Silvia Grey

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - The Diary

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Submitted: February 27, 2013



Chapter Seven – The Diary

“I don’t trust that Human, Silvia.” Sean barked, pacing up and down the hideout like a deranged creature.

Silvia sighed, knowing much too well that Sean hated Humans. She remembered the first time she met him in 2035, where he came stumbling to her feet, announcing that a gang of heavily “anti-Thief” Humans had tormented him with an electric chair. But, Silvia knew that there was something different about Max. Something too different for a Human. He was trustworthy, and she had to make Sean see that.

“I trust him.” Silvia announced sternly, crossing her legs on the hover-seat.

Sean spun around to her. “Why?” he spat in ire.

“Well, for one, he never told Daniel about the transmitter,”

“Maybe he didn’t or maybe he did... but, this is huge, Silvia! Not even another Thief knows where our hideout is!” Sean hissed, his fist in the air.

Silvia rolled her eyes. “Sean, just calm down, ok? We are all escape artists, eh? We’ll find a way out of it if we get caught, right? Yes, we will.” she said casually, turning her attention to the TV.

There was a clang from the kitchen. “And what happens if there is too many of them? The sirens?” Barsy asked irritably, who had just entered the living room from the kitchen.

Silvia bit her lip, not thinking of some huge ambush before. “Err-”

“See? And if Daniel finds us we are so dead. You’re the one he wants. Not sure why to be exact but he sure as hell won’t stop until you’re place permanently on Trano.” Barsy warned, sitting down on the couch with a can of coke.

Silvia sighed and ignored them all with her nose in the air. But, at the same time, she was in deep thought about how the secret of their precious home was in the hands of a Human; the supposed enemy. But, was Max really someone to fear? Should she have just killed him and hid his body somewhere on the streets? She didn’t know, but she turned her mind off from it as Sean nestled in beside her with a comforting smile.


After being dropped off in front of the apartment building, Max had forced his way into the glass elevator and finally came to Daniel’s door. He stopped outside of it, fear striking through him. His hand slowly grabbed the handle, sweat making a torrent down his body. Daniel was no picnic when he was mad. He entered through the door miserably and peered up at Daniel, who was standing in the corridor with his arms crossed and his face in a furious frown.

“Max,” Daniel began sternly. “Why where you in Suburbia?” he asked more wrathfully, gawking into Max’s slightly bloodshot eyes.

Max could think of no logical excuse to give. He simply shrugged and looked as though he was about to cry; he was extremely worn-out and starving. Daniel, thankfully, had picked up his sense and sighed, unfolding his arms.

“I bought a Chinese for us. Come and have some of it. You look hungry, you know that?” he said gently.

Max smiled, the smell of it already forcing saliva from his lips. “Thanks, Daniel...” he muttered, passing him and entering the kitchen.

Daniel followed him, giving a quick glance at the broken hover-board. Sitting down, they started the meal, an awkward silence between the two. Max ate sloppily, his eyes straining to stay open. Daniel watched him, almost ignoring the food at points from his actions. Once they had finished, Daniel abruptly repeated his question again.

“So, why were you in Suburbia?”

Max gaped at him nervously and stayed silent for a while. After gathering up his courage, he finally spoke out lines from his head.

“I’m sorry... I left the apartment because I didn’t want to stay here and do... do nothing. After the break-out, I just had to go everywhere around Arcadia I could. I broke my board on the way though. I dropped it by accident. Do you think I could get it fixed?” Max whimpered in despair, quivering slightly.

He expected Daniel to scold him, but he was quite wrong; Daniel had said that he would take it to the repairs, that he could watch TV for an hour if he wished and then to go and get some rest. Max, this time, obeyed him and went straight to the living room, slouched onto the couch and turned on the TV, straining to catch every word of the show while Daniel began to sort out files. However, the phone rang from beside him, catching his attention. He gave it a puzzled glare, slowly picking it up.

“Hello?” Daniel asked casually.

“Hello, Mr. Polo. How’s our little deal holding up, hm?”

Daniel laughed slightly. “The money is getting higher on her head. She just broke into a shop recently. Little git-”

“I don’t care about her crimes, Daniel. I want to know her details. I want you to get her in her hideout. Just a little challenge for you so I can raise your cash, eh? Anyway, I have a little bit more of a task for you,”


“Are you aware of C.A.D? I’m sure you are. Also known as the Power of the Night? Well, I know it was originally a lab mistake. But, my scientists here have discovered that it makes Thieves more powerful either way… but, it only works on Boss Thieves. Silvia’s a Boss Thief, right? You already know what I intend to do with her. So, I’m sending you a very special gun. It’s a fine-looking gun. Once you get her, shoot her with it. If you do it successfully, I’ll add onto your fortune.”

