Start of a deadly mystery

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A normal girl I think not Cynthia a girl going through her teenage years with both her parents gone she stays with her mothers best friend Lisa and her sons. Every thing was fine until she recieves a text message from her parents killer or killers. Wanting justice Cynthia tries to put the peices of the puzzle together with Mioko and Allen.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Start of a deadly mystery

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Chapter One: Start of a deadly mystery

My life is like any normal 18 year old girl... not really. I am a kick ass fighter and singer or so I am told by bands and gang bosses. I go to the laventier high school for either 'smart' or rich kids. It's my last year there now. According to the grouping that we are in I am with the 'smart' group. There is no way I would be a rich kid, no way at all. You see I have no parents so I stay with my aunt Lisa who is 35 but you didn't hear that from me. Lisa is a single mum with a kid called Rin who is a 3 year old boy. Lisa is divorced due to some violence from the ex-huband. We are kind of like a family since I have been staying there for 4 years, Lisa isn't my real aunt she was my mums best friend so she feels like an aunt to me. My parents didn't die in a car crash like I was told, they were actually murdered but I still don't no who did it and why.

I am on my way to school from Lisa's apartment. I'm ten minutes late but they won't mind I am there top student after all. I ran up the stair case and ran into class AS1, thats my sort of ace room class for the year. Mrs bell (the teacher) glared in my direction and said "Good for you to join us Miss Luthiren.""Ha ha ha, Yea sorry about that you know how it is. I missed the bus so I ran to school instead." I said nervously. "Wait you ran!!!!! Wow no wonder you look flushed." Mioko said while staring at my face. Mioko is the class rep with high grades and very wealthy parents.She has short, thick hair that is jet black. Her eyes are a hazel color but it looks like they will turn fully green in the future. Mioko is quite tall for a girl that's 17. She is also one of my best friends.

"Oh be quiet. You know how hard it is to run up those hills." I replied while staring back. Then me and Mikoko made evil glares at each other, making the air tense. "You know if you two keep this up you might attracted lightning." A girl said sacasticly. I turned to see it was Miyu. "Ha ha ha very funny Miyu." Mioko said sarcastically. Miyu has a very poor family but her grades are on par with Mioko's and that impressive. Miyu's hair is and orange color but very strong, Her eyes are deep sea blue it suits her quite well. Miyu is medium height of an 18 year old girl. "Okay stop your talking and sit!!!!" Mrs bell shouted. "Yes madam." I replied. Mrs bell then gave me a glare. "Okay I'm going to go sit" I said then ran to my seat. I placed all of my books for school in my drawer under the school deck in front of me from my bag. Then I sat down waiting for the Mrs bell to start our class.

"Okay. Since every one is seated I will now call the role and if they are away just call out and tell me. Lets see cynthia." Mrs bell said while looking for me. "Yeah I'm here... and you already new that." I replied. Then leant back further into m chair. "And Sakura, Lucy, James, Kage, Kei, Loki, Luna, Mel, Star, Mioko, Miyu and our transfer student Allen. Well everyone is accounted for so that's good."Mrs bell said loudly so everyone would hear. James put his hand in the air nevously to ask a question and asked "Mrs bell who is this Allen you mentioned?" James is the shortest person in the class so hes referred to as kiddo. He is quite skilled when it comes to sports and games. His hair is chocolate brown, his eyes are like a shade of grey and blue mixed in one.

"A new student. He will be joining us in the art class. He is older than most of you hes 18 and a half. I would like Mioko, Cynthia and Loki to look after him and Loki take your shades off in class!" Mrs bell ordered. "But Mrs bell my shades are apart of me now." Loki whined. "Off now or you will see the principle... your choice." Mrs bell replied with a sigh. "Fine you win." Loki said with disappointment, then took off his blue shade and put them in his pocket in his trousers. Loki is a guy that's family is very, very rich and his hair is short and the color is bright orange, with light blue eyes. He thinks that he can get what ever he wants. He is quite hansom and very tall, but hes very up himself, hes 18 years old.

Then the bell went and Mrs bell shouted "Okay everyone go too your art class I will be there with Allen soon.... Loki, Mioko, Cynthia remember I put him in your care." "Yes Mrs bell we won't let you down." Mioko replied. Then me, Miyu, Lucy, and Mioko walked in a group out of the class. "I wonder if he is cute, what do you think Cynthia?" Lucy asked then slowly leaned forward to get a good look at my face. I just sighed thinking it's pointless to answer. Lucy is in the middle of rich and poor. Lucy has blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She is the height you expect a 17 year old girl to be.

