Silvia Grey

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Chapter 8 (v.1) - Red-Handed

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Chapter Eight – Red-Handed

After a drive of bumping, yelling and almost getting caught, the four managed to make it to the right apartment building that Silvia had so reluctantly pointed out. They took the back passage, where a strong smell of cigarette smoke and laundry was lingering through the air. House-keeping bots were rushing here and there with baskets laundry, so Silvia knew it was safe enough, considering the amount of times Barsy had explained how they were programmed. Instead of going in through the place, they took the fire exit and started climbing up the long flight of creaking, metal steps. The building was like a skyscraper, so they were scaling for a while, until Silvia finally managed to remember Daniel’s window, which was near the very top.

“We’ll have to use the drain-pipe.” Silvia hissed, seeing there was not much of the stairs left to reach it successfully.

“I’ll go first,” Sean sighed. He clambered up the drain-pipe as quickly as he could go, soon leering in through the window. “Coast is clear.”

Silvia simply grumbled, sticking her metallic claws into the pipe. She swiftly scaled up it, soon prying the window open as silently as she could.

“Typical and pathetic,” Barsy’s voice called. “He forgot to lock the window.” he groaned from below, shaking his head disapprovingly and peering up at them.

After Barsy and Sam had managed to get in with silent squabbles, they found themselves in Daniel’s bedroom. Thieves were not used to such luxury, so Sean, Barsy and Sam found it truly fascinating. Silvia had already been here, so she simply folded her arms and sighed at the sight of it.

“Wow! Look at the size of that TV! Can we take it?” asked Sam, gazing at it with emerald eyes of hope and wonder.

“No, Sam! It’s way too big! We’ve got one already anyway!” Barsy hissed with a shake of his head, pacing over to investigate Daniel’s desk.  

“Hey, look!” Sean announced. “He has a 2000-Maxmine monitor! Barsy, you could make this thing let us know if the sirens are around, right?” he exclaimed, holding up a thin, grey square. 

“Of-course I could. That’s all that I’m taking from here. Nothing else much anyway.” Barsy snapped, snatching the detector and putting it in his jean pocket.  

“Right, Barsy got the monitor thingy. We only get one thing each and then we leave, please. I’m not going to Trano today.” Silvia commanded sternly.

Sean peered out through the bedroom door, tilting his head down the corridor quickly. “Yeah... he’s definitely gone.” he muttered to them.

“Prove it. Go and see if the door is locked.” Barsy ordered. 

Reluctantly, Sean tip-toed down the corridor and tried to open the door; the small clanging from the knob indicated it was most certainly locked.

“Ok. We’re safe to take what we want. Go ahead, guys!” called Sean down the corridor.

The others dawdled out and started searching. Barsy stood waiting at the foot of Daniel’s bedroom door, his arms crossed and tapping an imaginary watch at Sam. Ignoring him, Sam had found Max’s bedroom and decided to take his GameZone-320. Unfortunately, he had tipped the games over, making a loud bashing noise. With an expression of worry and a wince, he closed the door behind him and waited with Barsy.

Sean had found one of his favourite movies on DVD and took it, hurrying Silvia on so he could watch it. Silvia had noticed Max’s diary lying on the desk in his room, not knowing that Max was the owner. She wondered who owned this room. Daniel didn’t have a son that she recalled of. It must have been some sort of relative. She recalled Max saying that his dad was only friends with Daniel. Ignoring the room as best she could she, instead, took three cans of cokes and biscuits from the wondrous kitchen.

“Right, we’re all set.” Silvia sighed.

She ambled back to the window, planted her foot on the sill and was about to leap out until-

“Ssh! Listen!” Sam hissed.

They glanced around, straining to hear any source of a noise. Silvia couldn’t hear anything, assuming Sam was probably off into another world. But, that’s when she heard the awful noise drill her ears; A.P.D sirens. Sean span around to the noise, clutching his movie more tightly.

