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I screamed for my life as the men and women dragged my fragile little body to their village. Their faces covered by the robed cloths on their heads, only the eyes were revealed as my captors squinted at the boiling sun. Combinations of Arabic and Egyptian echoed angrily in my ears as men, women, and children screamed and shouted and accused me of such actions. My hair was flying everywhere, in my face, hanging from my shoulders, just everywhere. Sparks of flames here and there came from my curls as the increasing fright overcame my body. The villagers had to wrap their hands with thick cloth as they dragged me to their village because I had burned three or four people as they attacked me. I did not mean to do it, just one touch and people are up in flames. 

My cries and protests were drowned by the angry crowd of villagers, one by one adding to the growing group. I was terrified, helpless, and hopeless. What are they going to do to me? My whole body shook as the villagers violently tugged on my arms to keep going, bruising me in the process. Dust and sand were kicked up everywhere as many feet trampled in the flooding sands of the Sahara Desert. They shoved me to the ground viciously as I yelped in shock. My whimpers barely subsided as a tall, muscled man walked slowly to me. His dark skin had shown signs of many days of hard work in the deadly desert. He wore no top, his upper torso was covered in tattoos of Egyptian symbols and deities. I could sense the threats of this man. Men and women parted for the dangerous man in silence as each step determined my doom. His glare was hard and cold with hatred when he finally stood and towered over me. My body was bowing to this possibly powerful man. My wild curls everywhere as I looked up weakly to him.

His fists paled from balling them tightly as the anger surged through him, his jawline set in a way that most people would break their teeth. His bald head showed bulging veins as he glared deeply into my eyes. My breathing ragged as I thought for the worst of my fate.

The monster of a man spoke in clear yet low Egyptian, “This creature has burnt my son. She shall be punished!

This abomination does not deserve to live!” His voice grew louder with each word. My sobs started again, I was doomed. I did not mean it, the boy was just hugging me and then a minute later, his arm was on fire. I should have listened to Firebell, one of the imps, this morning about not straying too far from the caves. Tears streamed down my baby-fat cheeks as my whimpers sounded to the cheers and accusations towards me. Flames pulsed through my hair as fear crept into my child body. 

“Please, I did not mean it.” I stuttered. 

“Silence, abomination!” The man slapped my cheek.

In that instant, two men lifted me and I turned around in alarm. More cheers and shouting surrounded the village as I was dragged to somewhere I would dread. I heard bursts of bubbling water and my heart nearly stopped. Water. Not water. I was not bothered by the heat, but the water did terrify me. Just one drop of water could harm my fire soul and my body would be in so much pain. The only time I have had water was when I got really sick and one sip of the horrible substance will jump me back into life. But this was not the occasion. I struggled to get out of my captors grips, to flee from the deadly water, to go home to the fire imps. There were chants as I screamed and plead to be released. That final moment, I was dropped into the water and every part of my body stung and felt my soul was going to freeze. I screamed and cried in pain as I tried to get out of the pool of water. My heart was beating fast as I scrambled out of the pool only to get pushed back by vicious laughing villagers. 

My hair flaming violently as pain and fear attacked all corners of my mind. My nails grew long enough to slit someone’s throat. I howled in pain as I suddenly bolted out of the water and fire spread throughout the village, screams of horror and shock echoed in the air. It felt as if I was not myself as the anger was in the place of fear and pain. My heart beat was weak but my actions were very powerful as I howled in madness to burn and kill anything or anyone in my path. 

Each step I took, fire appeared on the sands and spread rapidly like scarabs scuttle the walls of houses. Men and women scattered everywhere, there were children who did not know what to do so they stayed in place with fear in their eyes; camels and dogs ran out of the village. Houses and farms were burned to the ground as I walked out of the treacherous place untouched. Tears still streamed down my face as I slowly walked in pain to my home to the safety of the imps who loved me. The sands were caught on fire and people were burning as they fled in pain. Their screams echoed throughout the whole desert as I kept walking.

