Tree Of Blood

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It wears a suit,
Its following you,
Don't look or it takes you

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Tree Of Blood

Submitted: June 18, 2013

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Submitted: June 18, 2013



I can’t stop running, I tell myself.

If I do then I’m dead. No I’m not going to be one of the many other kids going missing these days, I’m not giving up.

I run past another battered up sign on the old brick wall of the church. There are many of these signs up around the place, ever since Nichole was found.

  • Flashback --

“Honey, go outside and get a few boxes from the garage” Aunty Lindy said from her sitting position in the peach pink love seat at the back of the old styled sitting room of the church.

“Okay Lin, only because were going out tomorrow, any other day I would have groaned and asked why” I sore the face she pulled as laughed and walked out the back door of the church.

I pulled my grey and black jumper closer to my body as I scanned across the forest behind the church. In the summer I would love to come out here at night and just sit down in the forest and feel the warm breeze run its way over my face and body, as it calmed me down relieving all stress from the day. But ever since my mother died the forest seemed mysterious and deadly. I didn’t realise how nervous I felt around the forest at night until I am here standing at the last step of the back door.

Only 4 metres to the garage, only 4, I kept telling myself. I stepped of the safety of the last step and stood still before taking two steps, then all the way to the door of the garage, twisting the handle, opening it then hiding behind the locked door.

I started to take slow and deep breaths as I clamed myself down and turned the light on revealing the dusty old status that still scare me. Not that they are scary looking that scares me, it’s the way they seem so innocent and harmless. Makes me feel like the most dangerous thing of all is them because they are hiding behind something.

I brushed the feeling away as I walked to the side of the garage and grabbed a few boxes.


I turned around as I felt a hand run its way over my shoulders. Nothing, nothing there at all just the same old statues.

I groaned to myself, as I turned off the light and opened the door. I looked around the forest and caught site of a manly figure to my left. I looked but found nothing but a tree, and old and battered tree with large extending branches. I questioned myself and my movements as I dropped the boxes and made my way over to the tree. I tried to gain movement in my own body as my heart began to race as I walked further into the foggy forest.

My heart was beating rapidly with fright but I mentally wasn’t scared. I was happy. It felt as I was being welcomed into a tight hug as the fog surrounded me. I was warm but at the same time the fog felt like ice running over my frozen body.

I was stuck, frozen looking at this monster in front of me. It had 6 or 7 long arms that held its body easily of the ground. It looked like a spider but in the same time it was a man. A man wearing a suit without a face, well he did but no eyes, no nose Other than a grin that was spread across his white skin.

Just an expressionless face.

I looked at the monster as the fog around me got bigger and tighter around my body.

I got roughly pulled back by two large hands.

“Sally, leave now, no questions!” I was horrified by the voice of my father. The man I haven’t seen in years.

“Now!” He snapped me out of my day dream as I looked around the forest and found I was further in then I thought.

“That way!” He pointed directly behind me, I got of my hands and knees and ran.

I kept running, nothing else just running. I stopped and placed my hands on my hips as I slowed my shallow breathing.

“Argh!” I heard a yell through the trees. I looked behind me to see my father staked to the tree.

“Dad!” I yelled as I started to run to him only to stop dead in my tracks as I sore the monster get closer with every breath.

I kicked myself for leaving my dad there as I turned and ran for my life.

I tripped over, landing on my hands and knees in front of the tree on the sideline of the forest.

I slowly scanned the ground and came across an arm of a female with the charm bracelet that I had given to my elder sister Nichole.

I follow the length of the arm and come to a dead stop as the arm is nailed to the ground by the trees roots. I start to hyper ventilate as I look up and see body parts of my sister scatter in the roots and tree branches.

“Nichole!” I scream as a light shines in my face.

“Sally, what on earth are you doing here?” Chief beltman said as he bent down to my level.

I didn’t say a thing I just pointed to the tree and held my breath hoping it was all a dream.

The officer stood up and looked at the tree with my sister mutilated body parts in it. He turned around.

“This is Cher if Beltman, I need and ambulance and the detective squad here now” I looked at his eyes as he turned of the radio and lowered his head “I’m so sorry Sally”

Nope not a dream. Wait my dad was that a dream? I turned as his body was thrown at me from far away in the fog.

“No!” I screamed. As I feel to the ground hearing Sirens in the distance. I closed my eyes.

End of flashback

I can’t believe no one listened when I said was someone out there looking for me.

They did end up listening when they found their children ripped and stashed in trees around the church. But it was way too late. The Cher if was killed that night in the forest. He ran after whatever it was that had thrown my mangled dad at me only to end up the same as my sister in the trees roots at the top of Meetly Hill.

I was the one to blame. Everyone in the town thought it was a curse on me because at first it was mostly my family.

Like My sister Nichole, Dead.

My father, Dead.

Aunty Lindy, dead!

