Grande Island

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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Submitted: January 12, 2013



Riding onto a horse, the princess wanders through the immense kingdom. She saw the beautiful sights and happy people. But the princess has a gloomy feeling and once again floated in her memories her childhood lover, the slave Subic, her first love, the one and only love, he who always save her life in times of danger, he who always makes her laugh and happy, but she knows, Subic is gone. She is certain that those ferocious animals will not leave Subic alive. But why until now, Subic is not erased in her mind?

Due to this feeling of loneliness, the princess decided to go to their former rendezvous, and here, she saw the ugly slave Magsaysay. He was sitting on a large rock. His eyes focus on a distance. He is reminiscing. When the princess is approaching, Magsaysay gave a polite greeting. They had an intimate conversation but Subic decided to stay away from the princess so as not to endanger his life. And despite of his ugliness, he had accepted that they were not meant for each other.

One day, general Mercano proposed to the king to have a competition. The competition would be to find and return to the kingdom the royal signet ring which will be catapulted into the jungle territory of Mampweng. The winner will then marry the princess. The king immediately agreed because this is perhaps the better way to eliminate those ferocious animals.

Many brave princes, dukes, generals and warriors in the kingdom and in different kingdoms participated in the competition, but they do not know that this is another black agenda by minister Japon and general Mercano. For in case minister Japon sits on the throne, the ferocious animals will no longer be their problem and if all of these ferocious animals are eliminated, they can now also dispatch Subic and minister Asinan. Furtheremore, they are confident that the competitors cannot find the royal signet ring due to the ticket of the woods. Also hidden from their knowledge, minister Japon and general Mercano connived with the royal blacksmith to make a ring the same as the royal signet ring and gave it to general Mercano.

Meanwhile, Magsaysay is worried for the possible danger that awaits these competitors. He has concerned both for the lives of the competitors and the ferocious animals so he went to the territory of Mampweng not to participate in the competition but to hide the ferocious animals in the cave so as to prevent the slaughtering between the competitors and the ferocious animals. While doing this, he accidentally saw the royal signet ring. He picked and put it in his pocket.

Meanwhile, Mercano, together with his loyal men, also participated in the competition. They are searching not the ring but the ones who search the ring.

Due to the persistency of the competitors in searching the ring, they accidentally opened the cave where Subic hid those ferocious animals. Thus, the ferocious animals attacked the competitors. Thousands of the competitors died. The completion didn’t cease until all the ferocious animals died. When general Mercano and minister Japon are certain that all the ferocious animals are completely eliminated, they announced that they have found the ring. Thus, the king ordered to stop the competition. He called all the survivors to proceed in the lobby of the palace. Then, they arrange a big feast for the survivors and to the people of the king so they can announce the winner or the lucky one who is going to marry the princess. There was dancing, singing, eating and drinking. At the midst of their happiness and enjoyment, the king ordered all to be silent so he can announce the winner of the competition. The king is now calling the name of the winner but before he uttered the name of general Mercano, the ugly Magsaysay came and extended the signet ring to the king. The king is surprised. Then, he was fainting. The people are also surprised. It seems that they cannot accept that the princess will be married by the ugly slave.

Minister Japon rescued the fainting king who is still holding the ring that was handed from Subic. He secretly exchanged the royal signet ring to the fake ring of general Mercano.

Meanwhile, minister Asinan got angry because Subic didn’t consulted him in doing such thing but Subic argued gently that he would only want to embarrass general Mercano in his fraud and it is not in his desire or intension to marry the princes.

When the king recovered in his consciousness, minister Japon speaks before the people. He called their attention and ordered to remain silent while he was speaking.

