The Eternal Sleep

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Can you imagine Yuki being attacked on her seventeenth birthday and ends up traveling with five guys who just so happen are vampires!! On the way finds all these crazy things and wonders what she do to deserve this?!

This is a romantic comedy, with violence and some torture scences. Some people die in this, also lots of blood. Hope you enjoy :)

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Eternal Sleep

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Submitted: March 02, 2012



Chapter one:

Eternal Sleep


My life is like a hot bubble ready to explode, My chest is rapidly pounding like some one is locked inside a closet trying to get out. Four days ago I was blooming brightly like a beautiful red rose and now the pedals are falling off into the crimson sea.

Four days ago in London 2030 on November the nineth. It was my birthday my seventeenth infact. I was slowly and quietly walking in down an ally way not so far from one of my friends houses. I felt a hard sensation rubbing against my leg, it pulled me down and I fell hard against the concrete, I was being dragged along the wet and rough surface of the ground. I was quickly grabbing the ground to trying and stay stable, I couldn't. I took a deep breathe and turned around to see what was grabbing ahold of me. My eyes opened wide and shrunk in deep fear there was a beast in front of me. I tried to move my legs but my brain went blank apart from six words 'I am going to die here.' My mouth opened to cry for help but nothing came out apart from air. The beast then raised one of it's mighty claws ready to attack, I suddenly shut my eyes and clutch my hand into fists. However nothing happened, I opened my eyes again to see there was a tall man holding a sword and pushing against the beasts claw. His dark brown hair flowing in the wind and his red eyes focused on the task at hand. My head started throbbing, my temperature raised and I fainted.

When I regained consciousness I was in a soft white bed starring at a cream ceiling. I had no idea where I was!!! I flung the covers off of me with so much force I fell to the cold ground with a large bang!! I then heard a rattling of a handle of a door in front of me. The door flung wide open and the man from before came charging in saying "Are you alright?!" He then looked down and saw me on the ground and realized a sound like "Oh." He quickly turned around and was just about to close the door behind him but I quickly said "Um who are you exac-?" I paused and looked deep into his dark red eyes. They seemed lonely and sad. He leaned forward towards me and said "I am Shadow, I am eighteen and my birth date not telling." My eyes blinked in mild confusion. WHHAAA!!!! Did he just say all those things at once... Oh boy, what have I gotten myself into.

Shadow then ran as fast as he could out of the room, then the was a large sigh at the other side of the wall. Then another strange man came in with blonde hair and violet eyes. He was carrying a silver tray of food and glass of water and he sat down beside me. He then gave me a short glare and then sighed. I just looked at him fascinated by his eyes. He then looked at me and managed to say "Sorry about Shadow. He may act tough but he is a very shy guy, how ever the nicest person I know apart from Tristian." I looked at him blankly, thinking "Who?" I then realized he was starring at me probably expecting me to say some thing. I looked at the wood flooring. I didn't know what to say, well I did but didn't know if I should but I needed answers so I asked "Um do you know where I am? Who are you? What the hell attacked me and-?" He put his finger over my mouth and said "SHHHH. My head might explode of questions. Okay I am Zero. You are on a island in the east valley, the towns name is Rowbrick. That thing that attacked you was a hell demon, summoned by the Hell knights, Hell angels and Hell council. There are others living here in this house apart from me and Shadow they are Tristian, Lavi and Tadase. Please don't be alarmed I am going to remove my finger now." Zero removed his finger and my jaw dropped and I shouted "ROW- R - RO -ROWBRICK!!! THAT'S!!!! That's like one hundred miles away from my house!!!! Wait a minute I am in a house with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 guys are you nuts. How can things get possibly any worse!!" I shoved my legs against my chest and pouted. "Well Rowbrick is on island so it's hard to get here and to get out, you also have no spare clothes of your own. You have no passport either. There are some good things like meeting me." Zero said sarcastically. I just starred at him thinking "Oh no."

