The Haunted Island: Story Of Chris

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

I am FireZenoel, A year ago my friend Seth4564 created an episodic novel titled- The Haunted Island: Season One, in that series, a character named Chris appeared in episode two.

This is his back story, his story during season one, his story in total.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Haunted Island- Story Of Chris

Submitted: July 07, 2015

Reads: 201

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Submitted: July 07, 2015




Chris: I can't believe this shit... out of all the fucking scenarios, I end up alone. Talking to myself on some hill, maybe I did need her..

Chris checks his gun.

Chris: Six bullets, gotta make the best of 'em, and save the last one...just..just in case. That little house up there looks abandoned, I should go check it out, maybe i'll have somewhere to sleep tonight..

Chris starts walking towards the house.

Before he can make it, the door opens, a man and woman come out.

Danny: Hey! You over there!

Chris: Woah! I'm Sorry! I'll leave I swear!

Chris opens his apartment door after a day of work, and lays in his bed exhausted, when his girlfriend Gianna walks in.

Gianna: Heyy babe, tough day at work?

Chris: No shit, some asshole of a couple got caught giving eachother head in the changing stalls, took forever to get them out. Motherfucking adventures of working in a clothing store.

Gianna: Hah, well that sounds like an interesting day for you.

Chris: Probably an even more interesting day for them.

Gianna: Well, head is pretty fun~

Chris: Read my mind babe.

Gianna: Heh, just some reasons why you're mine..

Gianna starts crawling on top of Chris in bed, giving him little kisses for a while, and soon start kissing more passionately..

Chris: (thinking) Chris is gettin' da-

Doorbell rings


Gianna gets off of Chris

Gianna: You fucking ordered pizza?

Chris: I didn't think he'd fucking get here this early! Fucking fuck!

Gianna: You fucking shithead, I was cooking for us tonight!

Chris: Well you could've fuckin' told me that!

Gianna: I did!

Chris: Whatever!

Chris gets up, runs to the door, and opens it.

Pizza Guy: Hi! I'm Ian, i'll be your delivery boy for tod-

Chris grabs the pizza, throws the money in Ian's face and slams the door

Chris: Motherfucker.

Gianna: So, lemme guess- No sex?

Chris: First Pizza, then sex.

Gianna: Why not both?

Chris: Fuck you I fucking love pizza.

Gianna: But you love sex too, which is why I caught you with that girl last month and you're lucky i'm still with your ass.

Chris: But there's fucking pizza.

Gianna: Fine Christopher, suit your goddamn self.

Chris: ..

Gianna: ..

Chris: Bitch.

Gianna: Excuse me?

Chris: I said I love you, now come on babe, let's eat this pizza, maybe chill with a movie, and then whatever bedroom fantasies your little heart desires.

Gianna: Promise?

Chris: Promise.

Gianna: Heh, I love you too handsome, remember though, we gotta get to the airport tomorrow to see my sister in Australia.

Chris: Jenny?

Gianna: Yeah Jenny, why?

-One Year Ago-

Chris: Alright Jen, c'mon your sister's gonna be home soon

Jenny: What'cha wanna play with first? I'm yours today Chrissy~

Chris: Fuck yeah! Gettin' dat!

-Present Time-

Chris: No reason, now come on- We gonna have fun or what?

Two hours pass, The two do everything they said they would do, Gianna is asleep in bed, It is only 8pm.

Chris: Alright..thats..uh, taken care of.

Chris walks open to a drawer, opens it and grabs a pistol.

Chris: Now to take care of that..other thing.

Chris walks out of the apartment, being careful not to wake up Gianna, starts up his car, and drives to a rather shady allyway, gets out his car, and walks into it.

Chris: Password Alpha Blue.

???: Welcome back, Christopher.

Chris: Yeah yeah fuck off Gideon, Do you have my money? Gotta pay rent somehow man.

Gideon: If I was finished selling those artifacts you stole, don't you think I would've given you your share by now?

Chris: Hey you fucking asshole, the crew and I pulled off that stupid heist two months ago, how aren't you done?

