An Abode of Isolation

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The New Planner

Submitted: January 18, 2012

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Submitted: January 18, 2012



The New Planner

The company has provided Anirban a decently furnished flat of 3BHK on the tenth floor of the apartment-building. The newly made residential-complex is situated at the posh junction of the Ballygange Place, where-from anybody can get a broader view of almost the whole of south Kolkata standing in the front balcony and would be able to hear the cacophony of the busy traffic. But during the evening hours, the city takes the beauty of a gorgeous Queen, with all the street-lights lit. The hoardings of so many different advertisement posters have crowded the sky in such a way, that sometimes the city looks gasping helplessly to breathe properly. The crows and the sparrows try fly and find window panes and balcony shades to repose instead of tall trees. The footpaths around look like meshy maps from the tenth floor that guide the pedestrians and also homeless beggars to nestle. The traffic-police are so dedicated and committed to stand all through the year at the same place and signal the moving vehicles accordingly. It seems they really don’t need to get into a gym to mould over their muscle-lipids. Truly a Healthy profession! Smirks Anu.

When it is about to dawn, the city undresses of it’s vanity and the moaning reality gets unearthed, as if it evokes out of the ashes with fuming smokes still rising up slowly in the sky; it carries a deep hope to see the new sunrise followed by a new day!

Anirban clasped her from the back as she tossed by her side on the bed. His hot breath aroused her hair-lines by her carefully curved body. The blinking red light from a far-off hoarding through the glass-pane followed her heart-beats. She closed her eyes and started anticipating… and a cascade full of kisses approached her. She could not refuse too. The two phased through an alluring destiny of love and lust.

Sharp by 8.30 in the morning, Anirban’s car is being sent from the office to his residence. During this part of the time the house seems to move with a fast-forward effect: Anu preparing for her beloved husband’s morning breakfast and tea and also the lunch to his office; Anirban busy with his pre and post bathing programmes, making choices for the suitable clothes and deo for the day to his office; the maid doing the domestic jobs wherein she inputs some inattentiveness at her own convenience.

Anu lingered for the last-moment goodbye-kiss and few loving strokes and togetherness from her husband before leaving for the office. It keeps her refuelled till her husband comes back after almost 10hours of his office. And her loyal husband too can’t deny the fact that these days it has been just impossible for him to resist long, the supple beauty and chic of his bride.

Anirban leaves. The maid is still cleaning the utensils. Anu relaxes on the armchair in the back-balcony with the newspaper in one-hand and a pen in the other. It’s now the time for her favourite cross-words solving. Almost she has made the half of it. Suddenly her gaze coincided with a huge banyan tree amidst the far off lawn by the lake. She had missed the ‘being’ since when she had moved into this has been almost three days and she never noticed the tree! She was mesmerised by the poised tree, and suddenly felt a deep attachment within, for it.

Anu made her occupied all day learning new recipes. Once, she heard that the best way to a man’s heart is to satisfy his tummy first. And so she was trying hard to learn fast. Toasts with butter or an omelette or even boiled rice and an egg would hardly let her continue to carry on. However she felt a great interest in this new subject and started picking up the tricks to make food tastier real fast. She invested her time into the culinary studies, though she also loves to be engaged in the grooming of her new house too.

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