Grande Island

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Ragnarok is about to destroy due to the ongoing battle between the Aesir gods against the Jotun monsters. Dios (God) also known as Keos, Zeus or Deus, immediately ordered all his wives to leave the area.
Luzviminda, one of Dios wives, rode in a huge camel and immediately left Ragnarok. She went to the Far East so she can give birth to her babies. In thier escape, they were pursued by behemoths and dinosaur. Due to the severe injuries he obtained during the pursuit of behemoths and dinosaurs that expel hot fires, the huge camel fell dead in the Pacific Ocean. From the carcass of the huge camel formed many island known as Philippines. In this place, Luzviminda gave births to three babies namely; Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Many years have passed, their offspring multiplied. It happened as a fulfilment of Dios prophecy.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Grande Island

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Submitted: January 01, 2013



Grande Island

-charlie s. flojo-

Ragnarok is about to destroy due to the ongoing battle between the Aesir gods against the Jotun monsters. Dios (God) also known as Keos, Zeus or Deus, immediately ordered all his wives to leave the area.

Luzviminda, one of Dios wives, rode in a huge camel and immediately left Ragnarok. She went to the Far East so she can give birth to her babies. In their escape, they were pursued by behemoths and dinosaurs. Due to the severe injuries he obtained during the pursuit of behemoths and dinosaurs that expel hot fires, the huge camel fell dead in the Pacific Ocean. From the carcass of the huge camel formed many island known as Philippines. In this place, Luzviminda gave births to three babies namely; Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Many years have passed, their offspring multiplied. It happened as a fulfilment of Dios prophecy.

“Our offspring will multiply in the place known as Pearl of the Orient. They will be called Pilipino (Filipino) because in them, came the race of Pili (elite) and Pino (refined)”.

It came to passed, there are many mortals aboard in a boat cast adrift in the island of Philippines. They came from the different parts of the world that emerged from the wives of Dios. They quickly multiplied in this Island. Most mortal are so beautiful so the children of gods were fascinated with them. Because of this, many of the mortals became the wives of the sons of gods.

Luzon has many children and grandchildren. His favourite grandchild is Apo (Grandchild). Apo became famous because of his grandeur and brilliance. Apo also possesses a power as the same as the power of the gods but when he fell in love with a beautiful mortal whom he called Kababae (Women), his god being is lose. His love affair with Kababe resulted in a baby boy whom he called Kalalake (Man). Because of this, the gods are very angry to Apo so Apo was finally rejected in the House of Gods.

Because of the strong bond of love of Apo and Kababae their offspring quickly multiplied. Some of them became the wives of Bataan, the son of Apo Abucay. They native coast and land became prosperous because of the greatness and of wisdom of Apo. They named their kingdom Kalaklan (Trade) because it was the centre of trade of various kingdoms and foreigners.

Many times have passed, a selfish man, Arabo, is born from Bangal by a bald-headed merchant foreigner whom they named Arabohok (no hair) (so said because the foreigner is always seen wearing a head veil and only to find out that he is bald-headed).

Arabo wants to usurp the throne of Apo. He unkindly kills those who frustrate his purpose. One day, all are surprised when they learned that Apo is beheaded and took his caban (a kind of trunk where his valuable treasures is placed). So the whole kingdom is in deep sorrow and under the leadership of Zambales, one of Apo’s son, they pursued Arabo and his army. Arabo and his army were killed by a bloody combat but caban has never been recovered since Arabo ordered to bury it in an island called the Island of Death.

King Zambales sent elite warriors to recover the said caban but they were not able to succeed and no one of them has returned. Yet, another mission followed but still failed so they called the island, a place of no return, and later, Island of Death. Since then, the people are afraid to sail in this area for thousands of people have just simply disappeared. The kingdom of Zambales is unable to travel and to fish in their territorial sea so they only concentrate on the raisings and productions of animals and plant as a sort of their livelihood.

Meanwhile, Mampweng, an old hermit and a forest god, is also very angry for the death of his brother Apo. Since then, people are no longer welcome in his territory. Mampweng ordered all his ferocious animals to devour every man that comes in his territory.

