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They say, ‘here comes the hurricane, trouble is her middle name.’ But I don't look for trouble, yet trouble looks for me.



"Did he really think that would go over well?!" Izzy yelled at Duncan, whipping her head back and forth figuring out which way to look.

"When did Jasper ever give a fuck?" Ellis shouted throwing off his jacket. 

"I can take a pretty good guess and say, uhm, never." I shrugged. 

"Now is not the time for sarcasm, Kyler." Leo shot at me. "Jasper might have just started a war." 

And with that the three boys were off, weapons in hand, charging forward to defend their leader. 

"You gotta give them props for their dedication." Izzy chuckled. 

"Hey, bitch!" Before I could find the voice, I was knocked forward, my hands just barely coming out in front of me to break my fall. 

"What the fuck!' I shouted. 

"Courtnee back the fuck off!" I heard Izzy shout. 

I stood back up, seeing Courtnee with a couple other girls behind her, staring straight at me and Izzy. 

"Your little boyfriend is the reason my Duke is dead!" Courtnee yelled, her eyes narrowing into small slits. 

"Duke was gonna get what was coming to him sooner or later. He was either going to get killed or kill himself with that shit you snort." Izzy said, slowing removing her jacket. 

Courtnee eyed her warily, "you lookin' for a fight, Cruz?" The three girls behind Courtnee began moving like predators around the two of us. 

"You don't wanna threaten me, Prince." Izzy smiled wickedly. 

"Oh, this is far from a threat. More like a promise." Courtnee stared Izzy down. Suddenly one of her girls ran forward and Izzy threw her elbow out into the girl's face, knocking her out cold. 

Izzy laughed triumphantly, but it was a terrifying sort of laugh. "Wanna rethink that?"

Next thing I knew, the two other girls were coming towards me, as Courtnee made her towards Izzy. 

The two brunettes weren't a match for me, I took them down easily, by twisting on the girl's arms and using her as a shield against the second girl's blows. Being the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the world meant all his kids had to learn to defend themselves.

Once those two were out the way, I turned to assist Izzy, but she looked like she was handling herself well, even in heels. 

Courtnee seemed to have hit Izzy pretty hard in the face, noticing a cut along her right cheekbone, but Courtnee looked worse; she had a bruise already forming on her upper arm, and her foot seemed to be twisted in an unnatural manner. 

"You're not gonna win this." Izzy said, having the advantage with both of Courtnee's arms behind her back. 

"That's a little cocky, ain't it?" Courtnee threw her head back, butting heads with Izzy, throwing her off a bit. 

Izzy regained her composure quickly, blocking three punches in a row. In one swift movement, Izzy spun, kicking her leg out and knocking Courtnee on her back. 

One of the girls I was dealing with, got up and ran towards Courtnee. Soon all the girls were huddled around her, and helping her to her feet. 

"Say goodbye to Jasper, Iz!" Courtnee yelled, spit flying from her mouth in a rage. "Once my father hears about all of this, he's dead! They're all dead!" 

Turning to look at Izzy, I shot her a questioning glance. She just wiped some blood from her face, then looked annoyed at me. 

"Her father is Frank Prince." Izzy stated simply, wiping her hands on her skirt. 

"The Blackjacks." I whispered. 

The crowd seemed to have dwindled a bit, the weak ones having left or been eliminated, so there wasn't much else to do but wait.; wait to see who came out of this. 

"Time to go." I felt the familiar hair tickle my neck, but not in the usual sensual way. 

"Arran." I breathed, turning to see him covered in more blood than before. 

"I said, we're going!" Arran yelled in my face, grabbing my arm and yanking me towards his body. 

"But, Izzy." I tried to get him to slow down, but he wasn't having it. 

"I can take of myself, go!" Izzy shouted before disappearing into the crowds. 

I let Arran drag me out, not really feeling up to fleeing. 

"I'm not as helpless as you think I am!" I yelled, pulling my arm from his grasp when we were outside of his car. 

"Now is not the time to start a fight, Kyler. Get in the fucking car." Arran said evenly. 

