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All I heard was a commotion around me. I attempted to open my eyes but it felt they were sewn shut. My mouth was too dry for me to even speak, so I lay there helpless as the people around me began to get louder and louder. 

Saxon's POV 

I'd never really been a good sleeper, and it never helped that Leo was one of the loudest snorers I has ever met. 

"Leo." I gave him a little push, trying not to fully wake him up, but just enough so he'd do that little gasp thing and stop snoring long enough for me to fall asleep. 

Leo was never one to take the easy route, and it just proved that further when his snores became louder. 

"Babe, I swear to-" There was a loud banging from what I assumed to be our front door. 

Leo shot up in bed, and the banging continued. 

"Who the hell would be at our door at this hour." I rhetorically asked aloud. I'd always had a small fear that some enemies of the boys would find out where we live, but Leo always insisted we were safe since we were on home territory. 

"That's the back door." Leo for up out bed, not even bothering to put a shirt on, and ran out of the room. Only the boys ever came in the back door, and that's if something was really wrong. 

Running into our hall closet, I grabbed Leo' medical bag and first aid kit, just in case, and went down stairs. 

"What the fuck happened?!" Leo shouted, and I could head a lot of commotion in the kitchen. 

"It was Frank, it had to have been." I heard Duncan's voice, and it was wavering a bit, so something horrible must've happened to have him shaken. 

"Here." I walked in and saw Leo washing his hands while Duncan and some girl with long brown hair and gold shorts stood next to him, the girl in tears and Duncan with a long gash up his arm and a black eye forming. 

"I need you two to tell me exactly what happened." Leo said as he began unloading his medical kit. 

I took a glance at our kitchen table and saw familiar shoes hanging off the end. Stepping around Leo, I saw Kyler lying there, unconscious, blood matting the back of her head, and cuts along one of her arms. 

"She was out with me." The girls with brown hair began explaining, as Leo tried to stop the blood flow in the back of Kyler's head. "Well, she ended up at the same bar as me, complaining that she couldn't be owned, or rambling on about something, and this cute guy was making faces her way and she went up to talk to him. Then they left through the back door."

The brunette girl looked at Duncan, his face a grave expression. "I saw Kat there, just decided to grab a pint after tonight and saw her." Duncan pointed to the girl next to him, "We were having a chat before she freaked out and started talking about how she's seen the cute guy somewhere before." 

Leo was now applying some sort of bandage to hold the pads on the back to Kyler's head as he began examining the wounds on her arm, nodding every so often. 

"So I followed Kat out the door, and she started screaming." Duncan ran a hand over his face, not even wincing in pain. "And I saw Duke, trying to get Kyler in some van."

When Duncan said the name "Duke" Leo shot his head up, a fearsome expression sketched on his face. 

"So I ran forward, as the van sped off, seeing me coming." Duncan began again. "Luckily Kyler wasn't in'it. But Duke threw her into the wall and she fell, unconscious. So as Kat ran to her side, I went after Duke. We fought for a bit, but he eventually ran and I had bigger things to worry about than chase him." 

I nodded in understanding, and went to grab and wet cloth and applied it to Kyler's forehead, as Leo injected her with a pain medicine, just in case she woke up before he was finished with the stitches on her arm. 

"Who's gonna tell Arran?" Duncan asked darkly. 

We all stood there in silence, as none of us stepped forward, not wanting to be the one to deliver the news. 

"I'll call him." I offered up as I made my way to the kitchen phone. 

Leo stepped in front of me and just shook his head. "I'll call him, you finish her arm." 

Going over to continuing stitching up Kyler, I was a little relieved knowing I wouldn't be on the receiving end of Arran's wrath. Leo could always handle it, but there was something different with arguing with Leo then with Arran; Leo would never hit me, but I wasn't so sure about Arran. We'd asked Andie how he was when she was with him, but she didn't give us much information. Maybe it was different because Arran and Duncan were mates.

"Yeah I know it's late." Leo began talking into the phone while I finished off the last stitch in her arm. Duncan stood with that girl Kat, whispering things to her every so often. 

