Mad: A Tale of Murder

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Two strangers bonded by their mutual bully. Two friends who develop a convoluted relationship with each other, united by their mutual hate. Two friends contemplating the act of murder.

A tale of grey areas.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Mad: A Tale of Murder

Submitted: February 19, 2012

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Submitted: February 19, 2012



Chapter 1

I stared out into the vast expanse of blue, endless rays of light reaching me and awakening me into a state of consciousness.  I tried to breathe in the smell of the sea, the fragrance of green plants blooming on a spring day, but my lungs constricted and became raisins. My home, the place I had forever grown up in, had never failed to awe me. It was almost sacred, a sanctum that was never disturbed despite the cruel events that occurred in my life. My uncle’s death, the deaths of many people whom I had loved- the ocean in itself was a solace.

Looking out, I saw a dark spot emerging from the depths of the waters. Strange, I thought. At this time of the day, the sea was as clear as newly washed glassware. It bothered me actually. Being translucent was never a great thing in the real world. People could see right through you, analyze your every being. They could take everything they knew about you, your history, your feelings, and use it against you. Doing such things was sinful, evil, and anyone who did such things to young teenagers who had suffered way too much before-well, they deserved to pay. Addison…

Addison was there with me since I could ever remember. He was there when I entered kindergarten: I had been wearing denim overalls and a pink t-shirt, shouldering my Mickey Mouse backpack. He had come up to me and offered me a clump of sand with a dead dandelion. The chemistry was evident from then on. Our mothers would arrange play dates, and we did everything together: homework, dress up, truck driving. Addison was the one who evolved me into a tomboy.

 In grade 5, I told my mom I didn’t like the colour pink. That same week, I also ousted dresses, skirts, and pigtails, and replaced them with ripped jeans, sweaters, and the messy ponytail.  The only girl friend that I had was my sister Anne, and even she was disgusted by my new change of heart. I didn’t care though, because Addison was my friend. Or so I thought.

The two of us entered high school, and in the same way, we grew apart. I wasn’t the outgoing type of girl, always being shielded by Addison and following his every move. Addison became popular, joining every sports team imaginable. He made friends. He started dating. He experimented with things. Things that I thought were very wrong. But whenever I confronted him, he laughed at me and told me to chill.

“Auralee, seriously. Jump out of your comfort zone. Find some new friends. We don’t have to be together 24/7. Come on, do it for me.”

So I did. I found new friends. The tomboy look didn’t impress my new friends. They took me shopping, and my wardrobe became similar to my sister’s. My world revolved around my social life. My one instinct: to survive.




One August school day, I was walking down the hallway, when I bumped into a heavy set guy wearing a letterman jacket. I quickly bent over to pick up my books.

“Watch where you’re going, klutz!” the senior laughed, his chuckles piercing me. A group of populars surrounded him and joined in with the laughter. The one that wasn’t laughing was Addison.

“I-I am really, really sorry,” I stammered. I stiffly tried to move around them, but they wouldn’t budge.

“You have to pay for that. Two dollars,” boomed the man’s voice.

“I don’t have any money,” I whimpered.

“What, are you poor or something?” one of the cheerleaders asked.


“Then pay up-you heard him.”

I looked towards Addison, fear spread across my face. He looked at me blankly, then slightly shrugged.

“Oh, it seems the klutz likes Addison!” the guy laughed. “A, teach her a lesson, will you?”

“What?” I cried.

Addison started. “Dude, I really think- ”

“Dude. A. Seriously. We’re late. Finish it up.” The group stood there, watching Addison and waiting for him to hurt me. Addison slowly approached me and muttered, “Sorry”, before he slammed all my books out of my hands and pushed me to the ground. Turning around, he said, “Happy?”

The group cackled away, with me lying on the ground, feeling a bruise crawl up on my arm. My teary eyes stared back at Addison, pleading him to help me.

“Dude, are you coming?”

Addison looked at me with sad eyes, and then jogged off to his entourage. I sat there for about two minutes, before I realized a vital fact- I hated Addison Morley with a passion.

And so, Addison and I drifted apart, and any ties we ever had were severed. I had thought that all my memories of Addison had been erased, but little did I know that the last memory I would have of him would haunt me for the rest of my life.