"No." I crossed my arms like a child, and stood my ground. 

"Fine." Arran said. For a moment I thought he'd given up, but Arran was never one to just leave things. 

I was shoved up against the car, with both my hands behind my back. 

"Things could've been simple." Arran whispered into my ear, before wrapping something cold around my wrists. 

"Are you duct taping my hands!?" I shouted incredulously. 

Arran went down to my ankles, and began wrapping the silver tape around them. I tried to pull my hands apart, but he must have wrapped this shit around them twenty times. 

"I cannot believe you!" I yelled, red in the face from the screaming and fighting. 

"Really? You, can't?" Arran laughed sarcastically, then opened the back door to throw my body into the back seat. 

Arran climbed into the driver's seat, and locked all the doors. I began kicking at the window, trying to piss him off, but he quickly stopped that by climbing into the back and pinning me down. 

"You might wanna stop that." Arran smiled sweetly. 

"Fuck you." I spat, not really caring if he did anything. 

"We'll get to that." Arran then went back to the front as I laid there in defeat. 

My father, even at a young age, had always taught me to fight back. No matter what situation I was in, I was supposed to fight back, and wait until he came for me. But my father wasn't going to get me out of this, and I didn't know if fighting would do any good. 

Waiting for the car to turn off, I laid there silently, thinking ahead to what I was going to do when Arran untied me. My first thought, was to find a knife and stab him. But the repercussions from that wouldn't fly, I'm assuming. 

Once Arran had the door opened, he dragged me out and threw me over his shoulder. I realized we were outside of my apartment building when I saw the large bushes with the strings of lights covering them from my upside down position. 

"Who the fuck are you and why do you have my sister?!" I heard a male shout and I rolled my eyes, pissed off that this had to happen tonight. 

He knocked into Arran, sending me flying, and I had to struggle to have my good arm break the fall, landing on my side, my hands and legs still bound. 

Looking up after trying to steady myself, I saw him punch Arran square in the jaw, so his head flew back. 

"Robby!" I yelled, trying to get his attention. But he continued to fight Arran, who was now fighting back. 

"Robby, Arran, stop!" Finally Rob looked in my direction, and they both stopped wailing on one another long enough to look at me. 

"Who the hell is this guy, Ky?" Rob asked, pointing menacingly at Arran. 

"Who am I?" Arran shouted back. "Who the fuck are you?" 

"One of you, take this fucking tape off of me before you decide to use each other as punching bags again!" I yelled, frustrated and angry. 

Rob came over quickly, using one of his pocket knives to cut me loose. Standing up, I ran my hands over my face, not caring about my already smudged make up. 

"Arran," I got his attention by directing towards him. "This is my brother, Robby." 

"Robert." Rob cut in right after, glaring. "Robert de Luca. Now who the fuck are you and why the fuck was my sister tied up!?" 

"That's not really-" I was again, interrupted, this time by, Arran. 

"Arran Killam." Arran replied just as aggressively. 

Rob whipped his head towards me, and he was in my face in a second. "The Untouchables!" He screamed, grabbing my shoulders. 

"Robby, calm down and get the hell out of my face." I yelled back, shoving him away. Robby has always been a hot head, but he's never laid his hands on me or my older sister purposely. 

Before Rob decided he wanted to pick another fight, I got down the real questions. "What the hell are you doing here?" 

"When G came home, and was talking nonsense about you acting like a dumbass and parading around town, I didn't believe it." Rob said, sitting down on one of the stone benches outside the main doors. "But here you are, blonde, and with-are those gashes on your arm? Did he do that?" 

Rob was up again and charging towards Arran before I got in his way. "No, some loser named Duke, from the Blackjacks, but he's dead now thanks to Jasper." 

"So you're canoodling with all of them, now?" Rob ask incredulously. 

"Nothing is happening." I tried to reason with Rob, but being so high up with The Lords, he got my father's temper. 

"So, no sex tonight?" Arran said, right before my brother knocked him out cold. 


"Wakey wakey." There was a featherly feeling near my nose, and I shot my hand out trying to stop it. 

