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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: House of Ghosts

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Topaz - Goddess of the Flame

Submitted: December 25, 2015

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Submitted: December 25, 2015






The way he touched my soul, caress my skin. The way our eyes met seemed like there were only the two of us in this world. His kisses sends tingles down my spine as I closed my eyes in such glorious love. The way he stroked my cheeks with such gentleness meant he would protect me, no matter what costs. As I tangled my dainty hands into his black curls, he kisses the nape of my neck sweetly, making me giggle. I have never felt such passion before in my life, he didn’t even burn as I was faintly lit on fire. His strength was undeniable as he held me protectively in his arms and buried his face into my hair. Tears stung my eyes as our love grew stronger and stronger… 

The air, it felt warm, very warm; so blissfully warm. The touch of fire, lava, and heat. My life felt the presence and welcomed it in every inch of my body. My soul of fire has awakened to the touch of magma as I came out of the bath of lava. Opening my eyes for a minute, I let the energy surge through, sighing for the energy felt so comforting. The dream I had in the bath was too lovely to tell, for it would never happen if I said a single word. I wrapped my arms around my naked body in comfort, my cheeks flushing slightly at the beautiful dream. I still felt those dark green eyes looking straight into mine. Oh, such handsomeness of a man could make my knees buckle. There was cool air brushing against my warm body, intruding my heat. I grimaced as I searched for the source. The curtain of the window near the washing bowl and table was left untied. Someone had let the curtain flow on its own with me bathing. I didn’t like the cold one bit, it disturbed my body heat. I frowned as I stroked a red curl out of my face and wrapped a fresh clean towel around my body. The air held a strange feel today, like something was not right, something was coming. I shivered as a little breeze hit my skin again.

I walked toward the window of the volcanic temple, smoke flowing everywhere. No mere human could see through the clouds of smoke but I. I looked through the window, the sun was beating down on the golden-brown desert sand. There was a small flock of birds flying north to the ten mile oasis to drink. Camels grazed at a little patch of grass as their riders bartered for food at a nearby farm. There were men and women bustling to and fro, carrying poems, gifts, and fruit for me, even though I never eat anything at all. The city of Cairo wasn’t far from my temple so I would always have visits daily by humans. I watched a little longer until one of the imps came into the room. I turned toward the imp, my hair still damp behind my back. My eyes lazily looked at the black shadow imp, blinking once or twice at him. The imp rubbed his little clawed hands together as he stared at me. The room seeming larger to him when he was in my presence. I knew this little imp, Dust was his name. I grinned at the little creature, amused to see him all flustered up at my presence. His little thorn cheeks gained a deep red over his black coat of volcanic skin. Little puffs of smoke fuming from those cheeks. 

 “What is it you need, little one?” I said gently, my voice bringing him out of his trance and hopping in panic. I kneeled to gain eye level with Dust, my smile deepening at his panicked hops.

“Oh, uh, my lady, there is a gentleman here to see you. He said he had something of importance to tell you.” Dust’s voice squeaked like a mouse. He stepped back a bit, kicking a little volcanic pebble awkwardly. “He brings statues, gems, and poems for my lady.” The little imp added. My eyes widened, surprised to hear such news about a man. Maybe that is the reason of the change in the air.

I looked down at the red dusted floor, wondering whether it was a good idea or not to see such man offering himself to me. The man was probably just lusting after my beauty like everyone else. I took a deep breath and turned my eyes to the little imp. “Alright, if you insist. Bring in my maids to help me dress, I will be in the throne room soon.” I nodded. 

The little imp bowed respectively, “Yes, my lady.” Dust left with a scuttling of little clawed feet. I sighed deeply as I took off my towel. I might as well face reality that men like this one will always hunt down beauty and make it theirs. They didn’t think about true love, none of them do, they are just humans after all. If only the man in my dreams were true, and I could live happily in his arms. A fire goddess could dream, right? I rolled my eyes at the thought.I heard a knock on my door. I knew what those knocks meant, the maids.

I cleared my voice slightly, “Come in, ladies.” 