I had not known that the leader of that horrible village followed me with every bit of pain he had in his burnt skin. The dangerous man tried to sneak behind me when I reached halfway to my home. I whirled around in such speed and through a burst of flame at the already scarred man. His screams were blood shrieking as I watched in fascination to the crippling corpse. 

My whole body was turning into magma as I turned back around slowly to my direction of home. The sands were turning into lava with each foot print made by me. Tears still streaked my face as I was about to come to the clearing of home. My anger was fading away when I was about to go down a tunnel to one of the caves. I paused, taking a deep breath as I noticed my body returning from magma to fir to human flesh. My chin wrinkled, my lip quivered. My breaths were shallow as I hyperventilated for almost five minutes. Flashes of the villagers screaming and their bodies on fire appeared. I backed away from the horror of what I had just caused to those people. I had just killed dozens of people. I am truly a monster. I did not mean to harm them in the first place. Why did they not listen to me? My sanity was completely falling apart in front of my eyes. Blood was just shed because they had harmed me first and had not let me confess to what had happened to that boy. Falling to the ground, I had one last scream of pain and betrayal from the world I thought was good when I was a child…

I screamed in horror as I sat up straight from the horrid memory. I have tried so hard not to remember that event. That was what had made me hide from mankind for so many years. Sweat beaded down my forehead, my hands shook violently, my lips quivered. Why did they not let me speak? Why did they have to torture an innocent little girl who did not know how to control her power? I tried to gather my bearings, tried to see in the somewhat stone cube. 

There were no windows, not a door that I could see nor hear, there was nothing in the room for comfort as I sat blankly in the deep dark cube. I could not see a thing, I have tried to use a bit of fire to light the way but my fire soul would seethe in pain. I was living a nightmare. The past day, or what I thought was day, the masked men would open up the roof of the cage and lay down food for me. There would be heat seeping through the strange lighted cave when the cube was opened. I would suck all of the warmth without the men noticing. I then realized that my fire soul stored the heated energy and I hid that fact from the masked men. I was hoping that in time, I would try to escape… but for now, the thought seemed impossible. 

I never eat food, but for some reason, I craved the human contents and ate, the warmth had helped me warm my heart. I even drank the two cups of water to keep “hydrated”, is what one of the masked men said in Arabic, since someone needed to translate what one was saying to me. Of course, each gulp was a sting and my fire soul would be in pain but I drank all of the water. My body would bounce back after each shock of water I gulp down. When I am sick, that is what happens when the imps give me water, just one little sip and my body is alive again, even my fire soul. It hurts but that is what helps me live. As long as the water does not touch me other than the inside of my mouth, I am fine. But, it is very rare for me to drink the horrible substance.

My life felt like it was slipping away each waking minute. I could not spark a bit of fire and I would lay sprawled on the cold ground, freezing. When the masked men gave me the meal, I sucked all of the warmth from it first and stored it into my fire soul, to save energy when I could make any possible escape. But, of course, I am still too weak to make such an attempt. I have not used a single spark since. I could feel the warmth deep inside of me. As long as I do not get worked up or angry, I can keep the energy I have stored. 

I doubt I would ever see sunlight again in freedom. My life would always be in the deep, dark, stone-like cage. Tears welled in my eyes as flashbacks to one of my imps dying in my arms played in my head. The poor little creature nestled his head in the crook of my arm. I wish I could have done something to save him, just something to stop all of the madness. Was I that much of an abomination as that dangerous man said I was in my childhood? Perhaps I did not belong in this world. Perhaps I should just stay hidden in this depressing cell that I now call home.
What did I do to deserve this? Perhaps the village from my past has come back to take their revenge on me and hired these strange men to capture me. Were they going to put me in the water again? Was I going to die? I cringed at the thought of my body dunked in water.

My golden dress was replaced with a white one piece clothing, I did not understand the meaning of a “one-sie” as the translating masked person said to me. My feet were bare as I sat on the cold ground.My hair covered my face as I stared at nothing, my curls were in little knots when I tried to comb through it with my fingers. There was absolutely nothing in this forsaken place to wonder and admire. I realized that my sobs were loud and heartbreaking, echoing in the dark room. Why was I placed here? Why could I not be normal? That word has been mentioned once or twice in my life when I was born in this world. The word rang music to my ears. 