"Yeah that's great I'm stuck with five boys on a island, what can possibly go wrong. Let me think about it... oh I know every thing." I said then buried my head deep in between my legs. Zero them raised himself off the ground and looked at me. I raise my head seeing he held his hand out for my to grab. I reached out and grabbed it tightly. I slowly raised from the ground on to my two feet. My heart started to race I was never this close to a guy I just met before apart from on public transport.

We then walked out of the room and down a flight of steep stairs. When we got to the bottom there were two guys. There was one sitting on a leather couch with bright red hair, with blue eyes. He was wearing a plain grey t-shirt and blue jeans. They other boy was doing sit ups with a crow bar attached to the roof. He had dark brown hair and deep green eyes. He had no t-shirt on but had a nice pair of black jeans on. He realized that me and Zero had entered the room so he jumped down off the crow bar. The red haired boy through a white t-shirt at the dark haired man, he was very quick to catch it and put it on. The red hair boy stood up and shoved his hands in his pockets and said "Hi I'm Lavi." The brown haired guy put his left hand behind his neck and said 'Hello I am Tristian, nice to meet you... um. May I ask your name?" They all stood there looking at me, I blushed and looked at my feet with black slip on shoes, that are now all scuffed.

"YEAH OF COURSE..." I said loudly, maybe to loud. I can't believe I didn't introduce myself... well hear it goes so I lifted my head to face them. "Hi, I'm Yuki. Nice to meet all of you." I bowed and raised myself. I was pondering on what to say next and then I realized Zero said earlier there was five guys... I only met four of them. I then looked across to Zero and said nervously "Zero you said there were five of you, but I see that there is only four of you here. Oh wait you said his name was Tadase, right?"Zero looked at me blackly and them in click in his memory "Yeah, I did he's probably in the study he's a bit of a book worm. Lets go spy on him." Zero said plainly and gave a quick grin. "You'll get caught." Tristian replied and then sat down on the leather couch. "Oh well worth a shot." Zero said then winked.

Zero moved slowly forwards and put his hand on my shoulders and pushed me forward a couple steps and then we arrived at a door. I put my right ear against the door to see if I could hear any thing but all I heard was deadly silence. Zero opened the door slightly enough so that we could see him. He had blonde hair and red eyes. He was looking through all of these books and jotting down different things in his note book. I lean a bit more forward to see a bit more but the door swung a bit fast and it mad a creaking sound. Tadase looked up and quickly closed his book. He came over to us very fast and opened the door. Me and Zero stood up straight. "Oh I am glad to see you are awake Miss Yuki." Tadase said with a brightsmile. "How did you-" I said but stopped talking to hear Tadase's answer "The wall here are like paper, you hear everything. There are no secrets in this house." Tadase was so dazzling, it's like some one cleaned his soul. Then Zero said "I'll take you to my boat we can take you home on it, if you'd like. Because it is kind of our fault that you are here in the first place." 'Oh yes that would be lovely, thank you Zero." I said bowing and giving my thanks.

Twenty minutes later I'm sitting in a boat with Shadow on my right and Tristian on my left. Zero is driving, Lavi is in front of Shadow and Tadase is beside Zero. We were cruising along fast, my hair was drifting behind me. The sea air made you feel so alive I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the boat cutting the water. I opened my eyes when there was a sort of bump. Water started to gush in and a line went thought the middle of the boat. Tristian grabbed me tightly since if I stayed there I would of fallen through, because the boat was separating that fast. The boat got torn in half and separated quickly. Massive waves came between us so it was now impossible to regroup at sea. Only me and Tristan were on this half of the boat the others were on the other half.