One by one, ten of the little imp maids filed in. Their identical structure and red jeweled tiaras on top of their heads stood in front of me. They were my favorite little imps, always helpful and sweet when dressing me or preparing me for bed. I smiled at each and every one of them, giving them the feel of a brand new day and great joy. I finally signaled them to dress me.

The imp maids scattered in my room, finding something for me to wear, the comb for my hair, the jewels to place on my head, all in cheerful moods as they surrounded me. I gracefully lifted my arms up for the maids to dress me. My hair was combed gently and pinned up low at my head. The maids placed silver chains in my hair, dangling to my waist and near my ears. I also had silver jewels attached to the hair piece, settling on my forehead. The volcanic imps carefully had me in a dark green dress, the top was buttoned around my neck and draped to the floor, and the sleeves were flowing low, I put on the dark green gloves myself. The dress fit snug on my slim body. My back was the only place bare. The last piece the maids placed upon me was a silver choker dotted with tiny diamonds. I didn’t wear any shoes in my temple unless it was for very special occasions or I went out somewhere for a missionary trip. The imp maids stood in front of me, staring in awe and admiration. There were praises and well done for their accomplishments of my apparel. I smiled at the maids, showing how proud I was of their job.

I came to the rustic mirror, and examined my appearance. The whole apparel was made for an Egyptian queen. I was not a queen, I didn’t think of myself as a goddess either. I never thought of myself as someone to be royal or worshipped. I felt my hair flaming a bit from the sadness of thinking of the past hurt in my life. The way the humans thought of me, how they tried to torture me when I was the age of ten, putting me in water to put out my flame. But that made me more terrified and flamed more. As a child, I grew up with no parents and no home. I was born from the heat of the sun and woke up on dry hot desert sand. No clothes on my back, no family to go to. Just me crawling on all fours through the burning sand underneath my palms, which of course felt very good. I didn’t have to eat anything to survive as a baby, but I did need comfort and love when I cried. I would whimper as I laid in the sand to go to sleep, my flames were the only caress I knew and felt. How they wrapped around me and rocked me to sleep during those cold desert nights.

One of the maids tugged on my sleeve in panic. I snapped out of my past and looked down at her. She pointed to my hair, and instantly I shook off the sadness that came in like a traitor. My hair stopped flaming. 

I took a deep breath and turned to the group of imps. In that second, I had almost forgotten how the volcanic imps found me when I was a baby. They had heard my screams of loneliness and terror and came hopping out of a nearby hole to search for that noise. One of them was shocked to find me sitting on my bottom crying so loud and heart broken. The imp had tears welling in her eyes as well from the sight of me. She had picked me up and cradled me in her arms, shushing me to sleep. I was more than happy to see a new face and knowing I wasn’t alone anymore. They took me deep into their cave connected to an underground volcano. There, they raised me as their own and I was the child that no human would have ever imagined. But that is how I became a goddess nonetheless if it wasn’t for my volcanic imp family. The imps helped me control my every breath of fire, anger, sadness, fear. Though there were a couple of times where I accidently puked fire into an imp’s face. I sighed, smiling at the silly memory. But then the moment left as I remembered the meeting of gentleman just downstairs in the throne room.

My hands balled into tiny fists for preparation. I didn’t know what this man wanted, but I was nervous. Nervous to find out what he wanted from me, nervous that he might throw me back into the underground volcano along with the imps, nervous that he brought a mob of frightened humans to drive me out of the temple. All the imps pushed me forward with encouragement when I stopped abruptly in front of them. I was a little startled as they did it, but shook it off. I had to face the stranger sooner or later. I exhaled deeply, not realizing the breath I held and opened my bedroom door.

I walked down the steps to the throne room, the volcanic ash floor was nothing of the sort for a mere human to worry about. We simply found it as extra heat to warm our bases. The flight down the stairs seemed too short than I thought it was as I came to the clearing of the throne room. The lava walls were a bit smoky for a human to handle today. I peeked around the corner to get a look at the “gentleman” who wanted to speak to me. The man was in Arabic royal attire, trying to stand clear away from fuming fires on the steps to the throne. His clothing was the color deep red and the outlining were jeweled, especially his balloon-like hat that held a large white peacock feather. I knew from one look at him he was a Sultan from Arabia. I slowly came into the throne room, seeming to look as powerful as all the humans wanted me to look like. As I got closer to the edge of the throne, his deep brown eyes smiled at me. The man was young from what I could tell. I still didn’t feel any need to trust him though. I seated myself on the throne, the melted gold from past angers and fears revealed how much I had in Egypt, possibly more powerful than the Pharaoh. I placed both of my hands on the arms, crossing my legs comfortably. My eyes gazed at the handsome gentleman. He took off his hat as he came close to me and bowed deeply to me. 