“I want to convey to the knowledge of all of you who are here right now, that this ugly slave is no other than the criminal we are looking for a long time. He is Subic, the young slave who failed to abduct the princess. He is also the gorilla who raped and killed the maid of honour Nelie. He is also the masked man Gordon, the ungrateful gladiator who after making him famous he murdered the army, the noble men and the royal family of king Hanjin. This ugly man also raped the daughter of king Bajac, princess Amelia. He also murdered princes Amelia’s brother, prince Boton. I also learned that he intentionally burnt his face to hide his identity. I also learned that the ring he handed to the king is a fake and the true signet ring was found by a true hero. He is no other than general Mercano.”

All cried and applauded for what they heard. Then, the minister continues his speech.

“Because of the tremendous power of Subic, the former slave, minister Asinan had gotten the courage to secretly usurp the king’s throne and he wanted Subic to marry the princess so that it would be easy for him to dethrone the king! Here are my evidences and witnesses to prove what I have spoken!”

He showed the evidences such as iron mask and clothes made up of gorilla skin. The witnesses whom they paid also expressed pure lies and perverted statement. Subic remains still. Even if he insists his reasons in defending himself, the evidences and witnesses against him are very strong. Furthermore, no one would want to testify in his favour. Thus, Subic is arrested and the people cried...

“Behead that criminal! Behead Subic! Behead! Behead! Behead!”

Feeling too much anger, the princess slapped Subic on his face. Thus, the princess asked the king if he could allow her to behead Subic so as to avenge her maid of honour Nelie and her best friend princess Amelia.

The king agreed.

The princess could hardly believe why Subic have done this. She has many questions to herself, what compels Subic in doing all these things.

“Why have you done this abomination to my father’s kingdom?”

“Even you, dear princess, also believe in their accusations.”

“And to whom should I suppose to believe? You want me to believe in you? You who are accustomed in living a life full of lies? When we are still a child you made me believe that you love me and that our love is eternal, that even tragedies can’t destroy our strong bond of love. But what have you done to my heart. You made me believe that you are dead but only to find out, you are still alive. You didn’t hint to me. You didn’t sympathize with me during those days of my sorrow since you’ve left. Don’t you know that I’ve longed so much for your love since we’ve parted from those woods? But now, my eagerness to see you had changed to abhorrence. The love I have felt for you is replaced by hostility and anger. I hate you, Subic. How I wish those ferocious animals have devoured you so that the war against the three kingdoms did not happen. Because of you, many lives have been sacrificed. I regret I met a man like you. I can’t stop thinking why you’ve done all these things. Or perhaps you’ve inherited the bad character of your mother and father who want to gain the throne of the kingdom. So you can’t blame me if my anger to you can reach up to the sky!”

“Exercise prudence, dear princess, do not beheaded me just only of your rage feeling against me!”

“I behead you not because I fell angry but I behead you for the sake of justice, justice for my maid of honour Nelie, justice for my best friend princess Amelia, Justice for prince Boton, and justice to all your victims and for trampling our kingdom! Here ends your wrong doings!”

The princess cried and brandished her sharp sword toward the neck of Subic. Subic whispered through himself.

“I now die with peace. I wish you would not regret someday what you’ve done today.”

But before the sharp sword hit the neck of Subic, the princess suddenly drops the sword. A childhood memories crossed her mind. She remembers the birthmark of Subic on the chest that she used to touch when they are still child. Again, she took the sword and cut Subic’s cloth on the chest. She is surprised for there is no birthmark on Magsaysay’s chest. Subic also recalled the scene when Subic is still a child and minister Asinan poured acid in his birthmark and the birthmark eventually disappear.

Thus, both of them are speechless in a minute so with the people of the kingdom. Hence, the princess is convinced that the ugly slave Magsaysay is not Subic. Thus, the princess proposed to the king that before executing Magsaysay, it is better to grant his rights on the trial proceedings.

But the people wanted Subic to be beheaded now, so they cried...

“Behead that criminal! Behead Subic! Behead! Behead! Behead!”

And they are signalling their left hand holding the hair on top of a head while the right hand is slicing the neck.

The king defers the execution until the capture of minister who suddenly fled.

Minister Asinan is nowhere to find so the king announces that ten days from now, princess Rita will marry general Mercano.