All that’s left is me, and Michael. We are the only kids, well kids without parents.

Michaels dad was Beltman.

I will find out who is killing my family, my friends, my town!

“Sally?” A hand shook my shoulder scaring me. I turned to see Michael with me behind an old blue van.

“What?” I was trying to read the emotion on his face but came up blank.

“Sally, we have to go underground” I shook my head “We have to its almost night time!”

I look up to the sky expecting to see it blue like it was earlier but no its now a purple color.

“Do we have to, Cant we just hide in a house?” I hated that we had to hide underground.

“Sally, do I really have to answer that question?” He grabbed my hands and held them in his “It will be ok” I groaned to myself as I nodded.

He held one of my hands as he looked over the van.

“Let’s go, we done have long” We run out from behind the van and went straight under a roof.

We didn’t have to go far we only had to go to the local school. They had three basements under them. And we had to go the whole way down.

We run out from under the roof and towards the school gate. I held Michaels hand as we passed through the gate and up the steps of the school knocking on the door frantically.

Mr long hurts showed up less than 30 seconds later opening the door and locking it behind us once we were in.

He was a kind man, I didn’t really think he was until everything started happening. His eldest daughter and son went missing in the Whitens forest while they were camping with friends. He was so upset and I promised him that I would kill whoever is doing that so in exchange for that he lets us hide in the school as there hardly enough children in this horror of a town to keep the school up and running. And children were kept 24/7 in their homes with everything barred up.

I don’t know why they think bars can help them it didn’t help my best friend.

“Sally, what are you doing?” I was snapped out finding I was staring straight out of the window, watching the setting sun.

“Ah, nothing” I walked after Michael for only a number of seconds before he pulled my body to him and made me run.

Basement 1 sounded the automatic voice. I swallowed as the doors opened and Michael walked out only to turn and see that I have not moved.

“Please” He held his hand out for me.

I looked at him and shook my head as the doors slowly closed shutting of my sight of Michael. The lift didn’t more nor did I. The doors opened back up on His request. He stepped into the elevator with a scarf.

Did it have to come to this?

Many times Michael would have to place a scarf around my eyes so I couldn’t see the basement and would lead me to the room all the way in the back of the basement.

He tided the scarf around my eyes as I closed them and he grabbed my hand gently but firmly and pulled me with him.

I concentrated on my breathing as I pushed the thought I were I was out of my head. As usual I would take around 30 seconds to get to the back of the basement.

“Ok, Sally I’m going to take off the scarf now” I nodded as he pulled of the scarf to the dim lighted and dusty old room that held two fold out sleeping bags on a blow up bed and on the left hand side of the room there was a small wash type room with a few showers and toilet, it wasn’t much but we were glad to be here away from the hell above.

I regain my bearings as I walk over to the bed and pull a folded up photo from my dark blue skinnies. I slowly unfolded the photo to revel a picture of my mother, Nichole and I. We are sitting at the beach wearing matching swim suits. We thought I would be funny for three different people to be wearing the same suit, and yes it was many people at the beach that day stared at us.

“What’s that?” I look up to Michael to see him sprawled across the bed.

“It’s just a picture” I looked back down to the photo.

“It must be a pretty lovely photo because it’s the first time I have seen you smile in 2 years” I look back up to him to see I am smiling as he holds a hand held mirror in front of my face. It felt good to smile.

“It’s a picture of my mother, Nichole and I” I fold the photo back up and place it back in my pocket.

“Ah, so that’s why you went all the way to the other side of town” He looks at me with a small grin on his face then it goes to a scrawl “Wait, that means you had to go back to the church, right?”

I nodded.

“Sally, you know you shouldn’t go there, you know he is mostly seen there and it’s too dangerous to go there” He sits up from the bed and stands. I watch him as he walks over to in front of me and holds my hands. “I can’t lose you, if I do then all this” He points around the room “And our family deaths mean nothing”

“I know that I shouldn’t have gone there but nothing bad happened so what’s so wrong?” I look down to the ground.

“Was wrong? Sally its stays there a lot and you think it would be good for you to just stroll in and grab a photo?” He doesn’t realise but his grip on my fore arms have gotten stronger “Sally, well?” I look up and see his face red with anger.

“I’m sorry I needed the photo feels like ill forget their faces if I don’t!” I start I raise my voice and start to shake.

He looks at me then the emotion on his face changes almost immediacy to sadness and worry. He lets my arms go and steps back a bit.

“Sally I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you” I look at him and smile.

“It’s ok, it’s a really hard time right now, we just need to release that we are not each other’s enemies, ok?” I look at him as I remind myself don’t to get angry at him because we are both having a hard time, he’s just looking out for me.

“Ok, well you go get fresh and ill grab us something to eat” I nod to him and walk to wash room, closing the door behind myself.

I grab an old brush and start to brush my hair. Nothing to great about my hair it goes to my shoulder blades. It your usual red colour.

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