The Haunted Island: Story Of Chris

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 3 (v.1) - Episode Three

Submitted: August 01, 2015

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Submitted: August 01, 2015



Previously, on Story of Chris

Chris: ..Well, uh, hah, i'm better off on my own anyway I meaaan I got that thing to take care of aandd...bye.

Danny: Good riddance.

Chris walks off deeper into the forest

Chris: ...I fucked up.




Chris: ...

Chris: I end up alone a lot, don't I.. Probably deserve it.

???: Yeah, yeah you do.

Chris: Ah, I see, so you're just gonna haunt my imagination or something now, ain't you, Gi?

Gianna: Yeah, Yeah I am.

Evan: Be easy on him.

Chris: I don't need help from people that don't exist anymore.

Gianna: Why couldn't you save me Chris? Why can't you save anyone.

Chris: Well..I, uh..

Evan: That wasn't his fault! Gianna, you're the one who came up to the lurker, when it sunk it's teeth into you, whatever virus it's carrying must have gotten inside you.

Chris: Not a surprise for others to be inside her.

Gianna: You know, that's really funny coming from you.

Evan: You both fucked up! I fucked up too goddammit!

Chris: Yeah, and you both are fucking dead!

Gianna: You're gonna be dead real fuckin' soo-


Gianna: Hmph, that's all I wanted to hear. Thanks babe.

Chris: Fuck you.

Evan: Wait, Chris, one more thing- Walk ten steps forward and fifteen steps left.

Chris: Fine, if it'll get rid of you..

Chris does as Evan said and..

Chris: ...

Evan: You're welcome.

Chris: ..Thanks, my own mental state..

Chris: (thinking) A fuckin empty village, it's got gates..I..I gotta find the others!

Chris races back into the forest, trying to find the group.


Chris: Where...Where the hell are they..

???: NICK!

Chris: Shit, that's Danny's voice!

Chris races into the direction of the voice, and finds the group in a panic.

Chris: GUYS!

Danny: Chris!?!

Nick: Dude, what are you doing out here so close to us still?!

Chris: I was heading to the treehouse.. I needed to show you guys something.. Oh, and wheres that dude?

???: Mark..?

Chris: Yeah.. what happened to him?

Danny: This girl Tess was in the treehouse, Mark and Tess went to guard the outside, but all of a sudden we heard screaming while we were talking in the treehouse, we went down to check it out and Mark and Tess were being eaten, dead for sure.

Chris: Damn that's rough.. whos the girl? From the treehouse too?

Jayleen: Mmmhm, I'm Jayleen

Chris: ..Hi, i'm Chris

Jayleen: Uh..Hi?

Nick: Chris, what did you need to show us?..

Chris: Alright.. right this way!..

The group follows Chris, a couple minutes pass by and they reach the village.

Danny: Oh my god.. We're not fucked.

Omid: This is more coolio than Julio and I don't even know who Julio is!

Lilly: Can I...get inside and...have some rest..

Nick: Maybe you're not a danger to the group after all...

Chris: So I did good?

Gianna: You did good.

Chris: Thanks, Gi.

Danny: ...Who are you talking to?


The group has settled themselves in the village, have enough food and various other supplies, and go on regular scavenging trips to get even more.

Danny: Hey, everybody- group meeting at the dinner table!

Everybody stop's what they're doing and take their seats at the table.

Nick: What's this about, Dan?

Danny: Something important.

Lilly: Did you find a zombie pony!?

Omid: I bet he found a zombie pony.

Danny: No, Lilly and Omid. I did not find a zombie pony. Now anyways, Omid, i've been meaning to sa-

Chris: A zombie pony would be pretty cool though.

Jayleen: Kind of terrifying when you think about it.

Nick: Just a bit.

Danny: Guys, plea-

Chris: Now a zombear, that's terrifying.

Lilly: I would ride it!

Chris: You're gonna ride a lot some day.

Danny: CHRIS!!

Nick: Hah, come on Dan it was pretty funny.

Lilly: I don't get it..

Jayleen: Maybe it's best you don't, sweetie.