But general Mercano rejected it because he has another bad plan with minister Japon. They are suggesting to the king to have a competition again. The competition is to bring back to the kingdom the caban buried in the Island of Death. The winner in this competition will marry the princess.

This is another evil plan of general Mercano and minister Japon because they already destroyed the curse of Mampweng and their next move is to destroy the curse of the Island of death. More than hundred thousands have participated again in the competition. The army of Mercano did not participate. They only wait onto the shore so as to seize the caban in the hand of the winner.

The army of king Hanjin did not also participate in the competition because he has also another dark plan. He wants to gain the kingdom of Zambales so he made a fake caban and cast adrift in the territorial sea of king Zambales. King Hanjin knows that if the competitors see the fake caban, everyone will seize it and everyone will kill each other in order to win. King Hanjin knows that most of the army of king Zambales will participate in the said competition. And if most of his army die in the competition, it would be very easy for him to seize the kingdom of king Zambales. But king Hanjin was wrong. There are only few of the army who participate in the said competition.

Thus, the competitors sailed to the Island of Death. At the middle of the sea they saw the fake caban. The competitors begin to seize it. They kill one another. When the other competitors yield, Bareto came. They try to escape but Bareto consume them all including the competitors who died in the competition. No one is left.

Meanwhile, minister Asinan eventually join the group of the pirates led by Balicbalic. Thus, they help Subic escape from the prison of Zambales kingdom. After the escape, Subic inquires minister Asinan about the mystery of the Island of Death. After hearing all the information, Subic said that he will bring back to the kingdom the said caban.

“Are you interested in the caban or in the princess?”

“No father, I just only want to know the secrets of the Island of Death and I want to seek justice for the death of our race from then until now.”

“Your plan is very dangerous, Subic so I’ll accompany you because there are still other secrets you need to know more.”

Minister Asinan and Subic went to the Island of Death. They had succeeded in getting the caban that is being buried in the Island of Death. On their return, minister Asinan confessed the true personality of Subic.

“I’m a prince! Why did you allow me to suffer like this?”

“Because I do not want to be repeated what happened to Apo. There are many threats in the ongoing kingship of king Zambales. Many want to usurp his throne and many want to seize his kingdom. And you know that, Subic.”

“What is the reason why you have hidden my true identity?”

“If the enemy learned that you are the fated one, they will certainly kill you. So I’ve trained you very hard to prepare yourself as being the true king because you are the destined one to inherit the kingdom of Apo and not just any one else. But forgive me. I feel guilty to myself. I’ve really done something wrong to Apo and king Zambales but most especially to you, Subic. Even my life will not suffice to pay for them.”

“I think there’s nothing wrong for what you’ve done and do not blame your self for the fate I’m suffering now. I know this is the will of Dios (G0d) and Apo and I want to thank for all the goodness you’ve done to me.”

Minister Asinan brings out his acid and poured to the face of Subic. Subic is amazed for his ugly face, returned to its original beautiful form. Then Asinan poured the acid to the birthmark of Subic and his original birthmark appeared. Subic is very much delighted. He doesn’t know that his ugly face can still get back to its original form and so with his birthmark.

They were in such circumstances when suddenly, a huge fish monster collide with their boat.

They say that the Island of Death is the territory of Kinabuksan, the god of the sea. Kinabuksan grieved the death of Apo so he ordered Bareto, the huge fish monster, to devour every man that comes to his territory. Thus, Bareto is the mystery creature that is responsible for the lost of thousands and thousands of the races and just recently, he devoured again a hundred thousand competitors.

Subic and minister Asinan throw the scorching acid to Bareto but Bareto releases an alkali from his skin to prevent the scorching acid from hurting him. The clashing of the scorching acid and the alkali produced a white sand-like by product called asin (salt).