I couldn't see the others but that was the least of my worries, our half of the boat was sinking fast. I had water up to my waist and Tristian had water up to his stomach. Obviously Tristian's side was sinking faster than mine. The one bad thing is I am not a good swimmer. Tristian must of realized that so he grabbed onto me and said "Hold on tight, close your eyes and hold your breathe." I grabbed onto him as tight as I could, I didn't want to argue about how weird this is so I went along with it. I buried my head into his warm back and held my breathe. I then shut my eyes. I then felt my whole body go under water and air bubbles hitting and sliding against my skin. Water quickly rushing at me. I then felt a cool breeze and no water above my head so I took another deep breathe and we went under the sea again. Until I felt my right foot touch sand. I opened my eyes see we were on an island. I let go of Tristian and we both ran for the island. Tristan bent over trying to catch his breathe. I put my left arm around him saying "You okay." I was looking around thinking "Tristian needs to rest we need shelter." I kept looking and at the corner of my eye I saw a cave "Tristian do you think you can walk to that cave over there." I asked. "Sure." Tristian replied with a deep breathe. I helped Tristian get over to the cave as best as I could and he instantly collapsed on the floor from exhaustion.

One whole hour later I collected wood from the native trees to build a fire, drinking water from a lake by the looks of it, near by. Then Tristian woke up and sprung to life literally and said "Are you alright?" "Shouldn't I be asking you that?" I asked. I was leaning up against the dry cave walls with Tristian laying in front of me. "Dam. I guess I really am cursed." Tristian whispered but this whole place was so quiet I heard it as loud as day. "Cursed?" I asked and knelt forward slightly. "Yeah, my parents were long gone to the grave but I had a sister Marry. She was so pretty and smart but she caught this diseases and it couldn't be cured. She died shortly after... After long months of grieving I came across a hell angel named Hail. She said she could bring her back. I foolishly accepted, and all I got was a lifeless shell of my sister. Nothing more, nothing less. So now because of that I have 'bad luck' and horrible nightmares. Also Yuki!!" Tristian grabbed my hands and continued specking "Don't trust any one of the guys including me that you met today."

I looked at him confused. Then all of the sudden the ground beneath us suddenly disappeared, they next thing we new, we were free falling. Then we land in a jail cell or some thing like is this some kind of joke. First attacked by a hell demon, in a house with five strangers, boat explodes and now free falling into a jail cell!!! It was dark all I could see was the jail and Tristian in here with me. Then a big lit path way appeared and a throne. On that throne sat a girl with balk wings and jet black hair with grey eyes. "That's a hell angel... Hail" Tristian whispered to me. Shes the one that cause Tristian suffering, a hell angel. She was flicking through pieces of paper saying "Not this one, not that one, nope not hungry for Mc Donald's. Hell express... nah leaves to early, hell movie tickets, can't be bothered. Hellwood noble evil prize ... never." She threw the pieces of paper in the air and let them glide down to the floor. She then looked at me and Tristian for a few seconds and them watched the paper fall to the ground. I took a gentle step back and her attention went to us like a snap of her fingers.

"Hey you there." Hail said while pointing her right hands pointer finger at me, then the jail cell disappeared. I looked around seeing it turn into dust which was then guided by the wind. Hail was glaring at me so I slowly and carefully moved towards her. As soon as I saw her hands lower I stopped moving. "GO!! Clean the floor, also get me a drink... oh and get your boy friend over there to help out kay!" Hail demanded with a grin on her face. "BOYFRIEND!!!" I shouted. She just called Tristian a guy I just met my boyfriend, she has some nerve. She continued to smirk which got on my nerves. "Oh I get it... you two are engaged. Why didn't you say so." Hail said then her smirk widened. She knew damn well that I had no relations with Tristian. "How could you say such a brutal thing. We are just friends I swear." I replied and swung my right arm to my side. "Yeah he a boy, and hes a friend. So therefore hes your boyfriend." Hail pointed out and giggle, she was enjoying this. "GRR." I moaned I curled my left hand into a fist, and then releasedit. If Idid hit her she would have a reason to fight back. So I uncurled my fist and starred at her. "Just teasing." Hail replied then stuck her tongue out.