"Ow, you de Luca kids and your hard hits." I opened my eyes to see Arran leaning over me, still shirtless, with a nice, big black eye. 

"Nice shiner." I laughed, poking under his eye. 

"What is a shiner?" Arran asked, wincing as I continued my assault on his face. 

"You british blokes." I said in my best British accent. 

"Don't ever do that again." Arran laughed before rolling over and out of my bed. 

Last night, right after Robby decided to punch Arran in his pretty smart mouth, I cursed him out and made him carry Arran up to my floor, where I cleaned as much blood off of Arran in my living room. Rob left, promising me he wasn't leaving town just yet, and I got Arran into my bed before passing out myself. 

"Brush your teeth nasty." I sneered playfully, before getting up myself and making my way to my bathroom. 

"At least my feet don't stink." Arran bit back. 

"Thats a lie!" I shouted over the running water of my shower. 

"You gonna invite me in?" Arran asked, making his way behind me into the master bath. 

I just rolled my eyes at him, then removed the same clothes I'd been wearing all day the day before, and got into the shower, letting the hot water soak my hair. 

"You look good with blood on you." Arran grabbed my waist, startling me with his cold fingers. 

"First off," I turned around, trying to keep my eyes from casting downwards. "that was a very twisted thing to say. And second, do you have poor circulation or something. Your hands are freezing." 

Arran just chuckled, shaking his head like a dog, "Wouldn't know, haven't been to the doctor in some years." 

"You're a fucking idiot." I just turned back around and found my shampoo and began cleaning blood out of my hair. 

Arran quickly swatted my bum, and I turned around, only to punch him in the side. "It's like kicking a wounded puppy, love. I'm injured." Arran pouted. 

Rinsing out the shampoo and grabbing my body wash, I turned and lathered some in my hands before rubbing a little over his shoulders. 

"Is this raspberry scented?! I'm a man." Arran swatted my hand away. 

"Oh, so you're a big bad gang member now?" I continued rubbing the creamy body wash over his skin, trying to avoid pushing too hard on the bruises. 

"I've always been a badass." Arran smirked, shimmying around in a circle. "Now wash me, woman!" 


After a longer shower than I would've hoped for, me and Arran had a quick breakfast before he was out the door on Untouchable's business. 

Sitting around my house, I began to get bored and needed out, soon. So I called up Sofia, cause I've gotten to know the other girls a little better, but Sofia Fletcher was still a mystery. 

Lunch seemed to be to the go-to thing for these ladies when they wanted to meet up; surprisingly normal for the women of the most powerful gang in London. So when I suggested drinks, I pleased to find out Sofia was just as eager to throw a few back. 

Sofia told me to meet her at a hotel called 'Acadia', in the lounge for cocktails. I don't know about her, but I didn't plan on sipping cosmopolitans all night. 

I saw her standing in the lobby on her phone; she was wearing a tight floral top, and a black pencil skirt with chic pumps. While Sofia looked classy, I opted for a sequin crop top and leather shorts. 

"Hey!" Sofia had turned and spotted me coming up, and walked towards me with extended arms. 

Politely, I hugged her back and motioned towards a guy in jeans standing a couple feet away, watching us. "You know him?" 

Sofia blushed a little, embarrassed, and shrugged it off. "He's one of Ellis's guys. He didn't think it would be safe going off just us out of our territory. Arran agreed, since what happened last time." 

I rolled my eyes dramatically and flipped the guy the bird, causing Sofia to laugh out loud. 

"Did you just snort?" I laughed along with her, surprised that I was already having fun. 

"Shut up." Sofia grabbed my hand and directed me towards the bar. 

Five daiquiris for Sofia, and three double scotches for me later, Sofia was trying to work her charm to get the bartender to play some decent music. 

"It's 11 at night!" Sofia pouted, "Everyone who would object is too old and already in bed." 

The man behind the bar just laughed. Anyone could tell Sofia was attractive, but when she worked her magic, I doubt anyone told her no, especially Ellis. 