Bareto eventually swallowed minister Asinan. Subic, with the caban escaped. Bareto quickly pursued him but there was Kawag (Wiggle) in his rescue. Kawag is the prince of the male mermaids. Subic, with the caban, rode onto Kawag. Then, Kawag doesn’t stop to wiggle until they had reached the shore safely. Thus, Subic blame himself for he was not able to defend minister Asinan, the man who nurture him, for he can easily defend the royal herds from the ferocious animals but why he did nothing against that huge monster.

Meanwhile, the king is puzzled again when he learned that all the more than one hundred thousand competitors disappeared in the middle of the sea. So, the king has given up his desire to recover the said caban.

Meanwhile, king Zambales announces the wedding of princess Rita and general Mercano so he ordered to destroy the growing forces of the pirates before the last full moon so that there will be no more distraction on the day of the wedding because the king have learned that Subic and minister Asinan have already joined the group of the pirates. The king emphasized that they have to kill all the pirates including the women and the infants. All their herds, crops, weapons and forts must be destroyed and to be burnt into ashes. Hence, Subic voluntarily surrenders himself to the king to cease their operation against the pirates. Consequently, Subic is brought before the people of the kingdom. Then, he told the dangerous adventure they had encountered with minister Asinan in recovering the caban. But the king and the people did not believe him because according to them, the place is a curse, that no one will escape the place. Thus, Subic shows the caban that they had unearthed in the Island of Death. They let him open the caban before the presence of all. When the caban is opened, the content is also a caban. Then, he opens the caban which is found inside of the earlier caban and the conten is caban again. In short, he had opened ten cabans in accordance with their sizes until the latest caban reaches the size as the same as the size of a matches box. Then, he opens the smallest and latest caban, the contents are a seed and a fish hook.

“Is this the caban of Apo that you were saying, Subic? Do you consider these two things as the valuable and precious treasures of Apo? What kind of craziness are you planning to do, Subic?” Asked minister Japon.

People laugh boisterously on what they saw. Subic also can’t believe on what he saw. Thus, Subic tells that he is the real son of the king. He showed the birthmark on his chest which is the same as the birthmark of Apo.

“If you don’t believe that I’m actually the son of the king, how do you account for this birthmark?”

The people are surprised especially the princes, when Subic displayed his chest.

“You know, Subic, what perplexed me most is on how did you restore your burnt and ugly face to its original form. Can you explain this to us, Subic?”

Asked minister Japon.

“By the acid of minister, Asinan, your honour.”

“Well, you yourself answered your own question. That the birthmark on your chest is created by the acid of minister Asinan.”

People laughed and applauded minister Japon for the cross examination he made against Subic. And Subic just gently shook his head.

“What about my extra ordinary power to drive away the ferocious animals.”

Suddenly, the king jumps from his throne and obviously angry with Subic.

“Extra ordinary to drive those ferocious animals! If so, why have you allowed those ferocious animals to attack us every month? And why Mercano, with no extra ordinary power, has made his way to eliminate those ferocious animals. What goodness had been done by your extra ordinary power against those ferocious animals? Nothing! You only use them for your own benefit. You have made them as your accomplices in doing your heinous crimes!”

Again, people applauded the king and ridiculed Subic. And they cried.

“Behead, Subic! Behead, Subic! Behead, Subic!”

“Your Highness, I am the one who actually saved your life and also with the princess.”

Having heard what Subic had said, the king remembers the scene where general Mercano is actually who saved his life and also with the princes, when general Mercano rescued them in the upper part of king Bajac’s palace which contradicts to what Subic is now saying. Because of this, the king gets angry again.

“Imprison this criminal! I don’t like to hear his lies anymore. Bound his hand and locked a chain in his feet before you shut the prison so that he can’t escape. At the last full moon, and if minister Asinan will not surrender, we will behead this criminal in simultaneous with the wedding of general Mercano and princes Rita.”

All are happy with the decision of the king while princess Rita is extremely confused and bewildered. Thus, Subic grieved for his fate.

“You have no sense of gratitude! How dare you to love the princess! You are indeed crazy! Do you want to deceive the king? Then, you must die!”