Then all of the sudden there was a bright light coming from behind Hail's throne. A girl with flowing white hair and crystal blue eyes. In the most beautiful white dress I've seen, came out of the bright light and grew white pure wings. She sudden flew in front of Hail and shouted with her arms flapping up and down "Hail don't be so mean!!! You're so mean Hail!! You didn't come to sis's Reunion party." Hail just sighed and leaned her head on her wrist in the air because her elbow was resting on the throne. "Aww just take twenty buckets of cement and toughen up Heil." Hail replied. Heil the white angel started crying and repeated the word "Your so mean." Hail let out a groan and said "Fine. I'm sorry." Me and Tristian just sat back going "What the hell is going on..." Heil turned around swiftly and said "Fire, water, heaven and earth release." What is she going on about... I then looked beneath me and the was nothing. The next thing I know I am free falling, again. I clutched my hands together and closed my eyes.

Opened my eyes and we were on the island again. I was sitting in the dry surface of the cave noticing Tristian was beside me. "That was weird." Tristian said trying to process everything that happened. Me and Tristian heard a noise behind us so we turned around quickly seeing a red rune carving in the ground. "Oh please not again, no more crazy stuff please" I hoped. Then Hail the hell angel rose out of the rune. My mind just went blank in shock. What the hell happened to my peaceful and yet normal life. "Hello. Long time no see Tristian, hows your sister. What was her name Marry, yes that was it wasn't it." Hail said with a huge smirk on her face. I took a quick glance at Tristian who was glaring at Hail in rage. "How dare you say her name. You pitiful hell angel." Tristan spat. "Pitiful." Hail clutched her fist and lowered her head. All of the sudden a deathly aura surrounded Hail. Tristian had a deathly aura around him as well.

I lowered my head and thought "I'm useless. Tristian's going to get into a fight with Hail and I can't do any thing..." I shut my eyes and shouted "STOP!!" I raise my head and the deathly aura in the air disappeared, it was like it was never there. Hail raised her head and release her hands from her tight grasp she was holding. Hail looked at me and whispered "Why?" "I simply just answered "I may not know the whole story behind this but... I don't want to sit here and watch you to battle it out and leave me here watching blood get spilled!" "That is the lamest excuse I have ever heard." Hail replied. I glanced at Tristian who was agreeing to what Hail said. I just ignore there last comment and got on with life, there is no point grieving over a silly comment like that even though it pissed me off!!!

I then looked at the ground in relief and thought "No war will be starting today. Thank god." I glanced at the ocean which was a rich blue color. I saw a small figure in the distance and said "What's that." I pointed in the distance were the object was. "Tristian turned around and said "Where?" "There." I replied pointing at it. Tristian looked more closely. "It looks like a ship." Tristian said squinting his eyes. "Hey Hail.' I said and slowly turned around but she was gone and so was her rune. "Shes gone." I whispered. "Hey we should go down there a get the ship to pick us up." Tristian said with hope being through his voice. I noded my head in agreement, it's not like we have any thing to lose. I stood up on my two feet and started running towards the beach.

Me and Tristian were jumping up and down shouting "OVER HERE!!!" like mad maniacs. It work though the boat was coming towards us very fast. Tristian looked at me and said "Thank you... for listening to me babbling on about the past. It helped alot." I just smiled and said "No probs. I think I can say I trust you after all that, and I don't give my trust lightly. Now let wave at that ship." Tristian noded in agreement and we continued waving and jumping at the ship.

As soon as it reached near shore it stopped and a head poked out of one of the huge ship windows it was Lavi. "LAVI!!" Tristian shouted in relief that we found him. Lavi just waved. "Lets run and swim for it." I said. Tristian glared at me and said "When you say lets you mean 'you carry me over there on your back because I can't swim' don't you." I simply just winked back in agreement. We walked into the sea until the water reached my stomach, then I grabbed hold of Tristan. "You ready?" Tristian asked. I replied a quiet "Yes.". I closed my eyes and held my breathe. Then I grabbed onto Tristan like there was no tomorrow. I felt me going underwater and the water crashing against my cold skin. I felt air crashing against my head so I opened my eyes seeing we were at the ship. There was a ladder dangling down from the ships deck. I let go of Tristian and grabbed a hold of the ladder. I climbed up the ladder with Tristan fast climbing behind me. I reached the deck and just fell on it purposely and gave a sigh of relief.

