Silvia Grey

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Failure of Information

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Submitted: February 25, 2013



Chapter Five – Failure of Information

Silvia and Max had not spoken to each other at all. The situation was too awkward for Silvia. All they had done was watch TV. She noticed that Max’s eyes kept shooting glances at her. She didn’t really mind, however. She was actually rather fond of it. She knew she could easily manipulate the Human boy into doing anything she wanted. Daniel, however, was another problem she had to face. She knew his eyes and ears were scanning them relentlessly, but she could not for the life of her figure out what he was after.

Speaking of which, the not so focused Daniel was busy sorting out criminal records in the kitchen. He didn’t very much like leaving his nephew alone with such a “dangerous creature”, but he wanted the cash to swallow him up when he was finished. However, Daniel also had a problem; he had not expected Max to develop a crush. A “horrible and illegal” crush. As much as he hated the thought of the two together, he knew he had some sort of advantage. Maybe Max could pull off some sly move and get Silvia to fall hopelessly into his arms… but then Daniel came to his realisation. It was Max who was, quite frankly, a loser. And it was Silvia who was, quite frankly, a manipulative genius. So, the Arcadian Chief decided to get on with other things.

Silvia, on the other hand, was growing more and more content watching the TV in Daniel’s apartment. It was like using him, which was a real treat to Silvia. Max, however, felt extremely uncomfortable, as least that’s what Silvia could pick up. She felt that he just didn’t know what to say. He seemed to be more concentrated on her tail, fearing that she might hit him with it if he said something wrong.

“You do know that Daniel wants us to get to know each other, right?” Max asked suddenly, glaring at her tensely.

Silvia rolled her eyes. “Yes... you said that. But I’d like to know why.” Silvia groaned, not taking her eyes off the TV.

Now, Max knew he was really stuck. What answer in mind could he use to confirm that? With no other obligations, he knew Daniel was the one to answer.

“I’ll be right back.” he muttered awkwardly, standing up to leave the room.

Silvia flouted him completely once again, trying to remain focused on the TV. As Max paced down the corridor, he had to give out a few rough breaths from the pressure of it all. Daniel immediately lifted his head up and stopped typing on a panel once his nephew appeared. Max leant on the wall of the kitchen coolly, trying to act as calm as possible.

“Sup?” he said, breathing heavily.

Daniel sneered slightly. “What do you want, Max?” he asked in suspicion.

Max shrugged slightly, looking away. “Silvia isn’t exactly the talkative type, is she?”

“Haha! She doesn’t shut-up if you ask me! Are you saying she’s actually being quiet for once?”

“She’s awkward,”

“She’s a Thief, and she is certainly fond of writing on walls so don’t give her a spray-can at any costs,”

“What can I say to her, Daniel? She basically just asked; why does Daniel want us to know each other well? What the heck do you say to that!?”

Daniel stayed silent. After a while, Max noticed he went white. Max simply stood there, waiting for a reply and darting his eyes to the hologram clock above the cupboards. When Daniel finally gave his answer, it automatically made Max cringe his heart out.

“Ah... just say... for work… for… you know, fun?”

Max glared at him for a while, nodding very slowly. He turned on his heel and sauntered away as leisurely as a snail in a garden. Daniel then drooped his head down again and continued typing on the panel, mumbling some curses under his breath. Max had paced back into the living room and sat down beside Silvia, who frowned at his casualness.

“So... give me an answer.” she then demanded.

“For work… and fun?” Max whimpered quickly.

Silvia finally looked away from the TV, a sneer curling on her lip. “Then why did you choose me... for fun?” she asked.

“But… But, I didn’t choose you!” Max yelped.

Silvia could almost feel Daniel’s emerald eyes burn down the corridor on her. She was completely confused by the situation, and Max was giving her no clues on what Daniel was up to.

“Daniel... chose you.” Max finished, panting in anger.

“Why did he choose me?” Silvia carelessly, turning her head to the TV again.

The Human boy was getting on her nerves now. But, even though she was snubbing him as hard as he could, his actions were getting more and more interesting. Max stood up, straightened his shirt and paced out into the kitchen once again, arms crossed.

“What now?” Daniel asked innocently with a smile, continuing to type.

“She wants to know why you chose her to be my friend.” Max barked.

Daniel’s smile wiped off his face like a cleaning cloth. A look of ire spread over his face, forcing him to take a breath. “Just... say... I thought that you are the most... suitable? Different experience? Something like that?” he suggested, pulling out a pistol from the counter drawer.