"I really don't care I'm not into that stuff. Don't get me wrong I like guys but I really can't be bothered by love." I said while sighing. "I see, what about you Miyu?" Lucy asked. "I have to agree with Cynthia. Sorry Lucy." Miyu said with a smile. "Your smile is the smile of rejection Miyu." Lucy replied. "You are too cruel Lucy." Miyu said while laughing. Loki and Kei were walking in front of us and Loki said to Kei "It must be my luck, a marshal arts freak and a the top snotty student helping me look after the new guy. This is such a pain." Loki said while looking at the ground depressed. "You do realize they are right behind us." Kei pointed out. "Wha!!!!!!!!!!" Loki said then turned around and picked up his walking pace with Kei.

So me and Mioko picked up ours. "How is a snotty top student huh!!!!" Mioko asked while raising her voice. "UHHH no one." Loki replied with sweat going down his face. "Don't think you'll get off that easy!!!!!" Mioko shouted then chased Loki down the hall. Me and Kei stopped walking. "Aren't you going after him he did call you a marshal arts freak???" Kei asked. Kei is from a super rich family his father owns the school (Principle). Kei has light brown hair with dark brown eyes. He is as tall as Loki and an 18 year old boy.

"Why should I chase him he'll come to me watch 3, 2, 1" I said while counting down. Loki came runing at me so I ducked in between his legs to the other side swift and quickly and sweept him off his feet to the hard floor. That all happened in three seconds. Loki starred at the ceiling and then stood up and bowed. "Please forgive me, I said that through my own anger please forgive me." Loki said apologetically. I got down on my knees and he looked at me and I said "If you don't say that about Mioko again I will forgive you." "Okay I won't" Loki replied. "You can stand up properly now you know." I said waiting for him to stand up without bowing. Loki raised himself and stood up straight. I then stood up and Lucy hugged me from behind and said with a smile "Yeah you show'em Cynthia." Then she released me from her grip. Then Mioko started crying so I quickly ran over and shouted "Mioko what's wrong, did some one hurt you?!" "No I am just touched by your kind words" Mioko replied while crying. "My eyes went dull thinking "Seriousy." "Well lets go to class the last thing we want is to be late." I said with a smile.

We all ran to class and sat in our seats I am sitting on a table with James, Sakura, Kage and Miyu. Lucy, Mioko, Loki and everyone else is on a different table. Sakura has long pinkish hair and comes from a poor back ground She is small for a 18 year old girl. Then there is Kage who has jet black hair with red streaks through it and dark brown eyes. Hes family is very rich and I one of his best friends he went to my primary school and such so yeah. Hes is also 18 and very tall. "How are you Sakura?" James asked. "I am good it wasn't any thing major so I'm doing good." Sakura replied and smiled. Sakura has had a weak body since birth so she has random coughing fit and faints allot. "How have you been Cynthia?" Kage asked concerned about life at home. "Me of course I'm fine why wouldn't I be. Rin has been getting sick allot lately, Lisa got another job it's her third or fourth I can't remember. I haven't heard any news from the police yet." I replied then looked at the desk in front. Then I smiled and said "Enough about me what about you? How have you been Kage?" I asked. "Well Jane misses you. She doesn't know when to stop talking about you." Kage replied then giggled. "Well tell her I said hi." I said then laughed. "Jane who's she? Your girlfriend?" James asked. "No dimwit it's my sister." Kage said seriously and annoyed.

Then Mrs bell walked into the class room with a tall boy with silver hair and bright blue eyes behind her. "Everyone this is the new student that has transferred here from Hamlet Island. So please treat him like all of you. Is there any questions?" Mrs bell asked. "How does it feel to go to a new school?" Mel asked. Mel has long orange hair with dark green eyes.Mel is tall but not as tall as Loki Shes a 17 year old girl and she family is very wealthy.