I then noticed Zero standing up straight looking at me and said 'Come on we need to clean you up, you're covered in salt." "Yeah I guess." I said then stood up. We walked in a straight line until we reached a door which I am assuming was like a dorm area. We went down some steps and there were heaps of doors. Zero lead me to the one at the very end and said "This will be your living quarters for now. There is a shower and bath in there, and oh spare clothes that will fit you." "Thank you." I said then opened the door gently.

I looked the door behind me so that no one could come in. I then went into another door which I assumed of where the shower would be, and I was right. I just hopped into the shower as I was because these clothes needed washed any way. I turned on the shower to hot and just washed myself. I noticed there was shampoo and conditioner. They looked very promising, so I used them. Once I got all the salt off me and my clothes. I took my clothes off and wrapped myself in the towel that was on the rack. I went into the 'bedroom' and into a a walk in robe which had the clothes that Zero was talking about. There was heaps of clothes!! Does he except me to wear all of these!!! I got changed any way into undergarments, a white t-shirt with some lace, a red belt and blue jeans. My hair was still wet, so I wrapped in my towel and drained most of the water. When I thought my hair was dry enough I thought I might as well go and thank Tristian for taking care of me before.

I dropped the towel and released my hair, it was pretty much dry any way. I unlocked my door and walked out shutting the door tightly behind me. I was walking down the corridor quietly like a ninja, until I heard Zero and Tristian talking. It was in the quarters three doors down from mine. I placed my ear against the door to hear what they were saying.

I heard a squeaking probably of Tristian sitting on the bed. I also heard pacing so I am guessing that was Zero "Don't get to attached or close to Yuki, Tristian." Zero demanded in a stern voice. "I am not close to her Zero. I am just being friendly. You have nothing to worry about believe me." Tristian said in a nervous voice. "I dammed to disagree I saw the way you look at her Tristian. I'm warning you don't get close other wise it's trouble for all of us." Zero replied. "I don't see what the big deal is Zero!!" Tristian shouted and I heard the sound of springs being released, probably from the bed. Which could only mean Tristian got up. "Shh keep your voice down. Do you want the whole neighbor hood to hear." Zero said in an unwanted tone. "I get it now go!!" Tristian demanded. "Fine. I warned you so stay away, from Yuki." Zero replied and I heard his foot steps coming closer to the door so I ran down the hall in to my quarters and opened my door. I hid in my quarters until I heard Zeros footsteps disappear.

I peeked out of my door and saw Zero was gone, so I opened the door and walked out. I shut the door softly behind me. I walked over to Tristan's quarters and knocked on his door. Tristian opened the door wide open and said "Oh, hi Yuki. I am kind of in the middle of some thing at the moment can you come back later." Before he would let me answer he was closing the door on me. I shoved my foot quickly in between the door frame and the door, to stop the door from closing. "Hey stop right there. I know for a fact that you are not busy. Now just hear me out." I said trying to convince him to let me talk. "Yuki remove your foot." Tristian asked and didn't give me a second glance, he just looked down at my foot. "No, now listen here. I came here to say thank you for before. How ever now I think there is a deeper meaning for me being here. Would you care to explain. Tristian I am not trying to get any of you in some kind of trouble. I just need to know." I asked nicely and leaned forward worried about what's going on. "Go ask Zero!!!" Tristian yelled. I took a step back and moved my foot. I put my head down and tears began to flow. "I thought I could trust him. I guess not I can't trust any one on this rusty old boat. I raise my head and looked at Tristian. His eyes were shocked that I was crying. He reached his left hand out but I stepped back. He returned his hand by his side. I brung my left hand to my chest and said "Yeah... I guess, I need to go."