As a tribute to the death of Apo, the ferocious animals attack the kingdom of Zambales every last full moon of the month. At first, the army attempted to fight but unable to conquer those ferocious animals so all they have to do is to let these hundreds of cattle to be lured and to be fed on the ferocious animals and when these ferocious animals are filled, they deliberately leave. They also poisoned the cattle before letting them to be fed to the ferocious animals but the ferocious animals seems to have the intellect. They do not eat the poisoned one. So their idea in planning to kill these ferocious animals did not succeed. Because of this, the herds of the kingdom did not increase for they supply it as the food of ferocious animals because if they are not going to do this, the lives of the people will be sacrificed or consumed.

Meanwhile, Cabalan, one of Arabo’s wives, is scheduled for execution for she was accused of collaboration with Arabo. Cabalan is also one of Apo’s daughters. She is the safe- keeper of the caban. Arabo forced Cabalan to love him so he can get the caban. Cabalan has a pigeon given to her by Apo when she is still a kid. The pigeon is in charge of carrying and bringing to the kingdom the important messages from the gods that are written in green leaves. Sometimes, about the prophecy of the kingdom is written on those green leaves. But when Apo died, this pigeon becomes huge and vanished away.

Asinan, a slave and obstetrician, pleaded to king Zambales to pending the execution of Cabalan until the baby in her womb is born because she is pregnant from Arabo. The king granted the request in such condition, the baby born by Cabalan shall be a slave of the kingdom.

One night, volcano Pinatubo suddenly erupted. This coincided for the giving birth of Cabalan and queen Candelaria. Both of them died after giving birth but before Cabalan yields her last breath, he pleaded Asinan to exchange her baby to the king’s baby because she did not want to suffer the slavery of her daughter someday. Asinan succeeded in exchanging the two babies because he is the obstetrician of the two. Furthermore, people are in great panic due to the rumbles of volcanic eruption, vibrating earthquake and rushing of the hot lavas.

It came to pass, Asinan begged the king to nurture the baby. The king agreed. So Asinan concealed the true origin of the two.

The birth of a baby girl by queen Candelaria resulted in substantial doubt to the kingdom. Whereas, according to the prophecy contained in the green leaves...

“With the eruption of volcano, a baby boy is born from the queen. He is the grandchild of Apo. He is the destined hero and will defend the kingdom. He will be named Sabik (Long) for he will long the love of his father and a beautiful princess will long for his love.”

Due to the king’s too much delight to the baby, he has forgotten about the prophecy. He named the baby, Rita. The real king’s son lives and grew up with Asinan. He named the boy, Subic.

One day, the king consulted a Babaylan (priestess) about his princess. The Babaylan spoke in a trembling voice...

“The Tari (gaff) is born, the grandchild of Apo, the fated one that will defend the kingdom. Any attempt to destroy the Tari (gaff) will be wounded and die!”

Asinan trembled in fear after hearing the Babaylan because he has done something wrong about the fated one but the Babaylan approached him and whispered to Asinan...

“Protect the Tari (gaff) and concealed his true origin.”

Because of this, the intense fear of Asinan, vanished.

The king, upon hearing the Babaylan, is very much determined that princess Rita is the one fated, the true realization of the prophecy. For Tari, is the opposite of Rita; whereas according to the prophecy, the one fated is a boy and the opposite of a boy is girl. So king Zambales rejoiced and hailed the princess.

“Long live the Tari(gaff) of the kingdom!”

“Long live!”

“Long live princess Rita, the Tari (gaff) of the kingdom!”

“Long live!”

So king Zambales swore to the baby princess that she will never long for his fatherly love to contradict what is stated in the prophecy. So from then on, the king never married again so he can focus his attention to the princess.

