Paiting The Roses Red With Love- Book 1

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Alase Hart was your normal sixteen year old until the will of a long distant realative leaves her with the possesion of a journal that belonged to an Alice Liddle. In the book she finds secrets of a place called Wonderland and how to get there. When her parents move her into a house where Alice Liddle used to live she finds herself falling down a rabbit hole like Alice did a long time ago. There she finds herself falling in love with someone named Cam, also known as Hatter with his dark hair and green seductive eyes. But will her love for Cam be the one thing that causes her to fail at saving the destroyed Wonderland from the red queen once and for all?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Paiting The Roses Red With Love- Book 1

Submitted: May 21, 2013

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Submitted: May 21, 2013



I was running. My legs were pushing themselves as I ran through the odd forest, jumping over burnt trees and large trunks. My dark hair flew in my face as I looked back to see if they were still on my trail. I jumped over another large tree but when I got over the other side she was there, her deep red dress matching her eyes. "Alice," I whispered.
"Hello Alase dear, it's so nice to actually meet you, dream or not," she said in her thick accent.
"Why are you doing this?"
"Because I am warning you, do not come to Wonderland."
"I don't understnad, who are you and what is this place called Wonderland?"
"The less you know the better it is Alase, you must never come to Wonderland or you will regreat it."
"I don't understand, what's so bad about it?"
"It's dangerous, the queen has taken over and we will kill you."
"The people of the queen, people like me."
"If you work with her why are you warning me?"
Her head snapped to behind me. "They are coming, you must wake up before they catch you."
"But I don't-"

I screamed as I shot up. I frantically looked aorund only to calm down at the soft blue color of my bedroom walls. I leaned back against my headboard and let my loud heartbeat start to fade as I caught my breath. My head snapped to my door as a kncok erupted from the other side.
"What?!" I questioned.
"You get dressed and get downstairs, the will reader is here."
I looked at the clock and it read 8:12. "THis early?"
"Just put on the dress I left for you and get down immeditly."
"Yeah, you got it."
"Oh and leave the attidude up here."
I snorted before I listened to her footsteps dissappear. I kicked off my light covers before scuffling my way over to my dresser where a nice elegnnat dress lay on the old wood. I groaned as I picked up the blue dress with the lace.

When i walked downstairs my parents were talking to an older man over tea. "So sorry I'm late," I said with flase smiles.
"It's quite alright dear, we were just haivng the most magnificent conversation," Mum said as she tried to put on her best elegant side.
"Take a sit darling and join the tea," Dad said while pushing me into a chair and forcing a tea cup into my hands.
"Now that the family is all settled why don't we discuss this will."
"Whose will is this exactly?"
"I did some research for your parents and it seems that she's a distant relative of yours...she goes by the name-" he stopped and started fumbling with his papers. He stuffed his glasses on his face and said, "A woman named Alice Liddle."
That name seemed so familiar. "And where did she live?"
"She didn't live too far from here, just on the other side of town in a nice country mansion."
"A mansion?" I choaked out.
"Dalring, let the man get on with the reading."
"Oh right, the reading."
The man pulled out a nice large envelope. "To Mr. William Hart and Mrs. Lynda Hart I leave my mansion in hope it will come in use of them."
My mother took the envelope with joy and didn't hesitate to leave the room to open the package.
"And to a Miss. Alase Hart I leave my journal, so she can relive my memories."
I accepted the thick but old journal and looked at it. 'So my parents get a house and I get a journal, nice,' I thought while holding tightly onto the new addition to my books.
His watch beeped. "Oh dear, I must have forgotton, I have a meeting I must attend."
While he packed up his brief case he hummed a tune that seemed so familiar to me. "Sir, would you mind telling me what song your singing?"
"Oh, you wouldn't know it,'' he said and clicked his case shut. "Can I give you some advice?"
"Why not?"
"Use the book wisely, let it guide you, Alase, let its warnings settle in your mind before you do what you will."
"Excuse me?" I asked, with heavy confusion.
"I cannot say no more."
I watched the strange man leave the room with a waddle. My eyebrows furrowed in confusion as I swore to have saw a fluffy white bunny tail on his bum as he walked off. TBC

AN: I know this chapter makes no sense at all but I still hope you guys really like this story in the future.

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