I ducked my head and ran into my quarters and slammed the door shut and then I locked it tight. I jumped onto my bed, my face facing towards the ceiling. I raised my right arm over my eyes so I couldn't see. I felt the weird sensation of fluids going down the side of my head. I don't know why I was so hurt, it felt like I just got shot through the heart or hit by a bullet train. "I can't believe I trusted him. I'm so damn stupid. I thought I could trust him enough that we could be really good friends. I don't know why but I did. This is stupid look at me, I'm crying over a guy how pathetic. I have done this before but not this bad." I thought and I dried my tears thinking "It's usless to cry about such pointless things." Then the ship stopped moving so I am guessing that we reached our destanation.

I opened my door and went to the deck. We arrived at a beach. The sky was quiet dark but the breeze was lovely. The cold breeze was rubbing against my now warm skin. My hair weightless beside me, flowing in the breeze. The ship released a bridge like figure leading to the beach so we could just walk across. At the other end of the bridge like figure was a girl with flaming red hair and emerald eyes. She was laughing and talking with Lavi.

"Hey Tadase lets hit the taps and muck about." Shadow said loudly. "Race ya." Tadase replied and ran ahead. "Damn that ain't fair rematch!!!!" Shadow shouted and chased after him. Shadow and Tadase were turned this massive tap on and off spraying each other with water. "Looks like they are having fun." I whispered then gave a slight smile.

Then my head started pounding I put my right hand on my fore head and tried to stay calm. I then heard a girls voice softly going through my head saying "Hello Yuki." What the some ones in my head!!! This is out of bounds no matter who you are!!! I looked around and relized the girl with red hair winked at me. I ran to the edge of the ship and pointed at her and shouted "SHE SPOKE!!!" Zero looked at me confused and said "Yuki. No one was talking are you coming down with some thing?" "No she defiantly spoke." I replied. "No I didn't speck. Oh how rude of me, my name is Wildfire. I am also seventeen. Nice to meet you." Wildfire said while making her way up to the ships deck. "How did you know my age?" I asked. "Just do Yuki." Wildfire replied and walked up to me. "How did you know my name?" I asked, and I was a bit creeped out to be honest. Zero then glanced at Wildfire and then Lavi came charging up and said to Zeros face "Don't lay a finger on my cousin, ya hear!!" "I wasn't planning on it." Zero replied with his hands in his pockets trying to act cool.

Lavi then ran as fast as he could and whispered some thing to Tristian. His face turned bright red and shouted "WHAT!! You have been around you love obsessed cousin too much. Your brain must be fried." Zero then glanced at me and I glanced back. Then Wildfire got really angry and grabbed my shoulders and said with a serious face "You can't have Zero hes mine." 'I'm out of here." Zero said then ran off the ship onto the sandy beach. "Look Wildfire you can have him." I replied and sighed. Wildfire calmed down and said "I guess you like Tristan." "You have salt in your brain." I replied with my face slightly flushed. Wildfire then ran onto the railings on the ship and shouted "BEHOLD THE LOVE TRIANGLE!!" "How in the world did I end up with these people. There must be some terrible misunderstanding." I thought. Zero looked up and was so confused he said 'What?!"

Wildfire then started running chanting "Tristian and Yuki, Wildfire and Zero." Tristian got really angry, we all swear he was on fire. I was angry too! We only just met today and she already thinks she knows me!!!! So me Tristian and Lavi started chasing her down the beach trying to get her to shut the hell up. How ever she jumped into Zeros arms and said "Carry me! Please Zero, I hurt my ankle." "Fine as you wish... for now." Zero said frustrated. Me, Tristian and Lavi were thinking the same thing "She will die in the morning by us!!!" Zero picked Wildfire up gently and carried her quiet a way down the beach. Until we arrived at a cabin where we were told we were going to spend the rest of the night. I fell asleep on the cold wooden floor with out any blankets, it was too warm. I like sleeping on the floor any way it's soothing. While I was asleep Wildfire went into a separate room with Tristian to talk in private.