When the two grew up, the princess prefers to play with Subic than to the young nobles or members of royal family that are peevish and annoying. They used to see each other secretly. Sometimes, Subic disguised as duke so he can freely go to the palace. Princess Rita also disguised as a slave girl so he can freely go to Subic’s place. Sometimes they flee and go from place to place. They go to the river to paddle, to swim, to row a boat and to fish. They go to the forest to gather fruits, to climb trees, to swing on the vines and to hunt wild animals. They go to the shore to run and play on the beach sand and to collect shells. They go on top of the mountains to slide downward riding in a coconut leaves, to watch the beautiful landscapes and to fly a kite. They also used to go to the garden to gather flowers and chase butterflies and much more. Their happiness is incomparable.

One day, princess Rita wondered on the heart shape birthmark on Subic’s chest. Out of curiosity, she touched it and stared in wonder. Subic has nothing to tell because he himself knows nothing about his birthmark.

At home, Subic asks Asinan about his birthmark. Asinan was nervous. Even more nervous when he learn that princes Rita touched and stared at it. Asinan instructed Subic not to tell anyone about his birthmark. To be sure, Asinan poured an acid to cover and hide the birthmark.

When Subic was eleven years old, he noticed through himself a tremendous power. He can drive away the ferocious animals. Because of this, the two agreed that Asinan possesses the power so as not to doubt the extra ordinary ability of Subic.

The king was elated when he learned that Asinan had recoil the ferocious animals. Because of this, Asinan is freed from being a slave and made him chief ruler of the royal herd.

When Subic reached the age of twelve, his training with Asinan becomes more rigorous. He trained how to battle. Sometimes he lost the interest to train. Because according to him, he doesn’t need to be a terrific combatant for he is only a slave. However, the urge of Asinan, prevail. He gave Subic a very hard training such as; he will be pursued by five consecutive lions that cause him to run all day without stopping, he will be swimming on the wide river starting from sunrise to sunset without stopping, to fight blindfolded and bound hand and many others.

At the age of fifteen, Subic and princess Rita went on top of the mountain. They were flying a big kite. They put a cage made up of net under it so they can ride while the kite is on flight. And it happens. While riding on a big kite, they saw the beautiful sceneries down the kingdom. Unknowingly, Mercano came. He is the rigorous rival of Subic in the princess’ heart. Mercano secretly unleashes the rope of the kite that is being tied in the big tree. The big kite swept by strong wind. It headed in to the territory of Mampweng. But before it landed to the awaiting and ready to devour ferocious animals, a huge pigeon came and seized the kite and forcibly flew away. But the huge dove is unbearable to bring the two in flight. So Subic let himself fall from the kite and the pigeon brought the princess safely to the royal herd.

Meanwhile, the whole kingdom is worried for they can’t find the princess. The maid of honour said that Princes Rita was abducted by Subic because if she reveals the truth, that Subic and the princess used to see each other secretly, he might be beheaded by the king.

The whole kingdom helps one another to search the princess. Finally, Mercano found the princes.

When the princess is inquired about what happened, she is speechless. She remained traumatized for several days. Meanwhile, Mercano became the youngest member of the kingdom’s army for his allege rescue to the princess. Asinan was also imprisoned and to be released only if Subic surrenders. The king also ordered the capture of Subic either dead or alive.

Meanwhile, Subic lives for several days with the gorillas while hiding himself from the army of the king. Subic wondered why are the gorillas are fearful and rarely go out on the cave. He realized that a group of powerful gorillas is oppressing and killing them. Subic defended these pitiful gorillas by helping them in defeating those savage gorillas.

The last full moon came. The ferocious animals attack again. Asinan is brought out from jail to drive away those ferocious animals. But he knows he can’t do it because Subic is the one who really posses the power. So he pretended being very sick and unable to get up. Over fifty of the cattle are already devoured. So Asinan is diagnosed and the physician said Asinan is not sick. Upon suggestion, they throw Asinan in the ravine that is full of vines near the ferocious animals to compel him to drive those ferocious animals but before Asinan fell, a gorilla had caught him. Then together, they drove the ferocious animals. The king is surprised and delighted for what he had witnessed. So he freed Asinan and let him regain his position as the ruler of the royal herd. He gave Asinan fifty slaves to help him in tending the herd.

