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I remember waking up at first I had been scared. Not because of the darkness. My people were taught at an early age not to be afraid of the darkness. We were taught to embrace it, because without the dark, we would have no understanding of what light was. No I had been scared because I did not know where I was. I was scared to be away from what I knew. And I was scared of being caged like an animal.


All of that was scary but the worst feeling….the one that made me wish that the place I was now was my heloya (personal hell) was realizing that I had let my aksha down. I had let my people down. There was no telling how long I had been inside of this….this thing.


I stared down at my hands bloody from my many attempts to break free, flexing my hand I could see that I probably broke something. I was always confused all of my wounds from my warrior quest were gone. I had been a little sore, but the torn flesh and the wounds that the bear had given me were all gone and healed. I had ripped most of my fur off not believing myself or what my eyes were telling me. I had been so convinced that I had died and was at peace with the Mother, but that idea was gone swiftly like currents of the Topakuten River.


The Mother would never trap one of her children in a cage.


The Mother would never let me have shed so many tears for so long while I begged her to let me get back to my aksha.


So, instead of wasting my time fueling my anger and shame I decided to figure out where I was. The only problem was that I wouldn’t be able to figure it out until I got out of this rishai (prison). I punched at the walls again before giving up and slumping to the ground. My head tilted back as I slowly waited for the hole to open. I think it was a man dropping me a meal one time a full cycle.  I screamed for him to help me, but all  he did was sit up there and stare at me and finally throw down my food off a sheet of metal, eventually I became tired of his games and stopped trying to get help.


I could feel something trickling from my hands as I looked down to see my blood flowing on the ground. I paid no mind do it, I couldn’t feel the pain anymore. A village elder once told us new warriors that, when you had fought until you could no longer feel the spirit giving you pain. When your body was numb to the joy that was battle, you had given up yourself. To feel pain was to feel the Mother. Well I couldn’t feel….anything. I knew that I had given up on myself, first I almost couldn’t take out the bear and now I was trapped inside of a prison like a bird? What kind of a warrior was I? The blood flowed its way through my rishai and I leaned my head back and closed my eyes.




The man was opening the hole above me, he would drop down food. There was no use in opening my eyes or screaming for his help. He would not, he wanted me to die down here.


“Hey.” He yelled something at me, probably just wanting to let me know what food he would drop. I kept my eyes closed soon it would be over. The numbness in my hands was starting to spread through my body.


“Hey! Wake up! Shit.” More gibberish, more things I didn’t understand or want to. He was probably one of the palikey (pale man) who had been trying to steal our land. The others didn’t believe me, they believed the palikey wanted to trade. I wanted to chuckle to myself. The elders wanted to see the best in everyone, but I knew better. I had seen the palikey staring at our women and crafts with a lust in their eyes. They wanted more than to trade.




A voice whispered in the back of mind, I wanted to open my eyes, but something kept them shut, whether it was myself, or whoever the voice belonged to I did not know. All I knew was that I kept my eyes shut.




I tried to think to myself, hoping and wondering if maybe it was the Mother calling out to me. Letting me know that it was finally time to be one with her. Maybe this rishai had been a test to see….to see…..I didn’t know. All I knew was that I wanted to hear the voice again.


“HEY!” I heard the man’s voice closer to me this time and felt a hand grab my shoulder. Never before had the man come into the rishai with me.


Kaliska….Hold on to your life, even if it’s easier to let go!


The voice screamed out to me, and my eyes burst open. The creature in front of me seemed surprised as it took a step back. Not wasting a second, knowing how important that the element of surprise was for a warrior I kicked him in the leg, hard. His knee buckled down as he dropped down to my level. Quickly I pushed myself up off the wall and ran at him, going for a tackle while he was down. My mind flashed back to me wrestling with the boys who didn’t think I’d ever be Chief material. An anger started to rise back in me.


I flew to the man before he could register what was happening and grabbed his head in my hands and kneed him in the face. I winced as I felt my leg hit something hard.


Wait, I could feel again. The man slapped my hands away from his face, he stood up faster than I had given him credit for and lifted me up and threw me against the wall.  I hit it with a thud and slowly started to pick myself up. He ran at me again this time fully ready to fight, I had lost my element of surprise. He threw a punch, it landed square in my jaw and I shook my head and threw one back at him. I winced again as my hand crushed into the mask that it wore shielded him from me. He swung at me again, this time I ducked. Lucky for me he fought punched slowly, and his movements were predictable. But I couldn’t dodge him forever if I wanted to win. If I wanted to make it out of here alive,  I needed to disarm him.