“SON OF A BITCH!" he screamed in rage.

The four then furiously turned towards the window, about to leap out. Behind them, however, there was a bash. Suddenly, the door had burst open with an awfully boisterous wham, revealing Daniel and several officers standing in, their guns held up. In panic, Sean and Silvia had leapt out of the window and landed perfectly on the platform far below them. Barsy and Sam followed them on hurried feet, while Daniel sprinted to the edge with the other officers, shooting furiously down to them.

“Run! Down the stairs!” yelled Sean.

“No time!” Silvia screeched back, grabbing Sean, Barsy and Sam’s hand.

She was forced to drop the biscuits and coke, but her freedom was more important. The three then leapt off the platform and fell down the devastating height like a bunch of skydivers. Daniel had already taken a step forward; he leapt down to the platform, slightly hurting his leg from a bad landing.  

Once the four landed on the concrete ground after a few minutes, they ran for their lives towards their motorbikes. Daniel repeatedly shot at them, his fury over the limit. The Thieves had clambered onto the motorbikes, driving away with heavy pants. As Daniel took the last fire, his gun locked up. He banged at it furiously, glaring at Sam, who had stuck out his tongue at him. 

“I WILL FIND YOU AND YOUR LITTLE HIDEOUT!” Daniel screamed at him, as Sam showed him the finger.

After that, Daniel threw his gun to the ground in fury, smashing the handle. With a few pants, he made his way back into the apartment, from the front doors locking every window, door and anything that could be a possible way in.


“Great! Just great! They saw us! Are you happy, Sean!?” Barsy shrieked furiously when they got back to the hideout.

“Well... at least we weren’t arrested, Cades.” Sean muttered, shrugging.

Everyone went silent. Silvia put a hand on her shoulder, not believing that she was but a mere inch from being caught once again. Daniel would have also probably taken the three boys in as well, and tormented them in all ways possible. She, once again, needed to change the subject.

“Right, let’s... just sit and watch some TV and forget all about it, right? He still can’t find us, ok?” she suggested. 

Silently, and thankfully, the others agreed with her.


After a long day of boredom, Max was leaving school, two of his friends pacing beside him silently. Max knew he had to bring his excuse up soon, or he would never hear the end of it from Cindy.

“Guys,” he started. “I can’t come to the ice cream parlour today.” he mumbled, as they trekked through the gates.

“Why not?” Cindy’s bossy voice butted in. “We always go every Monday... why, do you have a little surprise for me and don’t want to show it?” she asked in a baby-talk tone, winking her azure eyes while at it.

Max winced slightly. “Err, no, Cindy.  I can’t come because I have to pick something up at a shop for Daniel. He also wants me back for some training on joining the A.P.D, too. I’m seventeen after all. Just like all of you.” he stated awkwardly.

“I can’t wait till I’m eighteen. I really want to try alcohol. My dad is so strict about all that stuff. I see fifteen-year olds gulping down that stuff!” warned Max’s next friend, who was a gothic boy by the name of Mark Thomas, his pale eyes glinting.

“That’s off-topic, Mark.” Cindy snapped.

Mark shrugged. “Well, if you’re going to the shop, make sure you don’t run into any Thieves on the way. You heard about them robbing that new shop near Neonia.”

Max sighed, already being aware of the happening. Suddenly, a dark-skinned and very pretty girl ran up behind them, her short, curly black hair bouncing on her shoulders.

“Max! Max!” she panted, running beside them.

“Hey, Henna.” Max greeted unenthusiastically.  

“Hey, d-did you hear about what happened at your uncle’s apartment?” Henna asked, as Cindy started doing her hair.

Max shot a glower at her. “N-No. What happened?” he whimpered, his face full of horror.

Henna held her chest from her pants. “God, I hate running. Anyway, these four Thieves broke in! One of them was, ah, Silvia Grey!” she announced, looking away slightly.

