Who Knew (Eminem Story)

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

Submitted: May 01, 2010

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Submitted: May 01, 2010



~~~May 23rd 2009~~~

I woke up around 10a.m. I did not fell like getting up, but I had to. I had to call that stupid white boy and tell him to meet me at Starbucks. I had to know why the dumbass liked me. Why am I so damn special? I don’t want to be special!

It was irritating the fuck outta me, it bothered me so damn much that I wanted to rip my hair out. I don’t want anything to do with him, I just want to know why he likes me, and then I’m going to walk away. I don’t care what he says, he can live with out me, he’s done it for all these years, I think he’ll be fine.

“Hello?” he answered confused.
“Meet me at Starbucks, right now!” I yelled into the phone before hanging up. It was almost 11am. He can take an early lunch can’t he?

Finally he arrived; it was 11:15am when he walked into Starbucks. He stood in front scanning the room for a second before he saw me, then snuck pass the tables. I was in the corner. “Finally taking my offer?” he smirked as he sat down. I scoffed as he did his little look over me.

“No, I’m just doing this to find out why you like me so much,” I told him irritated.
“If you talk like that I’m not going to tell you,” he smiled. I rolled my eyes at his childishness. “And I’m not going to tell you that easily. This has to be a date, and it has to go well, and at the end I will tell you,” he said. I opened my mouth about to say something. “And it has to last at least till noon,” he smirked again.

I looked at him as if he was crazy. A 45 minute date? Is he crazy!? “45 minutes,” I muttered in a dull tone.
“No, 45 minutes,” he said in a happy tone. “Not 45 minutes,” he said in the dull tone I had.

“Now, do you want any certain coffee?” he asked kindly.
“Yeah, Mocha White Chocolate,” I said with a smiled. He smiled.
“We do have something in common,” he pointed out as he walked away.

Ugh, that fucker! He would like what I like just to have something in common with me. I stared out the window for a while until he came back.

“Here,” he said with a kind smile handing me my coffee.
“Thanks,” I said, not wanting to be polite but I did just so he’d tell me why he liked me. He sat down; he stared at me for the longest time. “Yes?” I asked.
“Nothing,” he smiled. “Just looking at a beautiful woman,” he said as if that’s supposed to get me to like him or something.

“This isn’t much of a date, we’re not even talking,” I muttered begging to get annoyed with this situation. Why the fuck did I tell him to come here, what am I getting myself into?
“Ok…tell me something about yourself, besides the fact that you work as a pharmaceutical receptionist,” he said. I tried to think of something that would make him not want to date me anymore. All I could think of was to tell him I had two kids.

“I have two kids,” I said hoping he wouldn’t like it. Instead, he smiled.
“Boy or girl?” he asked. I was shocked, Eminem, of all people, likes kids?
“One boy, one girl,” I said while I twirled my cup around.
“Names?” he asked, I could feel him staring at me.
“Natalie and Jason,” I said. He smiled.
“Nice names,” he said. He took a sip of his coffee then looked back at me. Wow, he likes kids this is interesting; I never thought he would like children.
“Thanks,” I said, I could help but smile.

“I have three girls,” he said smiling. “They are my world,” he explained. I took interest, I didn’t want to, but I couldn’t help it. “Their names are; Hailie, Alaina and Whitney,” he said proud of himself.

“Cute,” I said. “How old are they?” I asked.
“13, 16, and 7,” he said. I smiled. “Ok, so…parents?” he asked cringing at the word. I didn’t understand why.

“Um, yeah, they live down in Florida. Jenny and Mark,” I said. “You?” I asked.
“Oh…uh…my mom lives here, and my dad…he…I don’t know him,” he said looking down. I looked at him funny. “My dad left when I was a baby,” he said, he seemed pissed
“I’m sorry,” I said, in away I cared, but I didn’t really care. He may even be doing this just to get me to like him.
“It’s fine,” he said.

So the date when on pretty fine. I wasn’t about to go out with him again though, he was nice an all but he’s just not my type. “Its noon,” I said looking at my phone.
“Oh,” he said all disappointed. “Well, it went well. So I’ll tell you why I like you,” he said in a mono tone. I could tell he was disappointed; he was enjoying the conversation that we had. To me it was like talking to one of my friends…but he’s not my friend, just some guy, I don’t care if he knows my life, I just want to know what his deal with me is.

“Ok…well, I like you because you’re different; you’re not like all them fan girls who throw themselves at me. I don’t like that, I mean when I was younger it was great. But I’m 36 years old I want someone who’s not a slut. Yeah at first I just wanted to fuck you, but now, I uh sort of grown attached to you. You know what I mean?” he said not taking his eyes off me. I stared at him for a moment. I nodded not knowing what to say.

“Well then…I uhh…gotta go,” I said standing up; I walked out of the coffee shop quickly. That did not go as I had planned; I just wanted to know why he liked me. I did not want it to go like that. Truth is, it was nice…he was nice. But, I did not, and I mean did not like him! I wasn’t going to let myself like him either.

“Hey wait!” I heard him yell as I got to my car. I ignored him getting into my car and driving off.