Danny: Alright...So as I was sayi-

Omid: He means sex!


Lilly: oooooohhhh seexx.

Nick: Well that just happened.

Lilly: What do you do in sex?

Danny: You're too young to know Li-

Chris: You Fuuuuuckkk!

Lilly: Fuck!

Danny: NO!

Jayleen falls on the floor holding her stomach in deep laughter


Danny: OMID!


Danny: CHRIS!


Danny: NEVER!



Omid: FUCK!



Lilly: ..

Chris: ..

Omid: ..

Jayleen: ..

Danny: ..

Nick: ....fuck

Danny: ....Are we fucking done?

Jayleen: Yessir.

Chris: Alrighty.


Omid: Skylanders

Danny: So, I understand you wouldn't have anywhere else to go..But I've been thinking..This whole ''insane'' thing? Puts us all in danger. I wish I could trust you, I honestly like you, but you never know..I'm sorry. I'll give you some supplies and then you're gonna have to go.

Omid points at Chris

Omid: You heard him, leave Omid, no one likes you and you have no taste in unicorns!

Chris: Please.

Evan: Damn, that guy has problems..

Chris: I fuckin' know right?

Danny: Chris, stop talking to yourself, and Omid- you have to go.

Omid: Fuck you Lilly






Danny had managed to calm everybody down that night, Omid was officially kicked out, Lilly was saddened by it, but everybody continued their lives as normal. Danny and Nick went out into the island to scavenge for supplies together, and Chris went alone.

Snapping Twigs

Chris: ..

Gianna: Aren't you gonna talk to us?

Chris: You're not real.

Evan: Let him focus, Gianna.

Gianna: He's got about a minute before Danny and Nick are supposed to meet him here, there's time to talk.

Chris: About what?

Gianna: How about Marilyn?

Chris: You know about him?

Gianna: I'm inside your head dumbass, I know everything.

Chris: Alright...So what about Marilyn?

Gianna: Why did you pull the trigger?

Chris: I don't know...fuck, he was being an asshole, and then he insulted you, and-

Gianna: He insulted me and you got mad.

Chris: Yeah! So What!

Gianna: Hm, nothing- that's all I wanted to hear.

Evan and Gianna disappear.

Chris: Fuckin-

???: Who is that!

Chris looks behind him and see's a group of three people, one of them seem very young

Chris: ...Give me a fuckin' break.

???1: You! State your name and what you're doing here!

???2: Or get an arrow between your eyes.

???3: Nah, hopefully we don't have to take it that far

Chris: ..Alright, Christopher Mackenzie. I'm here waiting to regroup with two men in my team.

???1: Are you armed?

Chris: Rifle, for protection.

???3: I'll be taking that.

Chris: What? Hell no! I need this thi-

One of the strangers punches Chris in the stomach

Chris: Aughh..! Motherfucker!

Chris punches the stranger back, then the second stranger pushes Chris, shoots him in the back with a bow, grabs the rifle and runs away with the rest of the group.


Chris runs back to the village in pain with the arrow still in his back and reaches the gates


Jayleen opens the gates

Jayleen: Chris!? What the hell happened!?

Chris: No time to explain goddammit!

Nick: What the fuck!?


Nick: Shit man! Danny said you'd be fine! Hold on let me get that thing out of you!

Nick struggles to pull the arrow out


Danny runs out to see what all the noise is



Danny: What the hell happened!?!

Jayleen: Chris got attacked!

Danny: By who!?!

Nick pulls out the arrow

Chris: Ugghh...Some stupid ass group, I was waiting for you guys then they came in and attacked!

Danny: ..You...waited for us?

Nick: Yeah, he waited for us. Jesus Danny next time actually think this through.

Danny: You agreed to it! You said it yourself he would of done the same!

Chris: Yeah, maybe. But I don't expect you two to do it! They beat the living hell out of me, took what I had and then ran.

Jayleen: What did they look like?

Chris: I don't fuckin' know, two adults, one maybe teen, one of them had a bow and arrow and...Shit, I don't fucking know.

Nick: Did they say anything?