These were the painful ridicule of the people.

Ten days before the wedding, an unidentified woman came. She is taking all the herds. There is a speculation that the woman is disguised minister Asinan.

The herds are intended to be butchered on the day of the wedding. Their problem is there is no other source for them to where they can get food to serve during the wedding feast because the dams and dikes where they can suppose to get fishes are already destroyed during the war against king Bajac. They also cannot get fishes in their territorial sea because of the mystery of the Island of Death. Because of this, the leader of the herdsmen proposed to release Subic for the mean time to prevent the woman. The king agreed because he doesn’t want to be put in shame if the wedding feast will not be abundant in delicious food.

Thus, Subic is released and he immediately followed the woman. The army and the herdsmen also followed the woman but she threw fireball toward them. The fireball of the woman that automatically comes out with her hand can raze the target. Hence, the army and the herdsmen are scared so they ran and they let Subic alone to do the combat against the women.

The woman brings all the herds on the mountain top. Slowly, Subic comes closer to the woman. He gazed at the face of the woman but Subic is unable to discern her because he is dazzled by her glaring face.

“Until now, the gods won’t forgive me. So, you have to give me these herds so I can offer them to the gods.”

“These herds are not mine. I’m sorry but I will not let you take these herds. I must show my loyalty to the king to convince him that I am his true son.”

The two begins to fight. Subic is in disadvantageous and dangerous situation because the body of the women is invulnerable. But Subic never gives up. He uses his perseverance to hit the woman and speed to dodge the fireball. They continue to fight until the mountain becomes the likeness of Island of Death because all the plants and trees are burnt into ashes. But Subic won’t give up. He was trained to fight to death. He regulates the turbine. And finally, he defeated the woman by the sudden expulsion of lots of water from the turbine.

Subic learned that the woman is the spirit of Cabalan. He also learned that the seed and the fishhook are the keys to unlock the true caban. When Subic asked, where is the real caban? , Cabalan stretched her arm and a huge fireball came out to her hand and before Subic can make a move, the woman released the fireball and consumed all the herds. Eventually, all the herds disappeared so with the woman.

Now, how can he explain to the king about what happened? Certainly, his death will come early.

Meanwhile, Mercano went to the king and made a false report, that Subic and minister Asinan, together with the pirates took all the herds.

The king got mad.

“I command all the army! Bring to me the head of Subic now!”

King Zambales blamed himself. If he beheaded Cabalan while still pregnant, this turmoil could not happen.

Meanwhile, Subic is extremely troubled because the ferocious animals that supposed to help him in battling the more than five hundred thousand army of the kingdom is already gone.

Subic ran onto the shore. He rode on his war boat and fled. The warriors led by general Mercano pursued him. The archers volleyed their arrows. Subic is also defended by the more than five hundred pirates. Subic and the pirates row their boat going to the direction of the Island of Death while on hot pursuit. When the armies realized that they are already in the territory of Kinabuksan, they stop shooting and pursuing and they row back to the kingdom. But it was too late because Bareto came and devoured them.

Subic seeks the help of the Siokoys (male mermaids) and the mermaids to rescue the pirates.

All the army are already eaten by Bareto except general Mercano who continue to pursue Subic. Subic urges Mercano to work together in combating Bareto but general Mercano won’t stop in volleying his arrow to Subic. Subic was just lucky because he was not being hit. General Mercano shoots his last arrow. The arrow fell not onto the body of Subic but onto the floor of the boat. A hole is created on the floor so the water slowly entered the boat. Subic hurriedly wears the fins that were given by princes Siera, the princes of the mermaids, and Subic jump from the boat and swim to the Island of Death.

Meanwhile, Bareto is there to finish the life of Mercano. He then devoured the general and after that, Bareto pursued Subic but it is too late for Bareto because Subic swims very fast due to the fins given to him. He had reached the Island of Death immediately.