Max froze on the spot, astonishment flashing through him. The three glared at him in confusion, as he suddenly came back to reality once he noticed their stares.

“Ok, I’ll have to make sure Daniel’s ok then, guys. I’ll see you guys on Wednesday. Staff day tomorrow, remember?” Max said simply, walking backwards away from them.

“Ok! Tell your uncle I said hi! Bye, Max!” called Cindy cheerfully as the three ambled the opposite direction.  

Max shook his head from embarrassment, leapt on his board and hovered away towards Suburbia. What would he ever do if Cindy found out what he was at? She’d probably never speak to him again, and that was unusual, because Max knew she couldn’t keep her mouth clamped for a few seconds. Mark was difficult to figure out; he wasn’t a huge fan of Thieves like every other Human in the galaxy, but he never exactly had shown his hate either. Henna was even more so problematic to figure out; she hardly ever talked about anything. The only reason Max had met her was because he was shy like her, too.

His mind changed the subject as he descended deeper into Neonia; Silvia Grey had broken into his apartment. Has she done it on purpose? Max didn’t know, but he could ask when he saw her again. It took him a while to find the alley like before, most likely because questions were swirling in his mind and Thieves were watching him with stabbing eyes from higher buildings. Some had started to make his way towards him, forcing Max into panic. He followed his usual path around, scanning desperately for the alley before they could reach him.  Soon, he thankfully accomplished his mission and immediately sprinted down the place (careful not to drop his board). He reached the dead end, noticing that both motorbikes were gone. Oh, no… please let someone be here. Please let it be Silvia, he thought in horror.

He tapped the wall four times with quivering hands and then plunged down, screaming on the way. Again, he landed flat on his stomach and grunted in pain.

“Need to work on the landings.” he growled to himself, coughing. He rolled over, gawking up at the dark hole in exhaustion.

“M-Max!?” a voice sounded. “What... what are you doing here? How did you find the hideout again? I didn’t expect you to... to remember where this place was.”

Max then stood up at that moment, spinning around to see Silvia standing there. She had her arms folded, and her lips were pursed in irritation. Max gulped, tugging on his red hoody.

“I’m sorry for barging in,” he started. “But, I just had to-to see you again, Silvia.” He murmured, rubbing specks of dirt off himself.

Silvia rolled her eyes. “Why?” she barked.

“Because, I like you-I mean-ah! I don’t mean like, like. I mean, you know, just like... um, like friends? Um, this-this is complicated.” Max let out awkwardly.

Silvia dropped her jaw, widening her glinting eyes. “Friends? Just hang on a minute, Human. You must abide by the Human and Thief laws. Well, Humans must anyway. Thieves don’t care about laws. But, I don’t see how this is even possible. Humans are bred to hate Thieves… and a Thief’s instinct is to just hate Humans. But, you... you're a Human and you’re just completely ignoring them? You like me? As a friend?” she asked in awe.

“Um, well, yeah. I was always weird. That’s pretty much it, I guess.” Max mumbled, rubbing the back of his head nervously.

“Hehe, I like your style, Human.” Silvia snickered joyfully, biting her lip with a grin.

“Haha, really?” Max chuckled, blushing slightly.

“Yeah,” Silvia sighed. “A Human that is breaking the law. First time in ever. Ever since the calamity, Humans hated us. But, liking us? Wanting to hang out? That’s meant to be weird and impossible for a Human, but for me, being a Thief of-course, is great.” she announced calmly.

Max nodded eagerly. “Yeah, I get. Hey, are those other three here?”

“No. They went to get some lunch. They should be back in about half an hour if they don’t get caught. So, Max, why are you here? Really.”

“I had to see you again. I think we can be friends. I really want to know you. This crap about Human and Thieves... it’s a bit sudden but I think that Humans and Thieves should live in... in peace. I used to want to be a part of the police force because of-um... well, it’s just that it used to be my dream job, but I want to be with you-AH! I mean be like you. Yes, like you.” Max muttered, getting slightly closer to Silvia.