Gideon: My job is hard too, you try finding people that would rather be willing to buy rare and expensive stolen artifacts than call the cops and get an even higher reward money.

Chris: Maybe I will try! give me that shit and i'll find people, I'm going to Australia tomorrow, people there will buy them.

Gideon: I'm afraid I can't do that Christopher, besides, I already promised to give most the share to Marilyn.

Chris: Marilyn!? I did most the work! Where is that asshole!

???: Yeah, Chris, Wonder where that asshole is.

Chris turns around

Chris: Shit.

Marilyn: Well, you found me.

Chris: So, why's he getting most the share?

Marilyn: Because I need it most.

Chris: You need it most!?! Motherfucker you live with your parents, I struggle to pay for my apartment and manage for my family!

Gideon: Wait, what family?

Marilyn: He means that whore of a girlfriend he's got.

Chris: Excuse you?

Marilyn: Yeah, that whor-

Chris slams Marilyn against the wall

Marilyn: FUCKER!

Marilyn uppercuts Chris

Chris: Ugh!

Gideon: QUIT IT!

Chris: SHUT UP!


Chris tries to punch Marilyn, but Marilyn dodges it and pushes Chris to the ground. He spits blood, and gets back up.

Gideon: Boys...please.

Chris pulls out his gun

Marilyn: Oh shit!


Gideon: Alright son...theres no need for that..

Marilyn: Just calm down and put away the gun Chris...I'm sorry, alright?

Chris: ...

Marilyn: ..Chris..?

Chris sighs

Marilyn: Come on...let's let it g-

Chris pulls the trigger

Gideon: NO!

Marilyn drops dead to the floor, blood streaming out of his head


Chris: I..


Chris: I..I, uh....FUCK!

Chris holsters the gun, runs away to his car and quickly drives away

Gideon: Marilyn...Marilyn..fuuckk..

Police Sirens

Gianna wakes up in bed, yawns and rubs her eyes, she looks next to her and sees Chris asleep.

Gianna: Hey, Hey...babe, wake up.

Chris rolls over

Gianna: Come ooonnn don't be a brat.

Chris: Five more minutes..

Gianna: Uh not even a minute, come on the flight's today, can't be late. Marilyn should be here to pick us up soon.

Chris falls off the bed.

Gianna: Babe!?

Chris: Shit shit...I uh, hah yeah, almost forgot, I'll start getting ready.

Gianna and Chris get ready for the day, thirty minutes pass by and they're waiting outside.

Chris: So..uh, hon.

Gianna: Why is he not here yet..

Chris: Don't know, maybe oversle-

A car pulls over.

Gianna: Ah, there he is!

Chris: whatthefuck.

A man who isn't Marilyn walks out of the car.

Chris: ..Gideon?

Gianna: Where's Marilyn?

Gideon: Marilyn's sick, he told me about you two needing a ride today so i'm filling in for him.

Chris: Sick..?

Gideon: Yeah, sick.

Gianna: Alright, that won't be a problem, now lets go come on! Don't wanna be late.

Chris: Yeah...Lets..Do that, Gideon.

The three get into the car and start driving to the airport

Three hours pass, Chris and Gianna are on the plane.

Gianna: Odd that Marilyn got sick so suddenly

Chris: Yeah, wonder what happened.

Gianna: Woah, haha- Hey Chris check out who's over at the back of the plane.

Chris looks over

Chris: That would be a little girl in a pink hoodie and some lady.

Gianna: No, no- to the right!

Chris: Oh wow, it's the pizza guy from yesterday.

Gianna: What a cockblock.

Chris: I enjoyed that fucking pizza.

Gianna: But you enjoyed what happened after that even more, didnt you?~

Chris: You've done better.

Gianna: Yeah well maybe if you lasted longer than ten minutes.

Chris: Is that a challenge?

Gianna: Maybe it is.

Chris: Tell you what, when we get back home, i'll-

???: I love you.

Chris: Who the fuck are you?

???: It starts with an O.

Gianna: Could you please leave?

???: I like planes.

Chris: Nice. Fuck off.


Omid runs to the bathroom

Gianna: The hell?