Meanwhile, king Hanjin learned that all the army of king Zambales are gone so he takes advantage of the situation. He took this opportunity to fulfil his plan in seizing the kingdom of king Zambales. He then mobilizes all his more than three hundred thousand army and advance to the kingdom of king Zambales.

Meanwhile, king Zambales is nervous when he had learn that king Hanjin and his army are now advancing to attack his kingdom. He is planning to surrender because his army are all gone. But the more than five hundreds pirates came into his rescue. They are willing to defend the kingdom from the more than three hundred thousand army of king Hanjin.

Meanwhile, Subic survived the pursuit of Bareto. But how can he survives in this kind of place for there is nothing to eat nor drink and he is harsly monitored by Bareto for even just a dip of his foot on the water, he cannot do because precisely, Bareto will devours him. Is he going to befall the fate of his thousands and thousands of his races who are all gone? What shall he do? Surely, he will die due to hunger and thirst.

“Ah...Island of Death, you’re really a curse! If only there’s a grass in here I will eat. I’m famished!” cried Subic.

He is thinking of what to do. He pulls his pocket and brings out the seed and the fish hook.

“Seed! What shall I do with this seed? It takes many months or years before it can eventually yield fruits, whereas my life might not last for a week. And this fish hook! How can this very tiny fish hook hurt that very huge monster? Never mind, just a slight scratch in his tongue, it would be enough for me to avenge minister Asinan. Thus, Subic makes a fish line out of his cloth. And after making the fish line, he heaves it onto the water but Bareto only draws nearer. He did not bite the fish hook because there is no bate. Subic digs through the soft part of the island to find worms to be used as bait for the fish hook. But he found nothing.

“You deserve to be called Island of Death for no living creature found in you! Not even the tiny organisms, insects, arachnids, plants and animals! Nothing! Nothing! Nothing! The birds and the butterflies are also unwilling to alight on you because you are killing all the creatures that come to you! So today, I challenge the god of the sea who is responsible for this outrage. Show yourself to me and we will fight to settle this dispute. I know it’s an act of craziness to challenge the god of the sea but how long does it takes your cruelty?”

Suddenly, the wind blows and develops a strong tornado. Gradually, the water of the sea lifts and develops into a scary appearance. And finally, the frightening face of Kinabuksan appeared. He answered the questions of Subic. His voice sounds like a thunder. The ground trembled while he was speaking. Subic fall face down as if he was posses by the mighty power of Kinabuksan.

“All men are inherently evil so you must die! You must die! You must die!”

“Well, why don’t you just kill me?”

“I’m a just god. I will never put a stain in my hand with the blood of an evil man. Bareto will be the one to accomplish your desired death. Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“If you are a just god, why don’t you splash me just a little water?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! You must suffer! You must suffer! You must suffer!”

And later on, the frightening face of Kinabuksan is gradually vanishing.

Meanwhile, Subic continues to fight his extreme hunger and thirst. Within ten days, he did not eat and drink. A few moments later, a huge pigeon suddenly came, the pigeon of Cabalan that is given by Apo. When Apo died, Mampweng took it. When Kinabuksan saw that this huge pigeon is still helping the people such as helping princes Rita, he took the pigeon and imprisoned for ten years. But now, Kinabuksan released it for a mission, to kill every creature that set foot on the Island of Death. Bareto is unable to live on land so he had no ability to fight Subic on the terrain part of the island.

The huge pigeon begins to attack. Subic is really very weak. He has no more strength left to fight the huge dove. Subic has obtained many wounds on the attack of the huge dove.

Subic is extremely confused and bewildered. How can he endure the fierce attacks of the huge dove? With so many injuries, weariness, excessive thirst and hunger, and the scorching heat of the sun that hits his half naked body, Subic falls on the ground. After falling to the ground, he grasps a handful of soil and plant the small seed and there, Subic finally lost his consciousness.

Having seen what happened to Subic, the pigeon seizes and carries off a big stone and flew very high above Subic in order to drop the heavy stone on Subic’s body.

