Turnabout Friendships

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A teenage boy is thrusted into amurder case in his own school. And to make matters worse, he finds out that his own friend is being accused.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Turnabout Friendships

Submitted: April 30, 2010

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Submitted: April 30, 2010



*-Turnabout Friendships-*Written by: Isnt_That_Wright,Right?
[Trying to figure out when my career all started took me waaaay back..7 years...My story started off with quite a surprise. A murder, and a friend in trouble. To think the day started just as normal as my other days...didn’t think I get tossed into that one. I guess I can talk about, doesn’t kill to talk about the past.]
-7 years ago-
Lucas: (Argg! I’m almost late!!)
Lucas: Nooooo... I’m right there!
Mr. Veil: Lucas! You were late to my class again!
Lucas: *sigh*... just gimme the usual detention slip...
Mr. Veil: Fine by me.
Lucas: You know it’s not every day I get an autograph from such an awesome teacher....
Mr. Veil: Well, why don’t we make it even better with another?
Lucas: Oh, Hey! Look at the time! Gotta go!
Lucas: (My names Lucas, the sophomore who normally gets tossed around. Always doing the good thing, always helping people out when they need it. I’m just one big ball of random kindness. I’ve done a few stupid things, but I’m pretty smart, when I want to be anyways.)
Shade: (If you’re so smart, why couldn’t you keep track of the time..)
Lucas: (Oh shut it! I was kinda busy...That guy is Shade, my imagin-...um.. Conscience.)
Shade: (Quit lying. You were spending all that time with your little sweet heart Rose.)
Lucas: (shut up.....Oh, I forgot to say that I’m the biggest videogame-addict here and I’m kinda lazy...)
Shade: (KINDA?)
[The rest of the day went by normally, or so I thought...It all started next block.]
[The bell had gone off and since the substitute wasn’t here for some odd reason, everyone was taking the chance to go crazy.]
Lucas: Where do you think the sub is at?
Joe: Who cares! Im’a go ahead and take a nap... wake me if the sub comes...
Carlos: Man, he’s already out.
Lucas: trust me, I’d be out too. But it looks like the name of our late sub is Ms. Hendrick.
Carlos: Well, that’s the name on the board…
Lucas: (The sleepy head over there is Joe; he’s the cool, kinda smart leader of the group; who also does things without thinking. And the big guy is Carlos, who normally does the crazy things with Joe.)
Shade: (and you’re the smarts of the group, who normally worries about them a little too much..)
Lucas: (WELL!! it’s not my fault Joe sprained his wrist in an almost near-death skateboard ride, like 2 weeks ago!)
Speakers: *static* Attention students, teachers, and staff, due to an unexpected event, everyone is to stay in their classrooms. Absolutely no one is allowed out in the halls.
Lucas: ..?
Shade: (Why does that voice sound familiar?)
Carlos: Must be serious...
Shade: (Hey do you hear sirens outside?)
Lucas: ?
Carlos: hey! What are you doing?
Lucas: Eh..The hell!? There are cops outside!
Carlos: What!? Why!? And where the hell is that sub!?
Lucas: hey, go wake Joe up. I gota go.
Carlos: What!? Where and how!? You can’t go out!
Lucas: Don’t worry about. Just make sure to keep Joe and yourself in here. NO following!
Shade: (time for a little sneaky sneak!)
[Not a soul in the hallways...it was more quiet then a library having a sale...Pretty boring...]
Lucas: (I swear, when it’s not some dumb fight, it’s the cops!)
Shade: (What are you talking about; this is all new to the school. I’d say it’s gotta be something good.)
Lucas: (I can only hope.. hey the window by the stairs shows the parking lot, let have a look see.)
Lucas: (....This can’t be good...)
Shade: (what?)
Lucas: (there are a lot of cop cars out there...I even see a few detective cars,)
Shade: (its 1:00pm... 3rd block is about to end..)
Lucas: (The heck is wrong you!! You can at least sho-)
?: Lucas!!! What do you think you’re doing out here!!?
Lucas: (that voice, of all the people.. I’m screwed....)
Shade: (you’re so screwed.)
Lucas: (....*sigh*.)
Mr. Veil: Didn’t you here that announcement! You’re supposed to be in class!
Lucas: I..uhh.. so this isn’t my class room? I thought it was kinda quiet...
Mr. Veil: Don’t play games boy! Now get back to your class!
Lucas: yes sir...
Shade: (that’s weird...)
Lucas: (what is?)
Shade: (If he heard the announcement, then...why isn’t he in his room?)
Lucas: (I guess..)