I took a deep breath and without noticing, I started to sing an old Egyptian hymn. The words to the song talked about a love so strong, nothing could break it apart. This was a favorite hymn of mine, it gave me hope and some spark of energy to keep myself going. My voice flowed through the silent cube, the sound sweet and bell-like. I do not sing very often, but when I do, humans come so close to the fire temple to listen to my voice almost burning themselves in the process. But I only have myself to listen to, to comfort me, to keep me sane from this pitch-black cube. 

Flashes of my memories with the volcanic imps played in my mind. The times where I played little games with them, the times I have shared glorious laughs with them, the times when these wonderful little creatures would fight over taking turns to sing me to sleep at night. I had a little laugh remembering when Magmanious bickered and had a little slap fight with Firebell because it was his turn to sing to me. Their little mouse-like voices squeaked through out the caves and the underground volcano. Tears flooded down my cheeks and onto the ground as I continued to sing the hymn. The only thing I really wanted in the whole world was to go home to my family. I loved them so terribly much, and missed them with all of my heart. Every breath of air I take, my fire soul would seem as if it glowed in my heart and brought me to life… I want to go home. 

“I want to go home.” I said aloud, sucking in sobbed breaths. “I want to go home.”

Silence was my only reply. It was always silence. No one could help me, no one could ever understand me. My sobs sounded again, I seemed to never run out of tears, the boiling hot tears which are neither water nor fire. Heat was not seeping out of my fire soul, however. 

“I just want to see my family again. I just want to see them again.” I roughly stroked back my wild curls out of my face and my fists balled up. My body tensed as I kept crying. Letting all of the pain out. 
Topaz, my sweet child.” The voice came to me. I gasped, looking around the solid and dark cube. I thought I must be going crazy already, considering I have no idea how long I have been in this cube. 
“Who- who are you? What do you want?” I spun around left then right, trying to find the voice.
Sweet baby, my sweet baby. You need to be strong. Save all of your strength.”
Why? Who are you?” I asked again.
“I am the one who has brought life to you.” 
“You… are you a God, a Goddess?” My heart leaped to the answer? I was anxious to find out who I really was.
There is no time, you must prepare yourself.”
“For what?” I furrowed my brows. 
“They are coming to open the lid.”
“But what am I supposed to do? Tell me what to do!” I shouted at the mysterious voice. I wanted to know who is talking to me, I wanted to know how I can escape.
The voice did not respond at first. There was silence for a very long moment. I held my breath, waiting for the voice to say something. My fists were balled tightly enough to make my blood draw. “…Defend yourself.” The voice did not speak anything else after that. 
“Wait, how do I defend myself?! Why am I here?!” I shouted in panic. Silence was the answer again. I brushed back my hair with both hands in frustration. I struggled to keep my anger at bay, knowing if I let any heat out, I run the risk of my way out of this cube.

I took deep breaths, pacing back and forth, thinking of some way to get out. Heat would seep into the cube when they opened the ceiling. I could suck all of it and then try to somehow ignite my fire soul. The same two guards would come down into the cube to serve me food and water and then a change of clothes. Closing my eyes, I pictured the plan perfectly in my head. I smoothed out my clothing and looked down at the ground. I hope this worked. 

I laid back on the ground, pretending to be exhausted once the masked men came. My body shook with excitement. I can be free! It felt like forever, waiting in silence for these treacherous men to come. My breathing was hard as I waited for the lid to open. I felt the rumbling of the cube, shaking the whole cage as I tried to sit up. My nails digging into anything to hold on as I looked up at the ceiling. The lid was beginning to open, I held my breath as I felt warmth seeping through the opening lid. My body tingled as I watched the moving ceiling open up. Yes, I was nervous and terrified for what I was about to do. Maybe this was not a good idea, maybe a different approach perhaps? As the lid opened wider, I shook my head. There was no time to think of something else, I must get out now.