~~~May 25th 2009~~

After work I decided to go to the store and get some groceries before the kids got home from school, and then I wouldn’t have to buy a bunch of junk food for them.

It had been two days since I talked to Marshall last. I was surprised he didn’t call me, but I guess he got the hint. I arrived at the Glory Supermarket on 8 Mile rode… I walked into the building grabbing a cart.

After going though the fruit and vegetable section, I swear I saw someone…him…but it can’t be. I shook it off and continued walking towards aisle one. As I was browsing threw looking for ketchup. I saw him out the corner of my eye.
“We meet again,” he said. I looked up at him. He smiled at me; I stood there glaring at him for a moment.
“This is not funny,” I said in all seriousness.
“Did I say it was funny?” he snapped back. I sighed and attempted to proceed down the aisle.
“Stop stalking me,” I said though my teeth annoyed with him following me down the aisle pretty much breathing down my neck.
“I’m not here to stalk you, I’m shopping,” he said. I rolled my eyes.

“Ha. What celebrity goes shopping on their own?” I questioned trying not to laugh.
“I do,” he smiled. I shook my head.
“Go away,” I mumbled kind of loud hoping someone would hear me and do something about it.

“What happened to you?” he asked confused and disappointed. “The other day you was all cool with me now, you’re acting like you don’t know me,” he said making a pouting face. He’s such a child. In a way hes like a dog, he keeps trying to beg me in a way, its irritating.
“Nothing, just go away,” I said irritated, I wanted him to leave me the hell alone.
“Fine,” he sighed walking away. Finally.


I was in line to check out…and he showed up again right behind me. Not like I was surprised, he was following me around the whole damn time. I glanced at his cart; he only had two bags of Doritos. “There you go again,” I mumbled.
“What?” he asked. “I’ve committed no crime. I’m just in line,” he smirked. I let out a deep sigh.
“I know what you were doing,” I said as I placed my last thing on the check out.
“I wasn’t following you, I was shopping,” he said.
“Buying two bags of Doritos is not shopping,” I told him as if he was stupid. He glanced down at his cart, then back at me then he looked around the store, like he was trying to find something to say.

“I…uh…heh…ummm was, my maid, she called and told me she just bought groceries,” he said, I could tell he was lying, I could see it in his eyes. He had that look my daughter had when she was lying.
“You have a maid but yet you still go shopping?” I asked confused.
“Yes!” he answered quickly. I shook my head, hes so stupid. He thinks that I’ll believe something so stupid. I turned around ignoring him the rest of the time.

I had to stop off at Target and pick up a few things; I first went over to the electronics section. I wanted to get a movie, I browsed though the movie section… looking for something interesting. I finally stopped and picked up Mirrors. I turned around, seeing something that caught my eyes in the CD section, something looked familiar.

I stared at the CD for a moment, it was a mans face made out of pills, I was confused as to why it looked familiar. Then I read the name on the CD. “What the fuck,” I said to myself. Is he seriously everywhere? I got irritated and walked quickly walked towards the check out, seeing the CD again on an end cap. What the fuck, this is getting very annoying.


I was on my way home… I heard a plane sound so I looked up, there was this plane and on the back of it there was a sign with his face, and it said; “Rebecca go out with me.”

“Seriously?!” I yelled out loud. I looked up towards the sky. “Why are you doing this to me!?” I yelled. I couldn’t believe what came on the radio. “What the fuck this fuckin white boy is everywhere!” I yelled quickly shutting off the radio.


I was watching the news when Natalie came walking into the living room. “Hey mom, you’re good at decorating right?” she asked.
“Yeah why?” I asked with a smile.
“Cause, I got this new poster. I need you to tell me if it looks good where it is,” she said with a smile. I gave her a funny look, she never usually does this. I followed her up to her room… “Does he look alright there?” she asked pointing to a poster of Marshall.

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” I screamed bloody murder. I fell to the ground curling up into a ball making whining noises.
“Mom? What the hell are you doing?” Nat asked.
“Ahhh!” I cried.
“Are you ok?” she questioned.
“Yeah,” I said standing up shaking it off and going slowly to Jason’s room. “Ahhhhh!!” I screamed, there he was again…another poster of him!
“Nat gave it to me,” Jason said smiling. I ran into my room slamming the door. “What’s wrong with her?” I heard Jason ask.
“I don’t know,” I head Nat reply.

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