"The same feeling you would have when you meet some one new. Not that much different but I am used to it because my grandparents travel alot." Allen replied and looked around the room. "You live with your grandparents?" Luna asked. Luna is a 17 year old girl and she has long silver hair with blue eyes. Her family is not wealthy but not poor and her height is average for her age. "Yes my parents got a divorce when I went overseas to study but I've come back to live with my mother Lisa. "Lisa it can't be... she did say she had a son that move to a different country. No it couldn't be." I thought and raise my left hand against my chin thinking "No way it can't be."

"Do you have a girl friend?" Star asked then leaned forward waiting egerly for the question to be answered. "No but I have had a first love." Allen replied honestly. "Really what was she like?" Lucy asked while leaning forward on the desk in front of her. She likes getting involed in people love life. "Kind, gentle, caring, sweet. Oh she also had long hair and loves her family." Allen replied. "So the opposite of Cynthia." Loki remarked. Kei hit Loki across the head and said "You need to shut that mouth of yours." "Yeah Cynthia is kind and gentle!!!!" Miyu shouted. "Apart from the gentle part. She could squish you like a fly in seconds." James pointed out. "Is she really that strong?" Allen asked, confused about what the rucuss was about. "Hell yeah. I got my butt kicked heaps of time and if you want proof. Look up 'Loki getting his ass kicked by Cynthia' that has every thing you need. Also it happened about 45 minutes ago and it already has 123,000 hits. You really are popular Loki." Kei said with a smile. "Shut up... also who posted that global!!!??" Loki shouted then started swuvling his head quickly.

"Heh heh heh I did." Luna replied. "Any way I will take my leave and get the art teacher. Make sure Allen feels welcome." Mrs bell demanded then left the room. "Hey Allen is there any thing you want to know?" Sakura asked gently. "No not really apart from who's top of the class in grades?" Allen asked. "Well that would be Cynthia in our class and then Me and Mioko in second place in our class." Miyu said while thinking of the third person. "Why do you ask that?" Star asked. Star has short black hair and she has green eyes. She is 17 and a half year old girl. Her parents are very wealthy. "Because I get very competaive." Allen said with a smirk. "Well I wish you all the best, and if you can't beat them I hate to say I told you so." Kage replied. "Oh and if I don't beat them?" Allen asked. ""you'll pay for my lunch for a year." Loki remarked. "Deal." Allen replied. "You hear that Cynthia, Mioko you better win!" Loki shouted. "I guess we could lose on perpose." Mioko said quietly. "But I don't want my grades to fail" I replied. "Oh but what if I win?" Allen asked. "What do you want?" Miyu asked. "Just don't be the chicken dance." Star hoped. "Oh don't put ideas in his head." James whispered. "Ha ha, lets say if I do win then... Mioko and Cynthia will help me with some problems that I have. What do you say?" Allen asked. "I'm game. What about you?" Mioko asked. "Sure." I replied whilie giving a smile.

Then Miss Clark came queitly into the room shes our art teacher and she shut the door behind her. She then sat comfutably in her chair acting superior in any way possible. She then push up her glasses, then gazed at the class with her green eyes. She then tucked the strands of red hair behind her ear and said "Now I do believe we have a new student and his name is Allen correct?" "Yes Miss that would be me." Allen said nervously. "Now can you sit beside Cynthia shes the one with reddish eyes and long dark brown hair. Thank you." Miss Clark said while Allen sat down beside me and James. "Now every one get out your art books and look this way." Miss Clark said then handed Allen an art book. "Miss Clark I have finished the tasks you gave me. Loki and Mioko have also finished, and since this is a big project that we started 4 weeks ago Allen won't be able to finish it. So I was thinking maybe we could show Allen around the school since Mrs bell told us to help him out. Would this be okay?" I asked while looking into Miss Clark's deep green eyes. "Yes that would be wonderful. He needs to learn more about the school. You should go to the gym I heard Zero and Hikaru were having there basket ball match. It would be nice if Allen new the role models of the school." Miss Clark said which a grin.