The seed that is being planted by Subic suddenly grows. The branches sprouted rapidly. The plant continues to rise and it appeared like a cactus. The robust leaves and the luxuriant branches overshadowed the body of Subic that is exposed to the sun. And the huge dove finally drops the huge stone but before it hit the body of Subic, the plant catches and grasps tightly the big stone. A little later, the flower of the plant sprouted. When Subic smells the fragrance of the flower he barely regains his consciousness.

“What a wonderful plant!” he said.

In the flower of the plant, there are constantly growing fruits. The fruit is immediately ripened. Subic picks ones then he eats. Subic is surprised because his usual strength returns. His vitality goes back to normal. Subic is really amazed on the plant. He stared at every single part of it. When his eyes are focused on the stem, he saw a big worm. This big worm is quickly eating the stem of the plant. Subic attempt to squeeze the big worm but suddenly, he changed his mind because he is afraid that the big worm might gnaws his fingers so what he did is to look for a stone to crushed the big worm. When Subic found a stone, the plant is already being cut down. And it suddenly withered and eventually dried up. So the plants that has quickly appeared, has quickly disappeared.

Subic crushed the head of the worm then picked it up. He attempted to throw it onto the sea but again, he changed his mind because he has an idea. He will make it as bait.

Subic took the fishing gear that he made and connects the worm to the fish hook. During the installation, Subic is unaware that the huge dove from his behind is carefully watching him. The huge dove is waiting for good opportunity on how he can get the big worm to Subic. This dove needs to eat because he was punished by Kinabuksan by not letting him to eat for ten days.

After connecting the worm into the fishing gear, Subic heaves the worm onto the whereabouts of Bareto but the huge pigeon did not lose time. When the worm is heaved upward, the dove took a good timing to peck the huge worm on the air before it finally dropped to Bareto. So the huge dove is hooked up to the fishing gear. Thus, the huge dove flew going to the direction of king Zambales kingdom. Subic holds firmly on the fishing line so he was carried away on the flight of the huge dove. But Bareto pursued them. While on pursuit, the feet of Subic are dragging onto the sea. This caused Bareto to put more speed in his swimming pursuit. Only a little pace so that Bareto can chase the feet of Subic. But the huge dove also accelerated his flight. And finally, the huge dove, together with Subic who is hanging under the huge dove, had reached the shore. When the huge pigeon saw the war flag being wave by the army of king Hanjin who are advancing to the kingdom of king Zambales, he quickly flew heading to their direction. Bareto, while doing his very fast swimming pursuit, glides to the shore and hits king Hanjin’s army. Many were crushed and many have died including king Hanjin. Seeing the rest of the army and their king, dead, the survivors are discouraged. They halt the attack. They bowed before the king and eventually surrendered.

It is the wedding day of princess Rita. Gone are the herds. Also gone is the bridegroom, general Mercano. But the wedding feast must commence. And it took ten days celebration. There are lots of foods being served because the territorial sea of king Zambales is now open for fishing. And the fishes are more abundant than the royal herds. The pirates, with the help of the Syokoys (male mermaids) and mermaids, are the ones in charge in fishing. The freed slaves and captives also took charge in cooking.

After opening the stomach of Bareto, they found the caban. They also found minister Asinan that is miraculously alive. He was enveloped by asin (salt) inside the stomach of Bareto.

Meanwhile, minister Japon, together with his conspirators were imprisoned. Balicbalic is assigned as the chief general of the kingdom while minister Asinan is the chief minister.

“This is eventually the fulfilment of the prophecy. Thanks for the huge dove. Thanks for the woman whose face is shining. Finally, justice is sought for the deaths of thousands and thousands of our races. The gods had forgiven Cabalan and Apo. The destructive curse of forest and sea gods is over. I recovered the caban. I inherited the throne. I gained the kingdom. But most importantly, I won the heart of the princess.”

Since then, the Island of Death is called Grande Island because the ten days celebration in the wedding feast was truly (grande) grand.

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