Vengeance: The Battle Within

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Courage, Wisdom, and Power

Submitted: November 12, 2007

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Submitted: November 12, 2007



Chapter 2: Courage, Wisdom, and Power

Hector woke up with a shriek as ice cold water hit his face.

“Now there is no time to rest. Get up.” The Sage said holding an empty metal bucket.

“What! Alright, I’m up!” Hector jumped up rubbing the water off his face. He felt so cold. He felt like someone had just thrown a bucket of ice cold water on him. Hector then fell to his knees grabbing his head and yelling. “M-my head…it’s killing me!”

“Ah yes, that’s a side effect of the memory replacement.” The Sage said coolly.

“M-memory…r-replacement?” Hector stammered, utterly bewildered.

“Yes. Why? Don’t you remember what just happened?”

“I…I don’t.” Hector replied, his hands still rubbing his head.

“Good! That means that it worked, though I think I must’ve overdone it.” The Sage said with a smile.

“What! What do you mean?”

“Well, it does not matter. Know that you passed the first trial. Congratulations. Now get up and continue with the rest. It is not that bad that you should remain down there for such a long time.”

Hector stood up slowly, cursing under his breath. The pain coursed through his whole body. He was shivering from the cold water as well.

“There we go. Now proceed through the stairway. Your next trial is pass there. The details will be told to you by the other Sage. Any questions?”

“Yeah, I-“

“Good, now get going.” The sage said, cutting him off.

Hector glared at him as he walked to the flight of stairs. He heard the sage disappear with a *pop* as he ascended the stairs. Damn sage. What’d he do to me? What was in the first trial? Hector placed his hand on the hilt of his sword, and started thinking as he went higher and higher up the stairs.

Hector then approached another pink wavy transparent portal. He could see his reflection in it. He stood there gazing at it for a little while, wondering if he should step through it or not. Since he had no other choice, he took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and walked through.

This time there was no burning sensation, nor any feeling of something being thrusted in his brain. He felt nothing out of the ordinary. He opened his eyes to see a large dark chamber, lit only in the four corners by torches, although they did not give much light. The whole place was built of stone, like the rest of the tower. Suddenly a sage appeared before front of him.

“Hello Hector. I am glad to see you’ve passed your first test. Let me take this time to offer you my congratulations…congratulations.” He said with a smile. This sage looked almost exactly the same as the first one, except this one was wearing bright yellow clothes. He also had a bright pink sword at his side. He had a fair complexion, actually brighter than the other and he always had a smile on his face which was quite out of the ordinary compared to all the other sages who almost never smiled and always wore either dark clothes or white clothes.

“Oh, hello master sage. Thank you for your geniality. I greatly appreciate it.”

“Now now, what is with this formality? We’re friends aren’t we?”

“Well, given that this is my first time meeting you, I don’t think that we’re ‘friends’.”

“We are acquaintances though?”

“Not exactly.”

The sage thought for a while, stroking his rather long gray beard. “We’re both humans aren’t we?”

“Um, yeah. I guess so.”

“See, it all works out in the end.”

“Okay.” This feels awkward. What’s he getting at with this? Hector thought to himself.

“Anyway, this is the chamber where your second test will be given. Keep in mind this is not a written test.” The sage broke off, hoping Hector would laugh at his rather bad pun. When Hector showed no sign of doing so, the sage continued. Clearing his throat he said, “This trial will test your courage and your wisdom. Notice how you no longer have your sword…” The sage pointed at Hector’s side where his sword used to be. What is he talking…Hector trailed off as he felt for his sword, but found nothing in return. He looked to see nothing but his clothes and the hard stone floor. “What, what happened to it?”

“This will be your wisdom part. Fight without a weapon at your side. Now the courage part. As you grew up, we noticed many things about you. One of those things was your greatest fear…Arachnids. So in this test you will be fighting a giant…”

Hectors eyes widened as he felt a shiver down his back.

“…spider.” The sage finished.

“Wh-why?” Hector asked, still knowing the answer.

