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I slammed my fist into the wall, not really caring about the pain that rushed through my hand. My body was shaking from the anger that flooded through it, my heart thumped away in my chest as I turned away from the wall and started pacing back and forth.

I didn’t know where the hell I was, why I was here or when I’d be able to return home, hell I didn’t even freaking know how long I had been here for. Twenty-four hours, a week, it was a mystery. None of my questions were asked when I asked those pricks why I was here or when I asked where I was. They just opened that stupid door above me, tossed in the food tray that always landed on the ground with a thud and slammed the door shut. I felt like a rat when they did that because even murders in prison were treated better than I was fucking treated right now.

I wanted to leave this hell hole, return back home and explain to my Queen what actually happened. I knew that my team would be pissed that I just did a disappearing act but their anger would be nothing compared to the Queen’s anger. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had taken away my title as leader of my team. And to be honest, I wouldn’t be mad if she did that. I did let down my team and her all in one freaking night. And to me, that’s something that should never have had happened. I had become a disgrace.

My feet kept me moving in a line, up and down the length of this prison cell; darkness surrounded me and my head raced with thoughts and questions. All the questions that swam around my head had no answers to them and it frustrated me more. I hated being left in the dark about things, not being told what exactly was going on here. Hell, I didn’t even know if I was the only person stuck here. It made me wonder if I was truly alone right now.

My hands ran over my hair as I came to a stop. I left out a frustrated breath as I stared into the darkness, still racking my mind for answers to questions that I did truly know I didn’t have answers too. Something about being here was off, it wasn’t right. It had me on edge and it was an edge I was ready to jump off. I needed to jump and run for the goddamn hills. I took in a deep breath and let it out slowly, calming myself down some but still letting the anger burn through me like a forest fire.

“Think, Kailani, think.” I muttered to myself over and over again.

My pacing started again as I started to think, I racked my mind once again and only came up with the option to become an escaped prisoner. It wasn’t a smart idea but I knew it was either that or be stuck here until I die. I mean I may possibly die or be put back here if I somehow get out of here. Escaping this place will be put on my top best list, I knew that much. That’s if I did manage to escape though.

As I paced back and forth, scraping through my mind for just some little shiver of a plan, I heard that familiar noise of that little opening above me being opened. It would be a matter of second before it was fully open and a food tray was dropped to the floor with thud. At first when they did that, I honestly did think it was some sort of bomb about to explode and blow me to pieces all over this prison cell but when it didn’t explode in my face, I sussed it. Boy, didn’t I think I was a complete spastic when I realised it was food. I still felt like a rat in a science experiment though.

I stared up at the spot where the ceiling would open. I frowned a little as the idea sprung to my mind and I felt that small amount of hope that I’d actually make it home sooner rather than later. I watched as the light shone through and I felt that familiar feeling through my body and scrapping against my bones. I sighed out as I felt it. The light shone through the opening and I walked over to it. I stayed to the shadows, using them as a placed to hide. I watched as the food tray fell from the opening. I bent down, reaching out for the tray and pulled it towards me.

Without even thinking it through properly, I threw the tray up the opening again and listened to it clatter against the top of the prison cell. I listened closely, hearing the sound of boots and a voice grumbling as they went to the spot where I thought the food tray landed. I stepped forwards a little, as silently as I could and jumped up, gripping onto the edge of the small opening. It seemed like it was big enough just to squeeze myself through. With a silent grunt, I pulled myself up and looked over the edge.

My eyes stayed on the guy with his back towards me and bending down to pick up the tray I had flung out of the cell. I closed my eyes, summoning the demons around me, opening myself up for one to enter my body. I could feel one entering, it felt like a snake wrapping itself around me and tightly squeezing for a moment. Within seconds one had joined me and I opened my eyes to see the bloke who had his back to me staring at me. Well, I assumed he was staring at me considering he had that stupid gas mask on his face and I assumed he was a dude.

I smiled at him as he dropped the tray and came at me. I started towards him and met him in the middle. I sent my leg out, kicking him right in the stomach and making him move back at little. I kept moving towards him, my fist clenched at my sides as I did so. I brought my fists up, sending them left and right with hard swings. The bloke started swing his fist, two fists connecting with my face which only made the anger within me rage more. I leapt towards him, my hands going to his head and flicking harshly before I heard the cracking of his neck snapping.

He fell to the ground in a heap. I went over to him and breathed a laugh as I shook my head.

“You should train more, mate.” I said before walking away from him.

In front of me was a narrow walkway that led to a door. The walkway way was lit dimly and it had surprised me seeing as when the light shone through the opening the ceiling, it seemed brighter. I guess being in the dark for so long really didn’t do good for your eyes judgement of light. I carried on walking down the walkway, a shimmer of hope in my head that I’d actually be able to go home sooner rather than later.

