Silvia Grey

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - An Illegal Love

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Submitted: February 23, 2013



Chapter Four – An Illegal Love

Sam had made it back to Suburbia, almost crashing the bike on the way. Soon enough, he parked the incredibly rough bike at the dead-end of the graffiti alleyway. After falling the long height with the four pounds on the wall, he looked up, only to see a furious Sean and Barsy stand before him.

“It took you long enough, Cords!” snapped Barsy, as Sam got up from the ground.

“Ah... well…” started Sam, rubbing his hoody.

“So, where is the pizza?” asked Sean, gazing at his hands.

Sam bit his lip. “Well, you see-”

“I don’t see anything in your hands. Don’t tell me you dropped them.” Sean growled.

“No, but-”

“What’s wrong with you? You look like you’ve seen a ghost! Speak up, Cords!” Barsy announced, crossing his arms.

“But… that’s the thing, I-”

“And where is Silvia?” asked Sean and Barsy together, glaring behind Sam.

“Shut-up and listen to me!” screamed Sam with a frantic wave of his arms.

The other two stopped at once. Sam sighed, his hands together. “... Daniel shot her and took her away... I tried to help… but he tried to shoot me as well. I couldn’t get to her.” he explained vaguely.

Sean’s face went white, terror flooding him. “We’ve lost her... again…” he whimpered.

“We’ll get her back, Stars, ok? She should be fine.” Barsy alleged, trying to be comforting.

“But, he’ll probably take her to Trano! Oh, dear God... we’ll never get her out of there... not in a million years would we ever get her off that planet… we couldn’t even possibly get there.” Sean muttered worriedly.

“Wait... she still has the transmitter! We should call her!” exclaimed Sam excitedly, his hand dipping into his pocket.

Barsy smacked his hand down. “Wait! Give it time... We’ll do that in, let’s say... an hour’s time. It’s far too dangerous to risk calling her when she's with Daniel. You’ll know what he’ll do.” he snapped.

“I know, I know… so... what do we do now then?” asked Sam, slumping down on a white chair.

“It’s a waiting game now, Cords. That’s the only option… the worst game in the world.” sighed Barsy, sitting down on another chair.

“I wonder what he’s gonna do with her... hopefully Trano isn’t yet within his reach yet… what a crazy man he is… and the man that runs Trano, too.” Sam muttered, shrugging with a puzzled look on his face.


Silvia could finally hear her own breathing. She slowly opened her stinging eyes and gazed around. Her vision was blurred, and she couldn’t even make out where she was. Was she dead? She seemed to remember the horrid events of the night before, indicating that she had not yet entered hell or heaven yet. The last thing she saw was the wavering drainpipe and after that, she blacked-out. Or was that really the last thing that happened? Her vision then suddenly started to go back to normal. But, there was something very wrong; she felt the feeling of softness.

She expected a lumpy, hard bed with dull grey walls enclosing her and the nasty writing on the walls and the blue, transparent hologram door that locked her in to her tiny cell... but this? This was the complete opposite. She was lying on a soft, woolly bed with a window beaming right behind her. She could feel the balminess of the sun grinning down on her through it. She managed to sit upright, peering outside to see the cars of Arcadia hovering from place to place on the streets and the higher travel tubes.

This has to be a dream. This has to be a dream. This has to be a dream, Silvia replayed to herself. The tranquillity was disrupted by a sound; a door creaking. She spun her head around and saw, of all people, Daniel. Like a startled cat, Silvia leaped against the wall and curled her tail around herself, poising the tip at Daniel.

“You… you stay away from me!” she yelled in fear.

Daniel shook his head. “Silvia, Silvia, Silvia... come here.” he ordered, grabbing her clawed hand.

She struggled for a few seconds, but then suddenly started to calm down with Daniel’s surprisingly gentle touch. Her heavy breathing finally began to come to a halt.

“This... this is a dream, right?” she said to him.

“No... This is real. I’m off-duty for now.” Daniel replied, smiling forcibly.

“Yeah, right. Your sarcasm’s stale.” Silvia snapped, thinking it was such nonsense.

“I left one of my officers in charge. But, your kin wouldn’t know how Humans work anyway.” Daniel jeered angrily.

Silvia gave a slow blink, ignoring his insult. “Why are you doing this? What exactly is going on? What happened? Why exactly are you being nice? Or acting?” she asked, as he took a bandage off her gloveless hand.

She never knew that some bloody cloth was wrapped around it. She must have got the horrible cut when she fell of the drainpipe. But, none of it mattered anymore because Daniel was being nice to her. Silvia knew very well that it was eerie. Humans couldn’t get along with Thieves ever since the Calamity. In fact, Humans weren’t allowed to be sent to prison. Only Thieves could commit to the darkness of the world.

