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"I don't even like dresses, but Leo insisted I wear one, and here you are, in bloody pants!" That was the first thing Saxon said to me when I walked through the door. 

"Shut up, you know she looks good." Izzy commented, walking by casually in six inch heels. 

"I never said she didn't." Saxon huffed and pulled me inside. Saxon was wearing a beautiful flowing dress with a tight black bodice and sleeves. 

All the girls decided to meet up earlier, cause the boys had plans, and get everything done. 

"You know how they get when they have to wait." Sofia said, as if she needed to explain herself. 

I, frankly, didn't, but if it was anything like my father and his associates, I knew we had to work fast. 

"I'm not much of a cook." I walked into Saxon and Leo's kitchen, taking a seat on a stool at the island. "So I'll taste test and make sure nothings been poisoned." 

Saxon faked a laugh and then threw a pair of oven mitts at me, instructing me to do as she said. 

I spotted Izzy camped out in the living room, and complained that she wasn't doing jack. 

"I'm watching the game, bitch." Izzy sent daggers at me, then smoothed down her leather dress pulling her attention back to the game. 

"Isn't that uncomfortable?" I motioned at her dress. 

She just shook her head and mumbled something about soccer. 

"Izzy," Sofia complained while she was knuckle deep in pie crust. "It's called futbol over here, you're gonna have to get with the times." 

Izzy just yelled something in spanish then flipped us the bird. 

"Don't they call it futbol where you're from too, Iz?" I asked, curiously. 

"Puerto Rico you mean?" Izzy finally turned her attention away from the television. 

"Iz, you don't have to." Saxon said suddenly. 

Isabella looked at her, "and that's why I won't." Izzy looked at me then continued on "all you need to know is I've lived in America most of my life. You don't need to know why or how, I don't trust you enough yet." And with that she went back to the game. 

"I swear, her and Jasper are the exact same person." Sofia smiled softly, then clapped her hands. "Dinner is finished." 


It had been an hour since we finished making everything, and the boys still weren't here. 

"How can we even guarantee than they'll come." I commented, refreshing my twitter feed again. 

"Well for one, Leo lives here." Saxon said, as she continued to pace the hallway. 

"Yeah, and Jasper won't be getting any soon if he stands me up." Izzy said confidently. 

"Maybe something bad happened." Sofia commented. 

"Thanks for that Debbie Downer." Saxon shouted and retreated into the kitchen, probably to call Leo for the hundredth time. 

The front door opened, and Leo was the first one to walk in, followed by all the boys; they were all covered in blood. 

Saxon stormed in, and I held my breath for the shit they were all about to receive. 

"If you get blood on my polynesian rug, I swear to God!" Saxon warned, pointing at the ground for emphasis. 

Sofia giggled, wrapping her arms around Ellis's neck. That girl looked like a straight-sex pot, but give her a good dose of Ellis and she turns into a pile of mush.

"Calm down, Sax." Jasper waved her off and made his way toward Izzy. 

"Get the hell away from me, this dress was six hundred pounds." Izzy shot up from the couch, causing an unwanted game of tag as Jasper chased after her. 

I felt an arm snake around my waist, and a jumped back at the odd wet feeling on my exposed midriff. 

"Did you just wipe blood on me? " I asked Arran, knowing the answer already. 

"It's not mine, don't worry." Arran laughed, moving into grab me again, but I maneuvered out of the way. 

"Oh, I wasn't worried about your well-being," I chuckled. "I was worried about my pants." 

Arran grabbed my wrist and pulled me to him, his face set straight. "I don't appreciate the way you're talking to me." 

I looked up at him incredulously, and he suddenly started smiling. "I've been here for a whole minute and you have yet to kiss me hello." He said playfully, but I saw the warning behind his eyes. 

I pressed a chaste kiss to his lips, and wiggled out of his grasp, mumbling about going to help Saxon. 

"Alright boys." Sofia called everyone's attention from Ellis's side. "Go get cleaned up, cause I'm starving." 

"You heard the lady!" Jasper yelled excitedly, coming into the room, with red lipstick smeared on his face. 

As the boys rushed upstairs, me and the rest of the girls set the table and filled our wine glasses. 

"I feel so stepford wife." Izzy complained, tugging a bit on her dress. 

"Iz, you look like anything but a stepford wife. Plus, you still have lipstick on your chin." Sofia laughed, almost spitting out her wine. 

"God I wish this was beer." Was all Izzy said as she chugged her glass. 

"Everything looks amazing." Leo kissed Saxon's cheek then reached for a roll. 

"What do you think you're doing!" Saxon smacked his hand away, and shot him a look. 

"I'm hungry." Leo grumbled, but sat back in his chair anyways. 

One by one the boys came down, and I noticed one particular Irishman was missing. 

"Where's Duncan?" I asked. 

"Oh, he'll be here a little later, he's uh, cleaning up some stuff." Arran said, popping open a beer. 

"Why do you lot get beer and I'm stuck with this shit that'll give me a raging hangover." Izzy commented, pointing out the boys' drinks. 

"One, cause apparently you ladies have to be classy tonight." Jasper said from her side, earning a tight smile from Saxon. "And you're not supposed to be getting drunk off this babe, or even at all." 

Before Izzy could even comment back, the front door swung open, and in walked Duncan with another blonde girl who looked a bit like him. 