Asinan and the gorilla, together with the fifty slaves made a dams, dikes and turbines. The very strong gorilla that disguised Subic is the one carrying the big rocks. The king is very much pleased when he saw the turbines and the huge dams and dikes being built. From now on, there is already a sufficient supply of water during summer. The grasses on top of the mountains are watered through the turbines. Not only the grass and herds are increased in production but also the fruits, fishes and fowls. With the buildings of these dams and dikes, it is tantamount to vast ocean. Due to these accomplishments, Asinan, from being a slave, is made minister of the kingdom. A big feast was given in his honour. There was dancing, eating and singing. The gorilla became the centre of attraction in the celebration. Mercano is very jealous when princess Rita danced with the meek gorilla.

When the party is over, minister Asinan is abducted by the pirates. All are tired due to e the recent celebration so they are unaware of the abduction. These pirates abducted minister Asinan because of the big benefit they can obtain from him. Minister Asinan is gifted in making special kind of acid that can scorch an enemy. They want Asinan to be their allies. Balicbalic (Return) an expert in boomerang, (a kind of weapon that when it thrown it returns to the thrower) is the leader of the pirates. They are sea pirates attacking traders in the middle of the kingdom territorial sea but their activities in this sea are stopped since the traders no longer travel in this sea for they feared the mystery of the Island of Death. So these pirates made the kingdom of Zambales as their next target to be their victims. They rob the people of the kingdom. The others are abducted to make them become their allies.

At that same time of abduction to minister Asinan, Mercano raped Nelie, the most beautiful and the closet maid of honor of princess Rita. The crime is blamed on the gorilla. Because of this, Subic immediately fled. He took off his cloths, the skin of gorilla, and gave it to Philip who is scheduled to be brought in to the kingdom of king Hanjin. Philip is the one of the ten slaves sold to king Hanjin by king Zambales. Subic puts on the garments of Philip and rode on the chariot together with the nine slaves and brought them in to the mining camp that covers the vast kingdom of king Hanjin.

The designated guards in this camp are very brutal. They even exploited women slaves. Subic can endure their cruelty but when these guards are trying to kill him, he defended himself so he accidentally killed four of the guards. The leader of the guards ordered to pursue Subic, but Subic quickly ran until he reached an open cage of a gladiator. In the cage, Subic saw a men trembling holding an iron mask. Subic took the mask and hastily wears it to hide his face in his pursuer. Yet Gordon submissively gave the mask and even helps Subic in putting the mask on his face.

Gordon is a gladiator. He is the next one to fight the fierce tiger that already killed more than a hundred gladiators. So when the name Gordon called, a masked man came out on the cage and faced the tiger. The real Gordon immediately fled. Meanwhile, Subic is in disadvantage situation and even underestimated by the betters but in just an instant, he killed the tiger. Here began the fame of Subic as Gordon. He has been contended to many fights. Of the more than two thousand fights, he never defeated. There are instances that he was compelled to fight fierce animals, to fight a full battle gear opponent without using a weapon or armour. He also participated in the so called survival of the fittest fight in a large steel cage with one hundred participants and he wins in this fight for he is only the sole survivor. He also participated in a fight with flooded arena using war boat. He also participated to fight incessantly within twenty four hours and in this day he defeated five hundred gladiators. Thus, king Hanjin became very wealthy and also with the king who always bet on the sides of Subic most especially king Zambales that in earlier times, he wants to purchased the gladiator Gordon to king Hanjin.

One day, Gordon was contended to Coryano, a foreign gladiator, very strong and never defeated to all of his fights.

King Hanjin said to Gordon that he should succumb to Coryano because he is going to bet on his side. King Hanjin also said that he already made an arrangement to the executioner that once Gordon loss or quit in the middle of the fight, the executioner will not eventually execute or kill Gordon. King Hanjin also said that this is his last fight and after this fight with Coryano, he is going to give his freedom. Gordon deliberately agreed.

Subic pretends that he was dead when hit by a powerful kick of Coryano. But this gladiator is really savage. He doesn’t want to leave his enemy alive. Compared to Subic, he is compassionate and has pity. He won’t kill his opponent unless it is unavoidable or accident.

