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Shadows loom over the streets like phantoms, as the illuminant golden sphere begins to set over the horizon, a cool breeze brushes against the many plants that were neatly placed in the tidy gardens of the buildings.

Few people walked the streets, causing an eerie silence to sweep over the town. Dull grey clouds slowly move through the sky, taunting the few who dared wander out into the night, as small rain drops splashed onto the pavement.


Birds flew through the sky their elegant wings steadying them as they flew without fault, before making a perfectly executed landing on the rooves of any structure that happened to be near.

I throw my hood over my head as I stride down the cold street, my hands remain frozen in my pockets as I quickly move forwards.

My eyes glance over the buildings, scanning the location, before I stop, a sign hung on the door of a building which could easily be read, signifying a café.

As one of the only places in town that was opened twenty four seven, it was the perfect spot to go when out at night to escape the almost unavoidable cold.

I place my hand on the door and push it open before entering the warm room, the floor and walls were made of neat wooden planks, a few tables sat scattered around the room and a counter lay across the far end.

As I walk forwards, the constant gaze of the few people who still remained in the building was impossible to neglect, and it wasn’t long until someone rose from their seat and strutted before me before stopping in his tracks.

“Hey Kieran,” the man frowns folding his arms and raising his head slightly.

“Look, Cysen, I don’t want any trouble. I just came for a drink, and then I’ll be gone,” I state throwing back my hood.

“Well you picked the wrong spot for that,” Cysen says cracking his knuckles.

I step back as two more men stand and approach me from behind blocking the exit, and preventing all escape.

“You know, this world is no place for freaks like you,” Cysen says.

One of the two men behind me begins to advance, his hand grasping the handle of a dagger.

A wall of steel bursts from the ground preventing the man from continuing onwards, but the other man reaches into his denim jacket and pulls out a handgun, raising it to my head.

A sphere of thick metal begins to form around me as the gunshot sounds and the bullet collides against the metal deflecting across the room, just before the steel begins to crumble away.

I dart forwards as the man prepares another attack, I grip his arm stopping him from using his handgun, before throwing him onto the ground and seizing the weapon.

The man wielding the dagger, charges forwards, readying to strike but before he could reach me I spun around and shot the gun, the bullet thuds into the ground before the man causing him to stumble backwards in fright, before I bash him across the face with my fist knocking him against the floor.

“I’m not a killer if that’s what you think of me,” I explain.

“No, but you’ll become one sooner or later. Even if all you’ve done so far is harm us, one day it’ll turn into much more than that,” Cysen retorts as he begins to walk towards me.

“First of all it was self-defence, and second of all, I wouldn’t kill you no matter how much I’d want to,” I state.

“After all I’ve done, I would have thought that killing me would be your first thought,” Cysen laughs.

“You clearly don’t know me if you think I’d just kill you. Unlike you, I don’t take pleasure in murder,” I respond.

“Is that so? Well I guess you won’t be able to do anything then as I rid the world of you,” Cysen growls.

Cysen reaches into his leather jacket and pulls out a sharp knife.

“Why? Why are you so afraid?” I mutter.

“Why? Why? Because you’re a monster, that’s why. Even if you haven’t killed yet, what’s to say you won’t in a few days’ time,” Cysen growls.

“You’re making this hard for the both of us,” I state.

“Come on, show us all who you’ve become,” Cysen says spreading out his arms before he continues, “show us all. You’re nothing more than a monster.”

Cysen just stands for a few second before moving his arms back to his side.

“Very well, I guess I’ll have to provoke you first,” Cysen says before advancing forwards again.

Cysen raises his knife before swinging at me but I jump back as the knife just misses my face, Cysen strikes again but this time I grab onto his arm and kick him in the gut forcing him to drop the knife which I quickly seize before it could hit the ground.

“Come on,” Cysen laughs raising his fists.

I jump backwards as Cysen attack, again he attempts to attack but I duck his fist and strike him in the gut causing him to stumble backwards in pain.

Cysen raises his fist again but I strike him across the face causing him to fall backwards striking the ground with a grunt of agony.

Cysen observes me as I step closer.