“Because you need to learn to conquer your greatest fear. And doing so without a weapon, with no help whatsoever is the perfect test of courage and wisdom. Now do not think everything is against you, no. You have a choice. You can either leave now and forget about ever achieving that grand sword, or, you can stay and fight for your honor. Which will you choose?”

Hector opened his mouth, but nothing came out. What am I going to do? I can barely sit next to the smallest of spiders and now I have to stay and fight a giant one, by myself, without a weapon? It impossible.

No, it’s not. You can do it. A voice in his head said. Just believe in yourself.

What kind of idiotic advice is that? ‘Believe in yourself’, how stupid. Here’s the advice you should take. Run like hell you moron! Another voice suddenly said.

Don’t listen to him. Think about what you have worked for. All these things you’ve done are nothing if you simply run away now. You can do it.

No you can’t.

Will you two shut up! Just let him think this through himself. You’re just confusing him you idiots. A third voice came out of nowhere.

Ugh, I have got to control my thoughts more.

All this time it looked as if Hector was talking to himself, although no sound was coming out, he mouth was moving. The sage scratched his head wondering what was happening. “Um, Hector, are you okay?”

Hector snapped out of his little trance. “Y-yeah, I’m fine.” He said, embarrassed.

“Did you come up with your answer?”

Hector looked down. He imagined the giant arachnid. A monstrous black spider with two giant fangs craving his blood, eight gruesome hairy legs with sharp pincers at the end of each one, eight eyes the size of watermelons, and a gargantuan spinneret on its abdomen creating webs anywhere it went. He imagined it wrapping him in a spider web, and then…Hector gulped at the thought.

“If you do not answer soon I’m afraid I will have to answer for you.” The sage said sadly.

“I…I’ll do it.” Hector said incredulously.

“Are you sure?”

“Don’t confuse me! Just bring out the damn thing before I change my mind.”

“Alright.” The sage drew his sword. After muttering some inaudible words, he pointed it at Hector.

“What’re you doing?” Hector asked, befuddled.

“Extracting your greatest fear.” The sage replied seriously.

“Extracting my- Oh no!” Hector realized what was going on, but before he could say something else, a ray of light emanated from the tip of the sword to Hector’s heart. All of a sudden, a giant black orb was taken out from it. Hector watched the giant orb change into the same exact creature Hector had imagined. “No-" Hector said, unable to find any words. What am I going to do?

Run dammit, before it kills you. The second voice said.

I agree, run, but do not run away. Just make sure it does not kill you. The first voice said.

So it’s agreed, we-“RUN!” Hector shouted the last word out loud before the giant spider had shot its web at him. Suddenly, the whole room was illuminated by a strange white light; not one from a torch, but the kind that emanated from the sage’s sword. Hector looked around and saw that the room was larger than he had anticipated. Looked like the chamber he had come from, except this one had many large boulders spread randomly around the room. Hector quickly rolled behind a boulder, trying to avert the gaze of the horrendous monster.

Alright. This light will help me more than the spider. Hector remembered his parents telling him when he was smaller that spiders had horrible eyesight. Some use only touch to figure out their surrounding, and their prey. Hector had imagined this spider to be like this, since he forgot what the other kinds were. But then again… He realized it was not going to be as easy as he planned. Hector could barely look at the creature, let alone fight it. And to add to his troubles, he had no weapon.

I have to think of a plan. Hector thought. But there was no time to think of one, the beast of a spider had already figured out his location by feeling his weight behind the boulder. It pounced on Hector with lightning speed. Hector gave a shrill cry as he leaped out of the way just in time. The spider landed on the ground with a large “boom!” making rubble fly everywhere. Some shards even hit Hector. The spider quickly recovered and turned towards Hector’s new location. It sped swiftly towards Hector and leaped at him as Hector tried to avoid it while also not looking at it. He jumped back onto a boulder. Again, the spider came down with a crash sending rubble everywhere.