“Humans can be nice, Silvia... but, I want you to meet someone for me.” Daniel said, helping her up off the bed and slipping her other glove on.

All what Silvia could hear was lies pour out of his mouth. What could he possibly be up to now? But, she played along, smiling harmlessly.

“Um... who is this person?” she asked politely.

Daniel bit his lip. “He is, ah... he is... ah... well, he’s someone I know who wants to see what it... it’s like to be a... a Thief. Training you could say… maybe.” he stammered, struggling.

Silvia blinked again, finding the excuse invalid. “Ah... I see... Where is he anyway?” she asked in suspicion.

“In… the living room.” Daniel muttered.

Shock hit Silvia, but she wasn’t sure if it was good or bad. “Living room? Where am I? What is this place?” she asked in astonishment, coming to a horrid realisation.

“My... apartment.” replied Daniel, soon regretting it.

Silvia’s eyes widened. She was in her worst enemy’s apartment, with no back-up in God knows what part Arcadia City. But, Silvia decided not to take it as a bad thing. Besides, she could have possibly pocketed a thing or two while she was here. Maybe he even had good food. She glanced round, admiring the luxury of the room. The cream curtains were wavering from the soft breezes, showing a metal balcony on the far right of her. A huge TV was on the wall in front of her, and she was still lying on the soft, double bed.

“You’re rich?” she asked nervously.

“I get paid well, Silvia. Any job that has to do with tormenting Thieves is honoured.” Daniel said proudly with a smug look.

Silvia rolled her eyes, flouting his remark. “What is the name of the person you want me to meet?” she asked.

“Never mind that. He’ll probably tell you. You two should hit it off, since you’re both slackers.” Daniel chuckled thoughtfully, watching Silvia trying to walk. 

He… and slacker, she thought. Once she stood up, she just stumbled off her balance. Daniel, however, rushed over and caught her.

“Take it easy. I don’t exactly want you in a broken condition.” he said, helping her up.

She struggled to gain balance but, when she did, her thoughts on Daniel had started to mix, even though it could have well been a trap. I ain’t falling for anything he says. Dirty Humans, she thought.

“Right, follow me, Saliva.” Daniel ordered with a smirk.

Silvia glowered up at him. “Silvia.” she growled.

“Whatever.” Daniel muttered, as Silvia shot a vicious glance at him.

They ambled out the door and into a classy hallway. It was like a mini-mansion on how beautiful the apartment was. Silvia peered up at the pictures on the wall, some showing Daniel’s family or pictures of holidays. She felt disgusted at how happy he was sometimes. Humans could have fun? It was hard to believe for Thieves, since they knew that Humans were strict and had rules.

Soon, they entered through a wooden door near the end of the corridor. Here, was obviously the living room. The floor was a salve carpet, suiting the white hover-chairs that were placed near the massive TV. A whole side of the room was glass, showing a view of the gorgeous city. On the couch close to them was Max, who seemed to be unhappy with every channel.

“Ahem!” coughed Daniel.

Max groaned, glaring up at his uncle. “You don’t seem to have her... Oh well, you tried. Good endeavour, Daniel.” he sighed, continuing to flick through the channels with waves of his hand.

“She’s behind me, Max.” Daniel snapped angrily.

At that, Max turned off the TV and gazed at Silvia walking past Daniel. Silvia didn’t seem to notice that his eyes widened. But by the horrendous look on Daniel’s face, he had already noticed it. The vase beside him was becoming very optional to throw at his nephew.

“Before you two get comfortable,” Daniel said, attempting to be calm. “I would like to speak to Max.” he finished irritably.

Max got up and walked out, still gaping at Silvia romantically. Silvia ignored the Human, sitting down innocently and smiled up at Daniel, who stared at her nastily. He then slammed the door, leaving her in the room. And that’s when glee hit the Boss Thief. She immediately got up and scanned around the living room for something to take. She caught sight of a silver and expensive-looking watch on the table, glistening its magnificence. And with no hesitations, she slipped it into her pocket, not having any idea of what was going on outside the door.

“Max! What the hell do you think you're doing!?” whispered Daniel furiously.

“She’s so... pretty… the pictures I see are always rough and blurred.” replied Max, smiling romantically.

Daniel looked at him in disgust. “Right... don’t you even remember why you’re meeting her!?” he whispered furiously.

“To propose?” suggested Max stupidly.

“NO! You’re going to get details off her!” Daniel jeered furiously.

“Like what?” asked Max in shock.

“Where her hideout is... I’ll get more money for details.” Daniel hissed, clenching his teeth.

