One Girl and About 3000 Boys

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Well, she got put into an all boys boarding school. Then she just happens to fall in love with her new roomate and decides maybe this won"t be that bad of a year.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - One Girl and About 3000 Boys

Submitted: October 24, 2013

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Submitted: October 24, 2013



"I still can't believe it!" I shouted from the back seat of the car. "How did you get me into a boarding school?!"

"It wasn't easy, hon." my mother said from the passenger seat. "We had to do a lot to get you in here."

"Aww, you did it for me? Wait are you trying to get rid of me?" I asked with a smirk on my face.

My mom laughed. "Of course we're trying to get rid of you!" she said sarcastically. "Yes we'll be free once Destiny Ray Taylor is out of our house."

"Oh so that's how you feel, is it?" I said sarcastically. We laughed.

"Come on Ray-Ray you can't be that happy to leave us are you?" said my best friend Stella Bella Franklin (making the names up as I go).

"Well, I'm excited for the experience, but I am going to miss you guys SO much!" I said.

"You better!" said my other best friend Nathan Lin Ryans. "After all we're all you've got!" she said ushering to everyone in the car.

"That's not true, I have a stuffed dog,too." I said acting offended. We all laughed.

We were on our way to the airport, where I would take my plane to my new school. I was so excited to be studying away from home. But I truly would miss my friends and parents a whole lot.

It seemed too soon when I got on the plane to leave. Everybody was waving me goodbye. I waved to them, but I doubt they saw me.

The plain ride wasn't anything special, bag of penuts and an inflight movie. 3 hours laterthe planelanded in California.

I grabbed my luggage and found my limo driver. Wasn't hard,he was holding a sign with my name was on it.

"Where to Miss Taylor?" he asked politely.


"Blakesley Boarding School." I told him kindly.

"Really?" He seemed a bit surprised. "Do you have a brother that goes to Blakesley's?"


"Well did they start excepting girls?" he asked interested.

"What do you mean?" I asked starting to wonder what he was talking about.

"Blakesley's has been a boarding school for boys for about a hundred years now." he said.

"What?!" I shouted and everybody at the airport stared. I blushed and apologized and everybody went back to what they where doing.

"The title of the school is Bleakesley's Boarding School For Boys, Miss Taylor." he said looking awkward.

"Well, take me there, maybe they can explain this. Or I'll at least be able to call my mom and yell at her." I said angrily.

"Alright then." he said and opened my door for me.

The drive was very quiet and uncomfortable. I stared out the window most of the time. We went down a beautiful dirt road that looked more like a tunnel of trees, because ofthe trees arched over it, it was quite beautiful.

The limo stopped and my driver got out and opened my door for me. He got my luggage and put them next to me.


"ShallI take these in Miss Taylor?" he asked sweetly.


"No, I've got them, but thank you." I said.


"Okay, Miss Taylor." he said and put my bags down."I never got your name." I told him.


"It's Sebastian Micheals." he said sweetly.


"Thank you Mr. Micheals." I said sweetly.


"Good luck Miss Taylor." he said sweetly.


"By the way my first name is Destiny. And thank you I'm gonna need it." I said. "I hope I can see you again."


"If you ever need a limo, you can ask for me." he told me.

"Okay, I will! Goodbye Mr. Micheals!" I shouted as he drove away.

"What a nice man." I said to myself. Then I turned to face the school. I was ready to face my doom or demise which ever came first.

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