The lid was completely opened, bright lights were blinding me as I was shading my face. It was silent for a minute, or what seemed like a minute. I bit my lower lip as I gazed at the opening of the cube. Then, I heard male voices at the top, footsteps coming closer to the cube. The voices were different this time, I arched a brow listening carefully.

“What the hell, why couldn’t Jaime just take his shift?” One guard complained.
“Idiot, he threw up a dozen times, so the prisoner doesn’t have a translator today. Suck it up.” The other guard had said. I have been learning quite much of English by the masked man who translated for me, he would stay for what may have been an hour or two to teach me his other language. I had learned very quickly to understand the men speaking English, but unfortunately, I could not speak it.
“Is she sexy like the others said she was?” The first guard asked. I blushed as I listened.
“Hell yeah she is!”
“I might get a piece of that then.” The first guard said. I gasped from the sentence.
“Calvin, we’re here to give her the damn food and clothes.” The second guard laughed.But I could tell that the thought was tempting to the second guard.

It was silent for a second as I waited for those horrible men to come down, especially that Calvin man. My anger was peeking through the calmness I have been controlling. I suppose this will be a different plan after all. I took a deep breath as the two masked men came down on some kind of metal ladder. As their feet landed on the solid ground of the cube, their height towered over me as they came close to me. I stood up straight and looked them straight on. Determination building up as they brought me clothing and food.

The guard who had the clothing paused and a whistle came from his mask. “Damn, you guys weren’t kidding. She’s hot!” I glared at the man that I had guess was Calvin. A strand of my hair came down my face and I stroked it back reluctantly, nervous of what the masked man might do to me. I took the new set of clothing from him and turned away from them.

I slowly pulled down my on-sie off of my body cautiously. I covered my bosom as I pulled up the new clothes on. I heard troubling chuckles from the two masked men as they stared at my slim yet curvy body. I shot them a deadly glare as I pulled up the new one-sie. I could feel all of the warmth still seeping through as my fire soul sucked it all up. The energy was building up in my body as I kept watching the two men cautiously. Each second, each minute needed to count as I sucked more heat into my fire soul. I walked toward them slowly, eyeing the box of food. My hands shook as I was almost near them.

I took the box of food from the other masked man. I could sense the man’s body tense up underneath the black armor in excitement when I took the food. I took a deep breath, I was beginning to feel very nervous by the aura from these two.

Calvin eventually strode quickly toward me, taking his gloves off in the process. My eyes widened when he cornered me. But I noticed that his hands were grasping my hips. I knew in that instant that this was another way to escape, but I was not going to let this man try to take advantage of me either. I yelped as he pulled me close to his body. The other man joined in as well. The guard yanked my hair as the other grasped my breasts. I struggled to get out of their grip, frightened by their actions taken toward me. Angry tears threatened to flow. I clenched my teeth as these horrible masked men were touching me in the vilest way possible. I did not want to get raped, I did not want to remember this horrible event.

I braced myself as the men were unzipping their trousers. Calvin was ripping the side of my clothing to gain access. I screamed, trying to call for help. Anger and fear were rising up as I tried to get free. I was disgusted at myself to let men do such things to my body. All they wanted was my beauty, their lust was clear enough to me without even seeing their faces underneath those masks. Tears welling up in my eyes as I took a deep breath when one of the masked men rested one hand on my bottom. I tried to pull away from them when they were about to do something I feared I would be traumatized forever. I pushed Calvin away as he tried to straddle my legs around his waist. I screamed in horror as I kept flailing my legs, anything to keep from being raped.

Calvin growled and punched me in the stomach. My breath left me as the second guard held my arms tightly. My stomach seemed to have been sucked inside, I could not breath for a mere moment. My eyes seemed to blur from the punch. Pain shot up everywhere as I regained consciousness. Calvin was attempting to straddle me again. I shook my head violently. I could not take any more of this harassment. Calvin was about to insert himself when something snapped inside of me dangerously and a dangerous look in my eyes made him stumble back.