The circle door opened and showed me what laid beyond on the door. I stepped through the door, looking left and right to see passageways on both sides of me. I quickly walked down the middle of it, looking left and right to make sure there were no more of those gas mask guys. I took a right and continued walking. The place felt like a maze and I didn’t know which way to go to get out. As I came turned to the left, I saw a gas mask bloke. I jumped back out of view and looked around me for something I could use as a weapon. These guys were strong and I was going to need more than my fists and my kicks.

My eyes landed on pole that was close to the corner of the wall. I tilted my head to the side as I thought about it, wondering if it’d make a good enough weapon for me. I had lost my dagger the night they dragged me through that stupid portal or whatever it was. I wish I had stuck the other dagger I owned into the top of my boot that night but I didn’t think I would need it. Clearly, I do now because I’m weapon less.

I walked over to the pole, piping of some sort. Grabbing the pole with two hands, I ripped it from the wall. Almost instantly, the demonic spirits energy ran through my arm and down onto the pole. I watched as two thin lines of pure black smoke twisted around it, sort of like they were playing with each other. As soon as they reached the end of the pole I had ripped from the wall, a thin, almost see-through cloud of black smoke stayed around the pole and I knew it was the spirit keeping the chosen weapon stronger than it should ever be.

I turned on my heel and walked over to the wall I had hidden behind before the bloke caught me. I stretched out my arm and tapped the pole against the harden floor. The sound the pole rang through the area and like I had thought, it caught the bloke’s attention. His heavy boots sounded out and I could hear him drawing closer. I stayed hidden next to the wall, waiting for him to draw closer to me. The only opinion I really had around here was to fight or be put back in the prison. And I sure as hell wasn’t going to back down to these bastards.

As soon as he stepped into view, his back towards me, I shot to my feet and slammed the pole into his back with a strong swing. He went flying across the ground, with a grunt and on his stomach before he rolled over and got to his feet. I stared at him, sizing him up. He was taller than me, more built than me but even with me being a small, I sure as hell can throw down like a bloke.

With not much thought, I readied the pole in both hands, holding it up. I stalked him like a lioness would her prey and slammed the end of the pole against his head. His hand came up clutching his head where I hit. I didn’t see any blood and the blow wasn’t enough to kill him. The bloke grabbed the pole and tried to take it of me but my grip was too tight wrapped around the end of it. I bought my foot and kicked him right between the legs with everything in me. His hand let go of the pole and went to the spot between his legs, dropping to the ground on his left side. I walked over to him and slammed the pole down into his leg where the armour didn’t protect.

I let go of the pole, the light black smoke disappearing into my hand as I turned and ran from the guy crying out in pain. I kept running, weapon less once again and racking my brain for another way to fight off anyone if they came into view. I didn’t know where I was running to but as I rounded a corner, I found myself looking at another Gas Mask Guy. I sighed out as I rolled my eyes. These guys must be freaking everywhere and I’m going to have to fight my way through. Goddamn it.

Without any time to stop and think, I ran towards the guy and tackled him to the floor. My fist slamming into his face as many times as I could before he kicked me off him. I skidded across the hard, shiny floors and only stopped when my back came into contact with wall. As he stalked over to me, I got to my feet and looked around for something I could use as a weapon. My eyes soon landed on the blade that was strapped to Gas Mask’s hip. I tilted my head side to side, cracking my neck as I ran at him.

His fists swinging at me left and right as I slid between his legs and used both my feet to kick him in the ass. He stumbled forwards a little as I got up and focused my eyes in on the blade strapped to his waist. I watched as his hand went down to the blade and I clenched my jaw. Fighting someone with a blade is risky, I know this from experience but if I needed that blade, I was going to have to fight him to get it. I sighed as I looked up, summoning another demonic spirted as I closed my eyes. The feeling of a snake wrapping itself around my body exploded around me before it disappeared. I opened my eyes and I knew I was stronger than before.

A fresh spirit with the already used spirit meant that I was either going to have less control over them or it was going to be a team job by the two spirits and myself. I hoped for the second one.

Gas Mask came at me, his blade in his hand and ready for the fight. He seemed to be more of a fighter than the last bloke. I dodge the swipe of his blade towards my face. It was going to be a hassle getting the blade out of his hand. I flicked my leg out and swung it into the back of his thigh with as much force as I could muster. His leg bent but he didn’t go down.

“Ah, come on, man. That was a hard kick.” I grunted out as I slammed my fist into his back, right between the shoulder blades.