My mind quickly flashed back to my akshai teaching me how to harness our inner animals when we fight. One day he had caught me getting beat up by one of the other boys in the tribe before I poked him in the eyes and then started to punch him. Many of the kids had started calling me ‘Kali-serpenta’ or ‘The Snake’. It had angered me for awhile, everyone knew the snake was the sneakiest of all the animals when it came to playing dirty. I didn’t see myself as a snake. My father that night had decided to teach me a lesson about the snake.


“Many think the snake is a cheater because it strikes where we are weakest. The snake is not a cheat, the snake is wise it plans before striking.”


My aksha’s words echoed in my mind as the man got closer, I stared at his leg wondering how much force I’d need to get him wounded, deciding quickly I dropped to the floor again bringing up both my legs and using his speed against him.  I heard something crack as my feet made contact with his leg. The momentum of him running and the dropped kick to his leg caused him to crumble. I noticed his bone was out of place, and I smiled as he dropped to the ground, quickly I ran over to his body and grabbed the thing that planted itself on his face. He reached up quickly trying to push my hands away, I used my legs to push off of his shoulders. After a couple of seconds of struggling the mask came off and underneath I saw the face of a palikey.


Rage flowed through my veins. I knew it. How dare they trap me in here? How dare they think they had the right to kidnap me? I needed to get out of here and warn my akshai, warn my people,  that they were as I had thought. Evil. He glared at me with hatred in his eyes, hatred that was dwarfed by my own. I could feel the wolf inside of me wanting to kill, I stared at my hands wondering if this is really what I should do. Would the Mother want me to kill?


Did I care?


My body spoke for me as I flew onto the man again as he tried to check his leg to make sure that it was alright. I threw 2 fingers sharply into his throat aiming for the soft spot below the ears. I heard him choke and try to push me off. I smacked his hands away the pain in my hands and the pain in my heart keeping me seeing red like the bull. I threw another punch this time hearing a crack in his nose. He started to bleed then, and I knew the fight was over. But I couldn’t help myself I knew that I couldn’t just stop. The wolf inside of me was hungry….and there was only one way to soothe it’s rage.  


“You little bi----” I heard him scream before sinking my teeth down into his neck and tearing his skin from it. Blood shot out of his neck like a deer when you let it dry out after a hunt. I spit the piece I had of him out onto the floor.




That’s all he had been saying to me, that’s what I told myself anyways. I looked down at his dying body as he tried to cover the now bursting flow of blood. I flipped my hair over to one side as I wiped my mouth of the blood. I looked up to see the hole had still been left open, quickly I checked to see if the palikey had brought any weapons with him. All I could see was the piece of metal that he had been using to put my food on. He must not have been a warrior. A warrior never went anywhere without a weapon.  Figuring it was better than nothing I grabbed it quietly and slowly made my way out of the hole.


Before I reached the top, I peeked outside and covered my eyes trying to adjust to seeing anything more than darkness for what I assumed had been many moons. All I could see in front of me was a narrow passage that led to another large piece of metal. Far at the end of it I could see 3 more men like the one I had just killed. They were trying to make sure that I wouldn’t get out. I tried to take a deep breath as I felt the wolf inside of me making me see red again. I needed to be careful, I couldn’t just fight 3 of them at once. I had no weapons. I slowly lifted myself out of the hole and then closed the lid, making sure that it didn’t make too much of a sound.


The passageway was dark, not well lit. Perfect for me to sneak through, so I did slidin through the shadows. Stopping every now and then when I heard them speak. I laid low to the ground on my belly creeping up on my prey like we had seen the Jaguar do so many times. By the time I was just a couple of feet away from them I decided to put my plan into action. I slid the piece of metal to the other side of the passage, catching the attention of 2 of the men. One of the waved the other two off and decided to walk over towards the noise.


“AS5-78 is that you?” He spoke, I looked around me quickly to make sure there wasn’t another palikey I hadn’t seen. When I saw that it was just me I waited for him to get closer to the metal. He walked until his foot his the trap, quickly I swept my leg into the back of his leg causing him to buckle down and then I kicked him off of the ledge. Quickly I dropped back down onto the passage letting the cold ground hit my chest.