I gathered all of the heat I had in my fire soul and grabbed the man behind me by the hand, shocking him with my grip and released all of the fire I had. The man’s screams were blood-shrieking as I held onto his hand. I glared dangerously as I watched him burn and melt. His screams were still continuing, and I took my other hand and wrapped it around his throat to break his neck. The sound of his neck cracked loudly. His scream stopped immediately and the body sagged down to the ground with a loud thump. Pain was seething through my body as my defense mode switched on.

I snapped my head to the other guard, Calvin, who was racing back to the ladder. My hair flared with heightened fires as I set my cold red eyes at the disgusting creature. I caught up to him and jumped onto his back as he was about to climb the ladder. His shouts of shock sounded as I held on tightly to his neck. Both of us struggled, trying to gain access for a possible hit. His thrashing hands trying to strike at me, but he was not able to hit me. I grinned viciously behind his head as my nails grew long and sharp. I had finally gotten him in a hold where he could not move an inch. Our breathing was hard as I kept a hold on this ugly being.

I whispered in attempted English to the side of this creature’s masked head, “You are right, I am hot.” I immediately slipped my hand under his loose mask and slit his throat. Mixture of blood and fire had gushed out of the armor and the sound of his weak voice faded. There were bits of flame still flaring out of the armor.

My body turned into fire as I stood still after the attack. Every inch of body was straining as I fought against the rising anger filling inside of me. I fell onto the ground on all fours, keeping my anger and power under control. I grunted, my muscles tensing as I dug my claws in the ground. I clenched my jaw, trying ever so hard to contain myself from turning into the magma monster I had feared to be when I was a child. Harsh breaths escaped me as I leaned forward.

After what seemed like three minutes from finally gaining control of myself, my body loosened. It felt soothing once my fire soul died down a little bit when I stood up. Fire swirled around me suddenly, surprising me as I watched the fire. The feel of the warmth coming back into me felt so nice. I closed my eyes and let the fire caress me. I felt a different type of fabric hang on me. My eyebrows furrowed as I opened my eyes. I caught my breath as I saw that my golden gown was back on my body, the golden-chained gloves on my hands, my curly red hair was tamed again, no knots or frizz had shown. My feet were adorned with the wrapped sandals. My powers were back as long as that lid was open. I could feel energy coming back into my veins, no, fire. I smiled to myself, tears threatening to pour again. But I shook off the notion, knowing that I did not have enough time. I have to escape.

I stood up, looking at the opening, I could not turn back now, and I just killed two men, even though they had deserved it. Heaven knows who else would be in my way. I took a deep breath and charged toward the ladder. My body tensed as I hauled myself up the metal-like ladder. Each pull up a step seemed heavy as I struggled to grip the ladder. This was a bit harder than I thought it was. A memory flashed in my head of the imps cheering after me for taking my first steps as a baby. Determination replaced panic and I climbed that wretched ladder up to my freedom. It felt like forever, but of course, that was just my nerves getting to me.

I finally made it up the top of the cube and the rush of joy came at me. My breaths heavy and exhausted but I forced my body to keep going. I was standing on sort of platform, my surroundings were shocking. There were ropes of some sorts and different strange lightings. There was strange metals in shapes of tubes or something that I could not interpret. Steam flowed in little holes, and there were bits of lightning flashes from the ropes. Where in the world was I? I shuddered at the place I was in. Was I in a different dimension? I shook the thought instantly. No, there was no time to think about that right now. I looked at the narrow opening to somewhere. I heard voices coming through there. My heart stopped for a second, my eyes widening at the sound.

“Shut up, I know there was someone screaming.” Another of the masked men sounded. It seemed to come closer. I snapped my head to the left and found a hiding place. I ran to the spot and hid under the shadows. 
“I didn’t hear anything, Joe. You must be turning into a dumbass.” The second masked man said. 
“Shut up, Don. I’m not!” The three men came into the clearing. The first man shoved the second from the insult.
“Will you two just be quiet? If Joe heard something, then let’s see what’s going on then.” The third one spoke up. 
“Fine, fine.” Don snapped. 
The three masked men walked to the cube that I was in. They all stopped abruptly from the opening. I held my breath as I watched them. It took a minute or two for the men to finally react to the sight of the inside. 
“Oh damn!” The third man said. The sentence suddenly made the group start down the ladder to find any evidence of the attack. I came out of the shadows as the last man came down the ladder. 
“Oh hell, what happened to them?” Joe exclaimed. 
“Where is she though?” The third man demanded. The only sign were the two corpses that were on the ground.