So I stood up and Mioko got up to, Loki was reluctant and said "Why do I have to go." "That's a stupid question. the teacher said, or is the Loki scared to leave his body guards behind." Mioko said in a babyish voice. Loki face turned red and shouted "Shut up, lets go!!!!" "Okay okay tone it down a notch it was a joke." Mioko replied. I silently giggled. "Shall we go then?" I asked and looked at Allen. "Gladly." Allen replied in relief. So we all walked out of the class room and went down the hall. "So what is it like coming to a school like this?" Mioko asked then looked at Allen. "Different. You see the school I went to was small and there was not allot of rich kids. My family is very poor. Well my grandparents that is my mum I'm not sure. I haven't heard from my father in years." Allen replied with a smile. "I see so you don't know your parents either." Mioko said sadly then looked at the ground. "You don't know your parents um...." Allen pause thinking of what her name is. "Oh I'm Mioko, that is Loki and this is Cynthia. I know my parents they own the company 'Bring out the Bling' and jewelers and one of the best. Cynthia is the one with out parents, she stays with the 'aunt' for now." Mioko said while gazing at me like she wanted me to say some thing.

"Wow really I had no idea." Loki said surprised of the out come. "I try to keep it hidden since I don't want any one to give me unwanted attention." I said in reply. "You do that your self by all the fights you get into." Loki said sarcastically. We continued to walk. "They ask for it. They should go picking on me, just because I am a girl, that excuse it over rated. I am just as able to do stuff like you are, but taking advantage of the weak however is unforgivable." I replied strongly. "I see... so this so called 'aunt' of you is she nice?" Allen asked. "Yeah. I couldn't of asked for a better 'aunt'. She would do any thing for me she took me in when my parent were killed in a car crash." I said looking at the ground.

I was thinking about that fateful day the rain was pouring. The sound of cars, radios and then the tention off my 'aunt' Lisa. Clutching her fist hopeing they were okay and that the 'car crash' didn't kill them. Then silence broke when a doctor came to our front door and removed his hat a closed his eyes. A tear came one after another from my eyes. The tears wouldn't stop, I covered my face with my hands and fell to the floor crying. The tear droping crashing against the cold wooden floor. I removed my hands and closed my eyes crying out for my parents. "MUM!!!! DAD!!!!" I grabbed onto the doctor looking into his eyes tugging his leather coat. "Why, Why!! Were are they this must be a joke. Where are they. They're coming back right they can't be dead!!! They can't be!!! They promised to come back and get me a present for my good grades!!! They promised me they would come back." I said while tugging madly on the doctors coat and crying like I have never done before. The doctor then knelt beside me and hugged me tightly and whispered "I am sorry for your loss." I stood still tear were still flowing but there was no sound. The only sound was the rain falling heavily outside. I quickly stoped thinking about and looked at Loki egger to say some thing.

"You mentioned police in the class what did tha-." Loki was saying but was interrupted by Mioko who said "Ohh look it's the gym lets go see Zero and Hikaru!" I looke at Mioko she was trying to keep me from being sad or unhappy which brung a smile to my face. We all ended up runing into the sports gym and when we opened the stiff door we saw Zero jump into the air, and land a slam dunk in the basket ball hop. Zero landed gracefully on his two feet then looked at us and slowly walked over. Zero has short thick black hair with deep blue eyes. His family is quite poor but hes 18 and tall. Hes very popular with the girls how ever.

Zero quickly picks up the pace and I walk forward. Zero throws a high kick towards me I quickly ducked and through my left leg at his right leg and he suddenly falls hard onto the ground. Zero groans in pain then stands up with my help. "You're still to early to beat me Zero how many times much I tell you." Me and Zero both look at Allen who is completely shocked by the out come. "N-N-N-No way he got beaten by a girl." Allen said shocked beyond belief. "I know but it doesn't feel so bad when no one has ever beaten her in a fight so it lighten the mood. Oi Hikaru get over here for a sec!" Zero shouted then looked at Allen. Hikaru quickly ran over puff out and catching his breathe.

"Oh hey you're the new guy I'm Hikaru by the way and this is Zero. We are in the same year as you but different classes. You know if you need any help joining a sports team come to me or Zero we are the pros at this. Oh and Cynthia have you deiceded if you wanted to join the basket ball team this year?" Hikaru asked. Hikaru has short brown hair with dark brown eyes his family is very rich and he is very tall. Hikaru is also 18. "I thought that it was an all boys team this year." Mioko said slightly confused about what's going on. "It is unless the numbers are un even then they get me to pretend to be a boy and play for them, right." I said slightly annoyed. "Yes, you did it last year and we won." Zero replied. "Come you guys have to man up and defend your selves." Mioko said displeased. "Why did you play for them last year?" Allen asked. "Oh that's because the other team played dirty and hit Zero in the knee cap before the game with a crow bar." Loki said while curling his fist. "Zero couldn't play in the finals so I took his place since he begged me beyond belief." I added.

