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“Just zap the faggot,” one white suit ordered the other. 

As the apparent flunky approached me I grabbed his shocking stick and swept the legs of my first attacker. 

“You chose the wrong one today.” I say with a defying glare in my eyes. My enemies look toward each other through their white helmets. I couldn’t see their eyes but I could feel their heart beat racing through the earth. I jumped up defying gravity and kicked both angels in their helmets, sending them rolling into the ground. “No one fucks with Whiskey and walks away,” I declared over the pathetic ruins of those who tested me. “I’m from Harlem.” You always make sure to let the enemy know where they can find you, in case they ever wanted to eat more fists. 

“You going to stare at those rocks all day or drop off this shipment so we can get paid?” I looked behind me and saw Herbst sitting on a case of fine liquid goods in the back of the truck.

“Way to help me out back there. Did you like what you saw,” I asked with an arrogant grin on my face. Herbst smiled back at me and turned around to put a case in the truck. He had a nice set of shoulders on his short torso that led to a nice set of legs. I slowly began walking towards the truck when a wind, soft at first, began blowing. I turned around to see where the wind came from and turned back to see that I was alone. 
“Nyx,” the wind howled. “NYX!” I began to run away from the wind but the sound just kept getting louder. I finally collapsed on the ground and looked back from where I was running from and saw Rex, Herbst, and all of the Brass Lipped Boys mourning at a gravesite.

I began to approach them with a grand curiosity. 

“Hey!” I yelled as my walk turned into a run. “What the fuck is going on?” Suddenly, I lost my left leg and fell to the ground. I tried to push myself up with my arms but I watched them turn into dirt and crumble before me.

This wasn’t life. This couldn’t be happening to me. I’ve heard of wild stories about stuff happening like this from Terry. Terry once told me that while he was looking in the mirror he saw his face turn into a blue gargoyle or something outlandish. Terry was a terrible junkie, but he always had good stories. 

As I lay helplessly and deteriorating, I felt the earth open and absorb me into it’s self. The sunlight quickly faded and I began falling into darkness.


I opened my eyes and saw the same four walls that I had awoken to after my meeting with the angels. I had been having the same dream for what must have been weeks now. How the fuck was I ever going to get out of this place?

“Hello? Son of a bitch who kidnapped me, if you let me out of here I promise I’ll tell Rex to not stick a branding iron up your ass,” I announced to whoever could hear me obviously. 

“Stand back Patient Gable,” an impatient and unhuman voice ordered. “It’s time for your meal and medicines.”

“Meal? How can you even call what you serve food? I’ve only had shit since I’ve been here. I have had shitmeal and shit juice for breakfast, shit-shit-q and shit for lunch, and lets not even talk about that shit you tried to give me for dinner a couple days ago” I answered mockingly.

There was a quick moment of silence. Then the whirring noises of electricity. I knew what this meant and braced for the shock.


The zap knocked me off my feet and the strength to talk for a couple of seconds. I often wondered why they were doing this to me. Occasionally I wondered if they were doing this to anyone else. Was anyone looking for me or us? Where in the Hell was I? Only good thing about this place was that the headaches had been less harsh, but I’d have them all back just to see and be with Herbst again. 

“Now Patient Gable, stand back. It’s time for your meal and medicine,” the voice ordered even more rude and impatient.

I slowly began to gather myself, and walk towards the area marked off clear zone. What kind of hospital was this, and did FDR know about this place? 

“Whatever you say,” I spoke. As the last words left my mouth I could feel what felt like a kick in the head from a three-year old colt. Just like before my vision became unbearable with the lights, and I could a twisting in the back of my throat to my stomach. I stumbled into the squared off area and saw the roof begin to detach as it had whenever it was ‘meal and medicine time’. This time I don’t think I’ll be able to eat the shit they tried to give me, not today.

As the roof of my room lifted an even brighter set of lights came into my eyes sending me into a deeper tunnel of sickness. The pain in my body was excruciating and frustrating. Whatever medicines they had been feeding me obviously hadn’t been working. Mainly due to the fact I never take pills from strangers, Terry the Junkie taught me that. Through the cracks of my eyes I could see a body descending into the room from a rope at their side. I must have had too much light in my eyes because I could no long hold the eruption inside of me and began to spew out last night’s shit meal. 
When the body dropped into the room they immediately placed the box down and rushed to my side and laid me on my side. He spoke into a black box with a wire on top of it.