Batting her lashes and turning her head to the side with a sly smile, Sofia asked one more time. 

"I'm weak." The bartender laughed, and went over to the sound system to change it to something a little more lively. 

The guy who'd accompanied us, looked extremely bored and done with the whole situation, but made no move to get us to leave. 

"Care to dance?" Sofia slyly smiled at me. 

"You're nuts." I laughed loudly, but grabbed her hand nonetheless. 

'Trouble is my name you know! Trouble is my name you know! '

The music was turned up a bit more and Neon Jungle's single Trouble was playing throughout the place. Me and Sofia starting dancing around, acting silly, but enjoying ourselves at the same time. 

"This song is practically your life!" Sofia squealed over the music, and I wasn't sure if I was supposed to be offended or flattered, so I just continued swaying along to the beat. 

A guy come up behind Sofia and grabbed onto her hips, attempting to move with her. Looking around, I saw that the guy who had been trailing us, decided now would be the perfect time for a bathroom break. 

"I suggest you get your hands off of me." Sofia turned around, violently swinging his hands away, but he just tried again. 

"Heard of a guy named, Ellis Church?" I smirked when I came up to them, watching the guy visibly pale. "Well, that's Ellis's girl you got your grimy hands on, and I'm sure he'd love you meet you. Your name is?" 

I guy tried to hide his obvious fright by sneering, looking directly at me. "I wouldn't try me, Arran's not as forgiving as Ellis can be." And with that, the guy walked off, practically running. 

"Who says we need a babysitter, we're a couple of badass chicks." Sofia and I high-fived and a guy in a swanky looking suit came up to us. 

"Hate to turn away business," he began, looking between me and Sofia. "But I'm Frank's guy, so you ladies are gonna have to leave if what you were saying earlier is true." 

Sofia just scoffed, while I glared. "You're scotch tasted like piss anyways." I grabbed Sofia's hand and pulled her out the hotel. 

"I was ready for a fight." Sofia put up her fists and started punching at the air, almost tripping in her heels once we were on the street. 

"Sure thing, sweetie." I chuckled, tightening my bucket bag around my shoulders. 

"I can't go home to Ellis drunk," Sofia stopped and turned around. "Buy me a cup of coffee and I'll tell ya all about it." Not sure what she was going to tell me about.


We found this little diner that was 24/7, and since it was in territory, Sofia told our babysitter to hit the road but handed him a £50 note from Ellis. While Sofia just opted for a black coffee to sober up, I got myself the famous Full English Breakfast, cursing the drunchies with all my might. 

"Ya might have thought I was joking about kicking that guy's arse, but the boys make sure we're ready to take care of ourselves if need be." Sofia said, resting her head on the back of the booth. 

With a mouth full of bacon and fried tomatoes, I nodded for her to continue. 

Downing the rest of her coffee and leaning forward smiling lazily, Sofia began talking again. "Plus growing up with three older brothers teaches ya to get the job done." 

"I didn't know you had any siblings." I commented, before sipping from my own cup of coffee. 

"I don't talk about them much, so that's understandable." Sofia smiled sadly. 

We sat in a comfortable silence, before Sofia spoke up again. "I remember once when I was about eight, my brothers, they're twins, would have had to been ten, and Ryan, the younger of the two, fell from the tree in my grandparents backyard and I thought he'd broken something. My oldest brother, Jack, was thirteen and was supposed to be keeping an eye on us while my grandparents were out at the market, but he wasn't doing a very good job; he had gotten his first girlfriend that summer, Matilda, and rarely paid attention to anything else. It was Oliver's idea, the older of the twins, for Ryan to climb the tree. Oliver has always been the more aggressive of the two, and challenged Ryan to see who could get the highest." 

I sat back, ignoring my meal, completely engulfed in Sofia's story, learning more and more about the quiet girl I'd met in the obnoxious club. 