"So you're good at basket ball?" Allen asked. "You kidding shes good at all sports." Mioko replied with glee. "I see. If you want I could try out I may not be a professional but I have played in matches before." Allen asked. "Yeah awesome we are holding try outs in a couple of days we'll come get you." Zero replied. "Wow it's that time already!!!!!! Guys 5 minutes till we go home for the day we better run to class!" Loki shouted. We all shouted our good byes to Zero and Hikaru and left.

Mioko, Allen, Loki and I ran to class and as soon as we got their the school bell went and it was home time. I ran to my table and put my books into my bag and ran out the room as fast as I could. I ran down the hall and down the stairs passing every one. I saw a whole group of people block the exit of the school building so I ran to the closest window and opened it. I then jumped through and ran out of school grounds. I then ran about ten minutes more but I stop to catch my breathe. I then just start walking while think of what a wild day I had. I then felt a vibration in the pocket of my trouserers it was my phone it received a message.

I grabbed my phone and went into my inbox while walking. I then walked into the park it's like a short cut to Lisa apartment building. I went into the received messages folder and found there was a message, it was from the police saying they confirmed that my parent car crash was no accident. My eyes widen and my pulse dropped my whole body sent a cold shiver down my spine. Even though I new my parents death was no accident it's still hard hearing it from some one else. Then all these questions came into my head like 'why?' and 'who would do such a thing.' I then closed my phone and shoved it back into my pocket. Then I stood still and closed my eyes. I then opened them and put a smile on my face and ran through the park and I saw Lisa's apartment building.

I then ran in and said "See ya. Hope you get home to Sakura okay." To the apartment buildings guard type thing, hes also Sakura's father John. "You too. Give my regards to Lisa for me." Jhon replied. "I will." I said back with a cheerful smile. Then I ran up the stairs and into the elevator. I then stood in the right hand corner after I pressed the button heading to the third floor. I then exited the elevator and went into room 72. I then got the keys from my bag and then inserted them into the door. I opened the door seeing the lights were off apart from a dim light around the left corner. I closed the door behind me and moved slowly forward. The air was tense, I walked into the kitchen carefully and I turned the kitchen light on. Then I heard footsteps running towards me.

I curled my left hand into a fist and swung my body around 180 degrees. Then I saw little Rin with blonde hair in his Pj's look up at me saying "Welcome home Cynthy." "Oh Rin don't scare me like that. Wheres your mother?" I asked then knelt down to eye level. "Mummy left early for work." Rin said while rubbing his eyes. "You're here alone?" I asked. "No big brother is here." Rin replied. "Kage is here. Why is he here?" I asked myself. Rin normally refers Kage as big brother. "No! Other big brother is here. My big brother from Africa." Rin replied. "Africa?" I replied to Rin's answer. I then heard a voice around the corner saying "Rin how many time do I have to tell you I am not from Africa, I'm from England."

My eyes widened when I saw the dark shape turn into a person as soon as he entered the kitchen it was Allen!! "Hey aren't you! Cynthia, yeah Cynthia the super strong girl which beat up Loki" Allen said surprised. "Thanks for the warm welcome." I said sarcastically. "Sorry but what are you doing here?" Allen asked. "Cynthy lives with me big brother." Rin said while looking innocently at Allen. "You live here?" Allen asked. "Yes Lisa has been taking care of me. So you're her son I've heard about actually I don't know if you remember me but we used to play together as kids. It was a long time ago, so it's fine if you don't remember." I replied. "You're the girl that told me to be strong and follow my dreams. Thank you for those words, because you told me that my spirt was lifted and I tried my best in all my work." Allen said then gave a smile.

"No probs. Now Rin do you know when mummy will be home?" I asked nicely. "At 10:00!" Rin shouted with a smile. "I see... thank you Rin" I said disappointed. "Why do you need my mum?" Allen curiously asked. "Oh some thing came up. I just need to inform her she has been wondering if it was true and I was just informed that it was." I replied and then took a deep breathe. "Rin do you want any thing to eat?" I asked. "No. Cynthy you were late today how come?" Rin asked and then grabbed onto my T-shirt. "Oh I got a call from the police." I said plainly. "The po-police!" Allen shouted. "Yeah what of it I work for them." I said like everyone already new. "Really! Do you do desk work or front line stuff. Do you use dogs, do you own a police dog in the division?"Allen asked without giving me time to understand what he was saying. "Yes I have a dog in the division a German Shepard Ariel. I am also on the front line stuff so I'm pretty busy." I replied as best I could.

