Happenings and Agendas

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The beginning of what I hope turns into something a lot longer...

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Happenings and Agendas

Submitted: July 29, 2009

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Submitted: July 29, 2009



She loved this. She loved waking up to thunder raging and rain pounding. She loved waking up with the perfect girl in her arms... waking up happy. Waking up feeling like she had nothing to worry about. In this room, in this bed, at this moment everything was how it should be. Ever since Iowa had met Ayden she felt like her life was complete. So cliché, but true. Three months had passed since that night and she could remember it all perfectly. She could remember what time it was when she had picked her coffee up off the table just as Ayden walked by. She could remember that the moon was a Waning Cresent as her coffee fell to the ground when Ayden crashed into her. She could probably tell you the number of stars that were in the sky as Ayden, who was then only known as the beautiful girl with the charcoal eyes blurted out "I'm so sorry! Let me buy you another..."

Iowa had heard that voice and she was hooked. She could barely stutter out an "ok" in reply.

"I'm Ayden." The girl smiled and held out her hand.

"Iowa," she said as she shook her hand.

"Iowa... that's a really interesting name." She held the door open for her as they walked into the coffee shop. "What were you drinking?"

Iowa told her and Ayden ordered the drinks. She couldn't keep her eyes off of her and the way she ran her fingers through her hair. Couldn't help but want to see her crooked smile again. Apparently, infatuation took only seconds to manifest. Ayden turned around and caught her staring. Out came that smile. "I got the same. Any chance you want to join me?"

They talked for hours, arguing over the best type of music, agreeing on their favorite movies. They broke the occasional silence with laughter. As the night passed by the coffee shop emptied out until it was only them and a few other people left. Iowa couldn't remember ever feeling this comfortable around a person so quickly. She decided to take a chance and ask for Ayden's number. What was the worst that could happen?

And there she was three months later waking up to perfection. "Good morning, beautiful," she whispered in Ayden's ear. Ayden didn't open her eyes, but Iowa caught the glimpse of a smile that momentarily took over her face. "Good morning," she breathed out.

They continued to lie in bed, neither of them wanting to be without the other's touch. Neither wanting to leave the comfort of their calm within the storm.

They had both dozed off again. A couple of hours went by and the storm passed through leaving behind only sunlight and clear skies. However, they were then woken up by shouting coming from Iowa's roommate's bedroom down the hallway, a much less peaceful awakening than they'd experienced earlier.

"You're a fucking bitch, you do know that right?"

"How am I a bitch? You're the one who said you'd help me and then backed out at the last minute."

"Something I can't get out of came up at work! I told you that."

"Yeah, yeah, whatever. It's always something with you. Well I'll just get someone to help me since my girlfriend can't get out of a day's work to help me!"

"Not this again," Ayden mumbled.

"It's getting ridiculous, I know," Iowa responded, "But we really can't do anything about it. We just have to let it play out."

Iowa's roommate, Aaralyn, and her girlfriend, Delilah, had been arguing on and off for a while now. Just when things seemed like they had cleared up between the two, something happened that broke their short-lived truce, no matter how minute it was.

A few minutes of shouting later Iowa heard a knock at her door and saw it slowly open. "Can I come in?" Aaralyn asked. Without waiting for a response she walked through the door and sat on Iowa's bed.

Ayden pretended that she was still blissfully asleep and Iowa pushed herself up to a sitting position. "I guess you can."

"Delilah and I broke up."

"Not again... you know you two break up every other week. You'll be back together within the day. Don't worry."

"Not this time, this time it's different..."

Iowa searched her friend's face. Aaralyn's blue eyes seemed to be filled with pain and her short black hair was disheveled in a way that she normally wouldn't let anyone see. Iowa knew that this time something really was different.

"She said she'd be back later today to pick up her things."

Iowa reached out her arms and hugged Aaralyn as she broke down in tears. "I'm sorry, babe." She said as she rubbed her back. "What happened?"

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