“Goddess of Fire,” The young man said in Arabic, “I have traveled very far to come to meet your presence. I have brought you many riches.” He pointed at the mountain of gifts, smoke swirling around it. My eyes widened at the sight. I was speechless, nonetheless. “My lady, my name is Ahmed Laden, Sultan of Arabia.” He bowed again, though inching away from a forming fume of fire.

“Ahmed, is your name?” I narrowed my eyes, the Sultan nodded graciously. I have heard of him, him and his five wives of such grace and beauty. He was the richest man in Arabia and got what he wanted. At that moment, I knew what he wanted from me. I felt a glare appearing on my face but managed to rid of it.

“Yes, my lady. It gives me such joy to see you in person. The rumors were true of your beauty and grace. My heart soars for you.” He brought his hands to the air.

I sunk into my chair, uncomfortable for what was going to happen next. “Sultan Ahmed-” I started.

“Please, my lady,” the Sultan held his hand up at me, “Let me show you my affection.” He put his hand in his breast pocket and a second later, brought out a golden box. I gasped, placing a delicate hand on my chest. “Lady Topaz, please do me the honor in marrying me.” He opened the box to show a gold ring holding a diamond the size of a marble, adorned in many red, green, and yellow gems.

My breathing went ragged as I stared at the richness of the ring. What could I possibly say? I wasn’t in love with the man. I barely knew him and he wanted to make me queen? What if I hurt him in the future, lose my temper and burn everything to the ground? I couldn’t do that to someone. But then, I thought of that dream. “Sultan Ahmed, I-I must think about this first. I apologize.” I looked around the throne room, imps here and there were popping their heads out. “I will give you my answer tomorrow morning.” I sighed, gripping my armrests. I didn’t know what else to say.
“I understand, my lady. Until morning.” The Sultan held my left gloved hand and placed a peck. I felt my cheeks burn. 

I have never been approached like that, it felt strange from a man I don’t even love. The Sultan bowed once more and beginning to leave the room. He left me thinking hard on the marriage proposal. Marriage? Can that really happen to me? I have only been a goddess to these humans for a year now and I’m already having marriage proposals thrown at my feet from handsome merchants and Sultans. Next thing I know the Pharaoh will be asking for my hand! I rubbed my temples in confusion. Should I really marry a human for rich and fame? No, of course not. That is not my intention when I was placed here. The ring was beautiful no doubt, but I do not deserve something that I really wasn’t. Why was I put on this blasted Earth?! The golden throne began to melt again as my frustration increased…

“Sultan Ahmed.” I called after him, he was almost to the tall door when he turned to face me. 

“Yes, my lady?” 

“Why don’t you join me for dinner, that way we could get to know each other better? Also, you have had a hard travel and should rest up.” I could not believe I was doing this.

The Sultan smiled and nodded his head, “That would be wonderful.”

The dinner preparations were a little hectic than usual. The imps never made a meal for a human in my presence, especially a Sultan, so the pressure had increased on the poor creatures. I sat at the one end of the slight long fire-proof table, the Sultan sat at the other end. I had made sure the dining area was in no sight of fire or lava to prevent the Sultan’s worry to catch on fire, so we sat outside in the gardens behind the temple. Though, I would not mind seeing him do so. A cool breeze brush past me in the most uncomfortable way possible. I did not mind being in the lush gardens that carried many exotic plants, such as the tiger rose. But sitting at a table with a mysteriously attractive Sultan was making me very uneased. 