Subic urged Coryano not to finish him but Coryano didn’t listen to his plea and he attempt to crushed the head of Subic. Subic struggles to free himself from the hold of Coryano and immediately broke his nose. This has no effect to Coryano and he eventually gone wild. He pulled out the columns of the arena and hurled to Subic. Subic fell prostrate on the floor from the rapid succession and forcible blow of Coryano seemingly all his bone are fractured but surprisingly, Subic still manage to continue the fight. The betters and the viewers cried a dissonant clamor. And finally, Coryano released his deadliest and final hurl, but Subic dodged and quickly seized the throat of Coryano. The large column is thrown into the audience and betters and many are injured and some are even killed.

The throat of Coryano is slashed but can still manage to fight. Subic proceeded to his next move. He ripped the stomach of Coryano so his intestine burst. Coryano can still manage to fight. His strength is unchanged. Subic is always knocked down when hit by the powerful kicked of Coryano. So as the final attack of Subic, he snatched the heart of Coryano. Coryano falls and eventually dies. Because of this, the referee changed his decision and declared Subic as the winner. All are very happy on the result of the fight except king Hanjin.

King Hanjin can’t believe what happened. He almost can’t accept the decision of the referee because he bet almost all his wealth in this fight. Hence, the king ordered that Gordon will be offered to their gods.

King Hanjin has a vast kingdom. At the centre of his kingdom lies a mountain covered with grasses. At the top of the mountain has a unique tall tree which is the home of the couple dragons. At the stem of the tree is a steel cage where an old lion is confined. For them the mountain is sacred. This is their sanctuary. Each year they offer three human lives, one for the lion and two for the couple dragons.

King Zambales suggests to king Hanjin that Gordon be the only one to be offer by the three sacred beings so that while doing the offer people can do betting, Gordon against the three sacred beings. King Hanjin agreed so that he can recoup his many loses wealth.

They bring Gordon inside the steel cage. He fought the lion. Gordon is wounded but he finally killed the lion. King Hanjin is nervous for he might lose again because he bets for his three sacred gods. Gordon finds a way on how he can get out on the cage. He shouts angrily and forcibly. He tear the skin of the tree using his bare hands then took the jaw and bones of the lion and chopped the stem but not even a half of it is chipped and all the bones and jaws are crushed. Not enough to let the tree fall. So he gathers the dry leaves and branches and made fire by rubbing the dry twigs. Finally he burns the stem of the tree. He added the fats of the lion to accelerate the burning. Finally the tree fell down but the steel cage is not destroyed. The couple dragon is disturbed and they crawled toward Subic. The male dragon enters the steel cage and coiled to Gordon. Gordon wrestled the dragon. Grab his head and rub it in the rough stump of the tree. The head of the dragon is worn off and died. The wife of the dragon got angry and she expelled fires towards Gordon. Gordon dodged and the fire hit the some parts of the steel cage and it melts. The dragon continues to emit fire and hit the stamp of the tree where Subic hid himself. The small portion and the steel cage that prevent the disintegration of the tree and the stump burnt. Because of this, the tree eventually withdrew to its stump. The tree rolls and glides downward. The dragon coiled tightly to the tree but it continues to roll and glide down faster and faster until it hit the king’s palace. Many noble men and members of the royal family have died. The female dragon also died because she was crushed but before she finally died, she expelled a very huge hot fire and hit the barracks of the kingdom. The barracks burnt into ashes and many armies died. The audience and the betters are very much delighted on the outcome of the fight because all of them bet on the side of Subic except king Hanjin. So they cried...

“Freeman! Freeman! Freeman!”

King Hanjin’s army is unable to pursue Subic for their barracks is gone and most of them are injured and killed.

Then Gordon, finally escaped from the kingdom of Zambales.

After this, Subic seeks the fort of the pirates and recovered minister Asinan.

Meanwhile, the royal herd left by minister Asinan and Subic are almost all gone because aside from letting them to be fed to the ferocious animals, a very dangerous plague devastated the herd. So the king wants Asinan to be back in his kingdom because if all the herds are gone, the ferocious animals will surely devour the people in the kingdom.