Silvia gawped at him in amazement. She had been on Earth for over one-hundred years and not once did she ever come across something like this. Max, the Human boy, was different like she had predicted. But, there was no way Max could possibly achieve what he wanted; there was no more toxic left to turn Humans into B.B.Ds. It had been disposed of right after the calamity.

“This is strange,” Silvia mumbled. “A Human that wants to be a Thief. Wow. You know you can’t do that though, Max. Barsy says that you would have to breathe the toxic and then you would become one. He knows more of that than me. And, anyway, you certainly can’t go into a science lab and do it. It doesn’t exist anymore.” she sighed, putting her hand on his shoulder.

Max agreed disappointingly, giving a shrug. Silvia glared at him for a while, wondering what to do with him. She couldn’t just kick him out like last time; she knew she had grown some liking for him. Maybe, and just maybe, she could show him what it was like to be a Thief.

“So, what do you wanna do?” Max asked her.

“Well, how about I show you how to break the law?” Silvia sniggered mischievously.

Max’s eyes widened. “What?”

“Come on. Be the first Human. No one will know,”

“How’d you figure?”

Silvia gave a slow blink before she spun around and ambled to the kitchen. She scavenged about a bit, until finally she salvaged a red bandana from under the sink. She paced back out with a warm smile, handing it to Max. Max, who was quite astounded by it, knew he was to slip it on. Once had had, Silvia bit her lip, staring at him in a rather judging way.

“One more thing,” she announced, flicking his crimson hood on. “There you go. No one will know you’re a Human if we do get seen.”

Max watched as she also but a silver bandana on along with flicking her grey hood up. Her cheeks curled to show her smile before she went sauntering back into the kitchen. This time, she reappeared with four cans of graffiti in her hand.

“Barsy’s experiments. Don’t tell him I was at these, haha. These are neofittis. Basically, light up graffiti sprayers with a bit of a twist.” Silvia giggled, handing the red and bronze one to Max.

“What’s the twist?” Max asked, shoving them in his pocket.

Silvia gave a twirl of her silver and blue one before answering. “You’ll see. It’s pretty awesome. We’ll be the first Thieves-um… I mean, I’ll be the first Thief to use them.”

Max gave a smile before she led him to the space, where she tapped the button and was sucked up through the darkness. No sooner, the alley flashed before them in seconds. Max mounted his hover-board, Silvia quite taking a liking to its flame tattoos.

“How are you going to get to wherever we’re going?” Max asked.

Silvia sniggered. “The rooftops, of-course. Keep up, Human.”

Max gawked at her clamber up a drainpipe in the corner, only realising that she wasn’t joking. He zoomed out of the alley as swiftly as he could, keeping his eye on Silvia as she raced along the top of the buildings. He wondered how she could possibly be so agile with a metal tail, but it probably was because it was lightweight if she could even have it. Dashing forward, Max followed the sound of her footsteps around alleys and roads, trying his best to not get attention from Humans that could have been nearby. The place seemed empty, thankfully.

“Max!” Silvia called down as she scaled a wall. “Hover-boards can go along walls! Something those makers didn’t tell you, eh!? Just keep your force forward and you’ll be defying gravity in no time!”

Max raised his eyebrows, quite fearful at the thought of it. If he fell off a building that was too high for Human tastes, he knew it be the end. After all, he had to remember he wasn’t a Thief. But, with a heavy breath, he forced his weight forward on the board, building up his momentum rapidly. Silvia sniggered as she kept vaulting and leaping over buildings, waiting for him to catch up. Max, on the other hand, was flooded with bliss.

His board was sending him up a building like some gliding spider, forcing him to whoop in joy. As he reached the top, he did a quick spin before landing and raced over to Silvia, who was sprinting madly. Max slowed down to glide along with her, the both of them smiling relentlessly. Silvia, however, decided to shock him for fun.