Daniel smiled deviously to himself. “I won’t let you down, sir,”


The line then cut off. Daniel sniggered, knowing that he was going to be filthy rich once Silvia was in his clutches. He peered down the corridor, happy thoughts fuelling him for his nephew to get a better life in Arcadia once he was swallowed in cash… as well as power.


After about an hour of watching the TV, Max knew it was time to get some rest. His incredibly droopy eyes already suggested this. He paced into to his room sluggishly, almost collapsing from tiredness. It was quite a small room with a rubicund and cosy-looking single bed on the right beside the small window. There was a desk with a flat laptop, hologram panels and a hovering red chair. The light crimson walls were covered in pictures and posters of Max’s favourite bands, cars and sports. Everything else seemed to be red, too, as well as a comfy gaming chair with a flat TV, games, DVDs and magazines littering the stand.

Max staggered over to his chair, grabbing a flat, hologram panel with a transparent lock on it. He peered at the door and behind him nervously, then turning to the lock once again. He whispered, A.P.D into it, making it fly open. It was seemingly a diary. It had a tap keyboard at the bottom of it and hologram lines filled it. Max had not written anything into it before, so it lay on his desk to gather dust. But, he now decided to keep his deepest secrets in it. He felt somewhat silly and childish, but he was also forgetful, too. This would be a key to his memory. Leisurely, he stared typing.

First Entry. Daniel never told me what Silvia Grey looked like. She was quite the chick to me, tail and all. Daniel wanted me to get info off her for some whacky reason; that failed, thank God. But, I did manage to find out where her hideout was. It was all an accident, since I was attacked by some random woman.

Hideout – Silvia’s hideout, or hole, as Daniel likes to call it. Narrow Alleyway, about near the middle of Suburbia, hard to see, shining silver motorbike down it, Tap wall four times, fall down hole and you are there. Pretty cool inside. Don’t know how it’s managed though. Probably something to do with the guy who has way too many coke cans in the fridge.

My Crush? – I really do love Silvia. I can’t help it though. The law is that Humans and Thieves are not allowed to bond. I don’t even think it’s biologically possible, since Thieves cause the darkness in this world. But, I was always different somehow. Humans are said to be proud to be Humans... but, I’m not. I have only met her twice but I would love to join her and be a Thief. I must be the first Human ever.

There’ll Be a Next Time – I’m going to visit Silvia again whether the A.P.D like it or not... after school I think. Need an excuse for Cindy, Mark and Henna though. Cindy hates Thieves and is totally aware of them. She’ll ask where I’m going most definitely.

The Transmitter – Still haven’t told Daniel about Silvia’s transmitter. Never am and never will. That’s small, but if it makes her like me more, I’ll do it.

After putting his school time-table into it, Max stopped typing. He locked the diary, put it beside the laptop and fell into his bed, full of exhaustion. He gaped up at the twinkling stars littering the sky above Arcadia. His mind drifted to Silvia; he wondered what she was doing right now. Probably loving life, he thought. Without another word to himself, he fell asleep, evading into his dreams that would have been against the law.


After a good night’s sleep of such deep dreams (which Max blushed at), Max had woken up for dreaded school. He knew he had to think of an excuse for his friends to see Silvia again, because he always hung around and went to the shops to scavenge some food with them. After waking fully, he helped himself to a bowl of cereal and was delighted to see that Daniel had gotten his board fixed, flame tattoos and all. Once he got himself washed (his least favourite part) he sat down on the sofa, making sure the right school holobooks were there. And, after the careless rush, he scoped out his dinner money and ambled silently into Daniel’s room. Daniel was lying face-down on the pillow with his arms spread out like some sloppy star. He was obviously exhausted.

“Daniel... Daniel?” Max whispered.

“What?” Daniel muffled back.

“I’m heading out now.” Max said quietly.

“Are you washed?”


“School Stuff?”


“Dinner Money?”



“Yes and thanks for that.” Max mumbled. 

Daniel flipped his hand, indicating him to leave. After exiting the apartment building, he zoomed off on his board for school, which was in the centre of the vibrant Edua.


In the hideout, Sean had awoken earlier than the others, being especially careful not wake Sam (it was possibly the world’s worst thing to do). Seeing no one else was up, he crept out to get some breakfast. It was tight, as two officers had settled themselves in his chosen restaurant for a break in Neonia. Sean however, being a "professional", had managed to swipe some eggs, toast and juice from a back room. When he returned from his crime, Silvia and Barsy had awoken from their sleep.

“Got some breakfast.” Sean muttered and shaking the bag.

“Good... I need some food. Starving for some reason.” Barsy yawned, gazing at the bag longingly.

“We’ll just leave some for Sam. We are certainly not waking him up.” Sean added on, peeping back at the bedroom.

They settled down with the breakfast, chatting silently and keeping the TV at a low volume. Silvia had put on the fix, which was basically the news. It was simply a broadcast of recent Thieves who had been caught, which always bore the heads off them.