Chris: They just wanted my rifle, I refused, then they put a beat on me, shot me, and left.

Nick: I'm so sorry..

Chris: No, i'm not mad at you, it's this little pissant right here! Proud of yourself Danny? We just lost a firearm!!

Danny: Well, it got you proud? maybe just a bit

Jayleen: Danny!

Chris: You goddamn vulture, I save your ass last week from that group of lurkers and this is how you repay me huh?

Danny: I would have been fine either way, now if you excuse me- I have a daughter to take care of.

Danny walks away.

Chris: Fuckin' liability..

Chris walks into his cabin, jumps into his bed and pulls out an adult magazine

Gianna: Really?

Chris: Shh, you don't exist right now.

Gianna: You could atleast have some respect for wome-

Somebody knocks on the door.

Chris: Well shit..

Chris opens the door and sees Jayleen

Chris: (thinking) Oh crap! play it cooool man, play it cooool.


Jayleen: ...Excuse me?

Chris: I mean uh, hey- What's up?

Jayleen: Well, I've been thinking recently...and that thinking involved you.

Chris: (thinking) Chris is getting that puss tonight..Chris is getting that puss tonight..Chris is getting that puss tonight

Jayleen: That thinking has also involved Danny..

Chris: (thinking) Chris is not getting that puss tonight.

Chris: What are you saying?

Jayleen: You two need to start getting along, it's affecting the group.

Chris: Look Princess, I'll start respecting that shitbird once he starts respecting me.

Jayleen: Maybe he has reason, When I first met you guys, it seems you were the one to set him off while he didn't really do much to you, until now that is.

Chris: ...Alright, what do you want?

Jayleen: What?

Chris: You want food? ammo? What will it take to get you on my side.

Jayleen: Chris, I don't want anything like that, I just want you and Danny to get along.

Chris: You want me to catch those people who mugged me and bring them over here so they can fight Danny and he'll know it feels? got it.

Jayleen: What? No! I'm asking you to-

Chris: In honor of Clariss- or Chloe or something!

Jayleen: Wait, what? Who's Chlo-

Chris runs out the room and exits the village.

Gianna: Oh you idiot.

Evan: This isn't such a good idea bro!

Chris: Shut up! What the hell could possibly go wrong?



"It's been a couple hours...Chris isn't back yet, what the hell is he up to..."

"This is kind of nice.. Being on watch, Nobody bothering me...Just thinking to myself."

All of a sudden, I heard a noise, something to my left.. Like glass hitting the floor or something like that.

I turn around... Nothing's there.

''What the fuck..''

I see a shadow behind me.


Nick: What the fuck..

Nick turns around and a stranger knocks him unconscious.


Everybody is beaten up, the whole group is in a cell...

Nick wakes up, see's what's going on, and runs to Chris.

Nick: Chris! The fuck man, Get up!

Chris: ...Five more minutes..

Nick: Get the fuck up!

Nick kicks Chris on the head.

Chris: Agh, fuck man! Fine, goddamn..

Gianna: We said it wasn't a good idea

Chris: Not.Now.

Chris gets up.

Jayleen: Danny! Come on Danny! Wake up!

Lilly: Is he okay?

Gianna: He better be, for your sake.

Chris: Nah.

Nick: Goddammit Chris atleast pretend to care!

Chris: Well hey, none of this would of happened if you simply waited for me!

Roberto: I don't even know you man, but you're the reason we're all here right now!

Joel: Can we focus on the passed out man?

Thomas: Wait, look! I saw him move his mouth!

Chris: (thinking) Huh, well those three are new.

Danny: Ugh..

Lilly: Daddy!

Jayleen: Get off him Lilly, he's waking up.

Danny gets up

Danny: Where...Where the hell are we?

Nick: They tied up and put us in this cell, you've been passed out for hours.

Chris: (thinking) notmyfault

Evan: Pretty much your fault

Chris: (thinking) Ah, so you can hear my thoughts too eh?

Gianna: Remember, we're just inside your head.

Lilly: Uncle hit you.

Jayleen: Uncle?