"Any news on auntie and uncle?" Rin asked. "Rin how did you?" I asked shocked that he knew about my parent and the police. "Is some thing going on?" Allen asked then leaned forward. " I leaned back and said "No. How did you get that idea? Any way Lisa will be coming home any miniuue." I replied then my phone shook violently in my pocket. I took my phone from my pocket and went to my inbox. I saw a new message by an unknown sender.

I opened the message and this is what it said "Cynthia I see you've found out that your parents died not by a car crash. I am sending you this because I am the one who killed them and I have met you before. I had to make contact with you because you will be my next victim be careful who you are friends with." I quickly dialed 000. "Hello who would you like to call abu-" The woman at the other side of the phone said but I interrupted her and said "The police hurry!!!" "Okay I will patch you through." She replied.

"Hello this is the police. Who is it and your problem please." The policeman said. "Hello it's Cynthia Luthiren. I just got a text related to case #007. Please also look into any other similar cases." I said loudly. "Yes maim. I will have the documents sent to you with a policeman. In the mean time lock all the doors and windows, we don't want you getting hurt now do we." The policeman replied. "On second thougt I will go down there myself. It would be better that way but send the documents up." I said having my suspicions about him. I then hung up and put the phone in my pocket. Allen looked at me and then said "You're going to the police station?" "No." I answered simply. "But you said t o the policeman that you would." Allen replied. "Yes it's true I said that but he is the one that I couldn't seem to trust. Allen I want you to look after Rin when I lock the front door. I presume all of the windows are locked." I remarked.

"Yes they are all lock. Now Rin come here." Allen said with his arms open. Then Rin ran into them and Allen hugged Rin. Then I walked down the hall to the front door and locked the door handle, latch on the top middle and bottom. Then I walked into where Rin and Allen are and I said "I'll make some thing to eat but to make sure nothing happens to you two you better come into the kitchen with me. Then we all walked into the kitchen and Rin and Allen sat down at the table in front of the kitchen. Then I went in the pantry and got 3 packs of 2 minutes noodles and put each packet in different bowls and poured hot water into each bowl from the kettle which had boiling water in it already. I then put each bowl one by one in the microwave for two minutes. Then I added the flavoring, then I drained the water out of each bowl and then I put the bowls on a tray then carried the tray over to the table.

I handed out the bowls to Rin and Allen and I set mine aside. Then I went back into the kitchen area and got cutlery. Then walked to the table and handed out the cutlery and then grabbed my bowl and sat down next to Rin opposite me was Allen sitting next to an empty seat. I then started eating it tasted amazing. Then I finished before Allen and Rin did. I looked at Rin struggling to eat it. So I hand fed him until there was no food in his bowl. "Allen are you done?" I asked. "Yeah I was done ages ago." Allen replied and handed me his bowl. I grabbed the tray and took the bowl gently from Allens hand and put the bowl on the tray and then I grabbed his cutlery. Rin grabbed his cutlery and put it in his bowl, and then Rin put his bowl onto the tray. I then grabbed my bowl and cutlery and put it on the tray as well.

I then carried the tray to the kitchen sink, I then put all the bowls and cutlery into the sink and then I started to run the water. I then put the tray into the lower left cupboard. I then went to the sink and turned of the water tap, I then put the detergent on top of the bowls and started to scrub the bowls down. I went through each bowl and cutlery in complete silence. I then put all bowls and cutlery on the rack beside the sink after I washed them. I then looked at the clock hanging on the wall to my left seeing it was now 11:30. "Mama should be home soon." Rin said then smiled. "Yes, she will be. Just hope shes in a good mood." I replied worried about the next turn of events. "She'll be fine. I hope." Allen said carefully. "Allen you might be a bit surprised about your mum." I said. "Why?" Allen asked. "Well" I said just about to answer his question but the door bell rang. "I'll get it." I said and walked down the hall and went to the door. Then I took a deep breathe and opened the door then ran down the hall. Lisa came runing in chasing after me I then did a light knee kick to her head and Lisa fell to the ground.