"Some shit happened with Frank, more specifically with Duke and, uh, Kyler." Leo said, and there was yelling on the other end, so loud we all could hear it. 

"She fine now, Sax is stitching her-" Leo was cut off by the dial tone, and he placed the phone back on the wall. 

"Is he coming?" Duncan asked, already knowing the answer. 

"Let's say we get the blood out of her hair before he gets here?" Leo offered up, and I went to get a bucket and cloth so we didn't have to move her. 

While I already had a good majority of blood out of her hair, Arran came barreling through the back door, looking around until he saw us all in the kitchen. 

Kat went to open her mouth to speak, but Duncan shook his head at her. 

"Duke tried to take her." Duncan said, summing up everything. 

"Tried." Arran was I sweatpants and a tank top, his unruly hair tucked in a grey beanie. "So you killed him, right?" 

"No, he ran off." Duncan said simply. 

Suddenly, Arran had Duncan pinned against our kitchen wall, his hand around his neck. "You let him go?!" 

"Kyler was laying there unconscious." Duncan said, trying to breathe through Arran's strong hold. 

"She was more important." Kat tried to explain, and I instantly got up and pulled her with me over near Kyler; We didn't anymore shit to go down tonight. 

"Who the fuck are you?!" Arran spat at her. 

"Don't fucking talk to her like that." Duncan pushed Arran off of him, and Arran hit the back wall, knocking down a shelf of cook books I never used. 

Before any of us knew what was happening, Arran lunged forward, punching Duncan hard in his face. 

Leo went behind Arran and shoved him back into the wall with him. "Are you fucking nuts man?!" Leo screamed at Arran. 

Jasper has always had strict rules for his gang, but there was only one rule that he took seriously, and that was no attacking your fellow member, especially if you higher up like the boys. 

"No, it's no big deal, Jasper doesn't have to know, I understand how angry you are." Duncan said, cradling the side of his face.. 

I went to go get Duncan an ice pack as Arran began talking again. "Don't talk to me like a fucking therapist!" Arran yelled, putting his hands up to let Leo know he wasn't gonna do anything. "And I'm fully prepared to answer to Jasper." Arran spat out, watching as Leo went to go change the bandage on Kyler's head. 

Kyler began coughing, and both me and Arran were instantly at her side. 

"I'm gonna a take Kat home." Duncan said to no one in particular as him and Kat made their way out the back. 

"What the hell is on your face?" Kyler asked, a smile forming on her face. 

I forgot about the mask I wore to bed twice a week, and started laughing. 

"Kyler, do you feel alright?" Leo asked, adjusting the bandages on her arm. 

"I don't really feel anything," Kyler started, moving her head to the side and wincing in pain. "I take that back. What the hell happened?" 

"You just had a little accident," Leo cut off Arran before he could even begin talking. "But Arran is gonna go ahead and take you home." Leo looked at Arran, and he nodded his head in confirmation. 

"Ugh." Kyler scoffed in annoyance, and I had to hold back laughter; glad to know even in her state of confusion, she could still find Arran annoying.

"I'm your best bet here, Princess." Arran smirked, helping Kyler up and supporting most of her weight. 

"Here are some pain pills and antibiotics." Leo put two bottles in her purse then put it over her good shoulder. 

"Take the antibiotics twice a day and the painkillers whenever you are in pain, but don't take more than four a day." I commented. "Call me in the morning." 

"Will do." Kyler smiled sloppily as she hobbled out the door, Arran basically carrying her. 

As I closed the door, I could hear them arguing, Kyler probably complaining about not needing help. 

"I need a shower." I commented, pulling my pajama top from my neck. 

"How about I join you." Leo placed his arms around my waist from behind, placing small kisses on my neck. 

"What are we waiting for." I began running towards the stairs. Only to have Leo run up behind me, scooping me up and running up the stairs. 

I let out a squeal of surprise as Leo kicked the bathroom door closed behind us.

Submitted: September 18, 2015

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