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I'm off to the races, laces, leather on my waist is tight and I am fallin' down. I can see your face is shameless, Cipriani's basement; love you but I'm going down

I had been sitting next to Jasper for five minutes, and I could already say this was the worst five minutes of my life. 

We were sitting what I assumed to be front row, to what, I don't know. With me and Izzy on either side of him. Behind us the rest of the boys sat, with random guys dispersed around us as a group. 

"You did such a great job with the one task I gave you, Sweetie." Jasper said, a condescending smile upon his pink lips. 

Izzy just sat there, looking forward and holding her hands in her lap. 

"This isn't-" I began but Jasper's quick look in my direction had me shrinking back in my seat. 

I felt like my father had just caught me doing something wrong and was now watching me in silence; it's a known fact that anyone would prefer a verbal lashing, something, over an eerie silence. 

"Even though Arran broke my most valued rule," Jasper captured my attention with the waving of his hand. "I still respect my men, especially the ones closest to me." 

He stopped talking for a moment, and I did not know if he expected me to say something, so I nodded, showing him I was listening to him. 

"So, because it was his one request, and he was oh so willing to receive his punishment, I made sure, or tried to make sure, you were not in attendance tonight." Jasper rested his left hand over Izzy's clasped hands, and gave them a squeeze. 

"Yet, here you are." Jasper removed his hand and waved over a man from the sideline.

"Thirsty ladies?" Jasper asked us when the blonde male arrived in front of us. 

"No thank you." I replied, fiddling with my fingers. 

Izzy just shook her head, and Jasper was off with the blonde male. 


"Save it." Izzy sent daggers my way, her honey blonde mane cascading over one shoulder with the quick turn of her head. 

"You thought recklessly." Izzy continued, "not caring what would happen to me or Saxon." 

"Leo would never hurt Saxon." I said matter of fact. 

Izzy smirked at me and I realized I didn't have such a sure answer of Jasper. 

"I can only say, I would have done the same thing if it was Jasper tonight, and that's what's keeping me from ripping your head off." Izzy smiled, but it was menacing. But I knew all was forgiven. 

"Ready for a show?" Jasper sat back down, a glass full of dark liquid in his hand and a smirk on his face. 

A burly man made his way to the center of the makeshift arena, a megaphone in one of his hands, a whistle in the other. 

"Welcome to Fight Night!" He yelled into the speaker of the horn, earning cheers from all over the place. 

"I'm your gracious host, Nick, as always, and boy do we have a surprise for you." The man, Nick relayed into the megaphone. 

Jasper glanced at me, and I knew I wouldn't enjoy the surprise like the rest of the sewer rats here. 

"The, honorable Jasper Graves, has volunteered one of his very own top men for tonight's entertainment." Nick smiled as the crowd went insane. 

Looking back at Leo, he just shook his head and then went to look at his phone. Turning back to ring, I saw a familiar head of brown curls enter the side. 

"No." I whispered, trying to get a better look, standing up a bit. 

"I know a bunch of you have wanted to knock this prick out yourselves, but you get the next best thing." Nick grabbed arm and raised it in the air. "Arran Killam!" 

While the crowd went wild, Jasper squeezed my thigh quickly. "I think you'll be real glad you made it to tonight's show, little dove. Love the hair by the way." Jasper whispered in my ear before turning his attention back to the center of the room, smiling as he sipped from his glass. 

Arran's dark gaze was assessing the room, sending a glance over our section before he back tracked and made direct eye contact with me. 

Despite the horrified look on my face, he gave me a look that could kill a man in just one glance. 

"I always knew he had a thing for brunettes." Duncan leaned forward, cracking a joke to, I don't know, lighten the mood. 

"Duncan." Ellis's harsh voice cut through the cheers of the crowd. 

"First up," Nicks booming voice had my attention forced back to the ring. "George Hughes!" 

A tall man with shaggy black hair came into the ring, slowly wrapping white tape around his hands as he looked Arran up and down. 

"Where are their gloves?" I asked in a panic, looking amongst the group for some sort of answer. 

"Where would the fun be in that, love?" Jasper sipped from his drink, nonchalantly, like Arran wasn't about to be bruised head to toe. 

Arran and George touched knuckles as Nick made his way to the outskirts in the arena. Apparently everyone already knew the rules, so when George took his first swing, Arran quickly dodged out of the way, sending a punch to George's stomach. 

The next few rounds went about the same way, each person becoming a little more of a match for Arran each round. By the end of the fifth round, Arran had a black eye, blood matting half his hair down, and multiple bleeding cuts up his torso. 

"Time for my pep talk." Jasper rubbed his hands together before making his way towards the back where Arran and Nick disappeared. 

"Can I use the restroom?" I turned, asking Leo. 

"We all know you're not going to go to the bathroom." Izzy laughed from her seat. 

I pouted at Leo, begging him to let me go. He rolled his eyes in annoyance before pointing off in the direction of what I was assuming to be the toilets. 

Izzy wasn't so wrong as I took a turn and lost myself in the crowd as I made my way towards the back. 

An arm shot out and pushed me against the hard wall. Looking down, I saw Jasper's tattooed arm, holding me against the wall. 

"How'd I know you wouldn't sit still." Jasper smirked, before releasing me, waiting for me to collect myself. "Let's go." Jasper beckoned me on with him.

