for days." He said simply, as if it was the most casual thing in the world. 

"Get out." I said simply, suddenly ashamed, pulling my pants back up my body. 

"I'll be sending Saxon and Sofia over tomorrow for some, girl time." Arran said, his hand on the door. 

"I don't need you to make friends for me, Arran." I sneered; it's not that I didn't like Saxon or Sofia, I just wasn't a child who needed to be set up on play dates. 

"You don't have a choice." Arran said swiftly, before exiting my apartment, leaving me half naked, and really pissed. 


Rolling out of bed the next day, I knew Saxon and Sophia were coming over, but I wasn't told when it was happening. Deciding not to be rude, I mean, hey, Saxon and Sophia were being forced into this, just like I was, I got up and got into the shower. 

I really considered just finishing myself off last night, but I was too pissed, that that feeling took over my want for a release. 

I bought this really cool shower head when I arrived in London, and I was ready to finally use it. It had lights, and speakers, so you could hook it up to your phone via Bluetooth, and it would play in your shower. Surprisingly, it had had pretty nice base.

"Kyler!" Someone shouted outside of my bathroom. 

Getting quiet, I panicked, looking around for some sort of weapon and decided on some sort of shaving cream. 

Climbing out of the shower, I quietly wrapped a towel around me, then lunged forward to attack my attacker. 

"Jesus!" Sofia jumped back, startled as I attempted to mame her with my shaving cream. She looked cute, in colored pants and a crop top. 

"Put the can down and put some clothes on." Saxon walked into the room, her outfit casual, yet, professional. "We're going out." 


So here I was, trudging around with living dolls, while the only thing that showed people I wasn't a bum, was my Givenchy sweater. Other than that, I had large sunglasses on, torn up shorts, and black beanie covering my still wet hair. 

"Sorry Arran forced you into this." I offered as I followed them into a cafe. 

Saxon just laughed while Sofia looked for a spot to sit. 

"Oh, I set this up." Saxon said, as we took a seat. 

I looked at her questionably, "why?" 

"You actually think Leo would let Arran boss me around?" Saxon laughed. "Plus, Arran has too much respect for Leo, to just, go over his head and straight to me." 

"Arran and Leo are close?" I asked, rhetorically before scanning the menu. 

"They're all like brothers," Sofia commented, closing her menu, "But Arran and Leo are the closest and have know each other the longest." 

"Arran was already with Jasper when Jasper tried to get Leo on his side." Saxon added. "Arran's really the only reason Leo agreed." 

The waiter came and took our orders, and returned shortly after with our drinks, before I decided to continue on. 

"Not to be rude," I began, choosing my words carefully. "But the boys seem nothing like gang members, let alone do you look like you're married to one." 

Sofia glanced warily at Saxon, before Saxon answered. "Leo and Ellis aren't really anything like members you're probably used to." 

I nodded urging her to continue. 

"We're a lot more civilized here, well some of us. It's easier to get the things you want, by negotiating them, rather than taking them." 

"That's why Ellis is in the strategic field." Sofia added, her eyes shining just at mentioning her boyfriend's name, and Saxon nodded before continuing. 

"Duncan is somewhere in the middle, but Arran and Jasper aren't as, humane, as the rest of them are." Saxon said, not sure if those were the words she wanted to use. 

"What do you mean?" I asked, sipping from my drink. 

Saxon's POV 

I had genuinely taken an interest in Kyler. Not like the other guys have, because she was de Luca's daughter, but because she seemed interesting. When I saw her talk back to Arran, I was a little worried, and I brought that up to Leo. Leo assured me Arran wouldn't mess with the largest gang in America, but I wasn't so sure. She was after all, here in London, and if Jasper wanted her, he'd get her; No one, not even Arran, said no to Jasper. 

"It's just," I bit my lip, wondering what effect my next words would make. "There's a reason Ellis plans the attacks, and Leo stitches up the wounded. And there is a reason, Arran, Duncan, and Jasper are usually in the middle of it all." 

"They're merciless." Sofia said next to me, and I elbowed her in the side. 

"What the hell." Sofia said, then a knowing looked fell over her face, and she instantly shut up. 

"So they're the ones who aren't affected my taking someone's life." Kyler said, her expression never really changing. 

"You don't seem that fazed." I commented, eyeing our meals they arrived. 

"I grew up in a place where my dad would come home, covered in someone else's blood." Kyler responded as if it were an everyday thing. But for her I guess it was. 

"Shall we." Sofia said after an awkward beat. With that we dug into our meals, not really saying anything but light conversation as we ate. 

Kyler's POV 

It was Sofia's idea to go shopping, and I was beginning to think she wasn't as blank as she seemed. 

"Oh!" Saxon all but shouted, as we arrived to the women's section of the store. "I was told not to say anything to you, but I can't help but spill." 

"Can I ask what it is you're talking about?" I was eyeing a crop top from across the room like it was a potential lover. 

"Me and Leo are throwing a dinner party!" She must've noticed the look I was giving her because she backtracked. "Well, I'm throwing a dinner party, and Leo is just humoring me. We're lucky we have Izzy on our side, or Jasper would never come." 

"You'd think being the baddest boy in London, Jasper would just put Izzy in her place." Sofia laughed. "She can work him like a puppet." 

"I'll be there." I said, mentally choosing an outfit. 

"Good, cause we need you to bring Arran, or Duncan won't even bother looking for a date." Sofia commented, before she was off to the makeup counter. 

"It'd be easier if you asked me to disarm a bomb." I yelled after her, Saxon smiling broadly.

Submitted: September 18, 2015

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