Danny: Don't worry about it..

Joel: I'll explain it to her..

Roberto: Hey man, I'm not gonna lie when I say you look horrible, need anything?

Danny: What I need is to get out of here..

Nick: Working on that!

Danny: Wait...If the whole group's here..

Danny turns around and looks at Chris.

Chris: ....Sup?

Gianna: You're done now.

Danny charges towards Chris and punches him.

Chris: Gooooddammmmiiit!

Evan: Things are going south real fast

Jayleen: Danny!

Chris: What the hell man!

Danny: I should be asking that to you, what were you thinking going out to find these people, this is all your fault!

Chris: You fucking giggled at seeing an arrow in my back!

Thomas: ...That was you?

Chris: Wait, you're the dick who shot me?

Chris starts walking to Thomas but Joel and Rob restrain him.

Roberto: Come on! We get it, you're pissed! But we gotta work together if we'll get out of here!


Danny: Hey Jay?

Jayleen: Yes?

Danny: Permission?

Jayleen: ...Permission granted.

Danny punches Chris causing him to fall down to the floor in pain.

Evan: This really isn't going well.

Chris: You..Fucker..

Danny: Shut up, just shut up.

Nick: Alright, before we even thinking about-

???: Think about what?

Jay, Danny's ex-wife standing out the cell.

Joel: Huh? Nothing, just stuff.....and things..

Lilly: Mommy..

Danny: Well..This is her, my ex-wife. Let's just call her Jay.

Jay: Surprised to see me?

Danny: Nothing surprises me at this point, Jared told me everything.

Jay: Hmph, Welcome to hell, Daniel Upshur.

Danny: Hell? I've already been.

Jay: How are you doing Lilly?

Danny: Don't talk to her.

Jay: She's my daughter.

Danny: You killed your son.

Jayleen: That's enough! Why are you here.

Jay: Who's this, your new girlfriend?

Danny: You're one to talk, getting together with your brother.

Jay: To answer her question, I'm here to take you to the cafeteria to have your breakfast.

Nick: You trust us to walk beside you?

Jay: Of course not, that's why I have guards that'll be watching you, try anything and you'll be shot right away.

Roberto: If one of us has to use the bathroom?

Jay: They'll still be watching you.

Roberto: Hm..

Danny: We'll see about that...come on Chris, get up.

Danny pulls Chris up.

Chris: Uh..Why'd you pull me up?

Danny: Don't get me wrong, I hate you, but we're a team.

Gianna: Cute.

Seven armed guards come in and Jay unlocks the door, one of the guards lead them to the cafeteria while the others stay behind the group.

Chris looks to his side and see's what seems to be nearly fifty people in the cafeteria.

Chris: Woah..That's a lot of people you've got there for just one group.

Roberto: There's more of them, we have around two hundred people in this community, it's a big community.

Danny: Two hundred? It doesn't seem many people survive these plane crashes, How long has this group been going?

Roberto: Long time, years. Thomas, Joel, and I only got here four months ago. Our parents didn't make it, The three of us have been surviving together and found this community eventually.

Thomas: Slightly regretting it..

Joel: We had no other option.

Danny: Yeah well you have an option now, helping us get out.

The group sat down at a table and began eating.

Nick: Bacon? there's pigs on this island?

Thomas: There's a pen of animals.

Chris: Damn dude, this group has it pretty good.

Jayleen: I hope you're not saying what I think you're saying.

Chris: Of course not, I want out.

Gianna: Normally you want in.

Jared walks to the table.

Chris: (thinking) There's the fucker that did this..

Jared: Hey there, how's your first day at the base?

Danny: You mean our first day of jail?

Jared: Hey, feel lucky- we're going easy on you.

Jayleen: By having armed guards follow our every move?

Jared: We could have just killed you. 

Nick: Alright, you've made your point, what do you want?

Jared: Just letting you know the announcer will start talking in a few seconds, you'll be brought out to the courtyard outside to play ball or whatever you want, there's an electric fence, so basically- if you try to escape, you die.


Jared: There it goes.


Danny: Prisoners huh? Barely enough time to even start eating.