Again, the last full moon came. All feared for the arrival of the ferocious animals. But before devouring the remaining herd, minister Asinan and a masked man arrived and they drive out the ferocious animals.

The king is surprised for the return of minister Asinan together with the masked man Gordon. He is extremely delighted because on his came back, he bring along with him the masked man Gordon, the grate gladiator he longs to buy for a long time to king Hanjin. But now, this man voluntary came to his kingdom.

Thus, Gordon treated the plague of the herd through transmission of the blood of plague survivors to the body of remaining herd. (This process is called immunization, the start of the discovery of vaccine. Vaccine came from the word vacca, means cow).

Again, king Zambales gave a big feast in honour of the two. Asinan is promoted as second chief minister which envied by his fellow ministers. There was dancing, eating, drinking and singing in this celebration. Because of Subic longing to the princess, they dance repeatedly. This envied captain Mercano very much. Many princes have a strong liking on Subic because of his elegant and muscled body. One of this is princess Amelia, the daughter of king Bajac. Princes Amelia is the best friend of princes Rita. She was invited in this feast. She also danced repeatedly with Gordon but Gordon knew that his heart belongs only to princess Rita.

Mercano has a big doubt regarding the personality of the masked man. After the celebration, Mercano secretly followed the masked man to his hut near the ranch. Mercano is surprised when he saw the man unmasked because the man behind the masked is Subic. Subic gently lies. Because he was very tired due to the recent celebration, he immediately falls asleep. Captain Mercano stole the mask and wears it. Then he went to princess Rita who was sitting on the balcony of the palace and this prompted the princess to go down to the garden. The surrounding is dark and calm. Suddenly the masked Mercano embraced princess Rita with an eagerness and a strong desire. The princess also embraced the masked Mercano but when Mercano attempts to rape her, she forcibly pushed him and ran back to the palace. The princess is angry. He thought Gordon was a gentleman but why is he so very aggressive and lustful.

Because the masked Mercano failed to rape princess Rita, he turned on to rape princess Amelia. He succeeded in raping the princess who slept here after the celebration. After raping the princes, Mercano carefully returned the mask. Subic is unaware of the theft and return of his masked.

Morning comes. Subic is awake. Before leaving his hut he wears his mask then released the herds. He turns to the garden of the palace to glimpse the princess but the princes seemed to hate and feared him. Subic wondered why the princess seems to be wild and angry with him.

Meanwhile, the consort of princess Amelia shocked when they saw the piteous appearance of the princess. When asked who raped her, she said, Gordon. All are startled and the king ordered the arrest of Gordon because he is the one being pointed as suspect. Subic is confused so he fled. But secretly, he was followed by Mercano’s group.

King Bajac is very angry on the raped of her daughter. Prince Boton, together with more than fifty thousand warriors advanced to the kingdom of king Zambales. Prince Boton is princess Amelia’s brother. To avoid bloodshed, king Zambales voluntarily submits himself as captive and they resolved to be released upon the surrender of Gordon.

Subic was caught by captain Mercano’s army. Minister Asinan feared this so much because he knew that Subic will be executed if they will surrender him to the king. So the minister pleaded to Mercano. Captain Mercano refused the entreaty of the minister because this is now the chance for him to be promoted. He dreamed to be a general and if he surrenders Subic, the king and the princess will surely trust and admire him. One thing more, his keenest rival in the heart of the princess will finally be gone.

But minister Asinan pleaded again. He promised to help Mercano in getting a general position and will find ways on how to get the absolute trust and admiration of the king and the princess for him. Mercano agreed in such condition, Subic will be his slave, and he burns the beautiful face of Subic so that when they see to each other with the princess, the princess will loathe him.

Asinan pitied the fate of Subic but this can benefit them so as to hide his identity as Subic and Gordon. And Subic was called ugly slave Magsaysay.

Meanwhile, chief minister Japon advised Mercano not to kill Subic and minister Asinan because they can get many benefits from the two. He also suggests to seek and to get the true Gordon to be surrendered to king Bajac in exchange for the freedom of king Zambales.