The Sultan smelled a nearby Magnolia. He seemed to be delighted to smell such a sweet flower. For some reason, I watched him in disgust. I didn’t know why but, there was something off about the man. I just couldn’t place it. The breeze brushed against my bare back, sending shivers down my spine. Something was not right about the weather today. I may be full of fire, but I knew something was brewing up in the air when I felt it. I looked around to see any signs of a storm. There was no cloud in the sun-setting sky. I frowned as I watched the trees and plants’ leaves rustling with the wind. I turned back in my seat, the Sultan still mesmerized by the Magnolia. At the corner of my eye, I saw a shadowy figure of a man. I gasped as I turned. There was no one there. I rubbed my chin thinking what that could have been. Maybe I was just seeing things?

I was lost in my thoughts about the strange encounter until the Sultan spoke up, “So, my lady Topaz. What would be on the menu on this fine evening?” His smile made me want to sneer but I refrained.

“Why, Sultan Ahmed, I have no knowledge. Only my imps have tonight’s food prepared.” I answered in my sweetest voice possible. The man was somehow irritating me.

“Oh? I had no idea your imps had such skill.” The Sultan examined a silver fork as he spoke.

“They do, in fact, they raised me. Did you know that, Sultan Ahmed?” I asked innocently. I was clearly angered by the insult of my family. How dare the man?!

He shot a surprised expression, his eyes wide. “I had not known that. That is quite a discovery indeed. Seeing that how well educated you were, the imps might have been, well, not.” His voice went to a whisper. 

My glare had finally shown through the mask of cool grace, making the Sultan jump in his seat. “If you ever insult my family again, I will see to it that my fire hounds chase you all the way home and make sure you stay there.” My hair was bursting in bits of flames. The Sultan had seemed to have understood the warning and shut up.

Late that night after dinner, I got ready for bed thinking of the proposal again. After the little misunderstanding, things went quite well, the chatting was enjoyable and I had gotten out of my irritable mood. The food, well, it was a lovely sight which I did not eat. The Sultan seemed to have enjoyed it. He was an interesting and kind man once I got out of my suspicious phase. I actually enjoyed his company, and laughed with him at silly remarks. 

My energy level was very low after the evening was over and saying good night to the Sultan until morning came. I swayed a little bit sleepily as the imp maids dressed me in a silk nightgown, I rubbed my temples almost the tenth time when I entered my bedroom. I groaned, an ache in my head was forming again. I hated those moments when my head started to pound. I walked toward the open doorframe to the outside world. Leaning my head on the edge of the opening, I looked at the desert. The cool night air felt somewhat soothing to me in a strange way. I never thought that I would feel good from the wind. I sucked in the nice breeze into my body, the air dancing in my gut and then I exhaled slowly. The desert was filled with so much sand, occasionally a mountain will show itself if I squinted my eyes just right. Others say the desert is mostly death and just mounds of sand. I say the desert has a particular take on beauty and its mysteries. That is how the humans found me anyway, in the desert.The night sky was drowned with so many bright stars, the moon was full and bright tonight. Marking yet another month was coming to an end and a new moon will soon be made. I sighed, turning back to my bed. 

My bed was made of magma and fire, the sulfur was my plush mattress whereas the magma was my blanket. I smiled as I got closer to my bed, welcoming the heat on my skin. Then some part of my fire soul blew out, I grimaced at the pain. I clutched my heart, gasping. The pain was like nothing I have ever experienced before, it felt as if someone had stabbed me from behind. I collapsed onto the floor, my vision blurring…

…My children…
I offer you some of my Spirit…
…My essence….
Take it and use it for good…
….To show the non-believers that magicke exists….
…To destroy the Nyx…

I gasped for air, my eyes wide open as I sat up straight abruptly. All the imps had spilled into the bedroom to stare at me in worry. They had just witnessed me collapsing for no reason, I couldn’t blame the poor creatures. I felt a bump on my head from the fall as I stood up unbalanced. The imps watched me carefully, prepared to catch me if I passed out again. I sat on my bed as I tried to recollect myself. What on Earth was that? Who was that voice in my head? My body shook from fear seeping through. My flames started going again. The imps backed away, afraid my fire will harm them. I stopped, worried as well. What is wrong with me lately? Why can’t I control my fire? Tears stung my eyes. I couldn’t take it anymore, all the pressure and all the staring shadow faces made me explode.
“GO!!” I shouted, the tears flooded my eyes and the flames grew higher and higher. My hair burst, my nails grew long and sharp. I couldn’t take the anger and pain anymore. I wanted to let everything out, break things, burn things to the ground. The imps scattered out of the bedroom, trying very hard to get out of my way if I started throwing balls of fire at random items. The imps scampered out of the room and having the last one out shut the door behind them, not even going to make sure I calmed down which I wasn’t. I screamed and melted everything, even my poor nightgown burnt off. Everything was not right. Why was it not right? 