Allen stood in shock like a whole town blow up right in front of his eyes. Lisa got up and said "Aww Cynthy your no fun." "Don't ever try and hug me again." I demanded. "Okay. Better luck next time." Lisa said while a grin and the she got off the floor and stood up straight and acted cool. Then she looked at Allen and her eyes teared up and she did a jump hug on Allen shouting "My boy!!!My little boy all grown up!! I have missed you so much!!! Welcome home!!" Allen then wrapped his arms around her and said "I'm home." Me and Rin started clapping our hands. Then Allen's face was turning blue because of low circulation.

"Lisa you're hugging him so hard that all the blood was leaving his head. At this rate you're going to kill him." I said sacasticly. Lisa then let go and grabbed his shoulders Allen instantly snapped out of dizzyness from Lisa's power hug. Then Lisa violently shock him saying "Here this will help the circulation!!!" "Mama I think his dead." Rin innocently said. "No hes probably unconsunce." I replied. Lisa then layed him down on the floor and then stood up and put the air con on. Lisa then sat down at the table so me and Rin sat down too. "Rin can you look after Allen for a min, please hun" Lisa said seriously. "Okay." Rin said then ran to Allen and sat down beside him. "So I take it the police have contacted you." I said staring at the ground. "Not exactly. They said there was a development at the station and if I wanted details go to you." Lisa said plainly. "I see. Well I got a text from my parents murderer or murderers. The police also figured out that my parents so called 'accident' was no accident. Here take a look." I said then got my phone out of my pocket and gave it to Lisa to look at the message that the killer sent me.

"I see." Lisa said the continued reading. "You see." I replied. "What!!!! You're next!!!!" Lisa shouted. "Shhh!!! Not so loud." I whispered. Allen got up and came running to me and Lisa and said "What do you mean by you're next?" "It's nothing-" I said then Lisa interrupted and said "Cynthia's parents were murdered." "What." Allen said then looked at me I looked in the opposite direction. "Cynthia has received a message from the killer here look for yourself." Lisa said and then handed my phone to Allen. Allen read the message his eyes shrunk in shock. "When was I going to know about this?" Allen asked.

"Never it's on a need to know baised." I sharply replied. "Cynthia!!!!! If you like it or not Allen is apart of this family!!!!" Lisa shouted. "I didn't mean it like that." I whispered. "Cynthia I know what you're thinking. You don't want any one to worry or get hurt because of you. However there is a time when you've backed yourself so deep in a corner that you have no one to support you. Please Cynthia, Allen can help you during school hours when I can't. Allen can you guard Cynthia with your life but try not to get into a tough situation. Cynthia may act tough and strong but she weak and fragile. Cynthia is also not used to guys, sacredness or love so those are her weak points, oh and spiders." Lisa replied. "Lisa!!!!!!!!" I shouted then blushed because of her knowing my weaknesses. "Okay I will do my best." Allen said with a smile. I blush then looked to other way.

Rin then came over with Lisa's phone then took a picture of me blushing. "Hey!!!!!!!!" I shouted. "Good job Rin!" Lisa remarked then gave Rin a thumbs up. Rin jumped up and down laughing. "You better delete that." I said raising my voice. "As if. This is the first time you've smiled whole heartedly not to mention blushed." Lisa replied then took her phone gently from Rins hand. "Cynthy do you need a bath or shower because I want to have one so you can go before me." Rin said while looking up at me. "Okay. I will have one first. Excuse me." I said then excused myself from the table. I walked down the hall and took the second right which lead to the toilet which was ahead the sink to the left and the shower and bath area to the right. I opened the cupboard underneath the sink and grabbed a towel. I then walked into the shower and bath area and I locked the door behind me. I then got the bath runing and when it was full of hot water I got undress and put my clothes in our washing basket. Then I went into the bath tub. "Every thing is going to be fine well that's what I want to believe. No one really knows what to do I wish I could be of more help to every one but... I don't want to meddle too much.