Captain Mercano is the conspirator of chief minister Japon of their dark plans against the kingdom. The two are real father and son. They concealed this so that it would be easier for them to usurp the throne of the king.

Meanwhile, they learned that the real Gordon is hiding somewhere in the kingdom of Hanjin. They arrested the true Gordon and surrendered to king Bajac in exchanged of the freedom of king Zambales. Thus, the king is very much pleased to captain Mercano so he promoted him as a general of five thousand warriors. There was a big feast in honour of his (questionable) heroism.

Meanwhile, the true Gordon tried. He said he is innocent about the crime. But the official records obtained from the kingdom of Hanjin shows he was the real Gordon. Gordon admitted that fact but the truth is there is someone who is using his name. So they suspend the execution of the real Gordon.

Again, king Bajac’s army rushed to the kingdom of Zambales because the Gordon they surrendered is not the real culprit.

King Zambales begged to king Bajac to give one month deadline to find the real culprit. He also provided big amount of money as a reward for anyone who can capture or point out the whereabouts of Subic.

Thus, Asinan is terrified for Mercano might surrender Subic or Mercano’s loyal men might tell the whereabouts of Subic.

A month pass, they had not found the real culprit. And probably, carrying too much sorrow and shame, princes Amelia committed a suicide.

King Bajac feels too much anger and resentment for the death of his one and only princess. After the burial, king Bajac and his army advanced to attack the kingdom of Zambales. They were seeking justice for the death of the princess. Zambales alone face the army. He is begging and supplicating earnestly to king Bajac and he compromised that prince Boton will mary his princess Rita to settle or put an end to their aggravating dispute.

General Mercano almost can’t believe the compromise agreement of the two kings. He can’t accept this because he knew that when they make this to happen he will not only lose the princess heart but also the king’s throne

Subic has also a mixed feeling of fear and regret. Fear, for he could be surrendered to the king by Mercano so as to stop the marriage, and regret because when the marriage won’t cease, princess Rita will be forever lost to him.

The day of the wedding comes. Many have attended to grace the occasion.

Mercano ordered Subic to abduct Boton so that the wedding ceased. Subic refused because he would not want to increase the hatred and anger of the people to the masked man whom they claimed culprit but Subic, whether he likes it or not, he has to follow the order of Mercano because Mercano might as well denounce him as culprit. Furthermore, he doesn’t also want that his beloved princess will be permanently lost.

Again, Subic wears his mask. He went to the jungle in the territory of Mampweng to borrow the hermit’s ferocious animals. And they attacked the ongoing wedding feast in the kingdom of king Bajac. People were terrified. The army is unable to volley their arrows because the ferocious animals are mingled with the people. Thus, Subic succeeded in abducting prince Boton. He brought it to his hut. Secretly, general Mercano killed Boton by a bite of a poisonous snake to make it sure that their marriage with the princess will no longer realize. Subic is astonished for he doesn’t know what killed his captive.

Meanwhile, king Zambales and princess Rita is left captives in the kingdom of Bajac. He said he is going to release the two if they return prince Boton alive.

Subic wears the war clothes of Mercano and ordered him to rescue king Zambales and princess Rita. To be sure, Mercano locked the metal shield on the face of Subic so that it can’t be removed while Subic is doing the rescue. Mercano also instructed Subic that the king and the princess must be convinced that it was Mercano who rescued them and not him. He also threaten Subic that if he is not going to comply, he will denounce to the three kings about his identity.

“Make sure that you won’t fail or I’ll kill Asinan!”

Subic is not afraid of the threat of Mercano. What perplexed him is the urge of minister Asinan to save the king. Asinan can’t give the real answer so he said...

“If the king dies, minister Japon will sit on the throne. Thus, our life will be at risk, so with the kingdom.”

Magsaysay succeeded in rescuing the princess and the king. His plan is to rescue only the princess and after it, kills Mercano. But he remembered the emphatic plea of minister Asinan that whatever happens he must save the king. Asinan cannot say that, “He is your real father.”