“There’s a jump ahead! Get ready!”

Max darted his eyes around, seeing a huge leap to a lower building. Silvia dashed on ahead, taking a massive jump. She kicked the air as she fell, finally doing a tumble and flicking up to a snobby posture. Max followed her on his board, trying to remain balanced in the air. If Daniel knew what I was doing… he thought as he fell. And, with a gentle thud, he met Silvia again on the lower building. But, before he could even get a word in, she sprinted on and dove through a dark falcate hole in the ground, disappearing. Max anxiously peered down, wondering where she could have gone.

“It’s ok, Max! Just stay on your board so you don’t break your neck!”

And, with no more words spoken, Max found himself in an underground parking lot. It was desolate and chilly, a smell of tobacco waffling up their noses. Silvia glared around her, folding her arms with a smile. She turned to Max, pulling out her two neofittis.

“This is underneath Suburbia. It was a parking lot, until 2050 when we took over Suburbia. No more cars, no more Humans. No Thief actually bothered to come down here, except if they’d kidnapped some Human and-ah-I’ll not go into details.”

Max drew out his neofittis, as Silvia led him towards a dull wall. She shook her silver furiously, soon spraying the letters; SG in a typical-graffiti look. She gazed at it glow a gorgeous silver, where it soon started to release heaps of glitter into the air. It ran along the place like a smooth river of silver, Max dipping his hand in it as it swirled past.

“Try one. Write something on the wall.” Silvia ordered, nodding her head to the wall.

Max nervously stepped forward, shaking his can slowly. Silvia noticed he seemed to be deep in thought. Couldn’t he just have written his initials or something? Finally, Max started writing in his surprisingly neat handwriting. After a few seconds, the word; freedom, was glowing a vigorous red on the wall. But, instead of glitter coming out of it, holograms sprouted around the whole region, all reading the same word.

“Wow, Barsy sure is good.” Max mumbled, his eyes broadened.

Silvia nodded, knowing that much too well. “Right, let’s go mad, shall we?” she then asked, sprinting off to another wall.

The two had pirouetted around like some hyper kids, spraying anything and everything they could see that was dull and lifeless. The once cynical area was now being swallowed by lights of neon bronze, red, silver and blue as well as being swamped with holograms, glitter and random messages they scribbled. Silvia knew that Max seemed to be having the time of his life, by the sounds of his random guffawing and singing. Silvia had to calm him down before the cans were empty.

“Haha, I don’t care!” Max had announced.

Silvia simply beamed, feeling more and more closer to the Human boy. She felt that she didn’t want to lose Max, but that was only what she could decipher in her maze of a mind. As the two began to get hyper again, they ended up twirling towards each-other like a bunch of ballet dancers, until they finally bashed into each-other. Silvia’s face was right in Max’s, his hands ending up being wrapped around her waist from the force. Silvia gaped at him in alarm, her silver eyes clashing with his emerald ones illicitly. At least, that’s how Silvia saw it. But, she never followed rules anyway. It was against the law for a Human to be with a Thief, and it seemed to be the only rule Thieves abided by.

Slowly, she led Max away from her, blushing slightly. Max averted his eyes away, scratching the back of his neck and pacing to fetch his hover-board. Silvia gave a swish of her tail, sighing at the same time. She knew Max would have to go back at some point; the Humans would know he’d gone missing. And she certainly didn’t want to get caught with him by the sirens.

With no other words leaping from their mouth, Silvia led Max back to the hideout as quickly as she could, still pondering on how to ask him to leave. Any other time, she would have snapped or barked at him, but a sudden feeling of manners had washed over her. Max had done nothing wrong. Why had she been so bitter towards him in the past? But then again, she had only known the boy for a mere day or so.

Once Max had handed her back the bandana, she simply flung it to the far side of the room along with her own. She flicked her hood down, snatching his neofittis off him and trying to put them in the exact same position Barsy had left them. After giving her hands a rub, she ambled back out to Max, who was kicking at the ground pathetically.