“Wait... your making me your own little... spy?” Max hissed furiously.

“You’ve only caught that on now!?” Daniel screamed furiously.


The two squabbled and squabbled for ages. Silvia peered at the door, wondering what the faint voices were arguing about. Why should I be worried? Stupid Humans, she then snapped in her mind. Her silver eyes locked onto the TV, yet the thought of what the quarrel was about still prodded her mind like an annoying child begging for sweets. She turned on the television with a wave of her hand, putting on something called “Crime Watchers”. It showed two officers trying to keep a panicked Thief under control. The Thief then leaped on one of them and started attacking viciously, making Silvia giggle.

There was a sudden creak of the door, making Silvia give a glance back. Daniel and Max stood there, but she snubbed them completely. Then her shock finally slapped her. She glared back at them, noticing Daniel had a furious look in his face and Max was making a movement with his hand at his neck, clearly saying; turn it off, turn it off, turn it off.

“Turn it off.” commanded Daniel angrily.

Silvia swished at the TV with her hand and it went black. Daniel, after wiping his face from any emotion, took a deep breath then paced out, leaving Silvia wondering even more on his strangeness. She glared at Max’s emerald eyes, who had sat down beside Silvia with quivering hands. Silvia kept her eyes locked onto him like a loaded gun, waiting for some filthy move. But, what Max came out with sent astonishment through Silvia like one of Daniel’s sudden smacks.

“So... how’s it going?”

A look of disgust registered on Silvia’s face. How could a Human be so casual around a Thief? It was impossible, wasn’t it? Silvia slightly turned away, ignoring Max as best as she could. Max noticed her disgust, however, putting him into panic.

“Sorry.” he whimpered nervously, looking away.

Silvia put her nose in the air. “I don’t know you.” she said simply, crossing her arms with a flick of her tail.

Max shrugged. “Yes... but I know you more than you think.” he replied.

Silvia grunted, knowing that her "bad" fame has got her known all over the place. She felt proud at the thought, but was dragged back down to misery when Max’s eyes beckoned her back to him.

“Ok... Daniel wants us to get to know each other.” he soon said, obviously not liking her silence.

“Oh, really?” Silvia asked sarcastically, flicking her tail once again.

Max gawked at it in horror, slowly putting his eyes back onto Silvia’s. Silvia noticed his look, irritating her already.

“What?” she snapped, raising an eyebrow.

“Your tail... it’s pretty scary up close.” Max breathed, trying to be calm.

“I won’t attack you with it… haha, yet.” Silvia muttered with a small smile, shrugging slightly.

“Oh, haha, yet? Whaddya mean?” Max asked anxiously, darting his eyes away.

Silvia raised an eyebrow, ignoring him once again. “Err... why did Daniel pick you to see me?” she asked blankly.

“Oh, well, you see…he is a friend of my dad’s and-”

 Max stopped dead. Silvia glared at him with a puzzled look. She knew he was deep in thought. But, what about? What happened? Silvia wanted to ask, but she was much too busy on the concept of Daniel.

“And?” Silvia asked. 

Max finally broke out of his trance. “And... I had to stay with him for a while. That’s it. Yup, that’s all. He’s doing work and he kinda wanted to involve me in it, too.” he replied, smiling awkwardly.

“Ah... I see.” Silvia muttered slowly, sick of lies already.

She just wanted to leave the place. What were Sean and the others doing? She wondered if they would even rescue her at any time. She had the feeling that Daniel was just threatening to put her on Trano. He could have been ordering a car right now for her. Max was still thumping her mind though. There was something different about this Human boy. Something Silvia could not figure out. Everything Daniel and Max had told her should have been lies; she could almost sense it. But why were they lying? As she snubbed Max’s staring once again, she settled down to watch TV, pondering on what the three boys were doing at the minute in her hideout.


Sam was boiling with rage and impatience. “Barsy Cades! It’s been two hours and we still haven’t called Silvia! Our boss, may I remind you!” he screeched furiously.  

There was a clanging in the kitchen. “I know, Sam!” Barsy’s voice came. “But... I’m sort of worried if we call her at the wrong time.” he continued, pacing out of the kitchen with a can of coke.

Sean paced over to them miserably. “Please, Barsy... I’m worried about her... I don’t want her to go onto Trano… ok? None of us do.” he said quietly.

Barsy glared at Sean in sorrow, biting his lip. Sean knew it was hard to get Barsy’s sympathy, but he had succeeded into doing the difficult task. Barsy glared back over at a raging Sam, whose green eyes bulging from ire. With a sigh, Barsy then spoke up.

“Oh... all right. We’ll call her then… in fifteen minutes.”

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