Shade: (and why did he come up the stairs? isn’t his room on this floor?)
Lucas: (Hmm..Well, he’s gone now....Lets use the stairs on the other side.)
[I didn’t even go down one flight of stairs, and I can hear people running around like crazy.]
Lucas: (Dang, I’ll get caught if I go that way..)
Shade: (Guess we’ll go another circle to the other side..)
Lucas: (Geez! what’s a chubby kid gotta do to get to the first floor!)
Shade: (hey, I think some cops are leaving!)
Lucas: (Epic yes!)
?: BOO!
[Right at that time....I was gona turn around and uppercut whoever it was, and then fall into some type of seizure; while falling down the stairs of course...]
Lucas: I hate you!
Joe: Oooh ohh, that...was..just..too..funny, my side still killing me...And can you quiet down, they’ll hear us.
Lucas: Grrrrr...besides what are you doing here!? I told Carlos to keep you in there!
Joe: He tried anyways..so, what’s the situation?
Lucas: ....
Joe: C'mon! I’m sorry alright.
Lucas: OK..I don’t know that much, just that there were cops and detectives moving in towards the 1st floor around 1:00pm, and I also bumped into Mr. Veil by the stairs....
Joe: whoa, wait...Carlos told me that everyone was supposed to stay inside their class
Lucas: same thing I thought....
Joe: Hey, look.. This hall is clear.
Lucas: alright fine..
[We walked down the stairs and walked past the office..]
Lucas: wow never thought I’d see this office so empty...
Joe: guess they’re all outside talking with the cops..
Shade: (Quick question...Where are you going!!?)
Lucas: ohhh...
Joe: What?.....wait...don’t tell me..
Lucas: sorry...
*step step step*
Joe: Hm? uh! Hide!!!
Lucas: mmmph!?
[Suddenly, this cop comes out of the Computer classroom, and walks past us.]
Joe: phew...
Lucas: MMMPHHH!!!
Joe: Oh, sorry for covering your mouth like that.
Lucas: You call THAT covering!!?
Joe: Never mind that.. I just found our destination!
[We peered through the door window.. No one standing up..It was kinda dark too..]
Joe: Nice guys go first...
Lucas: oh, thanks tough guy..
[I slowly turn the knob, I was trying to be cool and calm about it, but geez....I was freaking out!
Opening that door really freaked me out.. I couldn’t even move after seeing what I saw..]
Lucas: Wha...wh..WHAT THE HELL!!
Joe: What!?What!?
?: HAAA!
[Just gets harder and harder... after that strike, I could barely feel my arms, but I grab a hold of what hit me and tugged like crazy, it was just too dark to figure out my situation, and my attacker...but I noticed that the attack came behind the door.]
Lucas: Let go will ya!!
?: *gasp*! Lucas?!
Lucas: *gasp*!(that voice! Her!!?)
[Once I heard that pleasant voice, she let go, and since I was still tugging that weapon with all my strength, I tumbled back and tripped on something, and probably banged my head on a desk...blacked out pretty fast...]
Lucas: ahh..uhh...hmmm (can’t see, blurriness everywhere..)
?: C'mon wake up! Pleeeease*.
Lucas: (that sexy voice..)
[I was against the desk and she was so close to me, I think she was practically lying on me...yep. I thought I was gonna black out again...Her names Rose, my very, very, very, very,......beautiful lov-....friend.]
Lucas: Rose...?
Rose: Lucas! You’re awake.
Lucas: Owow.. ..Ummm, who are you? Are you an angle? Did I die!?
Rose: Oh Lucas, your never any good with jokes.
Lucas: Hey, there’s no wrong in trying.
L & R: Hahaha
Joe: *Ahem* sorry to interrupt this little love fest, but I think you should look at this...
Lucas: ..?
[What I saw...wasn’t something small or something to be surprised at... it..it was almost impossible for someone like me to bear...A dead body, lying on the floor...a cold chill went through my whole body... to think, that was the thing that I tripped on..]
Joe: Hey Hey, snap out of it, C'mon you and I seen things like this in video games..
Lucas: yeah, but this is all too real..
Shade: (Hey hey, take it easy...just take a deep breathe and calm it down...)
Lucas: ....*Sigh*..
Shade: (Joe is right, you've played your fair share of violent games..not to mention all those detective and law games.)
Lucas: (Oh yeah, like that Marvin Grossberg: Clearing up the truth..goood times...wait wait, You’re not think’in what I think your think’in...?)
Shade: (Time to try out your skills...for real this time.)
Lucas: ....
