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This fanfic is for NaruHina fans that belive that Naruto and Hinata were made for each other! I wrote this story is about to young lovers, one lover (Hinata knows she is in love with a clueless nucklehead who is not the smartest book in the library, he's very hyper active, Naruto is abliveas and has a very big appatite!) The abliveas lover Naruto has always loved Hinata but he runs away from it because he gets scared, he does not understand it. So Naruto tries to forget about his burning love for Hinata, Naruto started to chase after a hot-headed pink haired girl who is always mean to him, her name is Sakura. Naruto pretends to like like Sakura he does everything he can to fall in love with Sakura but Hinata keeps standing in his way. He tried to become angry at Hinata once but as soon as he saw her it melted away with in seconds. Advinchaly He begens to stop fighting his feeling for his beautiful angel and gives in.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - NaruHina.

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Submitted: January 09, 2013



By, Shae1429


It was a cold Autumn day when Hinata went walking down the streets of Konaha, She was of to the store to by some more herble tea, for her Father, Sister Hanabi, Niji,and herself, she was also going to the store to get some bread, milk, eggs, bacon, susages, butter, cream, sugar,
Orange juice, Grape juice, and some ace-wrapes. Anyway Hinata was walking down the sidewalk long lost in thoughts of Naruto, and how she was gonna confess her love to her other half. She ran right into Naruto they triped off the curb and hit the pavment hard! they inded up brused, scratched and alittle bloody, when Hinata was finaly able to wrap her head around what happend she jumped back fast and kept saying how sorry she was. "Na-Na-Naruto-Kun I-I am so S-Sorry I-I realy am ar-are y-you o-okay?" "Na-Naruto-K-Kun?" "Ya I'm fine wow you realy were in space there are you okay there Hinata-chan?"
"I-I.....umm uh..y-y-um yes I'm alright I am so sorry I didn't mean it honestly" Hinata said in abarrasment "hey relax its cool realy Hinata-chan I'm fine."

"How can I make it up to you?" "hey no need realy" "I insest Naruto-kun.....umm Please c-come with me" "O-Okay" Hinata took Naruto by the hand and they went to the store were she bought some medical suplies, such as Goss, neyosparon,

bandiches, and ace-wraps. After that she took his hand to go to another store, buyin the things she needs even buying Naruto 10, 20 boxes of Ramen of course diffrent flavors in every box. Hinata even got Naruto 8 jugs of milk for him, then took Naruto to her favorite place to get away from it all. Trees where brown, yellow, orange, with little lush of green, the water was motionless but the world below, the fish were waiten to leap out of the water, just waiten to be on somones dinner plate. Swimming and being free with no worries, crabs just pinching away of anything or anyone who stands in there way.

The lobsters freaking out over everything and anyone who dares to come close, The water glistening and sparkaling from the reflection of the dimn Autumn sun. The autumn crisp air stuned the animals, and Hinata's and Naruto's lungs with every breath. Hinata sat down next to Naruto both all bandiged up, they talked for hours and hours. They both had completely lost track of time in every sence of the sentence lost track of time. "Hinata-chan you are such a gifted sweetheart" (Hinata's inner thoughts-N-N-Naruto c-called m-me a-a-a g-gifted s-s-sw-sweet-h-heart) "T-Thank y-you N-Naruto-Kun.........Y-you are a-amzing,and strong,and smart belive it or not, and very gifted yourself." Hinata said while trying to keep herself from fainting. "Awww Thanks Hinata-chan that means alot espisaly coming from you." (Hinata turns red and almost faints) "t-thank you N-Naruto-kun" Naruto's inner thoughts( I cant belive I feel nurves in front of Hinata-chan but for a couple of weeks now I've been thinking nonstop about her she's always on my mind, day and night what does this mean, I mean my dreams for the past two weeks the've been all about her and me together, Even somedreams were I dreamed, that we were in the same bed together. Me embrassing her....naked bodies against each other. Just kissing and making love sweet passion boiling through the surface of our mouns and grouns of plasure. I dont understand whats happining to me its like I see her in a diffrent light. The light of Love and passoin)

"N-Naruto-kun is there something wrong?" Hinata asked while trying to hide the fact that she was trimbaling, "uh oh umm nothing just umm day dreaming is all" "oh....N-Naruto-kun c-can I tell y-you something?" "aaaauumm sure Hinata-chan anything" "N-Naruto.................

~To be continued

Writen by, Shae Kamerer No copyright (c)

Note: Naruto and Hinata DO NOT BELONG TO ME thier creater is Masashi Kishimoto

Thank you for reading!!

© Copyright 2017 Shae1429. All rights reserved.


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