Max took a step back, his hands slight raised in alarm. “What are you doing?” he asked, raising an eyebrow as Daniel pointed the gun down the corridor.

“Nothing... nothing... just trying to make it that she DOESN’T EXIST!” he screamed furiously, clutching the gun tightly and forcing a smile.

Max had his jade eyes widened in astonishment. He kept his hands up, walking backwards down the corridor. His eyes were still locked onto a fuming Daniel, as he slowly made his way back into the living room. Silvia darted her eyes up to him, sighing in boredom.

"Are you ok?” she asked tonelessly.

Max jumped in shock. “Yes! Fine, fine!” he exclaimed, sitting down beside a frowning Silvia again. “Daniel thought you were suitable for me.” he said suddenly, trembling.  

“Ah... I see.” Silvia muttered, still unconvinced.

She was praying and praying to God that she would soon escape somehow, or that Daniel would be merciful enough to throw her back onto the streets. She even found herself coming to the thought that she’d much rather kiss Daniel than have to endure Max’s clumsiness. And, just like a miracle, something began to bleep furiously in Silvia’s pocket.

“What… what’s that?” asked Max in fear, glaring at her.

Silvia knew she had to act quickly. Max liked her; she had picked it up. Hopefully she could use his naïvetés to force him to keep secrets. She turned to him and clutched his shoulders immediately as the transmitter bleeped again.

“Promise me you won’t tell Daniel about this.” Silver whispered, her silver eyes glinting.

Max nodded rapidly, shaking slightly. With a weary look, Silvia then slid her hand in her pocket and took the transmitter out. She tapped the middle of it, making the usual ripple go across the screen. Suddenly, Barsy appeared on it, red and blurry like always.

“Barsy! Oh, thank God!” Silvia gasped, her hand to her chest.  

“Where are you?” asked Barsy, breathing heavily.

“In Daniel’s apartment.” Silvia whispered, gaping down the corridor.

“What!? Get out of there!” Barsy shouted, his teeth clenched.

“Ssh! Barsy, be quiet! Daniel’s just down the hall!” Silvia whispered, ignoring that Max watched them with such curiosity.

“Get out of there as soon as possible… we need you back! Suburbia will go insane if they don’t know what you’re at!” Barsy hissed. “Meet us at the hideout. We’ll be waiting. Sean is worried sick about you.” he added, disappearing within a flash.

Silvia glared down the corridor, hoping Daniel’s ears were attending something else. Max knew that the "hideout” was one of Daniel's many goals straight away, but how could he even ask a Boss Thief about her precious hideaway? Silvia, however, was more focused on getting out of the apartment. She slid the transmitter back in her pocket and looked as though she was about to faint. She gave a sharp glance at Max, who was obviously waiting for her to say something.

“Please don’t tell Daniel.” Silvia simply gasped, panting.  

Max smiled warmly. “I won’t. I promise that.” he muttered in concern.

Silvia’s silvery eyes clashed with his emerald ones, forcing her to not realise that he was reaching for her hand. Before Silvia recognized that his skin was on hers, the door swung open to reveal Daniel.

“Max, I-”

Daniel glared at them in shock, giving a filthy look to their hands. “I told you not to propose!” he yelled furiously, his lips pursed.

Max’s jaw dropped in time with Silvia’s. “I’m not proposing! Are you crazy!?” Max cried, his hands flying back to himself.

Silvia had no choice but to signal for help. She glared at Daniel desperately, mouthing the words; put me back on the streets or I’ll kill you. Daniel gawked at her in ire, but knew he had no gun to put her down. Silvia knew he was allowed to do it, since she had over one-thousand crimes, but why wouldn’t he? Daniel, however, knew that she was basically a pile of cash sitting on his couch. He wiped the glare off his face and put his hands together, sighing. Max had shuffled away from Silvia, trying to not get Daniel angered furthermore.

“So,” Daniel started. “Does anyone want a drink or something?" he asked  awkwardly.

Silvia immediately turned her attention. “Yes, coke.” she demanded.

Daniel shot her a filthy look. “Fine. Coke for Miss Primadonna.” he snapped irritably.

Silvia glared at him, sick of his usual attitude. She knew the only way to get out of here was to pass the barricade, which was Daniel. She also knew he was up to something dirty and cruel like he always was. Manipulation and confusion was now her only key if she wanted smoothness.

“Hey!” she announced. “You were being very nice to me and now you’re just the same as usual.” she whimpered in despair.