I looked around for a way to close the lid of the cube. Panic rising as I searched for some sort of button. It did not dawn on me that there was a switch on the ground for someone to step on to open the lid. My face brightened as I raced toward the switch and flipped it on. The lid began to move, closing as the three men snapped their heads in shock. I smiled and waved at them triumphantly. They ran to the ladder, shouting and cursing as the lid closed almost completely. I watched as the very little crack of the cube was shut tightly. Silence was the only sound as the cube closed shut. I sighed contently and turned to the narrow path.

This was my chance. I did not falter as I ran to the narrow path that awaited my freedom. I will see my family again. I will be the fire goddess again, to help others, to make people have hope and happiness. I will be in my own bed again, I will be happy. I ran through the hall with much endurance as the end had the view of light shining through. Tears streamed down my face as I finally came through the clearing. But I was knocked down by another body. My head pounded, groaning, I rubbed the back of my head. I opened my eyes and a little gasp escaped from me. A man. But not just any man, a very beautiful man stared into my eyes. 
My breath was caught as I stared at this white haired man. His body structure was powerful under his white long-sleeved top, yet not too much muscle to the point where his muscles pulsed. His sky blue eyes almost twinkled as he stared into mine. His hair was down to his strong waist, little wavy strands popped out every now and then. Two pointed ears revealed as he brushed his hair back in exhaustion. I could tell he was tall as well, seeming that he was towering over me as he came toward me. I gasped again at the sudden movement. I was not over the event of the two horrible masked men attempting to rape me so I was still shaken up. His breathing was hard from the running he has done as well. There seemed to be lights casting on him beautifully as he looked down at me with a worried expression. 

He took another step toward me as my body stood perfectly still. The moment of almost a dream faded as I came back to reality. I almost forgot that I was escaping the guards that had captured me. He offered me a hand, slowly extending it to me. I stared at it for a second, narrowing my eyes at him. Should I really trust this beautiful man? I finally took his hand and he pulled me up gently. I was a little embarrassed by the gesture knowing I had never had a man assist me before. 
I gathered the courage to speak to him, doubting he would even understand my language. “Thank you for your kindness. I am in your debt, sir.” I frowned, unsure whether he would really know what I had just said.
He grinned appreciably, my breath was caught again. Curse the man for making me feel like this. He was nothing like the man in my dreams but he was too irresistible to be annoyed at him. “It was no problem, my lady.” 
My eyes widened in shock at the man who just spoke Egyptian to me. He knows my tongue? “How do you know my language? I have barely encountered anyone with the same tongue as me in this forsaken place.” I frowned, grabbing my right arm in a comforting way. My golden chained nails stroking my tinted skin. 
“Well, if you must know, my lady, I have traveled all across the world and learned many languages.” He chuckled, planting his hands on his hips in the manliest way that most men would fail to do, but he demonstrated it perfectly. 
“Oh, well, that is helpful, I suppose.” I looked down at the white floor, my eyelashes fluttering thoughtfully.