This gave Hector an idea. He jumped onto the floor behind the boulder, making sure it was the separating factor between him and the spider. The creature then ran head first into the boulder, unknowing of the fact that it was there. However, this was not part of Hector’s plan. You could say he got lucky there. When the arachnid had crashed into the boulder, it completely shattered it, sending bits and pieces everywhere. This was Hector’s plan. Before the spider could recover from its collision, Hector picked up a few pieces of the boulder he could find. Since the spider could only tell where to go based on sound, he was going to use that against it. He hastily threw the stones all around, making as many noises as possible in different directions. Hector could tell the beast got confused, but as soon as he looked at it, he froze.

A shiver ran down his spine as he observed the writhing beast before him. He could see its gruesome features even more vividly in the light. His feet would not move, despite the fact that he had the advantage at this point. Sweat began forming on his forehead as he began shivering. He watched the great beast in front of him, his greatest fear, turning around and around until it finally stopped. Hector gulped. His eyes widened as he realized it was a mistake. If this spider had eight eyes that do not work, it’ll easily hear me shaking. And if it didn’t hear that, then I know it heard me gulp right now. Move Hector. Move!

The spider was only a few feet in front of Hector. Its giant legs turned its gargantuan body to face him. Its fangs snapped two times together as foam began to release from its mouth. Hector was sweating profusely now, and his shaking increased to convulsing. How had I been moving before? Dammit, why did I have to look at it? Just as Hector had begun to question himself, the spider turned around so that Hector could see its giant spinneret on its abdomen. Thank god. He’s going the other way. Just when he thought this, the spider shot out a massive ball of web at Hector. It felt like Hector had been hit with a bull. The air was knocked out of him as the sticky webbing began closing him in a small cocoon. He hit the stone wall and stuck to it instead of falling. Hector tried to breathe normally again, but he could not. He was wheezing hard which was even worse because the spider could now find him even easier.

Hector snapped out of his temporary paralysis as he struggled to break free of the sticky silk webbing he was encased in. The web caught him from his neck all the way down to his ankles. The only things free were his head and feet. The spider had turned itself back towards Hector and was speeding quickly towards him. He remembered what his parents told him when he used to hide in his room from one a spider that might have strolled along into his house, “There is nothing to fear but fear itself.” This thing is not scary. I-I should not be afraid of this. He tried convincing himself, and it was working. By the name of God Almighty, I’ll slay this monster.

Hector focused all his power and energy into his arms and then started pushing out. He turned red, thrusting with all his might against the sticky cocoon. Oh right I don’t have super strength. He thought as he realized his efforts were going to no avail. Maybe…Hector thought of another plan, hopefully better than his last. He began talking loudly through the side of his mouth, towards his right. As he had planned, his voice was thrown to the side instead of just where he was. What was even better than that was, above the rapid movement of the spiders eight, hairy, massively long legs, his voice echoed around the room. No, I just need it to seem like the sound is coming next to me. But his plan was actually working. The spider changed its course to a little right of Hector. Yes. I just need to time this perfectly now.

Hector readied himself for impact. He saw the grotesque figure of a completely stupid spider in front of him snapping its fangs together craving his blood. I was actually afraid of that? Okay, I am still afraid of it, but not as much now. The spider then launched itself into a high speed rush as it smelled the scent of its prey close by. It seemed like it was going in the right direction. It lunged at its “prey” with full force, hoping to fill itself with his blood and flesh. As it missed its original target, its fangs just barely brazed the side of Hector’s prison. Hector felt something unexpected though, he felt a. excruciating pain on the right side of his stomach. The spider’s fang had not only cut through the side of the web, but also the side of his stomach. Don’t yell! Embrace the pain for the time being. He told himself as he bit his lip to help himself avoid yelling. Except, he bit his lip so hard that started to bleed too. He then let go of this lip, seizing this opportunity to escape. Ripped the rest of the webbing off his right side and jumped onto a boulder next to him. Except, he did not remember seeing a boulder next to him. Suddenly, the ground began to shook, and what he thought of at first as a boulder turned out to be none other than the spider.