Jared: It's not my fault you got here late, now get moving.

Chris: Son of a-

Jared: What are you saying Christopher?

Nick: Chris, it's not worth it.

Gianna: Babe..

Chris: (thinking) Babe?

Chris smiles.

Chris: Nothing...Nothing at all Sir.

Jared: Good, now move.

The group walks out to the yard, a teenager appears

???: Hey, I'm Malik, Give us a second. Some guards like myself are still on their lunch break.

Lilly: Daddy..

Danny: Yeah hon?

Lilly: I didn't get to eat..

Chris: (thinking) Hm..

Gianna: You really wanna do that?

Evan: Might go bad.

Gianna: He likes taking risks, I always liked  that about him.

Chris: Hey, Malik- Do you think you could maybe spare some of that for this little girl here? You know, little kids need to keep their strength.

Malik: Sorry, can't do

Danny: It's not like it would hurt..

Chris: Come on, it's just a little girl.

Gianna: He's...brave.

Malik: I could care less man, it's my lunch.

Chris: ...

Malik: ...

Chris: ...

Malik: Wel-

Chris: Bitch.

Gianna: Ha!

Malik: Excuse m-

Chris spits on Malik's lunch.

Chris: You so hungry huh? You wanna keep it to yourself, don't wanna feed a starving little girl, huh? Fine! Fucking eat it!

Danny: Chris..

Malik: Motherfucker!

Chris grabs Malik's sandwich and rubs it all over his own body, and takes a bite

Chris: You still want a bite, eh, Mal?

Evan: broooo

Lilly: BITCH!

Danny: LILLY!

Malik swings at Chris but Chris dodges it.

Nick: Leave him alone!

Chris: Stay back! This is MY fight! MY FUCKING REDEMPTION!

Danny punches Malik

Danny: I appreciate it, but like I said- We're a team!


Malik grabs Chris, and starts quickly dragging him to the fence as Danny chases him

Jay walks into the hall and sees Malik

Jayleen: ..Malik!?

Malik: ..Jaylee-

Chris escapes Malik's grip, turns Malik around and pushes him into the electric fence, he screams as he fries to death.

Danny: ..Oh fuck

Evan: What's gonna happen..

A guard runs into the yard



The guard pulls out a walkie-talkie..

Nick: No...

Lilly walks up to Chris

Chris: ..

Lilly: ..Thank you.

Chris hugs Lilly.

Jayleen: He wanted to redeem himself...He did it.

Jared runs in

Jared: Alright, what the hell happened!

Danny: Don't you go blaming Chris! that guy was all on his back, Chris did the right thing!

Chris: Your guards are fucking insane!

Jared: So you pushed him into the electric fence!?

Nick: It wasn't Chris' fault, Malik did swing first!

Jayleen: You can't punish him for something that wasn't his fault!

Rob: Jared, they're are telling the truth!

Joel: Yeah, don't you trust us?

Thomas: Why would we lie to you!

Jared: I can't have this type of behavior on your first day, there will be consequences.

Chris: Such as?

Gianna & Evan: No..

Jared pulls out his gun and shoots Chris.

Gianna & Evan: NO!

Lilly: NO!!

Nick: CHRIS!

Chris falls down to the floor, as blood spills from his body.

Chris: (thinking) I...I did it...I redeemed myself...that's all that matters right..

Evan: You.. You're a good man.

Gianna: One of the best.

Evan: I'm so sorry..

Chris: (thinking) Don't be... I should be sorry...Gianna, you're right, I was never loyal, and I regret it all so much..

Gianna: It's..It's okay babe, I forgive you, you're the best.

Evan: Without a doubt.

Chris smiles

Chris watches as chaos unfolds between his group and the community.

Chris: (thinking) They're smart, they're strong, they can get out of this..

Chris coughs and spits blood as he's fading away..

Chris: ...Thanks for the memories.

Everything fades to white, Chris looks up and see's Gianna, she gets him up, the two hold hands and walk away.

Thanks for the memories.

© Copyright 2020 Seth4564. All rights reserved.


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