“Um,” Silvia began. “Have you ever slept in a hammock?”

Max shook his head. “No, never.”

Silvia smiled broadly, taking his hand. “Come in and try it.”

Max gave one of his usual shrugs, following after her. Silvia didn’t know what had come across her, but there was a voice prodding at the back of her mind to not let Max leave her.


Sean, Barsy and Sam had fumbled up when getting their meal. Sean had ended up screaming at the sight of a Human catch sight of them in a back room where the deliveries where, Barsy simply stood with a frown and Sam had decided to sing some hardstyle song far too loudly. Once they had escaped without any A.P.D catching sight of them, they clambered on their bikes and sped off to Suburbia.

“We were slower than we thought, haha!” Sam chanted happily as Barsy nearly fell off the bike.

“Well, if it weren’t for Sean screaming and you singing, we’d have it eaten by now!” Barsy groaned irritably, hanging on for grim death.

Once they reached the dead end of the alley, they leapt off the bikes and tapped the wall, falling and landing perfectly on the ground like some prowling cats as usual. As they all stood up, Sam had started tapping Barsy repeatedly on the shoulder.

“What, what, what, Sam? What?” Barsy groaned, his chocolate eyes twitching.

“Um, where did that come from?” Sam asked, pointing at Max’s hover-board.

"I don’t know... Silvia probably stole it or something while we were gone.” Barsy snapped, pacing away.

“No,” Sean started. “That looks familiar to me. Wait a minute… hey, that’s Max’s! That Human boy that was here!” Sean gasped, going pale.

The three boys glared around them, but Silvia and Max were not in sight. Barsy had pointed towards the hammock room, whispering for them to check it. Slowly, they made their way into the tiny place, clamping their mouths at the sight. In the same hammock, Silvia and Max were sound asleep, Silvia’s tail dangling lazy onto the ground.

“Should we wake them up?” Sam hissed in disgust.

“No,” Barsy barked quietly. “Let’s leave them there for a while. They look happy enough. You know how Silvia hates Humans. She wouldn’t do this if he wasn’t trustworthy. There’s something about him obviously,”

“Well for some reason, I still don’t trust him, Cades! This, this thing right here, has got to be a hologram!” Sean hissed viciously, his teeth clenched.

“Aw... now the eggs and bread are going to go to waste. Damn it.” Sam groaned in despair, gazing at the bag longingly that he was holding.

Suddenly, something started ringing from Max’s pocket. Sam whammed into Barsy in shock as Sean sprinted out of the room, seizing Barsy’s arm like some maniac and dragging him with him.

“Huh? Oh, no!” groaned Max, pulling out the phone and leaning up.

Silvia was awoken by his action, her eyes droopy. “What’s wrong?” she yawned, stretching her claw-like nails.

“It’s Daniel. He’s probably wondering where I am.” Max mumbled, holding the phone to his ear.

Silvia nodded slowly, quite disappointed that he was still staying with her enemy. Did Max ever see his parents at all? She felt quite sorry for Max, having to put up with a man like Daniel.

“Oh, you’re still staying with Daniel?” she asked, rubbing at her tail.

Max nodded smoothly, going slightly pale as he answered the phone. “Hello?” he then said timidly.

Max!” Daniel’s voice blared viciously. “Where are you!? You certainly aren’t at the ice cream parlour anyway! You better have a good excuse this time, young man!”

“Oh,” Max said weakly. “I’m at Arcadia Park. Just decided to go for a walk, haha. The ice cream I had was pretty big, haha.” he lied awkwardly.  

“Oh... well, stay aware of Thieves, ok? I’ll be home at twelve. That’s in the middle in the night if you can’t process that. There's food in the fridge and the key is with the receptionist. Do your homework! See you, Max. I’m just arresting this little-OW!-"

Daniel was the cut off, making Max groan. “Well, I’m safe for now.” he mumbled. 