If I get to deep into things I might not find a way to get out. Also I wonder where that text message was sent from maybe if I go into my phone log I'll find some thing." I thought. I then washed my hair and body and then got out of the bath and pulled the plug from the bath so the water would drain. I then wrapped myself in a towel and walked back down the hall and into the room to the left which was my room I then got changed into my silky blue Pj's. I then wrapped the towel around my hair and walked in the kitchen and dinning area. "Wheres Rin?" I asked and turn my head left and right to find him. "I sent him to bed and now we can talk." Lisa replied still in the same spot as when I left. "Talk about what?" I said then tilted my head to the left. "You and your safety, and also my son." Lisa said then leaned forward. "Allen? What does he have to do with it?" I asked then took a seat a the table. "Well he knows you. So he mite become your parents killers target. So I want you to keep a eye on him, like a baby sister or a body guard." Lisa said then laughed. I starred at her thinking "Really I do not have anytime for this."

"Cynthia think about it if Allen gets hurt by your parents killer you'll blame yourself. I know it. That's why I want you to look after him and in doing so you're also protecting yourself. Although I know you will protect him any ways because you're that type of person" Lisa said then smirked. I looked at the ground and smiled and said quietly "You really are one of my mothers friends." "You say some thin?" Lisa asked and looked at me. "No. I said nothing." I said with a smile. Lisa looked shock for a second and smiled then said "Allen how long are you going to hide around the corner for?" Allen jumped slightly and was in complete shock that Lisa realized he was there listening in on our conversation. "How did you-" Allen stopped and looked out side the dinning room window seriously. "Allen what's wrong?" I asked then turned to see what he was looking at I saw a black figure in the distance standing on the roof the house next door. Then the mysterious figure jumped away into the shadows.

"Who was that and why look into are building... unless." I said mumbling to myself. My pupils shrunk and I stood up immediately and ran out the front door. "CYNTHIA!!!" Lisa shouted sitting at the table. I ran down the stairs to the bottom floor of the apartment building. I ran outside and realized it was raining I saw my breathe exit from my mouth. I ran down the street clashing my feet against the cold cement. Water splashing behind me from me running so fast. I took deep breathes and put my hand to my chest and run down to an ally way beside our neighbors house it was dark. This would be one of those ally ways you see in horror films. I looked left to right to find the mysterious person that jump from the roof. "WHERE ARE YOU!!!!!COME OUT!!! I KNOW YOU'RE HERE!! SHOW YOURSELF!!!! YOU'RE THE ONE AREN'T YOU!!! MY PARENTS KILLER THAT'S OUT FOR MY BLOOD!!" I shouted on the top of my voice waiting a reply.

I heard foot steps behind me coming closer and then the footsteps came running towards me. I was slowly turning round scared beyond belief and I closed my eyes. ready to kick but the person grabbed me and asked "Cynthia are you okay?" I opened my eyes to the relief it was Allen. "Al-llen. Why arre you here?" I stuttered and grabbed him then fell to the ground in shock. My eyes focused on the thought "I could of died to my own selfishness." "Cynthia. Cynthia. CYNTHIA!!!!" Allen shouted then knelt down and helped me up. I looked at my skin it was a pale color my clothes drenched and dripping. Allen was wet also I then replied "I'm fine. However I think who ever was down here didn't want me to find them. I am also certain that the person was looking to see if I received the message, or not. Sorry to worry you I'm fine." I said and took a very deep breathe and opened my eyes and now I am serious if this person wants to play games so be it, but I will be the one on top. Making justice out of my parents death will be my goal. I stood up against the rain and walked back into the apartment building and back up to Lisa's room and entered and went to Lisa.

"Cynthia look at you. You're drenched." "Lisa I just want to let you know I will be investigating this case 24 hours a day. Even if you say no. I know you are my guardian but this is some thing I have to do." I said while staring into her eyes. "I see. I guess I have no choice but to let you investigate but what will you do when you find the killer?" Lisa asked. "That will be my little secret. It's always more interesting like that." I replied. Then Allen came in and lock the front door. He then came in and joined Me and Lisa in the dinning area. Then I said my good nights then went into my room and closed the door. I then went over to my dresser and open my music box and opened a secret compartment. In the secret compartment was a note book with all of the names, addresses, and phone numbers of people that stole money, had a grudge and hated my parents. I then opened my pencil case sitting on the dreseer and got out my yellow high lighter and highlighted the first name in the book. Christie Madison. Now the life story of Cynthia Luthiren begins.

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