Hector quivered in fear, but then realized that this was another opportunity to destroy this beast once and for all. But how do I do it? It doesn’t look like there is a weak point here. He looked around the massive abdomen of the arachnid, trying to find something that he could weaken the spider with. The spinneret was right behind him. The spider began recovering from its head-on collision with the wall, and began stumbling back and forth. Hector nearly lost his balance and almost fell off. He quickly crawled to the spinneret of the spider, but since he began to move, the spider felt the vibrations on its back and began trying to take Hector off its back. However, it was to no avail because none of the spider’s legs could turn to get its back. Hector then saw some webbing still stuck to the end of the spider’s spinneret. He began to pull the sticky substance out, all the while trying to avoid falling off the monster’s back.

Hector pulled out just enough webbing to make a type of rope out of it. He ran toward the spider’s head stomping his feet as hard as he could so that he could feel the pleasure of inflicting some pain on the creature he feared so much. The spider started jumping around now with incredible speed. To keep his balance, Hector threw the rope around the spider’s head and held on to it like reins for a horse. He then tightened the reins, choking the beast slowly, its legs began kicking out of pain, and its fangs clicked innumerably. It made horrible screeching sounds which Hector could barely stand to hear. It was so high-pitched that he felt he was going to go deaf. I need to end this. He thought as he tightened the web rope even harder, hoping it would not snap. With one last lunge, the colossal arachnid fell to the floor. Hector jumped off before it hit the ground, but he could not keep his balance when he landed due to his injury, and fell to the ground.

The spider began flinching, kicking its legs and shaking just as Hector was shaking before, but a little lighter than that. Hector got up slowly, grabbing his side. He looked at his hand and saw his own blood on it. He walked up to the creature’s head, and picked up a rock next to it. With the rock, he broke off one of the spider’s fangs. It began convulsing even more with the pain. Hector took that fang and stabbed it into the creature’s eight eyes first, watching the blood gush out from each one. The spider was writhing in pain.

“Yeah, feel it. Feel the pain you have been inflicting on me for such a long time. There will be no mercy for you now.” Hector said coldly. His eyes had changed; they looked dark, even evil to one who did not know him. His hair had spread across his eyes so it only half of them could be seen. He was smiling, out of enjoyment of the spider’s pain. “Die!” He yelled as he broke off the other fang and spun it around and stabbed both into its throat. With last cry of pain, the massive arachnid, the one tormenting Hector’s thoughts, dreams, and life, fell to its imminent death. Hector the heard slow clapping behind him. He turned to see the sage had appeared behind him.

With a smile he said, “Marvelous work. You’ve completely destroyed your greatest fear. I am thoroughly impressed. And what splendid use of both courage and wisdom, I applaud you again.” He stopped, and clapped once more, then continued, “But what was wrong with you at the end? You did not seem to be the same person standing in front of me right now.”

“What’re you talking about?” said Hector, who really did not know what the sage was talking about.

“Hmm. Interesting. Well, in any case,” the sage said smiling again, “You did a wonderful job in conquering your fear. We should probably get you fixed up there before you continue to the final trial.” The sage said pointing to Hector’s injury.

“Yeah, it’s really stinging now.” He said as he braced the pain. He tried to smile, but it only turned out to look like something so totally wrong. The sage actually looked offended.

“Yeeeeeaaaah, okay. Well just come here, and I’ll fix it up nicely.”

“Really? Thank you.” He said happily. He started walking towards the sage, but stumbled a few times on the way.

When he reached the sage, the sage said “Alright, just stand there for little while I begin the healing process.” The sage drew his sword again, he closed his eyes and whispered, “Hayah, lend me your strength.” The blade of the sword lighted up into a shimmering blue color. The sage then stood in a fighting stance. He stood; facing Hector, with his blue blade held by both his hands was in front of him. Before Hector could react, the sage had swung the sword into Hector’s side, where his injury was and cut all the way through.