"My grandparent's always favored the twins, so if Ryan had gotten hurt, me or Jack would get in trouble even if we weren't involved. So I ran up to him, tried to get him to get up, but Oli pushed me out of the way, worried for his brother. To this day they still have each other's back, still the same idiots as always." Sofia laughed. "Ryan ended up being alright, just getting the wind knocked out of him, but that day, that was really the first day I realized my big brothers weren't invincible, and I've been worried for them ever since, especially these days. I don't see them as often as I'd like." 

Grabbing Sofia's clutched hands, I felt the tension in them, and tried to smooth out the worry but rubbing my thumb over the back of her hand. "Maybe we can go visit them someday, ya know, make a day of it." I offered up. 

Sofia just smiled a bit, "yeah, maybe." Sofia left a couple notes on the table and got up, fluffing out her hair, "ready?" 


Ellis came and picked us up, and he knew something was up with Sofia by the way he held her when he got out of the car. 

He brought me back home and told me Arran was waiting for me there. I didn't even question how Arran got into my place, and sat in silence for the ride home. 

When we pulled up outside of my house, Sofia was fast asleep in the front seat, Ellis's coat draped over her sleeping form. Making my way to the front doors, Ellis called out to me. 

"Thanks for taking good care of her." Ellis thanked me from the driver's seat. I nodded but Ellis held up his hand. "I know she told you about her family life, and she doesn't bring her brothers up to anyone, so I guess you mean something to her." 

"Did they pass or something?" I asked carefully. 

Ellis just shook his head. "That's a story for another time." 

Ellis waved to me once I made my way inside and I trudged up my stairs, wanting to get these damn heels off asap. 

As soon as I closed my door behind me, Arran had his hands wrapped around my waist. "I seriously just got home." 

Arran started kissing up my neck, running his nose up and down. "I've been waiting for a while, and figured we could start off where we ended last night." 

I laughed and turned around, resting my hands on his chest, "Are you talking about before or after you tied me up and forced me into your car?" 

"I was thinking we could incorporate some of that into tonight." Arran said, and reached behind him, pulling out a pair of silver handcuffs. 

"Oh, hell no." I shoved away from him, laughing as I tried to escape. 

Arran caught up to me quick and picked me up, carrying me quickly to my room. He threw me down on the bed, and I sat up, my feet dangling over the edge of the foot of my bed. 

"Are you implying I have no choice." I smiled slyly, taking my shoes off. 

"You're a quick learner." Arran smirked, then took off his shirt. 

Standing up, I slipped off my shorts then removed my shirt, tossing them both about the room. 

"You know," Arran stalked towards me. "My favorite color is orange, but red looks fantastic on you." 

"Don't I know it." I said, striking a pose, before Arran launched himself at me, tackling me to the bed as I squealed in surprise. 

I captured Arran's mouth with mine, not taking any time with deepening the kiss, fighting his tongue with my own for dominance. Arran ran his hands down my sides, looping his fingers in the sides of my panties. I pushed his hands away, laughing a bit. "Eager are we?" 

Arran didn't share my amusement, seeing as how he grabbed both of my hands with one of his, before flipping me over so he was pressing on my back, pushing my face into the mattress. He quickly locked the cold silver around my wrists, before sliding his warm tongue up my neck. 

"That'll be enough from you." He whispered hotly into my ear. I'll admit, I hated being out of control, but I was getting turned on more by the second. 

My doorbell rang loudly, and I tried to suppress a groan. "Leave it." Arran said, trying to distract me with his hands, but I squirmed, curious as to who it could be. 

"Please," I begged. "I'll do whatever you want when I get back." 

That seemed to spark Arran's interest, because he laughed then got off of me. "Fine," he agreed, "but you have to answer it like this." 

"You're sick." But I rolled over nonetheless, and got up out of the bed. Walking towards the door, I sensed Arran behind me, probably ready to lose it when he saw how embarrassed I'd get. 

Turning around and opening the door, I spun around and came face to face with a tall man with greying hair, clad in a dark blue suit. Three men stood in the hallway behind him and I almost fainted then and there. 

"Daddy?" I said, my voice coming out in a small squeak at the stony look on his face. Turning around I saw Arran's eyes go wide before he bolted towards my terrace doors.


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