Rose: hey...are you ok?
Lucas: yeah yeah. hey... I hate to ask this but....Why are you here? And why’d you try to attack me...
Rose: Oh,hehe...I’m sorry..I was just so scared..they were looking for me...*sniff*..
Lucas: Heyheyhey! Don’t cry! I’m sorry. Just take it easy, please. And explain a little.
Rose: ....*Sniff* I....I..was accused of.....killing someone
Joe: !!!
Lucas: (ugh..my vision..again..)
[I felt so dizzy..Like if I had been hit in the head again.....So many questions went through my head.... Who? What? How?...Why me?...]
Joe: Wait, slow down now, can you explain why they’re accusing you?
[I looked down at the body...she looked like a teacher...But, there was something familiar or something that’s not supposed to be there....that’s when I saw it...]
Lucas: That scarf.....
Joe: *looking around confused* wh...what?
Lucas: That scarf was a present I gave to you....Rose...
Rose: .....I’m sorry
Joe: OOOK! what does that have to do with the accusation!?
Lucas: look...it’s wrapped around the ladies neck, I’d say it’s pretty tight too...
Joe: Are you saying..
Lucas: She was killed...by being strangled to death with Rose's scarf!
Rose: .....
Joe: But why is it there!?
Lucas: Tell me the truth Rose...please
Rose: .....
Lucas: Please...I’m asking because I really......really care for you and I want to help you.
Rose: !....alright..
Shade: (Guess we are making some progress...)
[I have to hear her out....that’s what was going through my head because I knew it wasn’t her. There was no way.]
Rose: I went to the bathroom around 12:40pm.
Lucas: how'd you know?
Rose: the teacher made me write it down on my school planner. here it is, signed by the teacher and everything.
Shade: (Hey..Where are you keeping all this info and stuff?)
Lucas: (You should know! well, I keep it in my trusty school ID pouch! 1 of 2 things this school made that is actually worth the cost, meaning this and my hoodie.)
Shade: (how does all that fit in such a small pouch.....)
Rose: After I finished, I heard the announcement and suddenly I was grabbed by a policeman and he took me here, the computer room. Then I waited behind the door so I could escape.
Joe: When did you hear the announcement?
Rose: 12:50pm because of the clock in the bathroom.
Lucas: Uhhh...err..
Rose: ..?
Lucas: uhhh..Ahem..so were you like...doing anything suspicious in the bathroom...?
Joe: Oh Ho!
Rose: ! Lucas!!!
Shade: (Ouch, even I felt that one..)
Lucas: Owowowow! I didn’t mean it like that!! I mean, like, were you waiting for someone or..
Rose: or?
Shade: (do you think someone called her?)
Lucas: (No, I think I got it...)
Joe: "or" what, Lucas?
Lucas: Rose, were you looking for something?
Rose: ! What? What could I have been looking for?
Lucas: well, it’s kinda obvious what you were looking for...
Joe: WELL!! What is it man!?
Lucas: C'mon Joe this is an easy one... she was looking for....the scarf I gave her!
Rose: !
Joe: oooh, it makes sense since it somehow ended up here...
Shade: (Way to go! now that’s using your head!)
Lucas: C'mon Rose, I said id trust you...
Rose: *sigh* Ok...I’m sorry...your right, I lost it, and asked to go to the bathroom to look for it.
Lucas: Where else did you look?
Rose: the library, the 1st floor bathroom, and...
Joe: here...
Lucas: and that when you found the body..
Rose: I felt sick, so I ran back to the bathroom and that’s when I was found.
[That’s the point where I felt a bit better...but I think I’m about to get even more sick...suddenly.]
?: AH HA!
?: I found her, I found the murderer!
[That voice...why...again! cops started to swarm in through the doors, no where to run...]
Rose: Hey! let..ahh..go!
Lucas: Ngh..Let them GO!!!(No!)
Shade: (CALM IT DOWN KID! resisting makes it worst!)
??: Let the 2 boys go, pal.
Lucas: ?
??: They have nothing to do with this case.
Joe: That’s right! Back off!
??: Take the young girl to the station, stat!
Cops: Yes Detective Gumshoe!
Lucas: Wait sir! She didn’t do it!
Gumshoe: sorry pal, but this case is the hands of me, Detective Dick Gumshoe! And we got our evidence and a witness who saw her.
Mr. Veil: That’s right I saw her coming in and the-
Gumshoe: That’s enough blabbering, pal!
Mr. Veil: Tch!
Rose: Lucas!!
Joe: Dang this is real bad!
Shade: (Dang, there’s no looking around it, everything points towards her..)
