Adam and Eva

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An idea for a novel that just came from the top of my head. Let's just see how it goes from here.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Adam and Eva

Submitted: June 03, 2013

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Submitted: June 03, 2013



I awoke from my restful slumber only to be met with a haunting image of my now deceased sister. As my vision got less and less blurry, the mirage only got worse. At first,she was just standing there by my doorway with a pained expression and tears rolling down her soft, innocent cheeks. Now as i rub more crud away from my eyes and look again, the tears are soon replaced with blood, and the cry is much more intense. The blood rushes out of her eyes as if they had been cut with a sharp kinfe. Then she falls to her knees, the blood flow stops, and she begins walking on them. Coming closer and closer towards me.

I am frozen, and too afraid to move. So i just sit there as the ghost of my dead sister approaches my bed. She gets up close and puts her lips to my ear. Quickly, but oh so delicately, she kisses it. Then she is flung back all the way across my room as if the very touch of my body is somehow a harm to her. She falls onto her back and her limbs stretch out. Like a child giddy with excitement when they are about to make their first snow angle. Except my sister only brings her legs together, leaving her arms spread apart and moving them into a perfect horizontal line across her body. Making the perfect symbol of a cross. Soon, the blood starts flowing out of her eyes again and a puddle of the stuff begins outlining her body. Out of nowhere, a hand comes up from from my floor, grabs her by the hand, and pulls her spirit down into the unknown depths. My floor, left with a large stain of  a cross. 

My heart was pounding and sweat made my clothes stick to my skin. I didn't want to get out of my bed because what if one of those hands grabs me? What if my sister comes back and takes me with her? But i had to push those creepy thoughts aside. I can't stay in my bed for the rest of my life. So i finally decide to get up, and investigate the cross. I walk over to it carefully, and am soon standing right above it. Strangely, the blood already seems to be dry. I kneel down slowly and touch it to verify if what i am seeing is true. And it is, it's completely dry, dry as a bone. For the next hour or so, i try to clean it up because it has a foul odor, and isn't exactly what you would call good decor. Though, nothing helps. It simply will not go away. Just like the pain and memory of my poor sister. 

Eventually i gave up, but noticed something just before i started to get up from my knees. The cross said something, right in the middle in tiny writing where Eva's ghostly body layed. "Find him, and spill his sinful blood before it happens. Otherwise, our family's sorrow, and my tragic death shall never be redeemed." 


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