It was the night of the Snowflake ball. The school crowd buzzed with excitement, as girls booked hair appointments and guys rented tuxedos. I stood in front of my full length mirror, wondering if the girl looking back at me was me. She was gorgeous in her strapless wine coloured gown, with her hair up in a chignon. Her makeup was fresh but beautiful none the less.

I shook my head one more time and rushed to the car, with my friends awaiting me. I was nervous, yes, but I had done this millions of times before. Something in my heart, though, told me today would be something very special. And I had taken the word “special” in a positive connotation. 

We entered the gym, filled with people and pulsing music. We soon got into the mood and began to let ourselves go. Five minutes into it, however, the music grew silent and a young boy’s voice filled the room.

“Can I have your attention please? “

The crowd hushed.

“There has been some unlawful activity happening in this room. If I could have the entire varsity boys football team please come towards the stage.” Ironically, he added, “Enjoy the rest of your evening.”

Everyone from all corners began to whisper feverishly. I stood there in shock, because I knew exactly who was committing felony- he was my ex-best friend. I rushed to the stage, curious as to what would happen next.

Addison began speaking to a police officer, a flurry of words escaping his mouth. The officer shook his head, looking away. His angry stare caught my eyes, and before I could move, he began pacing towards me.

“Ma’am, do you know who was dealing here?”

Of course it was Addison. I had seen him with a group of guys earlier, huddled in the corner. I thought about that day Addison had pushed me to the ground and walked off with his supposed friends. I remembered all those years of friendship when we were little. I took a deep breath, and then pointed my finger at my former friend. “Him,” I replied.

Addison glared at me angrily, then began to walk away. Several policemen followed him, yelling at him to stop. Once they seized him, he turned to me, a storm of furious words hiding behind his tongue.

“Auralee, you are the most worthless, self-absorbed loser that I have ever known. You know this girl?” he scorned, facing the silent crowd. “She used to wear overalls like a farmer, and smelled like cow dung. She was a nobody. Can’t you see through her?  All that clothing and perfume, all that makeup is just a cover up. Auralee Johnston is nothing. She’s poor! Her dad committed suicide. Her mom is unemployed. Her sister wastes her life on the Internet everyday.”

The crowd gasped, and the policemen began to drag Addison away. He continued his rant.

“She may look normal, but really- she is dyslexic. She’s mentally retarded!”

Addison Morley had shared my deepest secrets to the whole high school. And for the second time, I told myself I hated Addison with a passion.


I kicked off my heels and made a beeline towards the gym doors. People in hushed whispers followed their gaze towards me. I could feel their eyes, their stare, their disapproval. I continued to run, all the way, outside, past the parking lot, towards the back wall…

Panting for air, I stopped, pushing my back against the wall. My vision was blurred with tears. I didn’t realize what I had just done until it hit me. Sliding down, I burrowed my face between my crossed arms, sunk to the floor, and cried.


I could feel my makeup slowly moving as I wiped my tears and looked up. A hooded figure stood in front of me with medium length hair, holding a pair of silver pumps.

“Are those mine?”

He chuckled. “Right off the middle of the dance floor. I’m Drew. You might want to get out of here- people are starting to look for you.”

He jogged off down the hill and towards a road with a small lake. To my surprise, he jumped a more shorter and narrow part of the water, then turned around and reached out. “Jump.”

I was standing barefoot at the back of a school, my feet cold, my makeup running, and a stranger whom I had never met was telling me to jump a lake. Hesitating at first, I gathered my skirts with one hand and reached out with the other, then jumped. He grabbed me and pulled me to the other side. We awkwardly stood there for a second.

“Tough night, huh.”

Biggest understatement of the year. For some reason, his words stuck to my heart and released a bigger emotion than sadness. Fear.

“I’m just scared. That was a big move for me. I’ve been waiting to hurt him for years.”

“Me too.”

I looked up at him with a strange look. “Excuse me?”

“I just meant that I’m scared for you too. He looked pretty angry.”

I paused. “Really?”


My heart shook, and the tears that I had held back made their way to my eyes. I shook with an even more intensity, unable to hold my sobs. Drew awkwardly put his hand around me and patted my back.

“It’s alright. It’s gonna be okay. We’ll get through this together. In time, Auralee- in time.”









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