I heard something crack before he cried out but didn’t let go of the blade. He turned around, the blade swung at me but I jumped back. I went forwards grabbing his wrist in a tight grip and pulling his wrist down onto my knee with force, over and over again. The blade fell from his hand and I almost cheered but my throat was grabbed and I was slammed to the floor. I coughed and wheezed as he let go and slammed a fist into my face. I groaned out as I rubbed my throat. The spirits inside of me rushing to splurge out energy that I needed.

With much effort, I pushed myself up from the ground and jumped the guy before he had a chance to grab the blade that was still on the ground. I felt the anger that had faded out of me coming firing back within my bones and veins but it wasn’t my anger, it was the spirits anger. They were pissed off that he had slammed me to the ground and they were taking over my body. Before I could stop them, my hands going to his head but I didn’t have a chance to do anything as he slammed his body against the wall and using me as a soft landing.

I grunted at impact. I fell from his shoulders, landing on the ground with the hope of surviving slowly slipping away. Gas Mask grabbed the blade and came over to me. As he went to swipe me with the blade, I grabbed it with force. The two black, thin lines of smoke twisted around the blade. The thin lines of smoke trailed up Gas Mask’s hand, making him let go of the blade. I held onto the blade and sent it flying at Gas Mask, hitting him in the side where it wasn’t protected. He dropped to the floor, holding the spot where the blade entered him. I got up and went over to him, pulling the blade out quickly. He looked up at me as I smirked and bounced an eyebrow at him.

I wiped his blood on him quickly before I turned and ran away. As I ran, I silently asked the spirits to make me quiet as I ran across the hard floors. My boots soon became quiet and kept running straight. Down the hall in front of me, I could see another Gas Mask Fella. I came to a standstill, watching him quietly. His back was towards me and I took the chance to take him in a surprise attack. I ran straight towards him, no sound coming from my boots. Why didn’t I think of this earlier?!

As soon as I was right behind him, I kicked his legs out and leapt onto him. My legs wrapping around his waist in a tight grip even though my legs were only just able to hook around each other. I hooked one of my arms around the top of his head and my hand pressed to his forehead. My other arms hooking around his throat. He struggled a lot but I kept a strong grip with the back-up strength of the demonic spirits within me. Gas Mask Number Three struggled for a moment longer before his body started to grow limp.

“That’s right, go to sleep baby.” I whispered through a smile on my face. “Let it take hold.”

As soon as I was sure he was knocked out, I slowly unwrapped myself from him and pulled away. I shoved the blade I had still in my hand into the top of my boot. I quickly walked away from Gas Mask Number Three, glancing over my shoulder to make sure he was still out like a light. I didn’t need him sneaking up on me and doing the same thing to me. A sleeper holder choke hold is fucking strange waking up from. It’s like for a moment you went full spastic.

I walked around the corner as I heard the sound of metal clunking against the floor. I turned around, my eyes scanning everywhere around me, making sure it wasn’t another Gas Mask. My eyes caught sight of something on the ground, not far from me. I jogged over to it and bent down to pick it up as I noticed it was an arrow. It seemed as though it was made of metal and metal alone, not like a normal arrow. I turned on my heel and walked the way it seemed to have come from. As I walked in the direction I thought it came from I caught sight of the figure close to the ground.

I frowned a little as I drew closer and noticed the ground seeming to warped and crack. My hand gripped the arrow tightly in my hand, without a doubt putting a dent in my palm and fingers. I didn’t get to close because I had a feeling that at any moment the ground would disappear from underneath me. I stayed still, just watching the figure do whatever they were doing.

“Hey?” I finally said.

The figure looked up at me, the dark hood on their head covering most of their face.  From their build, I figured it was a bloke. But I still couldn’t figure out what he was going on the ground and breaking it apart like that. I’m not going to lie; it was pretty interesting that he could do that though. I watched him rise to his feet, his face still covered.

“I think this belongs to you?” I asked as I held out the arrow and he seemed to look at it.


Submitted: January 11, 2016

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I found Kailani very interesting, and the way she took out those gas masked people was very unique. I can tell she's a good fighter and has had lots of practice. This was a great chapter, good job,

Tue, January 12th, 2016 12:11am


This chapter drew me in from the start. The fighting was kept interesting the more she did. The demonic spirits was a cool thing to read in action. Her method to escape was a simple one, but sometimes the simple ones are the greatest. There were sure a lot of enemies for her to get passed too, but that was too be expected considering her situation. The ending intrigued me too. I wonder how the collab chapter will go next week. It will certainly be interesting.

Tue, January 12th, 2016 7:22am

Tyrannos Senpai

Funny, serious, and sarcastic. HE"S A BOIST (Beast)!

Thu, January 21st, 2016 9:01am

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