"Hey, Andie." Ellis waved after nodding at Duncan, and I felt Arran visibly stiffen at my side. 

"What's the matter with you?" I asked quietly, and he just barely shook his head. 

"He's just pissed that I'm here, cause you know, he turned me into a lesbian." The girl, Andie, laughed and took a seat next to Izzy, who couldn't stop laughing. 

"Dear God, let everyone get through this dinner alive." Saxon said, and downed the rest of her drink. 


It had been half an hour since Duncan and Andie arrived and Arran hadn't said a single word. I for one, wanted to know a lot more about the gay girl across from me, but I was a little worried about angering Arran. 

"So," Andie said, looking me up and down. "Who's the American girl?" 

"I'm sure you could address her yourself, seeing as how you're looking right at her." Arran snarled from my side. 

"Oi, that's my sister mate, calm down." Duncan complained with a mouthful of food. 

"SIster?" I asked, speaking for the first time 

"Isn't it obvious?" Andie laughed. "And don't worry, Duncan. From Arran's outburst, she's obviously important to him. And she's pretty new, so that's odd."

Arran growled, and that caused Andie to laugh even more. "I didn't say you loved her, Arran." 

"I'm Kyler." I said suddenly, interrupting so Arran didn't say anything else. 

"Interesting name, never heard it before." Andie commented, picking at her chicken.

"All this smell of meat is giving me headache." Izzy suddenly stood up. "Come rest with me till my head feels better, babe?" 

"We'll uh, be right back." Jasper wiped his mouth, standing up then pulled Izzy towards the stairs. 

"You fuck on my bed again. Jasper, I'll kick your ass." Leo yelled after them. 

All you could hear was Jasper loud laughter, a squeal from Izzy and a door slamming.

"Like bloody rabbits those two." Sofia laughed, pushing her plate away, only to intertwine her fingers with Ellis's. 

"I really think we should be going." Arran stood up, pulling his keys from his pockets.

"Arran, I'm not-" 

"We're going." Arran grabbed my hand and pulled me from my chair. 

"It was lovely seeing you all again." I smiled at Saxon, and she returned it with a making a phone signal with her hand. 

"See you soon, Kyler. Later, Arran." Andie laughed. "I think I upset him." I heard her say before we were out the door. 

"What the fuck was that?" I pulled my arm out of Arran's grip and whipped him around. 

Again, Arran ignored me, instead he pulled me to him and crashed his lips onto mine. 

I pushed him off me and wiped at my lips with the back of my hand. "What the hell is wrong with you." I yelled at him before storming off to my car. 

"You were practically begging for it the other night." Arran chuckled darkly behind me. 

"Delete my number." I screamed at him before slamming my car door shut and driving off. 

Who the hell did he think he was!? We weren't dating, he wasn't even taking anything I did or said into consideration. He was so frustrating. 

I drove for about fifteen minutes before I found myself in the parking lot outside of one of the bars I went to often. 

Walking up I saw a familiar face behind a cloud of smoke. 

"Don't you think you're a bit too dressed up for a place like this." I commented, causing the girl to laugh. 

"I could say the same thing, Ky." She snubbed out her cigarette and spit on the ground. 

"Real classy Kit Kat." I rolled my eyes and she stuck her tongue out at me. 

"You gonna come get drunk with me or what." Kat said before turning to walk into the front doors of the bar. 


"I never could keep up." Kat laughed after finishing her sixth shot of whiskey. 

I met Kat back in New York, about three years ago; Her brother was one of my dads men, pretty high up in the ranks. Kat was at some random party I went to, I didn't know her then, but when Jace, my father's right-hand-man came to pick me up and drag me back home, he took Kat with us, knowing how pissed her brother would be if he found her drunk. 

"A lifetime of practice." Downing my tenth shot, I flipped my hair back, deciding I needed to dance. 

"That guy's been eyeing you across the bar all night Miss. de Luca." Kat smirked at me. 

I instantly turned my head in the direction she was looking, almost falling out of my chair from the sudden movement. 

"Maybe I should go talk to him?" I wiggled my eyebrows at Kat before getting up and walking over. 

"I was wondering if I was gonna have to get up and go over myself." The guy said to me, taking a sip from his beer. 

"Who the hell are you, handsome?" I sat down next to him, holding my hand up for a drink. 

"Oh you don't know me, and I'm sure I don't need to know you." He smiled at me. 

"So when are we leaving." I winked, getting where this was going. 

The man just grabbed my elbow and guided me towards the door to the alleyway. Waving to Kat, she started humping the air and I literally almost fell over my own feet, ignoring the fact I'd left a full drink at the bar.

Once we were out in the alley, he had me pushed against the wall, his lips instantly on my neck. 

"I am most definitely not fucking you in this dingy place." I laughed, pushing him off me. 

"Well let's go then." He started leading me towards the mouth of the alleyway. 

Halfway down, a van screeched to a stop and the side door flew open. 

"What the-" 

"Well I actually do know you de Luca." The guy I was with grabbed my arms, pinning them behind my back. "And I know not only would your daddy like to see you again, but a certain curly-haired fuck has taken quite an interest in you." 

And with that, there was a sharp pain on the back of my head and everything went black.

Submitted: September 18, 2015

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