“Wh-why?” Hector inquired the old man. “I thought you were supposed to heal me.”

“Look down idiot. My blade is healing you.” The sage said matter-of-factly. When Hector looked down, his wounds were indeed healing. His cut had closed up, and even the blood was removed from his clothes just with one swift motion.

“Oh.” Hector said, laughing uncomfortably. “But how?”

“It’s a secret technique used by the sages and a few rare people. But you really do not need to know at this point in time. You will learn it all later.”

Hector placed his hand on his wound. It was as smooth at it has ever been. Amazing. The wound closed in a matter of seconds. And I didn’t feel any pain during the process. Amazing.

“Good, now that you are fully healed and refreshed. I will tell you your final test. It will be…”

Hector braced himself for what he was about to hear.

“To fight me.”

Hector felt his pupils grow small. A cold shiver ran down his spine. “A-are you kidding me? I can’t fight you. You’re one of the master sages.”

The sage started laughing hysterically. “Yeah, I know I know. I was just kidding.” He started laughing some more.

Hector became enraged. This guy. Who does he think he is messing with me like that? I ought to rip him apart.

“Well,” The sage said, wiping a tear from his eye, “I don’t even know your next test. You have to walk up those stairs over there.” He pointed to the end of the room, there was a staircase opposite to the one Hector had come from.

Dammit, not more stairs. How annoying. Hector thought as he walked towards the stairs. He looked behind him and saw the spider he had just slain; it gave him a cold shudder. I guess I’m still a little afraid of it.

“Good luck Hector!” The sage cried from behind him, still laughing maniacally.

Hector put up a hand to show his thanks. Okay, so this is my last trial. I have to pass this to get that sword.

Yes then you can kill everyone in the village and attain ultimate power. Muhahaha. The first voice laughed evilly.

That’s not why I want it you idiot. I’m going to protect everyone with it.

Sure. The first voice replied sarcastically.

Hmm. When Hector reached the stairs, he looked back to see if the sage was still there. When he looked, neither the sage, nor the spider was there anymore. On top of that, all the damage he had caused was all cleaned up. Wow. That’s the power of a sage for you. He thought.

He turned and began ascending the narrow stair path. It looked exactly the same as the other two stairways. I guess they aren’t so creative after all. Hector chuckled. He continued up the stairs until he saw the same transparent pink portal. C’mon you guys. Hector thought shaking his head. He stepped through the portal. Unlike the first one, and like the second one, nothing happened except the rushing feeling of being pushed by a rogue bull. Also, he felt something heavy on his left side. His sword had been returned to him. Sweet.

He climbed the stairs higher to see a large door. It looked rather old because bits and pieces were falling off of it and it was chipped on a few of the corners. It had a circular knocker used to open the door. He pulled on it, but it remained adamant. He pulled as hard as he could; using both his hands and keeping one leg on the wall next to the door, but to no avail. He wiped the sweat from his forehead and leaned on the door. It slowly swung open. “Oh, I had to push it.” Hector said embarrassed.

Hector pushed it open the rest of the way and walked through. He had arrived at the top of the tower. He was on the roof. Although, Hector was truly astonished to see what was waiting for him there. The place was enormous. But what really caught Hector’s attention was the fact that half of the roof was made of stone, while the other half was a stone cave. What disturbed him even more was the fire surrounding the cave, but not its entrance. Hector could feel the heat of the blazing fire hit his face. He began sweating immediately.

When he looked inside the cave, something caught his eye. It was big and bright. He squinted to see what it was. Hector let out a gasp. There, in that cave, right in front of him, was the weapon he had been striving for. He began sprinting towards Galador, his eyes fixed on its illuminating blade. As he entered the area where it transitioned from the stone roof to the cave, a sage appeared in front of him.

Hector quickly stopped himself before he ran into the sage, but could not maintain his balance and tripped over his own feet.