“Think about the poor Thieves,” Sean mumbled. “Out there sleeping in a dumpster or under one. Two Thieves were found sleeping in an alleyway by the sirens quite recently. They were arrested obviously. Stupid scars on our cheeks give everything away.” he groaned.

“You think that’s bad?” Barsy scoffed. “One was found on Christmas in the snow! The A.P.D found her but she had broken a leg... she obviously didn’t die, but they took her and gave her a little box of hell to stay in. All comfy-cosy in Daniel’s little Cell Room.” he then snapped, finishing his toast.

Silvia didn’t talk at all. She didn’t very much like the concept of her own species being picked on by Humans, so she silently nibbled on some bacon. The two boys, however, chatted away until Sam had come in complaining about hunger. The subject changed when he had sat down, as he started asking about Max and the way he “held Arcadia’s biggest secret in his filthy hands.”

“Don’t worry Sam,” Silvia muttered. “If he told it would be on the fix or Daniel would come barging in... I don’t really know how he found the place, but he did. And, well, we are just going to have to go on... evading the sirens, stealing food and drink... you know, the usual.” she sighed disappointingly in attempt of cheering them up.

Thankfully, the others silently agreed with her. It went silent for a while; the only sound being a Human’s monotone voice on the fix. Sean then raised his head, pursing his lips.

“What day is it?” he asked suddenly.

Silvia glared at him. “Monday.” she jeered.

“Max would be at School,”

“Yes... and?”

“Daniel will be at work soon,”


“To pass the time we could... sneak into his apartment...”

Barsy burst into laughter, almost choking on his bacon. Silvia gave a frown at Sean, knowing he was nuts. She had never actually attempted to break into her form foe’s habitat, mainly because she didn’t want to try it. But, now that she had been there, she knew all sorts of luxuries in his apartment were just waiting to be stolen. But, yet again, it was pure crazy. Silvia was crazy, too, but she had angered Daniel enough.

“Pfff,” she sputtered overconfidently. “You don’t even know where it is!” 

“Yes, that’s true. But, you do.” Sean whispered, peering deeply into her silver eyes with a broad smile curled on his lips.

“Maybe,” Silvia sighed. “But, I already stole his watch... look. We don’t need to steal anymore from it. Poor Daniel probably can’t even tell the time anymore.” she sniggered, handing over the expensive watch from her pocket.

“Ah... you’re afraid of being caught aren’t you?” Sean asked, his beam even broader and handing it back.

Silvia knew he was half-right, but what happened to his protectiveness? “Why do you even want to go into his apartment?” she asked, looking away in shame.

“To pass the time, for fun and, most importantly, to ANNOY him.” Sam interjected.

It was a few minutes until Silvia finally decided. She knew she had to take her mind off Trano and the thought of being sold for thousands, most likely. With hesitation, she agreed to do a robbing of Daniel’s precious apartment. Sean and Sam giggled in delight, but Barsy was frowning.

“No, no, no,” he announced in his formal tone. “We could get caught and the last time I was caught, I was put in the Interview Room first, then the office to do Daniel’s dirty file work for him and then I was put into my stupid Cell. I escaped five days later though because of an interview. It was a newcomer dude, and he had not much clue on what he was doing. I think he was fired to be honest.” he groaned.

“So? You still escaped. Now, let’s go!” Sam exclaimed eagerly, pointing at the space.

Barsy shook his head furiously, crossing his arms. Silvia, for once, was agreeing with Barsy in her head. Sean turned to her, an exasperated look on his face. “Silvia, you can lead us there, right?” he said.

“Sean! We can’t just go out into public like that! Scars on our faces, remember?” Barsy hissed as if her were their father.

“We’ll take the alleyways on the motorbike. We didn’t get caught when we robbed the shop, did we?” Sean snapped.

“We won’t all fit on the one motorbike.” Barsy sniggered, shaking his head once again.

“You’re losing horribly, Smarties, there’s the police one, too.” Sean chortled, folding his arms triumphantly. 

Barsy waved his hand, followed by groan, indicating that he had given up. Silvia found it quite amusing when he eventually admitted defeat, which was actually quite rare.

“Right, let’s go then. Time to rob us some Daniel things.” Sean announced cheerfully with a clap of his hands, getting up and heading for the space.

The rest of them followed on quick feet. After zooming up and into the alleyway, Barsy and Sam mounted the police motorbike while Sean and Silvia clambered onto the silver one. Barsy had already taken his place, until Sam had come sprinting over.   “I call driving!” he shouted, pushing Barsy off it.

“No, I’m driving!” yelled Barsy, getting up and shoving Sam away.

“Let Sam drive, Barsy. You should know the Cord guidelines by know.” Silvia mumbled as she clung on to Sean, who had already proclaimed himself the driver. 

Reluctantly, Barsy let Sam drive, knowing there was quite an immense risk of crashing. They sped off through the alleys, Silvia still pondering on whether this was the right way to let go of stress; a feeling she hardly ever felt.

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