I heard the white-haired man clear his throat, I looked up at him. “Well, if we really must talk, we need to leave before more guards come through here. Over there in that opening, no one will see us.” He pointed, and I looked at the direction. He yanked my hand and I followed. We were out of the clearing and he sighed. “So, if we are going to stick together, I need to know your name, my lady.” He smiled.
My brows furrowed in a not-goddess-manner as I looked at him. “That is not a very respectable manner to ask a woman her name, but I suppose. My name is Topaz, Goddess of Fire, I live in the Sahara Desert where all of the humans love and praise me.” I tucked a curl behind my ear. “I do not think I deserve the title, but that is what I have become.” 
“Well, I guess I need to call you ‘Lady Topaz’ then.” He said. I shook my head.
“Just call me Topaz, since we have no time for formality. What is your name?”
“Lord…” The handsome stranger paused in the middle of what he was about to say. “Brighton, Lord of Rigdale. At your service, Topaz.” He bowed in a mocking gesture. I was not very fond with the man’s sarcasm but I did not have the time to pester him about his manners either. “How’d they capture you?” 
I was surprised to hear his question. He was captured too? “Well, I was kidnapped by them when I heard a voice summoning me and I was going to leave my home to find out who I was. Unfortunately, they attacked me and harmed one of my volcanic imps.” Tears threatened to come out again. I wrapped my arms around myself in comfort. Those damned emotions always have to betray me.
Brighton frowned for a short moment and raked his hand through his hair, clearing his throat before he spoke. “Well, I was in the same situation as well. But I was traveling to a swampy region known as Medsa'lear and they came out of nowhere and attacked me. My griffin had flown away, so he wasn’t any help. The thought still upsets me.” Brighton grumbled at the mention of his griffin. I arched a brow. What is a griffin? I shook my head from the thought. Brighton sighed and gazed back at me, a mischievous grin came across his face; I stumbled back a bit from that grin, startled.
“What is it?” I stuttered.
“Now that we’ve shared our backgrounds, we need to get out of here.” He was about to take my hand, until I noticed my glove was not on. I gasped, picturing him being burnt.
“No!” I took my hand from him, surprising him by my exclamation.
“What? Why can’t I take your hand? I held it just a moment ago.” His eyes narrowed, jaw set in a questioning way. 
I held my bare hand to my chest. “Well, I… when my gloves are not on, people get hurt. And sometimes I will get hurt in a way that might turn me evil. I do not want to put you in danger.” I looked at my hand, shuddering at the thought of the dead guards in the cube.
I heard him sigh, and looked up in surprise. “Observe, my Lady.” He smiled and snatched my hand from my chest and put it on his face. I shouted in protest, but it was too late.

My fire burnt his skin but it did not harm him whatsoever. He just looked at me calmly, not a sign of a grimace on his face. The fire was on him, there were burn marks on him for a mere second, and then his skin returned to soft and smooth. His eyes were still on me as I watched in wonder and horror at the sight of this man. What is he? How is he not writhing in pain? My heart began to slow as I looked into Brighton’s beautiful eyes. He was very trusting, that is what his kind eyes told me. I have never been able to just touch someone without harming them, and I was not turning into a body of fire. I have finally found someone who could share their life with me. We heard a commotion from the far end of the hallway that we had just come out from. He put my hand down and grinned deeply.
“I guess it’s time for us to get a move on it.” He winked, grabbing for my hand again, and I felt my cheeks burn.

Submitted: January 11, 2016

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All these memories, all the insight to her past. I have gotten to really know what she has been through and I am deeply saddened about how she was treated. All the pain that she didn’t deserve. I feel like after everything she has been through, she shouldn’t trust anyone. The people were nasty back then, and they’re nasty now, as Calvin and his pal just demonstrated. At this ending, I could tell the collab started a little early, but that’s not a bad thing. It was interesting seeing their different points of views in the chapters. I loved this chapter as much as the last and I hope everyone keeps going strong. This is going to be one fantastic novel.

Tue, January 12th, 2016 7:25am

Tyrannos Senpai

Once again, Topaz doesn't seize to amaze me... But I STILL DON"T LIKE THAT BRIGHTEN GUY!

Thu, January 21st, 2016 9:26am

Murdoch Warilard

I just gotta say... WOW! The emotion throughout this chapter is just amazing. Between the memory at the beginning and then the event in the cell with the 2 guards. I wanted to just appeared in there and tear their hearts out. The scene with Brighton though, after reading his chapter with his thoughts about her, then reading this one just made the encounter a lot more interesting to wonder what will happen between them. So... Brighton, don't ruin it, she needs someone to help her through bad moments.

Tue, February 2nd, 2016 11:29pm

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