Lucas: (she has no excuse, but also has no reason to kill...Mr. Veil is the one looking the most suspicious...being out of class, claiming to be the one that saw her...I gota think of something!)
Lucas: Don’t worry Rose! I promised id protect you! I swear I will!
Rose: I-.....
[I couldn’t hear the rest of it....what now?...I trust her completely, even more with having at least one suspect...But everything was happening to fast, I couldn’t slow it down. So many questions, Why was a random teacher killed? How did Rose lose her scarf? and....how was it able to get here, only to be wrapped around the victims neck?...]
Lucas: .....
Joe: Hey...I think they’re gone.
Lucas: ...
Joe: C'mon, don’t you want to help Rose?
Lucas: Huh?...Oh, yeah yeah.
Joe: zoning out at a time like this...geez..
Lucas: heh..sorry, I was thinking.
Joe: Well use that thinking while we’re looking around!
Lucas: I guess looking at the body is the best place to start...
[We walked towards the body almost like it was nothing...Eyes shut, the fading warmth of her skin... it must have been hell just to get like that..The only thing I was focused on was the scarf..]
Lucas: It’s hers alright...
Joe: Nothing in the pockets, or hands
Lucas: no bruises or anything must have been a surprise attack.
Joe: yeah, since the ends of the scarf are on her back..
Shade: (Choked from the back....)
Lucas: was the killer hiding?
Joe: There is a pretty big cabinet over there..
[We took a few steps and opened it..nothing special..but something felt off..]
Lucas: hmm? These boxes are kinda arranged weirdly..
Joe: they’re all stacked up towards one side leaving a lot of space on the other..
Lucas: .....hey Joe, think you can hop in and see if you fit?
Joe: Eh...Sure, let me just....eh, kinda stuffy in here..
Lucas: what are you talking about, there’s more than enough space for the 2 of us....! Hey, what’s under your foot?
Joe: hm, what’s this? Looks like a business card..
Shade: (A business card?)
Lucas: (I don’t think a business card is suppose to be there..especially in here..)
Lucas: hey, let me see it. Let’s see if there’s a name...”Max Eve Veil”
Joe: Mr. Veil’s middle name is “Eve”....
Lucas: I think we’re done here, so you can close up..
Joe: ...Fine
Lucas: Ack!
Joe: Hey! What’s wrong with you?
Lucas: Owowowow...right on the bump..
Joe: hmm..your hood is caught on the knob...
Lucas: Yeah....the knob is kinda hook-shaped...
Joe: ..you left blood on the cabnet
Lucas: Really, I didn’t know...
[After that non-sarcastic statement, we went towards the teacher’s desks..]
Joe: Nothing but notes to the sub on how to take care of the class...
Lucas: huh..What happened to the lock on the drawer?..it looks kinda beat up.
Joe: argh...but not opened.
Lucas: I guess it’s time for my handy dandy ID Pouch to kick in!....Hmmm...no not that...
Joe: ?
Shade: (Oh god..)
Lucas: Found it!
Shade: (WHY!!??)
Joe: why do you carry hair pins?..
Lucas: trust me, watching too much television and playing way too many video games have taught me a lot..Let me just twist it here....and there...
Joe: ...
Joe: Alright! Time to go through the teachers stash
Lucas: Ok, now you're making this look even worse....huh? there’s a paper on the floor.."the key is under the keyboard"
Lucas: .....
Shade: (......)
Joe: ......Wait, isn’t this a computer room? ....Which keyboard!?
Lucas: (....!)Hey go check out the other keyboards and tell me if they've been moved, and see if you can find that key.
Joe: sure thing, but if you find any candy or money in there, you better share!
Lucas: ...*sigh*...sure...
[I went ravaging through the desk like if I was hungry and searching for a piece of cheese cake...mhhh cheese cake...uhh..Anyway! BACK TO ADVENTURE!]
Lucas: look..Another note..
Shade: (But it’s written in a different style..)
Joe: hey I’m back, and guess what!...huh? what’s that, another note?
Lucas: ...What the Hell!?...thi...this is a threat!?
Joe: WHAT?! Let me see that!...
"At exactly 12:45pm, you are going to pay in the worst way for cutting down my pay.
Don’t try to run or snitch, 'cause it will get worse. Just stay exactly where you are.....Ms.Hendrick."
Lucas: Hey, check the body for a school ID now!
Joe: Gotcha!
Shade: (So there was a warning before it happened...and we have an almost exact time of death!)
Lucas: (Your right!! Maybe the lock was beaten up by the murderer who was trying to get this back..)