“Welcome.” The sage said unenthusiastically, taking out his sword. He was dressed in full black clothes, including a black turban, black shoes, and a black onyx gem in his turban. His shirt, like the other sages, was long and extended until his knees. It had light black lace trimmings around the collar area. He had old skin with many wrinkles in it, but he did not look as old as the Master Sage. His beard was more of a goatee than a full beard. His sword also looked different than the other sages. It was wide like a scimitar, but was double-edged. It also had two rather large spikes on each side of the hilt.

“Hello, master sage.” Hector replied as he got up.

“This will be your final task.” The sage said with a tone of pure boredom in his voice. He had a frown on, and his eyes were nearly closed as if he were about to fall asleep. “Your task will be to grab that sword-“

“That’s it?” Hector replied.

“Let me finish!” The sage roared; his red eyes suddenly thrust open. He started shaking for a little while, but then took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

Whoa! What’s up with this guy? Hector thought, bemused.

“To grab that sword you will need courage, wisdom, and power, yadda yadda yadda.” He waved his hand slightly. “And of course, you will need to get passed a dragon.”

Hector waited to see if he had anything else to say. When nothing happened, Hector asked, “Dragon?”

The sage let out a sigh. “Yes, a dragon. An ancient mystical being that is now extinct, it has-oh, you know what? I’ll just show it to you.” The sage whistled.

An enormous red lizard type being ascended from the pits of the fire behind the cave. It had leathery wings the size of half the whole tower. Its head was as large as a boulder, but was more of a rectangle shape. Two enormous white fangs could be seen through its mouth. Its body was as large as its wings, but was as wide as a two story building. It also had a long, scaly tail with three spikes at the end of it. As it flew up, it let out a powerful roar and shot a blaze of fire through its mouth which shot passed Hector’s head. Hector rolled to the side and hid behind a boulder.

Hector grabbed his head. He could not believe his eyes. This is a-a dragon? How am I supposed to defeat that? This is crazy. The old man didn’t even give me a weapon! What am I supposed to do? Hector was shaking a bit. He looked around for something to use against the red beast, but there was nothing, nothing but boulders and rocks.

He looked out from behind his boulder to see where the dragon was. It had disappeared. Hector had not even heard it move. Suddenly, he another roar from behind him and a jet of flame nearly missed his right arm. Hector dived to the left and saw the boulder disintegrate under the heat of the flame.

The floor shook as the dragon began walking towards Hector. Hector was coughing as the smoke from the flame hit his lungs hard and burned him on the inside. He saw the dragon approaching him, its wings folded and its claws were clenching the ground as if it seemed off balance on the ground. Hector ran away from it just as it raised its head to shoot another jet of flame.

Damn it, damn it. What am I supposed to do? Thought Hector as he avoided another burst of flame. “Maybe…,” Hector said as he got an idea. He picked up a rock from the ground and, after avoiding another burst of flame, he threw the rock as hard as he could at the dragon. To his astonishment, it did absolutely nothing. In fact, it seemed to anger the dragon even more. It was a pretty pitiful sight. Seeing someone who is supposed to be the Chosen One of the village think he could defeat a dragon by throwing a stone at it. “Well it was worth a shot.” Hector said aloud.

Hector was thrown back as the dragon flapped its wings becoming and flew upwards. It flew higher and higher until it went out of sight. Hector actually thought his stone had made a difference, that the dragon actually flew away because of it. But then, he saw the image of the dragon flying down towards him. It became larger and larger as the dragon flew vertically towards the spot where Hector stood. The fact that he was supposed to move occurred to Hector a little late and by the time he dove out of the way, the dragon smashed into the sending Hector flying to the side as well as a storm of rocks and dust. Hector hit a boulder hard and tried shielding his head as more rocks were sent towards him. The rocks hit him hard causing cuts and bruises on his arms and chest.

Hector tried getting up, but the whole tower was shaking as the dragon tried recovering from its kamikaze attack on Hector. A light bulb flashed in Hector’s head as he finally had an idea. Hector tried running towards the dragon, but it was still writhing out of its whole causing the ground to shake. It felt as if an earthquake was taking place. But Hector still pressed on. And is it seemed like the dragon was about to get it, he leaped trying to get onto the dragon’s back, but came up short and smacked into the dragon’s side.