Topaz, my darling.” I paused, hearing that voice again, tears still rolling down my cheeks.

“Huh?” That was all I could say.

Control yourself, my child.” 

“Who are you?” I asked the voice. There was no answer. I stared at the door, hoping someone would step through. My eyes glared at the door, my fists balling up. I knew now what I had to do. 

I want to know where that voice is coming from. It said its child. Me? Who is it? In a mere second, I put on a golden gown, my shoulders bare though the sleeves hung off, and my bosom peeking atop a bit. Loose fabric hung on my arms down to the floor. From both sides of my gown, my light bronzed legs are revealed, Greek-like sandals are placed on my tiny feet. Lastly, I put on my golden chained gloves, knowing that if someone touched me, they will get hurt. I took a deep breath and marched to the door.

I came to the great tall door to the outside world. I was about to discover who I really was. I could ask witches, fortune-tellers, anyone to help me find out who I was and why I was placed here. I didn’t care what it took as long as I find out what I am. My eyes hardened at the memory when I was a child in the desert. The temple seemed strangely quiet tonight. I felt bad for scaring the imps because of my temper. All their terrified faces when I burst into flames. I must have looked like a monster to them. I felt a sudden ache to say goodbye to them at least but decided I would waste more time that way. I would see them again soon. I breathed in a deep breath and opened the door. 

My eyes nearly bulged out of their sockets. There was a group of people in black armor I had never seen in my life. Their faces were covered and they had something in their hands. I stepped back from the intruders. Fear was at the brink of exploding in my body. One of the intruders cocked their head, coming closer to me. I backed away even more to the wall of the temple. Heat began to show on the walls. The other intruders backed away from the sight, but the one black armored intruder stayed put. The person placed a hand under my chin and lift my head up. I could feel a cruel smirk on their face. The person turned back to the others.

“Boys, this is her alright.” The voice of a man came from the helmet he wore. I couldn’t understand his language for I could only speak Egyptian and Arabic. Such apparel like this armor I never knew existed, and that frightened me even more. What are they? Humans? Goblins? I tried to run but something yanked my leg and dragged my body to the floor. I screamed and threw fire at their heads. Their armor somehow protected them of such intense heat.

“Let go!” I screamed, kicking and bursting into flames. Of course they couldn’t understand me, we spoke a different language. Nothing seemed to work. The men dragged me away from home. I found some of the imps poking their heads out in worry. I kept struggling, wanting to go back to my family. Some of the imps tried to follow and call after me, their arms extended toward me. A black armored man kicked one of them to the ground, the little creature squealed in pain when knocked to the sand. I screamed, trying to get out of the men’s grasp. I managed to squeeze out of their clutches and raced to the injured imp. 

“Oh no, my sweet imp, please don’t leave me.” I said, crying as I held the imp close to my chest like he was the baby once when they held me. All the love and care they put into raising me to be who I am today. The other imps called after me to run, but I knew the masked men would catch me anyway. I kissed the injured imp on the head, boiling tears fell on his head, but never hurt him. The leader of the masked men yanked my hair back to drag me from behind. I screamed in pain, holding onto my hair. A few moments later after I gave up, they blind folded me and had one man carry me on his shoulder, taking me somewhere I would never know.

I woke up to find myself in some dark and compact space. What is this? What am I in? A box? Am I in a box? I screamed, hoping for someone to help me. There was no answer. I tried using my flame, there was no fire burning within me. I felt so weak… What’s happening to me? Why can’t I use my flame? Why am I in a box? The only thing I could do was cry, my fire soul weak from even lighting a fire on my finger. Please, someone… Help me.

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