"Wildfire. I need to tell you some thing." Tristian said and sat down on an old wooden chair. "What?" Wildfire innocently replied. "Yuki is a vampire." Tristian said then starred at Wildfire for a reaction. "A what!!! Shes a vampire!!! How do you know?" Wildfire asked stunned by the previous answer. "I have the ability to see what every living thing is." Tristian replied and leaned forward slightly. "Have you told the others?" Wildfire asked. "Yeah. They already knew. Too be honest we were looking for her." Tristian said then stood u and headed toward the broken window. "Looking for her what do you mean by that Tristian?" Wildfire said then took a step forward. "She could be the daughter of the vampire king and you know we serve him because we are all vampires, after all." Tristian replied and turned to face Wildfire. Then the door suddenly opened, it was Zero.

"Oh Zero it's you for a moment I thought it was Yuki." Wildfire said then put her left hand on her chest to calm her heart down. "No Yuki is asleep for now. So I see you informed Wildfire about everything." Zero said leaning against the door. "Yeah." Tristian replied. "Get some sleep, it'll be a long day tomorrow." Zero warned and left from Wildfires and Tristian's sight. "We didn't make him angry did we?" Wildfire asked worried about her safety. "No. Hes just grumpy about what happened on the boat." Tristian replied. "What happened on the boat?" Wildfire asked. "Nothing get some sleep." Tristian growled. "Tristian we can't hide the truth from Yuki forever we will need to tell her at some point." Wildfire hinted. "Wildfire I know what you are suggesting and no is the answer. You will not tell her you got that other wise you will have Zero to deal with I think that will be the last thing on your list." Tristian threatened.

Lavi walked in wondering what was wrong. "Lavi what are you doing in here!!" Wildfire hissed and nearly swung the door in his face. "Cus you don't want to wake Yuki up so keep it down otherwise she will wake up. We don't want any trouble until we find a safe place that we can hide her." Lavi pointed out. Lavi then grabbed the door and opened it fully. "Lavi you're up for this to. I still think we should tell her." Wildfire said in a loud tone. "Wildfire think of it this way and we do tell her. What do you think she will do. She mite even kill herself, run away or be so scared she erases her memory. I don't think that will help us in any means." Tristian spat. "I guess you are right, but she is very fragile. She trusts people so easily and if it's broken she falls apart or that's what I felt when I read her thoughts. She was so confused because some one she trusted broke that trust. Imagine what she would feel like for your whole existents is all a lie and you aren't human. But most of all your friends lied to you for months. I don't know about you but I would be ruined." Wildfire said veryconvincing.

"That's also true. Wait Wildfire you where looking into Yuki's thoughts!!" Tristian shouted. "SHHHH!!! Keep it down Tristian." Lavi whispered and held his right hands pointer finger over his mouth. "Sorry, but did you?" Tristian asked. There was silence cutting through the air. Wildfire took a deep breathe and said "Yes. I did, but just to see what was going on. Remember I can only use it twice on one person, unless they want me to. She looked so depressed and confused so I just needed to know what was wrong. It turns out Tristian was the one that caused it." Wildfire said pinning the blame on him. Tristian looked at the ground knowing of what he did. Tristian closed his eyes trying to block out his thoughts. "Sorry Tristian, I said too much." Wildfire said and reached out to Tristian and placed her hands on his strong shoulders. "It's fine I should apologize but I can't I have been given strict instructions to not get involved with her." Tristian replied and held Wildfire tightly. Tristian then released Wildfire and they both cracked up laughing. "Yep they have gone mad." Lavi simply said then walked into one of the far corners and closed his eyes. "We should sleep too." Wildfire said then walked out of the room. Tristian went into the opposite corner of Lavi and dozed off.

Then in the morning we all bordered the ship and went into our quarters and then the ship set sail.

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