Some might think his smirk was sexy, but I was already annoyed with how pleased he was with himself. 

"I have this in the bag! Don't tell me to stitch up, no!" I heard Arran's voice booming around the makeshift locker room. 

Rounding the corner I saw Arran towering over a younger man who was holding gauze and trying to place it on Arran. 

"Leave us, Anthony." Jasper said lowly, and the man was out of the room in seconds. 

"Get the fuck out!" Arran in turn, screamed at me, his eyes blazing. 

"Oi!" Jasper yelled at him, pointing towards a bench. "Sit the fuck down and take your damn break so you're 100% out there!" 

Arran stood there, his chest heaving, but he finally sat down and took a long sip from his water bottle. 

"I'll be out in the audience." Jasper patted Arran's back quick, before stalking out the door, sending a wink my way.; I guess the pep talk wasn't happening

I stood there awkwardly not sure if he wanted me to approach him or not, thinking about how I could have just stayed at home and avoided all this shit. 

"What the fuck did you do to your hair?" Arran asked, standing up, stretching a bit as he made his way towards me. 

"What you don't like it?" I asked, smiling a bit to lighten the mood. 

"You know, I think someone once said, 'Gentlemen prefer blondes?'" Arran was now standing right in front of me, dried blood flaking off and landing on the ground. 

"Lucky for me, since you sir, are no gentleman." I shrugged a bit before I was slammed against a locker, the lock digging uncomfortably into my back. 

"You're still wearing my shirt." Arran hummed against my neck, his hands trailing up my bare torso. 

"You're bipolar, anyone ever tell you that?" I laughed, my breathing becoming heavier than I'd like. 

"You wouldn't be the first woman." Arran chuckled. "I wouldn't have liked you here, wanting to protect any shred of innocence you had, you know. But now you can watch your man kick some serious ass and cheer me on." 

"My man?" I pulled back as far as I could to look him in the eye. 

"Shut up." Arran leaned in, capturing my mouth with his. Arran lifted me so I wrapped my legs around his bruised torso, as he deepened the kiss, parting my lips with his skillful tongue. 

"Don't you have a fight to get to?" I tried to stop whatever this was by breaking the kiss, but he just moved his lips down to my neck. 

"That's what I was about to say." A voice to my left said, and I shrieked like a damn schoolgirl. 

"Duncan." Arran growled into my neck. 

"Arran." Duncan replied, quirking an eyebrow. 

Sighing, Arran let me down and shook out his hands. "They'll be time for celebrating later." Arran winked at me before turning to leave. 

"You're not gonna clean the blood?" I asked. 

"Makes me look badass." Arran laughed before following Duncan out the door. 

Cheers erupted a second later and I started making my way back to my seat. 

"You got a little blood on your jeans." Leo laughed as I fake laughed before sitting down. 

"Now, for the final, championship round, please, welcome to the arena, last month's champion, Duke Winchester!" Nick yelled into the megaphone, earning a deafening cheer from everyone in the warehouse. 

"You've got to be shitting me." I stood up abruptly, making eye contact with Arran. 

"The irony in this." Duncan laughed, earning a punch in the arm from Ellis. 

I could see Duke move his burly ass to the center of the ring where Arran and Nick were. He must've said something cause Arran started forward, having to be pushed back by Nick. 

The boys touched hands and the fight began. Duke got in two punches to the head before Arran socked him straight in the jaw. 

"Get 'em Duke. You got this baby." I looked across the arena and saw some brunette girl who looked cracked out of her mind cheering Duke on. 

Looking away quickly, I turned my attention to Izzy. "Who is that bitch?" 

"Don't like the competition's arm candy?" Izzy laughed. "That's Courtnee Prince, spends daddy's money on drugs and Duke." 

Rolling my eyes, I looked back to the ring, seeing both Arran and Duke landing hard hits to each other, yet they were still standing. 

"Come on Arran!" I yelled, moving as close to the ring as possible. 

"Shut up bitch!" The girl, Courtnee yelled across, to I'm assuming, me. 

Simply flicking her off, I continued to shout for Arran's survival. 

Duke hit Arran hard in the side, and Arran must've lost his footing 'cause he went down, hard on his side. Duke never struck me as the guy who was all for following the rules, so when he started kicking Arran repeatedly, I wasn't so surprised. 

"Finish him!" I heard people shouting, but I just looked at Arran hoping he'd get up. 

"He's not getting up!" I yelled, turning around, trying to get help from anyone. "Do something!" 

Leo, Ellis, and Duncan all looked back and forth at each other, concerned expressions flashing across their faces, but no one moved to do anything. 

"That's enough!" I looked to see Jasper getting up from his seat. "Come on boys," Jasper smirked at the men surrounding him, "It's about to get bloody." 

Jasper jumped up and made his way towards the arena, pulling a knife from some hidden place behind his back. 

"I said enough!" Jasper came up behind Duke, who had ceased to stop kicking Arran, and quickly grabbed a fist full of his hair, exposing his large neck. 

"You should really start to do what you're told." And with that, Jasper swiftly slid the knife across Duke's neck, creating a deep gash, and sending spurts of blood all over the front row, including me. 

And with that, chaos erupted.

Submitted: September 18, 2015

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