The sage, who was standing on the side with an indifferent expression on his face, raised an eyebrow when he saw this.

Hector, feeling a little embarrassed made another attempt to get onto the dragon’s back, and succeeded. But the dragon’s scales felt like steel, he could feel himself slipping off. He thought quickly and decided to try to rip a few scales off the dragon to so that he could stay on. Again, pitiful. As he ripped two scales off, the dragon let out a roar of pain. A roar so powerful it in itself caused Hector’s insides to shake. The dragon the pulled itself out of the whole and leapt into the air. Hector almost flew off the dragon’s back, but had stabbed the scales back into the dragon’s back and was holding on to dear life itself.

The dragon flew higher and higher again. Hector felt the wind hit him hard. He nearly fell off. His body was completely in the air, all that kept him attached to life itself was the two scales on the dragon’s back. As the dragon reached its peak in the sky, he could barely breathe. The air was so thin. He could see the mountains below, looking like just a model. And then he saw the vast expanse of green and knew that this was the forest of Unthar. He did not have much time to sight see though, as the dragon began plummeting towards the ground again. Hector could not breathe at all. Tears were flying from his eyes. His stomach reached where his heart had been, his heart reached where his brain had been, and his brain…well let’s just say it was there once.

Hector could open his eyes only an infinitesimal amount and saw that they were about to make impact with the ground. Hector braced himself for impact, but then decided it would be wiser to jump off rather than face all the broken bones and pain he would have to face if he stayed on the dragon. He timed his jump perfectly, as soon as the dragon’s giant head hit the ground, he pushed off the dragon and tried jumping out of the way. He almost succeeded except for the dragon’s flailing tail which hit him hard on the side. Hector felt as if the tail had knocked the very life out of him. He hit the wall of the cave hard and dropped to the floor.

Pain shot through his whole body. Hector could barely move. He looked up and saw the dragon trying to get up again. This time it got out faster than before. It raised its head high and searched the ground for Hector. Then it began walking towards Hector. It still seemed off balance though, and the two dives into solid ground did not help it at all.

Hector got to his feet as fast as he could, trying to ignore the pain burning through his whole body. “Alright, now it’s time to get serious.” Hector said, his expression hardening. His whole aura changed from one of a feeble little boy, to one of a courageous leader. The Sage’s eyes widened a bit as he saw this sudden change in Hector. The dragon noticed it too, and stopped in its tracks. Hector’s new aura seemed to frighten the dragon.

All the pain Hector felt seemed to vanish, and he stood up straight clenching his fists. Hector looked the dragon dead in its yellow eyes and saw fear in them. He then looked to his right and saw another boulder. It was quite large, but not too big. It seemed to be perfect for Hector’s plan.

The dragon broke out of its little trance and raised its head, ready to shoot out a burst of flame. Hector dived for the boulder and picked it up with both his hands. He lifted it up easily; it was not as heavy as he thought it would be. He then peeked out from the side of the boulder and saw the dragon’s cheeks expand, fire was obviously filling it.

As the dragon began to roar, releasing its fire, Hector began running, the boulder held out in front of him. The dragon’s fire blew over the sides of the boulder. Hector felt his hands burning, but ignored the pain. Then, when he got close enough, he threw the boulder. The dragon’s fire was still shooting around the boulder shielding Hector. Then, as Hector had planned, the boulder landed inside the dragon’s mouth cutting off the fire. The dragon tried swallowing it, but it became lodged in its throat.

“Aww. Do you need some help?” Hector asked mockingly. Then he ran and jumped at the dragon at full speed. He kicked the boulder in the dragon’s throat so hard it ripped through to and pierced the dragon’s neck. Blood poured from the dragon’s wound and covered Hector with blood. Hector crashed to the floor. The dragon was writhing in pain blood gushing like a fountain from its neck. Then it collapsed to the floor next to Hector.