“Patient Gable is experiencing side effects,” a scared male’s voice came out.

“Side effects,” a confused voice asked.

“Yes, Sir. He began vomiting as I was doing his food drop.”

“Vomiting?” the voice asked, even more concerned this time.

What wasn’t this guy getting? I was throwing my ass up through my stomach. It wasn’t that uncommon, well for me at least. Maybe he thought something interesting was going to happen.

The voice came back over the box the errand boy carried, “Do not come into contact with his vomit. It carries strong decomposition abilities. Get out of there right now! He could be planning to escape as we speak.”

Of course I had been planning to escape but not that way. I had imagined I’d make a giant earthquake and…I hadn’t gotten that into planning how I would escape. I now had a new escape. I began to stand and prepared to escape by any means necessary. As the man standing between me and escaping turned to leave me here for eternity, I grabbed his waist and tried to throw him into the wall. Instead he grabbed me by my wrist and flipped me over him. Damn that hurt. I looked up and saw a boot swiftly approaching my face and rolled out of the way.

“You son of a bitch, you were going to step on my face,” I yelled.

“You stay away from me! You freak!”

“I’m getting out of here even if that means I have to kill you.”

This must have infuriated him because he unexpectedly charged at me knocking me into the wall. I could see this guy was a striker, not long after knocking me into the wall he delivered bruising blows to my body and face. I tried my best to cover myself but I was still too weak from the headaches. I attempted to strike with my right hand but he grabbed it and broke it in one swift move. 


I began to slouch against the wall but by the brutal way he grabbed my collar and lifted me, I knew he wasn’t done with kicking my ass. 

“The world will be better when the world is done with people like you,” he said as he removed his helmet. He then delivered a gut busting punch that made time appear to stop. I took a breath and felt an eruption coming up. I could see the confusion in his face as I spewed vomit into his eyes. I had never heard sounds of pain like that before. His young and pale skin began to turn brown then black, as if it were a vastly rotting apple. He was cute, I almost felt bad for him. I grabbed the rope that was used to lower my victim into my cage and pressed the button with my good hand and was lifted out of the room. 

When I reached the top part I could see that there was a large square with my face on it. Damn did I look good for being a hostage. I had never seen such color on a screen like that before. I seriously have no clue where the Hell I was. I began running towards the only opening I could see and noticed that I was running on top of other cages with people in them. I wasn’t the only one they were torturing. Who were they? Questions filled my head as my eyes wandered for sanctuary and my feet refused to stop. 
As I approached the only thing that appeared to be a door, three metal machines appeared in front of the door. 

“Freeze Patient Gable, you are requested to surrender and come with us,” the machines requested in unison. 

I fell to my knees so I could catch my breath and thought to myself ‘man I’ve been through some shit.’ I also thought about what Rex said about losers in war who surrender. 

“I don’t know where I am or who you are, but whatever you have done to me get ready to pay penance.” Then the room began to shake as rocks began to appear and pelt the enemies that stood in my way. I had no clue where these rocks were coming from but I could feel them. 

As the blocks began obliterating what once stood in my way I focused my mind on the door and the rocks began to tear away at the door making an entrance for me to escape out of this layer of hell.


Submitted: January 11, 2016

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I never realized vomit was so deadly. I also found it interesting as how they seemed to give him the nickname Patient Gable. He seemed very determined to escape.

Tue, January 12th, 2016 12:55am


Edwin may swear a bit too much for my liking, but I'm looking passed it anyway. I also have to feel a bit sorry for him. Being stuck in a cell, with no clue where/when you are would be so scary, especially because you would have no clue WHY your captured. Well I must say that vomiting thing was just gross, and ON that other guys face, AH, the horror!!! I would be mortified to see that. But anyway, I wonder how Edwin will handle getting out of this living nightmare. Good luck :)

Tue, January 12th, 2016 7:13am

Tyrannos Senpai


Thu, January 21st, 2016 8:44am

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