The Walking Lie

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Walking Infant

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013



Chapter 1

I have no photgraphic memory as those who have those remeber absolutaly everything, me, I remember very very well but I'm more visual. Whatever I see or hear from TV, movies, music and/or books. I remeber.

Now, I must admit, I get my "additude" from those things, therefore I'm a copy cat to some degree, but who I am, who I want to become is not from anyone or anything. This is all me, no one else.


Looking back, I don't really remember much in my earliest childhood, infant age. All I knew is that I came to America screaming bloody murdering. I never let anyone, not even the people who adopted me, hold me.

They were all warned that I would probably make their ears deaf but they seem to think they can manage. Somehow I finally settled down. In the car, my brother, who was in the back, leaned over my seat and held a small stuffed goose. I looked up and immediatly stopped screaming/crying and cuddled my goose.

It took a while but I finally settled and let my family hold me. It was then decided, this was my home from now on and this is my family now.

I was still a screaming bloody murder but that all died down when my mom used her finger for me to suck on. My mom decided to send dad to the store to buy me a pacifier, I loved it and I could suck on it all day! Unfortunatly, I lost it and began putting things from the floor to my mouth. Everybody thought it was gross, I thought it was delicious.


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