Silvia giggled and clambered off the shaky hammock, quite thankful that he was to stay longer.

“Those neofittis were cool. Barsy should make things like that more often." Max sighed, giving a smile.

Silvia nodded, knowing Barsy had all kinds of contraptions hidden within the kitchen. Max followed her on quick feet to the main room, only screech in alarm when he saw Barsy running out from the kitchen with a glare of fury.

“YOU USED MY NEOFITTIS!? Silvia! They take months to finish!” he roared with his finger in the air.

Sam was attached to his leg, begging him for food with manic whimpers. Max glared at Sam, noticing him glance over at the TV. Max followed where he peered at, only putting him in fury. His console lay there and a bunch of his games were scattered around it.

“Hey! They’re mine! I want it back!” Max barked angrily.

Sam nodded irritably, letting go of Barsy’s leg and slouching down on the couch. Sean had groaned loudly from the kitchen and stomped into the room, handing Max the movie he had stolen.

“Might as well have it back.” Sean jeered, sneering.

“Thank you,” Max snapped, pursing his lips. “I just heard today that you broke into Daniel’s apartment a few hours ago. Some guts you all have.”

“Yes… so?” Barsy said matter-of-factly. “We’re B.B.Ds, or Thieves as you Humans call us. Expect the unexpected.” he snapped, walking past him.

Silvia could only laugh at the four of them. “Max, they’re not going to harm you when I’m here.” she chuckled, smiling.

Sean gave a devilish glare. “Great! You have a boyfriend now, eh!” he yelled, his hands in the air.

Silvia had to hide her crimson cheeks. “N-No! He’s just a friend, Sean. He promised to keep our secret, remember?” she said loudly, waving her hands in panic at him.

“Yeah, well, he better leave now. Or I’ll be making him.” Sean snapped, eyeing Max suspiciously.

Max smiled up at him, giving a shrug. Silvia didn’t want Max to leave just yet, but she didn’t want Sean to go down for his murder, either. She turned to Max, smiling weakly.

“Sean’s right... you should go. You can see us again tomorrow, though. If you can, of-course.” she mumbled, not being able to mask the tone of sorrow in her voice.

Max nodded and paced over to the space, grabbing his hover-board as slowly as he could managed. Silvia watched him in panic, ignoring Sean’s scanning eyes. Before he could press the button, she had rushed over and hugged him tightly, thoughts swirling more savagely in her mind at the move.

“Thank you for not telling about the hideout… or the transmitter for that matter.” she whispered in his ear.

Max smiled at her and then, when Silvia had finally let him go, pressed the button and zoomed off, finding himself in the alleyway once more.

Silvia put a hand to her shoulder, not very sure on what to do. She turned around, only to see Sean open-mouthed. His sharp eyes were squinted slightly, his lip being tortured by his nibbling teeth as he did so. Silvia knew she couldn’t lose Sean; that was one of the biggest mistakes she could ever make in her eternal life. She simply sighed, making Sean fold his arms in fury. She dawdled over to him gradually, gawping into his deep, oceanic eyes with concern. It was never in her system to make Sean upset. She had never done it before and now, all of a sudden, when a Human had stepped into their lives, she had stabbed him right in the heart. She found herself hugging him tightly, her tail drooping.

“You’re still my friend, aren’t you, Stars?” she whimpered, as a single tear drew from her eye. 

“I’m more than that, Silvia.” Sean whispered, hugging her back.

Barsy glared at them sadly, taking a small sip of his can of coke. Sam turned to him, one of his eyebrows raised in confusion.

"You're still my friend as well, right, Cades?" he asked.

Barsy sniggered. “Maybe.” he mumbled, slurping more of the coke.

“What do you mean? Barsy? Barsy? Cades? Cades? Smarties? Barsy? Barsy Cades? What do you mean?”

Barsy walked past him with a shake of his head, frowning at a gullible, yet still smiling, Sam.

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