Hidden Truth

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: July 26, 2008

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Submitted: July 26, 2008



Takara woke up with her stomach growling. She sniffed the air. It smelt of eggs and bacon. Takara licked her lips and slowly got up. Following the smell, Takara made her way to the kitchen. There she spotted Shima in front of the stove. A chef hat was on his head, he wore an white apron, and he was humming a soft strange tune. The hiss from the food made his tune even more strange.

"Shima," whined Takara. The humming stopped. Takara touched her neck gingerly and noticed that it no longer hurt. How long had she been out?

"What?" Shima asked without taking his eyes off his work.

"I am hurngry," said Takara.

"I wouldn't doubt it," said Shima. A soft smile passed over his lips. "You were out for a good three days."

"That long?" asked Takara. Her eyes were wide.

"I hope you like eggs and bacon. That is all I am going to make," said Shima. He put some of the eggs on a plate and flipped the bacon. "I would offer toast, but I don't have bread right now."

"That is fine," said Takara.

"Oh, before I forget," said Shima glancing over at Takara for a second, "Amaya is stopping over."


"She was picking up a few things for me." said Shima with a shrug.

"Oh," said Takara, "So will she be here long?"

"Depends," said Shima. He shut off the burner and grabbed the two plates that were filled with food.

"This looks yummy, Shima," said Takara when he handed her a plate of food and a fork. She began to quickly gobble up the eggs and bacon.

"Slow down," said Shima as he shook his head causing the chef hat to tilt on his head, "You don't need to get yourself a stomache. Do you?"

Takara stopped eating and stared at Shima for a moment. "No," she said finally, "but I'm hungry."

"Well eating it any faster isn't going to help you help ease the pain of hunger." Shima said as he took off the chef hat and placed it next to his plate. He began to eat, but his eyes remained on Takara.

Takara ignored Shima and began to eat slower. When she was done she looked back up at Shima who was finishing up a crispy strip of bacon. Takara asked slowly, "Where do you want me to put my dirty plate?"

"In the sink," replied Shima, "But I'll take it." He silently took her plate from her and brought it over to the sink. Shima dumped the items in the dish water and turned to Takara. "I recommend that you stay out of Amaya's sight."

"Okay. So where should I go then."

"I do not care. Just as long as you do not leave this house or have Amaya spot you."

"Why can't Amaya see me?"

"Do I really have to answer that one?" Shima asked softly, "Amaya still wants to kill you with or without Gabrial's orders."

"Oh," said Takara just as a knock came from the door.

Shima glanced at Takara. "Stay out of sight." He left the room.

Takara sneaked down the hallway. She watched in silence as Shima opened the door.

"Amaya," said Shima softly.

"Shima," said the silver haired woman, glancing around behind him. Takara pressed herself deep into the wall. Amaya handed Shima a large brown bag. Because Amaya did not see Takara, Amaya continued, "Where is the demon child?"

"Around," said Shima with a shrug as he lead Amaya to the living room, "I am not quite sure where though."

"You give her to much freedom, Shima. That thing should be locked away in a cage somewhere."

Takara pressed herself against the wall and began to listen. She did not try looking at them. Listening would be enogh for Takara.

"Now Amaya just because - " Shima stared softly, but Amaya cut him off.

"What Shima. You know what that thing's mother did. There is no way to forgive that," growled Amaya. "I am glad that you murdered Yuniha. But to let her daughter live?"

"I was only following my orders, Amaya. Gabrial only wanted me to kill Yuniha. He mentioned wanted the child alive, Amaya. " said Shima softly.

"I would have killed the child anyway." snarled Amaya.

"I know you would have," stated Shima, "But that was not Gabrial's orders."

"I don't give a damn about his orders," growled Amaya

"Yes, I know that," Shima sighed. "How has he been by the way?"

"Ranting and raving," muttered Amaya, "He figured that Lucifer would be here by now."

"I see," said Shima softly. He inhaled sharply when he heard a pager sound off.

"Gabrial. That prick." Amaya said, "He probably destroyed his office again."

"You should probably start heading back, Amaya."

"I guess your right," said Amaya with a loud sigh, "I'll be back in a few days."

No one spotted Takara as she made her way to the kitchen. She waited there in silence processing the information she had heard. Takara could not fathom it. She tensed up as Shima entered the room.

"Do you see now why I told you to stay hidden?" Shima softly stated.

"Yes," Takara gasped. Tears lined her eyes. There was so much hate that Amaya carried.

"Amaya has been hurt badly by your mother." Shima said with a sigh as if reading Takara's thoughts. "Those wounds are proably will never heal."

"So the things Gabrial said about my mother were true," whispered Takara.

"Yes," said Shima after a moment's thought, "There were eight prisoners. Only one came out alive, but barely. That one was taken under Gabrial's wing."

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