Chris: Don't know.

Gianna:, as you were saying, what'll you d-

Chris: I'm going to sleep.

Gianna: But-

Chris: G'night sugartits.


Chris: ..

Gianna: ..

Chris: Bitch.

Gianna: Hey, hey babe...wake up...the pilot's saying something..

Chris: Hm..?

Announcer: Attention everyone, we've apparently ran out of fuel, and the..Um..Well.. We're gonna crash.

Gianna: What!?

Chris: Well that's real fuckin' unprofessional!

Gianna: No, no- he's joking right?


The plane crashes on an unknown island, definitely not Australia..


Chris wakes up coughing, blood on his face and dirt all over his clothes..

Chris: Fuuuck..Gianna...Gianna!

Gianna: Over here!

Chris turns around and sees Gianna at the exit, then runs over to her, on the way there he looks at the dead or knocked out passengers on the seats, one of them has an arm hanging off by a thread of flesh.

Chris: Babe!

Gianna and Chris hug.

Gianna: You're okay, thank god- I was worried..

A man walks over to Gianna

???: He's alright?

Gianna: Yeah, he's good.

Chris: Uh...who's this.

???: I'm Evan.

Gianna: He helped me.

Evan: Look, no time for introductions, we don't know where we are, a lot of these people are probably dead. let's get off this wreck and try to find some help, I think it's an island.

Chris: Whatever you say, I guess.

The three walk away from the wreck, and look around.

Gianna: Anybody see anything?

Chris: Fuckin' trees.

Evan: Keep calm, we'll find somebody or something.

Gianna: I think I found somebody...but..

Evan: But what?

Gianna: Look.

Gianna points to a direction, Evan and Chris look over and see a rather pale skinned and bloody person. He's groaning and walking around with his jaw hanging off.

Gianna: ...

Evan: ...

Chris: ...

Evan: ...


The dead man looks over to the group, and starts limping towards them.

Gianna: Oh shit!

Evan: Think he heard that..

Chris pulls out his gun from his pocket

Gianna: How the hell did you get that past security?!?

Chris: I have my ways.

Evan: Wait! maybe he's not dead..maybe just..heavily injured..

Chris: He has one hell of a pain tolerance than.

Gianna: Look, maybe let me try to..

Gianna walks over to the dead(?) man

Gianna: Hey..are you..uh..are you human?

Dead(?) Man: Grruaaoughh...

Gianna: I don't quite understa-

The dead man sinks his front teeth into Gianna's arm, trying to bite.

Gianna: OW! SHIT!

Chris: Babe!

Evan: Shoot it! Gianna get out the way!

Gianna runs away, Chris shoots the dead man in his heart but he keeps walking.

Evan: What..?

Chris shoots the dead man once again in his head, and he drops dead.

Gianna runs back to Chris and Evan

Evan: Are you okay??

Gianna: Yeah..that thing sunk into my arm, god that hurt..

Evan: Here.

Evan takes off his shirt

Chris: What?

Gianna: ooh.

Evan: Wrap this around it, it'll help, not alot, but it'll help.

Gianna: Heh, thanks bud.

Chris: Uh..

Evan: Chris, how much ammo you got?

Chris: About.. ten bullets.

Another dead person starts shambling towards them and Chris shoot's it in the head, it drops dead.

Chris: Nine.

Evan: Hey, conserve that. These things are a threat, but maybe we can avoid them or kill them in ways that don't involve firearms, I notice only a wound to the head will kill them, whatever's happened to them must be connected with their brain or something?

Gianna: Like zombies?

Evan: Sounds silly but...yeah, like zombies.

Chris: I vote we call them deadies.

Gianna: That's fucking stupid.

Evan: They lurk around..Lurkers it is.

Gianna: I like it, good thinking.

Chris: Alright, alright whatever- lurkers.. Anyways, anybody got any food? I'm starving..

Gianna: Here.

Gianna gives Chris a bag of candy.

Chris: Ay thanks babe, i'll save that.

Chris puts it in his pocket.

Gianna: What would you do without me? you need me.