Hector could no longer get up. All the pain he had ignored came rushing back causing Hector’s brain to shut down. And he lost consciousness.

When Hector woke up, he found himself in the cave where Galador rested. Hector was lying on the cold ground staring up at the stalagmites on the ceiling. It was very dark in the cave. There was a little ray of light coming from the place where Galador rested. It seemed that night had fallen outside. He looked around and saw the Sage sitting next to him. His eyes were closed and he arms were crossed. It seems that he was meditating. His long gray beard reached the floor. Beside him sat the other four sages, all in the same position. They were all leaning on the cave wall, swords propped up on each of their right sides.

Hector sat up and looked at the shining blade. There seemed to be a light emanating from the very core of the blade. It rested upon a stone stand in the shape of a pentagon. Each of its edges represented one sage, but Hector noticed something odd in the center. There seemed to be a sixth sage. But Hector did not have time to wonder about the sixth sage. The other sages had gotten up.

The eldest sage spoke first. “Arise Hector, Chosen One of Inatos.” Hector got up; he noticed that the pain had totally receded. The sages must have done something. “There is no need of congratulations, no need of praise, and no need of a reward. You will now be rejoined with your other half. The half which will give you your true power. It will transform you Hector; transform you into a leader, and the true Chosen one.” Hector gulped, his palms had become sweaty, and his mouth had gone dry. “Now come and approach your courage, your wisdom, and your power. Approach your ultimate weapon.” The sages disappeared and reappeared next to Galador. The sage Hector liked the most, the one who had actually laughed, made a hand motion beckoning Hector to hurry up.

Hector walked slowly, eyes cast at his feet, towards Galador. When he reached the sword, he stared at it, his eyes wide open. Galador, it was like nothing he had ever seen in his life. The blade was enormous. The blade itself was the size of Hector and the handle was then half of that. A nine foot sword! The blade was made of stone, but it was not eroded or chipped in any way. Though the sword was as old as time itself, it was in pristine condition. The blade was broad, about three hand spans wide. The stone blade was double-edged and looked extremely sharp. Though it was a stone blade, the blade looked more like it was made of steel. It was white silver in color and was shining brightly. There was an odd pentagon shaped hole in the hilt where the blade and handle met. The handle was thick, but Hector, whose hands were larger than normal hands, could easily fit his whole hand around it. The handle was black and had a golden stone at the end of it.

The blade seemed to call out to Hector. Unconsciously, his hand rose and grasped Galador’s handle. Suddenly, Hector felt a rush of power, light, wind, and he didn’t know what. It felt like he was back on the dragon rising upwards towards the Sun at full speed. All the power of the blade rushed into every living part of Hector. His muscles tightened, his jaw clenched, he could barely keep his eyes open anymore. His body began trembling. Cold shivers ran down his back. His hair was flying back, as if a huge fan had just started blowing him away. He felt as if the sword was entering his heart, altering it, and opening the different gates before settling in the deepest part of it. When the power of the sword had fully entered his very being, he opened his eyes.

“Try lifting it Hector.” The elder sage suggested.

Hector gave a slight nod and began trying to lift the sword. Despite its size, it did not feel heavy at all. Though he still had to lift it with two hands just to keep the balance. Hector swung the sword around, doing a few slashes to the air. It felt so right in his hands, like there was no other weapon that was right for him.

The third sage smiled broadly as he saw Hector. Hector had grown quite a lot since he first saw him. He seemed to look more like a man now. In one day, he went from a nae child, into Hector the Chosen One of Inatos. It was quite unbelievable actually. Seeing Hector pass the tests, he felt like a father watching his son graduate from school. Tears almost formed in his eyes, but he stopped them. He knew that he could not look weak in front of the other sages.

“Well done Hector.” The elder sage said, still unsmiling. He gave a slight bow, and the others followed. Hector felt unworthy of their praise, though he accepted it without any arguments.

That was the day Hector received the ultimate sword, the sword of all swords, Galador.

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