“RYE-876 what happened?” The other two jumped out of their seats and ran over to where he fell. I slithered my way along the passageway towards the large piece of metal that stood between me and freedom. I couldn’t help myself I stood up to a glowing object in front of me. Many different colors flowed in my eyes and for a second I was entranced not knowing what it was.


A second later my arm was pulled behind my back and my head slammed against the wall. The 2 men had grabbed me. I quickly dropped my body and twisted my arm back out of his grasps, he obviously hadn’t expected me to be as strong as I was. I hopped back into the wall and kicked him away, the other man lunged forward towards me and I reached for his hand grabbing the first finger I could and snapped it. He reeled back as I jumped forward and kicked him in the chest it wasn’t that effective but it got him far enough away for me to think of what I was going to do next.


The first one pulled something out of his waist and it shot out into a stick. I laughed to myself wondering if he really though a stick was going to hurt me and then I saw something magical shoot out of it. It made a weird zapping noise as it whizzed through the air towards me, I lifted an arm to block it and a searing pain shot its way through my body and I quickly jumped back towards the wall again.


What was that?


Whatever it was I reminded myself that getting hit by that again would not be fun. The one whose finger I broke was starting to stand up again and I quickly realized I was in a lot of danger. They both lunged at me at the same time I decided to attack the injured palikey by chopping him in the throat and then grabbing him close to me, I saw something above me and reached out to block it but was met by the magic stick again, this time the pain struck  me harder. I screamed out in pain but noticed the palikey that I held always jumped at the pain. He wheezed as he tried to catch his breath from me hitting him in his windpipe. I decided to take advantage of his pain by pressing my arm into the stick a second longer. I didn’t think I could ever get used to the pain that that coursed through my body, a second later I pulled away and we both fell to the floor. Before the other guard could reach down and hit me with the stick again I used the last of my strength to reach down and grab the injured guards neck and twisted. I heard a snap. The other guard lifted up the stick and struck me again, and again.


I could feel my heart crying out, my body shuddered underneath the strikes of the stick. I wanted to lift my hands up to stop it but I couldn’t. My body had nothing left in it, I had put up a good fight.








I could feel my body start to bruise up, and my eyes struggled to stay open as he hit every singly open part of my body he could find. I could feel myself slipping.


Life is just a dance through space and time. But I hope you dance my daughter…..DANCE!


That voice again. Without thinking my hand reach down towards the dead palikeys waist, praying to the Mother that I could find a weapon on him. My hand felt something hard and I grabbed it. Slowly I lifted my arm with a second wind that flew through me like the winter winds and pointed it up, I grasped it hard and felt my finger hit something. I pressed down on it harder and heard something that rocked me to my core.


My body was flung backwards and the man last palikey flew through the air and off of the passage. Whatever I had had flew out of my hand. I quickly felt for my arm to make sure it was still there. It felt like it wasn’t a part of me anymore that thing had sent shockwaves through my body.


I looked around quickly staying alert to make sure that there wasn’t anyone else in the room. Slowly I pushed the palikey off of me and crawled my way towards the metal that kept me in here. I stared at the magical colors again, and once again I was entranced by what they could be. Remembering what happened the last time I stared at them to long I pressed my finger down on a green one. I heard a click and jumped back waiting for something to jump out at me. The metal slid open and I stared out into a white hallway.


I slowly took a step out of the rishai I had been in for so long. My mind was going wild with questions by body felt weird. But something struck a sadness in my heart, something made me gasp for air. I held myself up against the wall as I single tear slid it's way down my face.


“This isn’t where I belong…..” I quietly said to myself.


Submitted: January 11, 2016

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Woah, this was an intense chapter. So is Kaliska's power the whole animal thing, where she bit the guy in the neck? I actually don't know her power, but I have a feeling it might be to do with that. This chapter was amazing, good job.

Tue, January 12th, 2016 1:45am


I really felt bad for Kaliska in this chapter. The fact that she doesn’t speak or even know the language certainly makes it a difficult experience for her. It was interesting how she was healed from her wounds that she received from the bear. I was wondering how she’d get by after such an attack. I did like how she didn’t know what things were and was fascinated with the different lights, as that is what I would expect from a person experiencing new things, even though it got her into trouble. I am glad she managed to escape. That last sentence felt the most saddening though.

Tue, January 12th, 2016 7:23am

Tyrannos Senpai

This girl's Boist (Beast)!

Thu, January 21st, 2016 8:55am

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