I just watch Cysen before dropping the knife onto the ground and listening to the clatter as it hit its destination.

“I should go,” I mutter before turning and quickly moving through the door that lead outside, throwing my hood back over my head, I sigh before returning my hands to my pockets.

I soon pause before glancing around and hurriedly walk down an alleyway, the shadows enabling a perfect passage to be unseen by all except those who walked the same path. The sky was hidden behind the two buildings that were placed only a couple of feet apart, ensuring just enough room for a small group of people to walk.

I stop as the slow constant sound of footsteps near closer with every passing second, I slowly turn around as something hits me across the face with an explosion of pain causing me to fall onto the ground in shock and appearing before me is a group of men, they wore gas masks and armour preventing their skin to be seen as they gaze down at me.

The man closest to me raises his fist as a shield of iron quickly shelters me from the attack, but it was soon to break away. I quickly scramble to my feet before stepping backwards.

Soon a sword made purely of steel forms in my hand as I strike, swinging the weapon, but the man grabs onto my arm with such a grip that it effectively stopped the attack in its tracks and prevented me from moving my arm in the slightest, the man then uses his free hand to strike me in the gut causing me to stumble backwards as he lets go of me.

The man steps forwards before striking me again across the face knocking me onto the ground as everything turns blurry, for a few second, until the man strikes me again turning the world around me inti a mass of figures that were impossible to make out, then a shape flashes before me and everything blacks out.

My vision returns soon after as I’m dragged across the rough ground, I try to move my head to see what was happening but I appeared to be unable to move my arms and legs, soon I spot a strange swirling mass of energy which seemed to form a portal like structure at the end of the alleyway, in which I’m dragged closer.

A few minutes pass as flashes of colours emerge all around me until the colours fade away, I appeared to be in some kind of building, but I couldn’t make out much until everything around me seems to fade away into darkness and I begin to hear a voice.

Kieran. Kieran.

The world needs you.

There are others.

Others like you.

People born with a gift.

However a great evil is almost upon us, the Nyx.

Only together, united you may defeat them.


You must find the others and bring peace back to the world.

My vision comes back in a flash as the voice fades into a memory and suddenly I’m thrown forwards, my head hitting a hard wall of metal, before I climb to my feet and spin around, as the door closes and soon I’m plunged into darkness. 



Submitted: December 25, 2015

© Copyright 2021 ShakeilKanish. All rights reserved.


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Kieran is an interesting character. I can't wait to read more.

Fri, December 25th, 2015 11:25pm


Ugh honestly I'm running out of uh-mazing things to say about these chapters! It seems all of the guys have learned to use and live with their abilities! BRAVO! And Nina of course but the way she dealt with those bandits she's one of the guys. I think it was amazing how you gave us this depth to Kieran right at the beginning that I don't know if a lot of people picked up on. He doesn't look completely human so it makes sense that the people in his town would treat him like a monster. While everyone else either seems to have adapted to using their powers in their times and being accepted with maybe the slight exception of Topaz, Kieran's seems to be making him a stigma in his time and that's heartbreaking! He not only had to deal with people hating him in town but he also was kidnapped for being what he was. I forgot so you'll have to remind me what exactly his power was? I know it was metal manipulation but what was the drawback again? I don't remember if it was the thing about the metal he controls clings to his body making it harder for him to move? Ya? or Nah? Anyways I think this was an amazing chapter once again another author has given us layer upon layers for character depth and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us with this character! He's def one of my top fav's! Keep up the amazing work!

Sat, December 26th, 2015 1:39am

Tyrannos Senpai

Wow, I feel bad for Kieran. I bet he felt so alone in his younger ages. It's cool though, to see that he can make anything made of steel to do everything it wants him to do. Good work, young lad.

Mon, December 28th, 2015 5:29pm


I felt sorry for this character. Kieran is an outcast because of his ability, but it’s hard to get passed that because of his looks and the mean people who won’t stop considering him as a freak. I think the character in this chapter was well portrayed. It is obvious about who he is as a person, and that is what everyone needs to know.

Mon, December 28th, 2015 10:14pm

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