Asinan is afraid to tell this because Subic might get angry of him and if the king also learned this secret, Asinan might be beheaded.

Asinan also explained to Magsaysay that if he is going to kill Mercano, his loyal men will only denounce his secrets.

Meanwhile, king Bajac is very angry when he learned that the king and the princess escaped. When he also learned that prince Boton is dead, he became furious. Hence, he declared war against king Bajac for they continue hiding the perpetrator.

King Bajac and his more than hundred thousand armies attacked the kingdom of Zambales. In sympathy, king Tapinac sent thirty thousand warriors as their allies. More than twenty thousand is also sent from king ilalim.

With ten days of battling, they easily besieged the kingdom of Zambales because they first killed the chief general, general Antonio. General Mercano hid in the midst of the battle.

Subic mobilized all his allies to attack the kingdom of Bajac. With him are the ferocious animals, the group of pirates led by Balicbalic, his fellow former gladiators who was his allies in a team fight but now member of the pirates and also the allies behind them are the coward forces of general Mercano. The expertise of his men are as follows: Tabacuhan, sword; Iram, axe; Tipo, spear; Maliwakat, the boxer; Bulagaw, sniper; Sibol, bamboo; Libas, the kick fighter; Binictican, the wrestler; Mabayuan, archery; Castillejos, lash; Narciso, slingshot; Balicbalic, boomerang; and minister Asinan, scorching acid.

Because of this, king Bajac immediately leave their besieged kingdom of Zambales to defend their own kingdom but they brought king Zambales and princess Rita as their captives.

Meanwhile, Subic and his allies open the dam and destroy the dikes. They alter the direction of the rivers and directed it all to the kingdom of Bajac. The water roars and it created a huge flood. This flood called Bajac-Bajac. It means the kingdom of Bajac is engulfed by flood. Subic and his allies continue to attack using a war boat called Sibitsibit. Because of the huge flood, king Bajac warriors are defeated easily because they are inefficient when it comes into war in the sea compared to the sea pirates of Balicbalic.

After destroying the kingdom of Bajac, a large number of warriors came from the kingdom of Tapinac and Ilalim to rescue the kingdom of Bajac. Subic and his allies are very much exhausted in the recent battle. So how can they battle the large number of army? Their only hope is the help of the forces of Mercano. But how can they depend on the coward troops of Mercano that in the midst of the battle, they are hiding behind them? But while the waters from the dams and rivers continue to rush, they didn’t lose hope especially when they saw the huge wall that separates the kingdom of Bajac and Tapinac. They call this place Pag-asa(Hope). Thus, they destroy the wall by using the scorching acid of minister Asinan. When the wall collapsed, huge water rushed and dashed the incoming enemy. Many were drowned and unable to advance because of the strong current of water. The soil in king Bajac’s kingdom becomes soft and melted so it is not only waters that dashed the enemy but also mire. The water and mire continue to rush and dash up to the kingdom of Tapinac and it leaves a deep mud called Pitac (Mud) and it continued to flow until it reaches the kingdom of Ilalim and here, the mud reach up to sixteen feet deep. Thus, the kingdom of Tapinac is filled with Pitac (mud) and the kingdom of Ilalim (Under) is buried under the mud.

Thus, within two months of battling, they have destroyed three kingdoms except Morong’s kingdom that are now launching their attacks but when they heard that the three kingdoms are already destroyed, Morong’s army had withdrawn (uMorong).

Thus, general Mercano and his army came. They drive Subic together with his allies. He ordered them all to vanish so that the credit in defeating the three kingdoms would be given to them.

Then Mercano rescues king Zambales and princess Rita who are confined in the upper part of king Bajac palace.

Many have died in the recent battle. The men survivors were imprisoned while the women were made salves. Since then, the kingdom becomes prosperous and expanded and the people believe that general Mercano save the king and the princess. They also believe that he is the responsible in defeating the three kingdoms. So he got the full trust and so much admiration of the king. Thus, general Mercano was promoted as the chief general of the kingdom.

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