Evan: Don't mean to interrupt the moment, but. I suggest we run now.

Gianna: What?

Gianna and Chris turn around

Chris: Deadies.

a group of lurkers are swarming towards them faster than the previous ones

Evan: Yeah, remember what I said about running? how about nOW!

The group runs into the forest, A lurker with a raincoat appears in front of Chris, he bashes his head against it's skull several times until it dies, the bag of candy falls out of Chris' pocket during this and he runs off to regroup with Evan and Gianna.

Evan: Hey you two! look! over there! A Shed!

Chris: Good eye mate! Come on!

The group quickly gets inside the shed and close the door.

Gianna: Ah..oh...fuck..what the hell happened to them..why are we here..

Evan: I don't know..but we're save now..we'll stay here a while, maybe wait for help.

Chris: Yeah..let.. do that..

Chris sits down in a corner

Evan: You tired..?

Gianna: He always is.

Chris: Just...give me a minute..I gotta..

Chris closes his eyes and passes out.


45 minutes later

Chris wakes up

Chris: Uguhh.. Gi..Gianna?

Chris looks over and see's Evan on the floor with Gianna on top of him passionately making out with him.


Evan and Gianna quickly separate from each other

Evan: Oh shit!

Gianna: Chris!

Chris: Chris what! what the hell! I fuckin' trusted you, i've done everything for y-

Gianna: No!

Chris: No what!?

Gianna: No, shut the fuck up! you've cheated on me with every fucking girl you see with some nice rack or ass, motherfucker i've dealt with it, up until now! How does this feel!? HUH!?!

Chris: ...

Gianna: E-Fucking-Xactly. 

Evan: I..uh

Chris: Shut up.

Evan: I'm sorry.

Chris opens the shed door, looks around, and then walks out.

Evan: I..

Gianna: Don't worry about him.

Evan: Right.. Are we uh..not going after him..?

Gianna: There's no point anymore.

Evan: Well.. we should get out of this shed too, considering the noise that just happened, it's not smart to stay.

Gianna: Okay..I'll follow you.

Evan and Gianna walk out the shed.


Chris is walking around carefully, gun in his hand.

Chris: F..Fuck...

He sits down on a boulder and starts crying.

Chris: Why is this happening...why is this happening...fUCK! I'm sorry Gianna.. Wherever you are.. I miss you..I fucked up, I should've never cheate-

Chris stands up.

Chris: Actually, no. You know what? Fuck you Gianna! I don't need you! I get with and fuck whatever girl I want! Good fucking riddance to you! I fucking hate you! DO YOU HEAR ME, I FUCKING HATE YOUU-


Chris: Oh fuck! That came from those hills!

Chris runs over to the hills.

Chris: ..Oh my god..

Evan: Chris...

A dead Gianna is eating Evan's stomach and pulling out his organs.

Chris: I..

Chris points his gun to Gianna's head.

Chris: Mercy.


Gianna drops dead to the floor.

Evan: Ch...Chriis..

Chris shoots Evan in the head.

Chris: ...

Chris points the gun to his head.

Chris: ..FUCK!

He shoots at the sky


He starts walking towards a house on another hill

Chris: I can't believe this shit... out of all the fucking scenarios, I end up alone. Talking to myself on some hill, maybe I did need her..

Chris checks his gun.

Chris: Six bullets, gotta make the best of 'em, and save the last one...just..just in case. That little house up there looks abandoned, I should go check it out, maybe i'll have somewhere to sleep tonight..

Chris starts walking towards the house.

Before he can make it, the door opens, a man and woman come out.

Danny: Hey! You over there!

Chris: Woah! I'm Sorry! I'll leave I swear!

Danny: No, no calm down! We just-

Chloe: We?

Danny: Okay.. I just wanna help you out, and maybe you can do the same for us.

Chloe: Are you armed?

Chris: Yeah..for uh, protection. just six bullets though, you never know when one of those monsters are gonna pop up.

Danny: Alright, I understand, you seem like a nice guy, come in.

Chris hesitates, and walks into the house on the hill.


© Copyright 2020 Seth4564. All rights reserved.


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