Shade: (I don’t know...)
Lucas: (But that key..!Dang, I forgot!)
Joe: Hey, I found out that the teacher name is Ms.Hendrick!
Lucas: So the note was for her..but, I forgot to ask, what happened while you were looking for the key?
Joe: Oh right right, When I went to go look, the keyboards were pretty messed up, but I couldn’t find the key.....
Lucas: hmmm...the teacher’s computer looks fine...no harm in checking.....!
Joe: ! Hey, the key! But...isn’t that kinda obvious...
Lucas: Not in a computer room...and let’s not forget, other classes come in here and use them, but they're supposed to fix everything up when they're done...there’s even a note here saying that..
Joe: and I’m guessing 3rd block is her free block...
Joe: Oh dang!
Lucas: Last block of the day...
Joe: guess we're not gonna find the truth together....
Lucas: don’t worry, I gota check up with a few things in my next class....wait...my next class...IS IN HERE!
Joe: which means your class is gonna get a break today...lucky...
Lucas: Epic YAY!
[With the whole murder situation, the class was moved to the library center. And best part is: we don’t have to do anything!
Now I have time to check Rose’s version of the story...and the mystery of the scarf...]
?: HEY Lucas!
Lucas: Oh hey, perfect timing Trey!
Trey: Joe told me everything and I got some stuff to say!
[That’s Trey, the skater brain, extremely strong, but short guy of the group. Ibet all my money on thisguy's toughness, I had to go through one year with his punches just to get accepted to hang out with them.....let’s just say, my arms turned pretty tough and achy because of him....]
Lucas: Oh that’s right; you’re in Rose's class when she left for the bathroom!
Trey: Oh, I guess you know then..
Lucas: huh? That’s what you had to say...but do you know anything about her scarf?
Trey: Well I saw her before our class and I saw her wearing it..and then it was gone a few minutes later when class started..
Lucas: How much of a few minutes we talking here?
Trey: well...it was 12:25pm when she had it, and 12:35pm when I saw her without it.
Lucas: the murder happened at 12:45pm meaning...
Trey: She lost her scarf between those 10 minutes...
Lucas: let’s see...she has computer class for 2nd block..
Trey: you don’t think she left in there...
Lucas: Alright let’s piece some of this stuff together and try to remake what happened today...
*Rose was seen in the hallways after the end of her 2nd block in computer class with her scarf on at 12:25pm. She headed to her next class and arrived there at 12:35pm without her scarf. She then was in class until 12:40pm when she left to look for her scarf. Murder took place at 12:45pm, she discovered the body at 12:50pm; when the announcement came on; and quickly ran to the bathroom because she felt sick, and was then taken by the police. She was also escorted back to the crime scene. At 1pm I ran into Mr. Veil in the hallways even though he heard the announcement.*
Shade: (.....I swear...)
Lucas: (what?)
Shade: (Are you sure you’re not forgetting SOMETHING?.....)
Lucas: (I don’t know, about what?)
Shade: (I don’t know, about the part where she’s wearing the scarf and then a 10 minute gap that ended off without the scarf...)
Lucas: (Maybe she took her time getting to class since she wasn’t going to be late....”late”....)
Shade: (I know! apparently she can’t tell time either.....Wait a minute, why does that feel familiar...)
Lucas: (Man! My memories suck..How could I forget such a treasured moment...)
Shade: (OH!! that’s right!! You met up with Rose during the gap!)
Lucas: (It was 12:30pm.....and, she was wearing the scarf when I saw her!)
Shade: (Yea- wait, you saw the time and you were still late!?)
Lucas: .......
Trey: Heeeeey! Lucas? I just remembered something
Lucas: ....Huh wha?
Trey: Rose also made it late to class and said she was looking for her book..
Lucas: what!? She lost her book!? Where man, where!?!?
Trey: In the computer room!
[This only pointed to the place her scarf could have been left....the computer room.]
Shade: (Hey, I know we're trying to blame this on Veil, but what reason would he have to kill someone...)
Lucas: (Well...what reason would Rose have to kill? I don’t think that matters.)
Shade: (C'mon man, the motive is what the law goes by! And since they already have her, those cops are bound to say the slightest thing to give her a motive.)
Lucas: (hmmm....I guess we need a little more history on our history teacher! Hahahahaha...)
Shade: (....what?..)
Lucas: (I hate you, you now this right?)
Shade: (ANYWAY! The best way to get some background on someone is some gossip.)
Lucas: (Yeah, 'cause when you want to throw dirt at someone, you need some dirt! Get it!?)

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