Max threw a look of concern at Daniel, who Daniel simply goggled at her and raised an eyebrow. Forcing them the best she could, small tears dribbled from Silvia’s eyes as she gazed up at Daniel, where she stood up. Daniel, on the other hand, was starting to panic. Silvia knew it by his dumb look, forcing her to hide her snigger. Daniel, surprisingly, then paced over to her and moved her onto the seat as gently as he could. He was about to say something, but Silvia butted herself in.

“And you are-are a p-policeman. Y-You aren’t s-supposed to make a-anyone c-c-cry!” she wept pathetically, shaking her head.

Daniel squinted. “If it’s the way the thing goes I sort of have to...” he muttered suddenly, looking away from her.

Somehow, Silvia was making it work. She knew Daniel was not the easiest victim, however. The suspicion coursing through his face signalled to her that she had to try harder. Max still stood nearby, envy growing on his face.

“Um... Daniel that’s... that’s my spot on the couch.” Max murmured in spite.

“I want to talk to Silvia alone. Go to your room.” Daniel ordered simply.

Max let his fury race through him. He opened his mouth to talk, but Daniel’s look told him to close it. He then spun on his heel, marching out of the room with the door slamming behind him. There were some pounding footsteps, and wham; another door was slammed. Daniel shook his head in irritation, turning back to look at Silvia. However, a huge grin was spread across her face at his off-guard state.

 “You faking little bitch!” Daniel growled loudly, his teeth clenched.

Knowing that his guard wasn’t as high, Silvia then wacked him off the seat with her tail and smashed a part of the glass wall. Swiftly, she got ready to leap out until Daniel sprung up and clutched her tail. Silvia found herself thrashing off the floor just before she could leap out to freedom. Daniel then pulled her over to him and clasped her by the neck, holding her forcefully against the wall.

Silvia clogged brutally, clutching his wrists in attempt of escape. “What-are-you-doing?” she choked.

“You are going to tell me all your little secrets, missy! And you are also going to include your little hiding spot or I swear I’ll kill right now, even though you’re worth thousands!” Daniel screamed with rage, his eyes glinting maliciously.

“Let me down first!” Silvia bawled, struggling.

“Not until you tell me where the hideout is!” Daniel shouted.

Silvia couldn’t bear his yapping anymore. She dug her nails deep into Daniel’s hand, forcing him to lose his grip. He blared out in agony, clutching his now crimson hand with manic whimpers. Silvia took gasps of breath, stumbling slightly as her fingertips tried to soothe her neck. She darted her eyes to the broken glass wall, rapidly leaping out if it with no other thoughts.

Daniel had picked himself up, leaping over to the broken wall to glare down the head-wrecking height to watch the Thief fall. Silvia had gotten into a skydive pose, so she fell along with the shards of deadly glass and landed perfectly on the ground. Silvia forgot about the Thieves’ ability to survive skyscraper height. It was if she was a robot. She glared up at Daniel, who was a dot in the distance, and then saluted him with a smile before sprinting off. Everyone around her, however, scowled at her with widened eyes and fled in terror.

She didn’t care about them, or if they phoned the Police. Her silvery eyes then locked onto a teenager on a tidy and silver motorbike hovering past. Suburbia was too far to run to for that matter, so she leapt for the boy, knocking him off with a vicious push and a growl.

“Filthy Humans!” she spat before zooming off into the alleys.


Daniel glared at her escape. He knew he was too late to do anything. All he could do was mutter to himself.

“Damn Thieves…”

Max then came flying into the room on skidding feet, glaring at the wall in horror. “W-What happened?”

“Max... stay here. I’m going to get the Police ready. I’ve had enough of her!” Daniel ordered, hissing in pain at his hand.

Max glowered at the dribbles blood staining the floor, his mouth slightly open. He tilted his head to gape at Daniel, who had already exited with manic curses under his breath. Ignoring him, Max peered down the skyscraper from the broken glass, seeing that the officers had gathered around in an anxious group. No sooner, Daniel was amongst them and he certainly seemed to be raging. Max sighed, sitting down on the couch in misery.

He felt as if he could have admitted anything to Silvia Grey right now. She was the most wanted Thief in the galaxy, but he never knew she looked like what she did, or even acted like what she did. She was different to Max. Daniel never had bothered to show him any pictures or recordings of her. And he certainly wasn't one for the news. School only could get blurry ones, which made everyone look like some ball of fuzz for some reason. With another breath, he gave a glance to the window, wondering if he could sneak out somehow.

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